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Top 10 Certified Courses in Bhopal in 2024 (Updated)

As per the different options available, one can choose the most suitable course for oneself. This article will mainly focus on the various types of certified courses in Bhopal. This piece of information will help you to go through the choices thoroughly with the necessary details.

The image shows top certified courses in Bhopal


With every wave of the global Corona pandemic hitting the world, people from every educational background have faced difficulties. The career choices and studies of the students had an impact to a large extent.


Therefore, the culture of certificate courses on online platforms has become popular. So, we bring you the top ten certified courses in Bhopal. The syllabus of the certificate programs is well structured and provided by the Bhopal School of Social Sciences (BSSS). They can help to upskill oneself and enhance knowledge with ease of access.


The various types of certified courses in Bhopal are as follows:

  1. Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking


Ethical hacking is one of the most interesting certified courses in Bhopal as it can be opted for by the tech geeks who aim to strive for a career in computers.


In this course –

  • Students can find out about net app security loopholes (vulnerabilities) and their exploitation techniques.
  • This course will also teach how a cybercriminal will flow in on security vulnerabilities.
  • Learners can find how a private user will become a victim of cyber-attacks by simply clicking on any malicious link.


  • Students are ready to perform a net application test.
  • They will work with organizations as Penetration look at Engineers or on personal capability.
  • Students will work as bug bounty hunters
  • They are ready to learn advanced cybersecurity conjointly.


The fees of this course this INR 3000/-.


  1. Multimedia System & Animation

Learning Objectives

  • To impart Associate in Nursing all-rounded data on the main aspects of the inventive multimedia system, area unit Graphics, Interactive net style, 2-D Animation, and Imaging.
  • To offer students comprehensive data, imagination, and ability.
  • To build a student capable of creating cartoon animation, adding computer graphics and corrections in photos, audio, and video movies with multimedia system effects.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the program, the scholar is predicted to demonstrate:

  • Basic Essential multimedia system computing skills.
  • Knowledge for making and writing multimedia system content.
  • Efficiency in coming up with animations and a web page.
  • Proficiency in digital multimedia systems, post-production, advertising, DTP, etc.


The fees of this course this INR 5000/-.


  1. Necessities of Entrepreneurship Development


The culture of ‘Make in India’ has given rise to a start-up-driven culture in the country. Therefore, this course is one of the most trending choices among the list of certified courses in Bhopal. The course tries to make the scholars familiar with the nature of entrepreneurship, its expectations, and dimensions. It would be serving the scholars the urge for a transparent understanding of the requirement for innovation. Therefore, a lot of stress is focused on experiential learning.

Course Objectives:

The Certificate course in necessities of Entrepreneurship Development aims for the scholars to be able-

  • To get familiar with the requirement of ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ in the present time.
  • To develop an entrepreneurial frame of mind and to become undefeated entrepreneurs
  • To become a proactive individual of United Nations agency and is driven to act on opportunities by using innovative processes within the face of restricted resources.

Course Outcomes:

Upon undefeated completion of course in necessities of Entrepreneurship Development, the scholar ought to be ready to:

  • Recognize the ideas and skills necessary to become an undefeated businessperson.
  • Present himself/herself as an assured person with entrepreneurial data or a modification agent
  • Demonstrate introductory data of entrepreneurship and be ready to determine issues concerning society and recommend executable solutions with a lot of confidence.


  1. Information Analytics


  • Understand the study of recent computing information technologies and scale-up machine learning techniques that specialize in business applications.
  • Help students learn, understand, and observe information analytics and data processing techniques,
  • Define the conceptualization and summary of massive information, machine learning and trivial information,
  • Elaborate computing technologies for applied mathematics modeling like R and Python for machine learning techniques and scale-up machine learning approaches.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the technologies in information science and business analytics: data processing, machine learning, image techniques, prognosticative modeling, and statistics.
  • Practice information analysis and decision-making.
  • Gain sensible, active expertise with statistics programming languages and information tools through work and applied analysis experiences.

Learning Outcomes:

After finishing the Data Analytics course among the various certified courses in Bhopal, students are ready to

  • Apply mathematics modeling and information analysis techniques to answer real-world business issues, communicate findings, and effectively give results on information image techniques.
  • Use new technologies in information science with the assistance of various computer codes like SQL.
  • Apply moral practices in information science activities and build well-reasoned business and information management selection.
  • Demonstrate data of applied mathematics information analysis techniques utilized in business decisions.
  • Apply principles of information science to the analysis of business issues.
  • Use data processing computer code like Python to resolve the existing issues.
  • Students can demonstrate proficiency with applied mathematics analysis of information.
  • Employ innovative tools and technologies to know information issues.
  • Apply algorithms to make data processing techniques faster in both supervised and unsupervised ways.


  1. Digital Marketing


It is no surprise that Digital Marketing is having exponential growth in the market. The course aims to provide quality education in the field of digital marketing through the sensible implementation of digital selling methods, techniques, and tools to boost student’s compatibility in technology and to arrange the next generation of promoting managers, executives, and researchers.

The program comprising of Certificates and credentials aims to supply a structured approach to designing, implementing, and assessing digital selling methods in business.

You can get in-depth knowledge about the course training at Digital Marketing Course Training in Bhopal


Course objectives:

The course syllabus enables the learners:

  • To investigate the problems and themes within the adoption and application of digital selling to business
  • To develop skills in digital selling and social media selling
  • To understand the principles of creation, linkage, and navigation of a website.
  • To impart learning on varied digital channels and have interactions with mass and customers in small groups.
  • To acquire the ability to maintain net analytics to line costs, produce higher ads, build selections regarding product distribution, and improve product style
  • To gain the power of implementing an efficient and comprehensive digital selling campaign.
  • To develop reflective skills on learnings and experiences from a sensible implementation of a digital selling strategy.

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Another close option you can put your hand into is the trending Content Writing Course With no special pre-requisites, anyone can opt for this in-demand course. Want to give it a try?


Other courses to try out

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course


Learning outcomes:

This niche course tops the list of certified courses in Bhopal. Upon its completion, the scholar will be ready to:

  • Effectively run advertisements on Search Engines.
  • Implement best practices for making, measuring, and optimizing show ad campaigns.
  • Understand mobile selling measures and analytics.
  • Execute digital selling exploitation tools; net Analytics, net AdWords, Video selling, and YouTube selling.
  • Implement affiliate marketing in varied ways.
  • Generate qualified leads for the business.
  • Implement program Organization for Associate in Nursing e-commerce website


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  1. Travel and Tourism


As the world moves towards education, it gives rise to more confident youth. Youth is more interested to travel and explore around. And therefore, a certificate in travel could be a great choice from the certified courses in Bhopal.

Learning Objectives

  • To analyze the tourism trends and cordial reception development patterns of existing regional, state, and national stakeholders.
  • To perceive the socio-economic impact of developing tourism business in varied potential areas of tourism.
  • To perceive the varied legal facets of tourism and cordial reception concerning the aspects of a tourist/ guest/worker/employer.
  • To offer the scholar a “real life” expertise within the tourism and cordial reception business.

Learning Outcome

  • It conjointly helps students to stand out Associate in Travel field.
  • Recognize the importance of outstanding tourer/guest service quality, server-guest relationships, and ethics.
  • Showcase communication skills through effective inter-personal interactions or through addressal to a bigger audience.
  • A crucial understanding of the travel culture and cordial reception business surroundings.


  1. Geriatric Social Service


Yes, you read that right. This course is a specific social service-oriented program among various other certified courses in Bhopal. The modules of the course include varied details including family relationships or social culture maintenance in our lives.

Learning Objectives

  • To perceive the requirements and issues of the society
  • To perceive the construct and role of Geriatric welfare worker as a primary level caregiver
  • To learn the talents of a first-aid supplier in a medical emergency

Learning Outcome

  • The Learners are ready to review the requirements and issues of society.
  • Develop an ability to operate as an initial level caregiver with a social service perspective
  • Development of skills of a first-aid supplier in a medical emergency


Module one

  • Old Age-Definition, which includes, Demographics of Aging Changes, and biological process tasks of previous Age-Cognitive, physical, psychological, and social.
  • Geriatric social service –Definition, want, and parts


Module Two

  • Family relationships within siblings or grandparent-grandchild, intergenerational relationships, pietism in adulthood, the empty nest syndrome problems in family support and caregiving.
  • views on death and construct of Care Giving and welfare desires of the previous age-physical desires, psychological, social, and economic desires, retirement, singleness, adjustment issues.


Module 3

  • Problems of Aged-violence, neglect, abuse, crimes.
  • Common Health Ailments among Older Population –Arthritis, high blood pressure, Diabetes, vessel Diseases, Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer.


Module Four

  • Emergency medical care for Older folks plagued by polygenic disease, high blood pressure, and CHD, the base of life –Cardio-Pulmonary revival Introduction to the gadgets for senior care.
  • Government Schemes for Visit to adulthood Home/Psycho-Social-Spiritual success of seniors staying with Family (One Case Study Exploitation Inventory)


  1. Certificate Course in Human Rights


Certificate course in Human Rights is designed to cater to the growing desires of learners in the field of human rights, civil liberties, international humanitarian problems, exile rights, and laws, disaster and emergency relief, social policy and favoritism, drug abuse, interpretation, and the world and regional views of human rights.


  • To develop an Associate in the understanding of Human Rights in the Global and National Context
  • To perceive the problems involved with the ingest of Human Rights
  • To get a well-known understanding of the details of protection rights.

Learning Outcome-

Learner would:


  • Able to know the Human Rights philosophy
  • Able to understand the importance of Human Rights
  • Able to appreciate the varied problems involved with Human Rights Violations and the tools for Human Rights Protection


  1. Certificate in Human Resource Management


For the people who aim to spot a career in Corporate, a certificate in HRM will be the first pick among other certified courses in Bhopal. A diploma in Human Resource Management has been designed to supply the learners with an outline of Managing Human Resources in a company.


A certified course in HRM can facilitate the learners to explore the essential ideas of Human Resource Management, Business Communication, Dynamics of geographical point, and Laws concerning labor. It is a one-year program, further divided in two semesters, consisting of four courses and a thirty hours internship/project. The whole range of credits in every semester is as follows:

a) Semester I-2 Credits

b) Semester II -2 Credits

c)Internship/Project -2 Credits


The students will be evaluated based on internal assessments like- Home assignments, Quiz, comes, etc., and their category participation which can carry a quarter percentage weightage, and finish the Semester Examination which carries 60% weightage.

Program Objectives

  • to grasp dynamics of geographical aspects.
  • To develop the essential construct of Human Resource Management.
  • to know the parties to Industrial Relations
  • to grasp the behavior of workers at the geographical point.
  • to find out the fundamentals of business communication.
  • to grasp the laws governing labor in the Asian nation.


  1. Certificate Course in GST –Goods & Services Tax


When it comes to knowing about the government policies on taxes and economy, I bet 6 out of every 10 people around us do not know have the apt knowledge. Therefore, the certified course in Bhopal in GST helps you enhance your knowledge on the useful aspect of our lives.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the ideas associated with product & Service Tax.
  • Gain an insight on the recording and analyzing the transactions for compliance below GST.
  • To be acquainted with the technology and the flow of comeback filing below GST.
  • Knowing “place of offer rules” and pertinency of a similar below GST.

Learn the concepts of GST from basic to advanced levels from the experts with the Top GST Certification Course


Course Outcomes

  • Understand the importance and contribution of indirect taxes (GST) within the Indian and world economy.
  • To be able to comprehend the principles of taxation.
  • Understand the implications of GST on the ratable capability of customers, dealers, and society with an overall brief perspective.


After successfully qualifying for the examination, students are eligible to be tax advisers and prepare the tax designing, tax management, payment of tax, and filing of tax and GST returns.


If you are looking for certified courses in Bhopal, this article will help you have a brief idea of how the courses are designed. The foremost thing is to go thoroughly through the courses and further map your interests and passion to the one who fascinates you the most.


The diplomas and certificate courses prove to be an amazing option for the people who are looking out to learn and explore their hobbies in a technical way. Not only did these courses help us to perceive ideas about a new topic right from the start, but they also help us to gain a technical understanding of a specific stream. I hope this piece of information helps you make the right choice among the certified courses in Bhopal.


Happy Learning!

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