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Top 30 Content Writing Interview Questions (Updated) List

We are sure you are preparing for a Content Writing Interview thus searching for the content writing Interview Question. Content writing work is not that simple as it looks. It is the art of curating some information creatively so that the reader can have some value from it. It’s a challenge for the writers to present the required information in a given boundary. It can be a blog, any affiliate marketing content or any kind of content which needs to be expressed in words.

Top Content Writing Interview Question

Although it’s the profession that demands the writers to keep working on articles that are highly engaging on the platform of the online world.

Apart from that, a content writer is someone who has a special hand in providing relevant content based on the theme of the company. It is a huge responsibility because the content that shows up online should be ready to serve millions and billions of people with values.

However, the content writing profession is not limited to just websites it also deals with blogs, email marketing, social media posts, etc. Also, the content writing profession is on-trend these days. This profession is widely chosen by students, women, especially homemakers, and people who aspire to become writers in the future. The one who has a spark to create a buzz and gets connected with the world can jump into this line.

So, here we have come up with the idea of content writing interview question/ questions which you can ask a content writer for interview purposes.

 1. Content Writing Interview Question – How good are you at research?

 Content writing interviews are not very critical like other job interviews.

It is a very straight to the point kind of interview where the employer finds clarity about how good or bad the writer is through some questions.

One of the most asked questions in a content writing interview is about how good or bad is the person at research as a content writer.

Research is a very important part of the research. The research is directly connected to the intensity of analyzed content that will appear online.

To write precise content, research is a must. Writers in many companies are given plenty of time to make their research on a given topic.

Research helps the writer to filter what is wrong and what is right, therefore research directly or indirectly makes the content more authentic.

The research involves finding a targeted audience, finding the keyword for the targeted audience.

This is the question that is pretty much pertinent for any of the content marketing or strategy profiles; also for the content writer, it is very important to have some basic knowledge to target the right audience.

2- Content Writing Interview Question – What do you think are the essential components of good web content?

There are many ways to express good content and also there are several ways to judge a variety of content.

There are some major factors that remain constant for all kinds of content and therefore, these factors could be really helpful to find if a piece of content is up to the mark or not:


The content should be written in a way that conveys the purpose behind it. Purposeful content pieces are those people usually spend more time reading.

Providing value to the consumer can help one in long run gain immense public attention. Now this gives a great boost to the reader and increases the engagement rates. Based on these elements, a blog or article gets ranked on the search engine.


Originality is a very important factor and is always kept as a matter of concern in genuine organizations.

To provide an audience with freshly generated content has a different sense of happiness, about the fact that someone found it helpful.

Writing plagiarized content is strictly against brand values and work principles of any content writing institution and therefore it is not appreciated.

Writing plagiarized content can harm a company’s reputation at the same time it can hurt the audience sentiments as well. If they expect information from the writer, it should be expressed in words and in a way that is not at least copied.

iii) Call To Action:

As we have learned earlier about the fact that content writing has been the spine of many other industries. Marketing industry and content writing industry work in a constant process that runs cyclically.

While directly proposing the consumers to use services is not appreciated, but detailing the merits and limitations and comparing it with similar entities gives a transparent view about the service and therefore the writer has to manage and arrange words carefully to maintain a balance while addressing the business and the creative side.

Both industries support each other. When marketing is mentioned, most of the time it is because of brands that offer services or whose business is based on providing services.

Most of the online content is being written from a marketing perspective. Therefore, it is a tricky task for any writer to manage this service.

3) Content Writing Interview Question – What are the types of articles that you have written? Share two of them as samples.

This is the most common question asked by the employer during content writing interviews.

By asking this question, it will be easy for the employer to study the writer’s abilities and if he could manage to serve the theme of their organization or not.

There are a lot of writers who generate content based on a particular niche. These writers hold a good level of expertise in their respective niche which is why they don’t have to switch to other domains and they find good opportunities as well.

However, sometimes the employer may come across writers, who manage to write a variety of topics. This also implies that the writer is capable of extracting information out of several niches.

4) Content Writing Interview Question-

Please share the process that you have undergone to get these articles done.

Content writing interviews involve these kinds of questions. These questions are a must in content writing interviews.

These questions will help the employer understand one as a writer and study them to know about the techniques that the writer uses to curate the articles.

It will also, tell you that the article was thoroughly read before posting it on the website. Production of appropriate content needs some process followed one by one.

5) Content Writing Interview Question – How will you go about creating a content strategy for a client or a brand?

Content writing interviews always involve questions related to marketing. One should be able to optimize content at minimum levels to qualify for a content writing interview

Many of the agencies and organizations have different methods to approach their content strategy.

So by asking this question, the employer gets to know about how thoroughly one has understood the depths of content marketing strategies

6) Content Writing Interview Question – How do you decide on any topic or a subject to write on?

As you know coming up with a new topic is a challenging task for a writer. Some of the methods to bring out the new topics are:

  • the first thing is to identify the targeted audience and their needs.
  • Research about the keywords and associated keywords.
  • Keep the track of blogs and articles from the subject experts, experts, critics, etc.

7) Content Writing Interview Question – How did you come to manage deadlines and priorities?

Employers want their tasks to be done on time which is why they ask the writer about how they manage to get tasks done before deadlines.

This question helps them develop an idea about the writer whether or not the writer can submit the tasks on time or not.

Therefore this is also one of the most probable questions asked by employers during content writing interviews.

8) Content Writing Interview Question – What sort of social media tools do you utilize to get help for content writing?

Employers these days want content that is fairly optimized and ready to publish. Now that there are so many tools available online, one can easily check if the content is plagiarized or not, and what mistakes have been there in the write-ups.

There are a variety of tools that can work effectively in the primary stages of content writing and optimizing it.

Some of the many tools that writers use are- Moz SEO tools, Yoast SEO tools, Grammarly, and many other plagiarism checking tools also.

Many of the writers use some common social media tools for getting help throughout the writing.

9) Content Writing Interview Question – How do you decide the tone of content?

This question is asked for several reasons during the content writing interview. This shows the depth to which a writer has understood particular content.

This is quite an important question that will create a great impact on the interviewer. Some factors help to create a good tone of the content.

Brand Personality:

The brand behaviour tells a lot about what tone it wants to convey any message. For a brand dealing with thousands of consumers daily, the tone has to be the third person singular whereas a brand dealing with relatively fewer people and individual clients, the brands can use the first person singular tone.

The category of the brand is the main guideline through which the content should be developed.

Different writing formats and techniques for different purposes.  Therefore it is important to understand microblogging, for it is one of the most probable questions in a content writing interview.

10) Content Writing Interview Question – What do you think about keyword research?

Keyword research is one of the many effective optimization techniques that could help one rank better on search engines like Google.

Now that most of the businesses are based online and therefore people are more likely to rank themselves on Google.

So, content writing interviews have this as a very common question.

This question is a little bit tricky and it focuses to extract information about the way of writing which a writer use. You can also get an idea about what is the knowledge of the writer about keyword research.

11) Content Writing Interview Question – How do you integrate SEO into your content?

Many writers use a very wrong technique of writing, which is first writing it and then optimizing it.

Without really understanding how it works, just writing isn’t enough. One has to understand SEO so that he could write according to SEO.

Taking care of keywords, backlinks and other SEO things is what makes a good SEO writer.

An interviewer asks this question intending to know how much of the knowledge of Google algorithm and on-page SEO functions you know.

In a content writing interview, this kind of question is very normal and is therefore asked frequently.

12) How do you ensure the credibility of the information?

In a content writing interview, it is the responsibility of the employer to know how you verify the information and what the sources from which the writer receives information are.

This also makes the research skills of the writer very clear and transparent for the employer.

Most of the time, this question is asked to ensure that you are aware of writing a subject and research about it properly before working on it. The information and facts that you represent in your blogs, articles, etc should be coming from a credible source.

13)Have you been given feedback on your writing assignment and how have you reciprocated in your work?

Reverting to the feedbacks has always been considered as an extremely professional behaviour whereas working on those feedbacks and introducing changes according to the feedback that best suits the audience is considered even more professional.

The priority is always for the audience, and the content is certainly required to revolve around their demands.

Missing out on what people want to read may result in the organization losing readers and frequent online visitors.

While you are going to assign any project to any writer, he/she would be a part of your team and they should be able to take any feedback in a very positive way. It can help to ensure the excellent performance of your website.

Therefore in a content writing interview, employers ask this to judge the approach of the writer towards the audience

14) What Content Management Systems Are You Familiar With?

Learning about the content management systems with which the writer has previously worked provide the employer with the idea of how comfortable the writer is working with on certain platforms.

Having an experienced writer could prove to be helpful for the website.

If you are going to play the role of a content writer, your skill should be very accurate and you must hold some good knowledge about Content Management Systems (CMS systems)  like WordPress, Magento is very important.

 15) How Do You Plan or Schedule Your Work? 

Planning speaks a lot about the pace of writing and the approach of the writer towards the deadline.

In a content writing interview, it is a very usual question asked by the employer but this question holds immense value. Planning could be impressive in forming an impression on the employer

There is a purpose to plan and schedule content. It is nothing but to generate content without compromising for quality aspects.

This is one of the most asked questions in a content writing interview.

16) How Do You Analyze the Performance of Content?

Performance analysis is a very important skill that content writers are expected to excel in and therefore it is one of the most probable questions in content writing an interview.

Performance analysis is not just done through the stats and feedbacks. Sometimes it takes a particular content more time to reach people than other pieces of content. Performance could be analyzed by studying how precisely the content suits or fits the website theme, template, purpose, and other parameters.

Every writer has a different method to analyze the performance of the content. The answer to this question is not so constant. It may vary from writer to writer.

17) How Do You Promote the Content After It is Published?

As content writing and marketing are equally responsible for the success of any brand, the writers these days are expected to have a few marketing skills that they could use without much effort.

SMM (social media marketing) is one of such tactics and many other methods like guest posting and driving traffic from other websites are also necessary.

As a content writer, the least one can do is share the content pieces on social media while there are other bigger aspects to handle marketing.

When you are a content writer, your client wants you to contribute some part of the outreach efforts for the website performance. You can share the blog through social media; reach out to the influencers to post opinions for the blogs.

Therefore in content writing interviews, the writers are asked about their marketing skills and knowledge on promoting content.

18) Are You in Favour to Work With Your Ideas or Do You Like to Mix Them Up With the Situations. 

As humans, we all have a perception, a point of view or general opinion about what we feel is right on a particular topic.

Writers are often given topics to write on, and almost every time the content they write has two or more outcomes.

People often read articles to find solutions to their queries. So providing them with fair solutions is the prime duty of a content writer. Therefore it is a responsibility of a writer to be unbiased towards his emotions and figure out rational solutions.

This many times helps the writer also to get more clarity over their thoughts and that’s they should prioritize their readers before anything.

This is the question that is going to help the interviewer to see how one as a content writer incorporates ideas and gives them a new touch.

This is one of the most important questions asked in a content writing interview.

19) What Do You Know About the Blog and Article? 

While articles are one of the many forms in which writings are presented, blogs are simply a medium to showcase articles. A lot of times people confuse blogs as articles.

Blogs are spaces that could hold a lot of information and articles. It is important to figure out the difference between blogs and articles. Whenever a blog is mentioned, people frame a very informal impression about it whereas the only difference that makes a website different from a blog is that a website comprises of the blog along with other features and services while blogs are purely meant for articles.

There are quite successful bloggers out there who make decent earning just from their blogs. So it’s very necessary to understand the importance of blogs, websites, and articles.

This is one of those questions which is much likely to be asked during the content writing interviews and therefore it is advised to have thorough and detailed knowledge of these aspects.

20) Differentiate Between Content and Copy 

Well, copy here refers to the kind of writings usually written by copywriters and these are mainly for promotions.

Advertisement agencies and other marketing companies highly prioritize these things and therefore it is one of the very basic questions asked during content writing an interview.

While copy plays a vital role in deciding the sales and customer reach of the company, the content plays a vital role in building relationships with the customers making it profitable in the long run.

Both of the terms can be used for pointing marketing objectives, however, content is used to give out a narration to any subjects and while a copy is used for informative structure of content.

21) What Are the Type of Audience Have You Dealt With?

 Every niche doesn’t have the same kind of audience.

While the content that has something to do with the marketing side of a company has to be effective enough to hold the audience, while the light and humour based niche despite getting a lot of attention has a very inconsistent flow of consumers. 

Writers keep track of the type of audience they have dealt with. Getting exposure to the articles can give you a great experience of managing the articles.

22) What is the Unique Part of Your Writing Style?

In content writing interviews, the employer must learn about the strength of a writer. It is equally important to learn about their weak zones to make them perform accordingly.

This helps the employer to plan their content and make assignments based on what the writer does the best.

This can help the client to search for that special part of your writing and keep him engaged for reading.

23) What is the Proofreading Process That You Prefer? 

Proofreading is something that gives a final touch to the article and one gets the chance to correct the mistakes that they might have committed and skipped during the writing process.

Proofreading also helps content to rank better on search engines like Google.

So the proofreading is done defines the content performance one is expected to have a thorough understanding of grammar, punctuation and other detailing of content.

The employer needs to understand how good the content writer is at proofreading content. Therefore this content is definitely

24) Which book do you like to read currently?

The content writing part does begin with the reading the part, also you can share some of the blogs and define your taste in any kind of literature etc for the response to this answer.

25) What Are Your Education Details? 

While it has always been said that a content writing career doesn’t demand any specific degree or educational qualification.

However, it makes it easier for the employer, if the writer has an educational background in literature or journalism

One is required to share their educational details for employers to have a clear idea about the writer.

It is suggested to do a course from any of the content writing institutes across the country, in case one doesn’t have a relevant degree in the arts or literature stream.

These courses prove to be highly important for placements and therefore these will help one in content writing interviews.

26) Are You Well Versed With Photoshop?

In content writing interviews the employer may ask one about handling Photoshop applications.

Sometimes the writers are required to create infographic images to explain the context or any detail.

These are not highly demanded but would be considered as a plus if the writer knows this skill quite well

27) What Technical Knowledge Do You Have? 

In content writing interviews, it is a very common question.

Technical knowledge doesn’t always mean to excel in any of the so-called core streams” of the educational system and being an expert at any technical field like coding, programming, etc.

But you must have known about MS Office, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This means the writer should have thorough knowledge about the technical depths of content writing.

28) Have You Gone Through Any Surveys? 

This is not always asked but holds high importance in content writing interviews.

Companies often want writers to work on surveys. These surveys could be very useful in defining the statistical position of a company. It is also a kind of feedback but has to be carried out very smartly.

This is also a part of the research strategy. Sometimes content writers are required to go anonymous on many social media platforms and do surveys that indirectly record the response of the audience towards an organization.

29) Are You a Blogger?

It is kind of an informal question apart from the regular one when the employer wants to know if the writer owns a blog.

This helps the employer to see how passionate one is about writing and how consistently one write.

If you own any personal blog space across the internet it could be really helpful for employers to study how well you write content.

30) Have You Any Experience Working With Any Professional Organization? 

It is a very common question in content writing interviews.

Prior experience helps a lot in getting placements. Experience in the content writing field makes it a lot easier to get jobs and placements.

Based on the company and the kind of work, one may find better opportunities with decent earning opportunities.

These were some of the most probable questions that could help one get through the content writing interviews smoothly.


The above answers should help you to clear an interview as Content Writer. If you are already good at writing good content answers above will remove all bottlenecks to clear your next interview.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What is the basic salary as per Indian market for a certified content writer?

A certified content writer earns on an average 3 Lakhs Per Annum minimum.

Q2. How to start content writing from home?

After you complete your content writing course, create your own portfolio, then you can apply as a freelancer or create your own website.


Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.

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