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Top 38 Chrome Extensions for SEO in 2024

How to make your content SEO friendly, so that Google ranks your content higher. Also, how are you going to know the number of visitors to your website/blog or YouTube channel? Furthermore, how are you keep on creating more valuable content than your competitor? All these questions have one answer SEO Chrome Extensions.

Chrome Extensions for SEO

With 5.4 billion searches every day Google is the most used search engine throughout the world.

People use it to get answers to most of their queries. But, as an expert in your industry, you decide to share your knowledge or expertise online through an article, a blog post, or a YouTube video. Now, the question is on what topic/keyword you should write.

What are SEO chrome extensions?

Extensions are small programs that add useful functions to your browser. When you install an extension into your chrome, it extends or enhances the capabilities of chrome.

Once you have installed an extension, it will appear in the top right corner of the search bar. SEO search engine optimization helps you to get organic viewers to your website or YouTube.

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1. Google Analytics

First, you have to go to google chrome where you find the apps.  Search for page analytics. It is an extension of google analytics. You can see traffic through it. That is how many people are visiting your profile. Then click on add to chrome. Then the option of adding extensions pops up. Click on it and your extensions have been installed. Then open your website in a new tab. Refresh your page and then page analytics automatically measures the traffic of your website. This extension will show you page views, average time on page, bounce rate and extensions, and the real-time of people who still visit the site. You can use the calendar to adjust which day you want to see the page traffic.


2. Allow copy

This will help you to copy content when it is protected by the WordPress plugin.


3. Liner

When you are reading any content online and you liked a specific line and want to remember it, the liner helps you to highlight that line of the content. It keeps you organized, allows you to keep track of the relevant information in lengthy content. You can refer back to that highlighted content anytime.


4. I’m a gentleman

You can use it to drag and drop any image you want. Earlier you used to click right click and save it. When you click on the extension, every image on the page will be downloaded.  And then you can click again on the extension to stop it from downloading images.


5. Screencastify

You have to login into this extension through your google webs id. You can switch off automatically save videos to google drive if you want.

How to use these SEO Chrome extensions?

When you click on the extension you will see three options. One is browser tab, desktop, webcam only. Mostly you will use your desktop to record video, then click on it.  This extension will record your video for 5 minutes. Then you can again click on the extension to start recording.


You can then click on the microphone to select which one you want to use. Click on record. Two options will pop up. one is, on your entire screen and the second is the application window. Click on the entire screen and click on share and the recording will start. Click on stop sharing and your video will be recorded. This also provides you the option to edit, crop, or delete.


In the right section, you will get the option of commenting and uploading and copy links that you can use to share with others. You can save the video by clicking on the download sign in various formats like save a video to disk, export animated gif, export as mp4, and export audio. When you click on mp4. The process will start and then click on save to download the video.


6. Picture in picture extension

You can use this extension to drag any YouTube video into miniature form. Then you can work on any website and side by side the video will run in miniature form.


7. Keywords everywhere

With the help of this extension, you can get volume search, CPC, competition and you can also get related keywords.


For WordPress Users

8. Scan WP

With this, you can get to know competitors’ WordPress themes, pricing, and plugins.


9. Ahrefs

This extension allows you to see keyword, backlink and organic traffic data right inside google SERPs. Just enter your query, and you will see keyword metrics under the search bar like search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty scores, and more.


Also, you will see estimated search traffic and the number of backlinks at both page and domain levels. When you click one of the numbers, it will open up the respective report in Ahrefs where you can continue your analysis. The toolbar is also visible on any page you visit and you will see SEO metrics there too.


It displays data directly into Google search results in the form of a small table. It also attaches a toolbar to your browser which provides information about any given website or webpage you would like to see. Once installed you can see the logo in your browser which can turn on and off by just clicking on it.


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SEO Chrome extensions for link building 

Link building is getting hyperlinks from other websites to your own. The search engines will use these links to rank your website. The more websites link to you, the more your website will rank high in search results.

  1. Hunter

It is an email finding tool and to find emails quickly and accurately. After installing, when you click on the icon you will see a list of email addresses that Hunter has found on the web.


11. Link clump

This SEO Chrome extension allows you to open, copy, or bookmark multiple links at an equivalent time.  You can use it when building links, specifically when getting prospects.


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12.No Follow extension

This extension will put a box around all links that are no follow on a page. You can use this when you are looking for guest posting opportunities.


13. Majestic backlink Analyser

This extension allows you to determine the entire quantity and quality of the backlinks of any given page.


14. Boomerang

If you want to do email marketing, then, this extension is for you. It shows you the right time and schedules the emails at right time.


SEO Chrome Extensions for Keyword Research

When you search for anything on Google, it becomes a keyword. If your content focuses on what people are searching there is a chance to get a high ranking on various search engines.


15. Keyword surfer

If you’re struggling to find out which keywords you should be targeting this is the best tool. When you search for your keyword on google, this extension will automatically add the estimated monthly search volume for the keyword along with the estimated cost per click if you want to run a google ad campaign. This extension will also provide a useful list of keyword ideas based on your initial search in the form of a table on the right-hand side of the search results again with estimated monthly search volume.



This tool takes all the traffic sources under consideration during a site analysis so you’ll get quite basic SEO information. It allows you to seem much deeper into engagement metrics like traffic, time on site, bounce rates, and far more. it also allows you to see a company’s target audience demographic and the amount of money that they spend on paid content.


17. Ubersuggest

It is a keyword research tool and also available in chrome extension. It shows you search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and CPC of the searched keyword. It also shows you content ideas and much more.


On-Page SEO Chrome extensions 

18. SEO Minion

It is great for quick on-page spot checks.


SEO Chrome Extensions for page speed

19, lighthouse

Its purpose is to help improve the performance quality and correctness of your web apps. Visit the webpage and click the lighthouse icon. Then click generate a report. It will run some tests and once it’s done loading, a report will pop up showing scores for various categories like Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO, and PWA.


Below, you will see suggestions on what you should do to improve your page for each category. In short, it audits every webpage you visit and generate a report on how well that page did from a technical SEO standpoint.


20.Page load time

If you want to see the actual time it takes for a page to load, you can use it.  Visit the page, and it will show you in the extensions bar how long it takes for the page to load. when you click the icon, you will see a breakdown of where that time was spent.




21. Window Resizer

It allows you to resize the browser’s window to a specific resolution in two clicks. For example, if you want to test the mobile design and experience for a page on an iPhone6, just click the icon in the extension bar and choose the iPhone 6 resolution. If you want to see it on iPad then choose iPad resolution.


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SEO Chrome extensions for more traffic.

22. SEO quake

Through this extension you can see on which rank your website is trending on Alexa google and bing index, SEmrush,  form backlink options you can see total backlinks for, referring domain, referring for .com, .in, .or, .gov, .edu. and others. This also shows how many country backlinks have been created on your website.  Then by clicking on traffic analytics you can see the number of visitors to your website. And from traffic sources, you can also traffic update data of any website. If you want to see the details of your competitor’s then this extension is best for you.



If you quickly want to know where your sites rank for some of your targeted keywords install the FATRANK extension from FatJoe.com. Once installed bring your website up in your browser or your computer site and click on the icon. Before you conduct research, you have to provide an email address and accept the terms and conditions and join the newsletter. You can provide any dummy email address as there no verification is required. Then, enter the keyword for which you want to check the ranking of your website and the correct country then click check within seconds you can see exactly which position your website ranks for this particular keyword.


24. SERP trends

If you want to know who is going up or down within your space you want to add SERP trends to your extension arsenal using color-coded arrow icons next to your google search results SERP trends will track who is going up or down over time for the keywords you have been looking at. It is very useful if you quickly want to identify who is your most aggressive competitors are how well your site is doing. You have to wait for 24 hours before the first results start showing. It will only work if you check the same keywords over time.


25. SEO Meta

Meta tags help search engines understand what a page is all about. The meta tags are not searched by viewers but by the search engines only. They are important to get right since search engines use them as signals to rank websites in search results. The most common ones are the meta title and the meta description of a page which get displayed in search results. Many others can all be found quickly with the SEO meta in a one-click extension. Once installed the extension goes to your website and click on the app icon. This will show a summary of the existing meta tags on your page. You can click on the question mark icon to find out more about the tag itself and some anomalies will be highlighted in red.


26. Grammarly

It is a free digital writing assistant that will help you write better content as it will check your spelling correct your grammar and make suggestions for correct sentence structure. Add the app to your toolbar click on the icon and set your preferences then click on the new document as you type away.  Grammarly will automatically make suggestions for corrections. It also provides premium plans, but, the free plan is quite decent.


 27. Bro linker

Having broken links on your site is not recommended. A broken link means that when a user clicks on it a 404 page will open. This provides a poor user experience but also sends signals to search engines that the website is of poor quality too. So, it’s important to fix them. Identify broken links quickly on any page of your site with Adam SEO broken link checker. Once installed go to any page of your website and click on the Adam SEO icon. This extension will scan your page for broken links and highlights the faulty ones in red. All you need to do is fix them using your content management system.


28. Page speed insight

How fast your website loads on a computer or mobile phone has become a very important ranking factor on Google. The slower your website is the more likely Google will push you down in the pecking order. Once downloaded click on the page speed icon extension and wait a couple of seconds after which you will get an overall score. The higher the number the better it is. You can on see more links to see the performance for both desktop and mobile separately and problematic areas so you can fix them.


29. Tubebuddy

If you have a YouTube channel and you use tags but you don’t know its position. You can Tubebuddy to search tags which has some ranking. So that if someone searches on google using a particular tag, your video can rank high.


30. VidIQ

If you run a YouTube channel and want to improve your Google rankings, then download VidIQ. You need to make an account to use the basic version. This will show you the number of views per hour a video is getting, how well it’s doing across social media channels and the overall SEO score. Also, a video optimization checklist enables you to verify if you have done everything right specifics about the channel itself, what tags are being used for the video and the tags used for the channel, and much more.


31.BuzzStream BuzzMarker

It helps in networking, guest posting, and link building. This will analyze all the sites you visit and bring out the details of the people associated with the site. You can use it to find editors, reporters, content marketers, etc. So that you can connect with them, in case you want to convince them to link to your website or to ask for guest blogging.


32. Buffer

In the world of SEO chrome extensions, this needs no introduction. Buffer is great for personal branding and growing your authority as you can share content with your followers as you read your favorite blogs. As you can share the content of the website which you found interesting to all social media platforms with few clicks.


33. Check my links

It’s important for a link-building strategy. It will show you which links are working properly, and which ones are broken for any page that you visit.


34. GrowthBar

it is one of the leading SEO chrome extensions that unlocks advanced keyword metrics and keyword suggestions for every query that you type into google. Though it is a paid version, you can use it for free for five days, after a free trial you can upgrade the plan to premium. If not, then you can continue using the free plan. With a free plan, you can see SEO metrics like domain authority, keyword difficulty score, and organic traffic.


  1. FindThatLead

If you want to get a verified email address to reach out to. FINDTHATLEAD is one of the best SEO Chrome extensions that helps you to find out email addresses associated with any website or LinkedIn profile. It is a paid version but can also use the free version. You can make a free account and get 50 credits per month. Once you have created your free account.


36. Nightwatch SEO Search Simulator

You can use this extension to track your site from different locations.



It is really helpful to content creators. It will show you what content works in your niche. If you visit your competitor’s site, this extension will show you how many social media shares and backlinks, this website is getting. It also tells you what type of content you must produce or what you shouldn’t.



It provides SEO insights about different websites without leaving your web browser. For example, you can see domain authority, page authority, and the number of backlinks of your website or others’ websites as well.


Concluding thoughts on SEO Chrome extensions

The list of SEO chrome extensions is endless. But, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t need to download every extension. As it will slow down your computer system. You can transform your Google chrome into an SEO tool that you can use for keyword research, traffic and backlinks analysis, and much more.


SEO Chrome extensions are tools that are essential if you want to improve your online visibility. The alternative to paid extensions is SEO Chrome extensions these are just like tiny SEO that you can add to your browser and provide you tons of information that will help you improve your search engine optimization efforts in less time.  Most of the extensions are available free of cost and easy to manage.

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