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Top 20 Career Options After 12th in 2024

Career Options to Pursue after 12th, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If you’re a twelfth grader, this topic might be a recurrent conversation at your home. No matter how nonchalant we appear, we are all concerned about how to move further, become successful, and independent.  If the thought of what to choose as a profession is niggling at the back of your mind frequently, then this article is for you.

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There are quite a few turning points in the life of an individual. However, the first real significant moment comes when you have to seriously think about the path you’re going to take after your 12th standard examinations. The formative years of your life define your talents, choices, preferences, and interests.


Today we are going to go through the top career options after the 12th that you can consider as viable options. Some might be interested in Arts and Humanities and others in science, and commerce. Some might directly want to get into the business or start a consultancy. The decisions you take at this juncture of your life determines the trajectory for growth in your professional journey.


Sometimes numerous thoughts jostle with one another in our mind before we can decide the course of our future. You have your own dreams and passions, your parents have their own experiences to guide you on the right path.


Earlier you had fewer options to explore. Today, the advancement in different sectors provides you with a plethora of subjects, fields, and areas that you can pursue to become successful in your professional life.


The following just might be some of the sentences we say, and hear too often at this point in life:


I am still thinking about it. I haven’t decided anything yet. Why can’t I pursue my passion? Will I be able to do it? Isn’t it too difficult? Why can’t I turn my passion into a successful profession? I am confused about what to do.”


Perhaps the last sentence is what most of the 12th graders identify with. We have been in your shoes, which is why we know how the mind works at this point.


So, without further ado, I present to you the top career options that you might want to look into after your 12th based on your interests and inclination. Remember, each of these provides plenty of subjects that you can choose to learn and pursue as a career. 


  1. Engineering


Engineering after 12 has always been one of the most popular choices for students. However, you have to take up physics, chemistry, mathematics in your 12th to be able to apply for the different engineering exams.


There are so many branches in engineering that you never run out of options to choose a particular discipline to study.


Civil engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgical engineering, aeronautical engineering are some of the options. You also have data science, artificial intelligence, information science and engineering, biochemical engineering as career options.


It is a multivariate field where there are several branches, with new branches added now and then. Also, engineers will never be out of demand. For every activity, you need people well versed in the different fields to fulfill the demands arising in these areas.


The most important aspect of engineering is your critical and analytical thinking with mathematical acumen. It is a profession that is highly in demand in diverse organizations. This is no news that engineering is also an extremely high salaried job. It is not just your performance in the examinations but also in your job that determines your success.


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  1. Medicine/Medical

Medicine is another field that has a plethora of disciplines to choose from. You might want to dedicate yourself to research in medicine or want to become a doctor. There are several fields and programs to choose from. You can opt for surgery and become a surgeon, or you can look to become a consultant and physician.


The one thing that is constant in a career in the medical field is that there are steady improvements and development to upgrade the medical system for the betterment of patients.


It is constantly reinventing itself for ameliorating the condition of patients. Therefore, you have to be amenable to the idea of change, innovation and have to adapt yourself accordingly.


Medicine as a profession is not for the faint-hearted. You have to deal with challenges almost every day, and the ability to make quick decisions can be the propelling force for you to have a very successful career in the world of medicine.


It is one of the most interesting career choices that students pursue after the 12th. You need to have biology as one of your subjects in the 12th standard to be able to apply for the exams.


The initial degree is MBBS which is your stepping stone to a highly satisfying career. You can choose to practice as an MBBS or can opt for further studies like specializing in surgery and taking up MD.


  1. Mass Communication and Journalism

Mass Communication studies have been a relatively new area of education that has gathered momentum in the past decade. It, in its simplest form, is the dissemination of information across the various media platforms available online and offline.


Today, a huge number of students opt for Mass Communication, And Journalism owing to the unprecedented proliferation and advancement of technology and media. With a complete transformation in the sector, the career options for students have increased manifold.


A Career in mass Communication offers a plethora of options to select from. You also have a high remuneration job with employment stability.


Whether you want to become a journalist, a public relations officer, a writer, an advertising executive, a radio, or video jockey, or a TV presenter, studying mass communication opens up avenues for you in these sectors.


There is also a great demand for skilled and trained professionals to understand the nuances of media online and offline. You have to identify your strengths, work on your weaknesses, and you can have a thriving career in mass communication. The ample opportunities are not only provided in India but abroad as well.


There are different digital channels including electronic news portals, digital communication platforms, and social media channels. They have contributed to generating a vast number of jobs in different designations.


There are so many diverse options to consider that you always have the opportunity to excel with the prospects available in mass media.


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  1. Interior Decoration

Interior decoration in its essence is to create aesthetic designs for homes, offices, and other indoor areas. It is to offer an enhanced experience of a beautiful and comfortable place for both your personal, and professional space.


Interior Decoration involves understanding the relations between colors, and textiles. It is to judiciously plan the layout of a place so that it appears pleasing to the eye and helps to provide a sense of calm and comfort to the persons concerned.


A career in interior design requires you to possess innate creativity that comes in extremely useful while we construct and revamp houses, offices, and other spaces. It is also one of the most rewarding jobs both in fulfillment of creative aspirations, and pay.


If you can create a brand for yourself, you can become an extremely successful interior decorator with a greatly lucrative income from this high-paying job.


You as an interior decorator have the opportunity of transforming the lives of people by incorporating innovative designs and bringing out the outstanding features of areas.


There are also challenges in the form of finding balletic designs to incorporate in a small space. You also have to cater to the vision and sensibility of your clients.


India being an emerging economy provides you with immense scope to build a very successful career in interior design.


  1. Fashion Designing

After the 12th standard, a lot of students opt for fashion designing. It is regarded as an extremely satisfying and rewarding career option. It not only helps to give vent to your creative abilities but also provides you the wings to explore, innovate, and create path-breaking designs. Those can then become the source of the fashion industry.


Fashion designing includes an understanding of graphics, visual arts, creative arts, and an incisive understanding of textiles.


Today fashion designing is not merely limited to clothes but has also branched out to accessories and jewelry design. It includes designing the entire look starting from the apparel to the accessories that go with that.


This includes watches, shoes, and any other knick-knacks. Jewelry designing has also become an important part of the entire fashion industry.


There are corporate organizations that employ, mentor, and nurture budding fashion designers. You as a fashion designer, have to put together a great team and consolidate all the strong points in the members to turn yourself into a brand.


Fashion designing courses help you to gain an understanding of the different materials, the concept of design making patterns, the science of textiles, and garments among other things. It is an extremely profitable career option that requires you to take the utmost care of the small details that make all the difference. NIFT, IIFT, NID, J.D Institute are some of the most distinguished fashion institutes in the country.


  1. Content and Copy Writing

A lot of students are choosing content writing and copywriting as a career options after the 12th of today. The reason being, content writing and copywriting have seen a great surge in demand in the last few years.


Businesses are moving online and trying to create a positive presence in the web domain. It has become important to disseminate relevant content regarding their range of products and services.


With most consumers today present in the online domain, it has become mandatory for businesses to write and create content to provide value to online consumers. This is the only way in which brands and businesses can connect with their consumers online.


A career in content writing requires you to have a knack for identifying problems, creating write up that influence and interest the reader to know more about the brand and business.


With plenty of avenues to showcase your writing prowess, you can take up blogging, copywriting, creating infographics, writing white papers, etc. There are many disciplines to select from.


The prerequisite for a greatly successful career in this field is a strong grasp of the language you are going to write in. You have to possess a sense of discernment and compassion to be able to.


It is important to understand the pulse of your consumer to be able to create, write, and distribute content that will be of impact. Today, there are several online as well as offline content writing courses available to learn from at your convenience. They provide you with knowledge and teach you the nitty-gritty of a successful content writing career. These top-notch content writing institutes offer comprehensive learning to apply in your careers.


  1. Digital Marketing

Like content writing, digital marketing is a term that has gained such wide prominence recently. There are so many factors and elements to digital marketing that provides a plethora of opportunities for you to explore and build a successful career.


Whether you want to write for search engines, write ad copies for marketing, or want to analyze web data and statistics, digital marketing has modules that you can explore and start a career in.


It provides flexibility and helps you to work from the comfortable ambiance of your own space. Location independence is one of the main factors due to which a career in digital marketing has become so popular today.


You can have an immensely prosperous digital marketing career sitting at home and working for your client’s goals and objectives.


There are several digital marketing courses taught today. You can take up Undergraduate programs, Postgraduate programs, Certificate Courses (short and long term), Diploma programs, and gain knowledge of the different constituents of the digital marketing world.


You can be a Website developer designer, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO specialist, search engine marketing specialist, Social Media Manager, among many such job positions.


Once you start your career in digital marketing and start to enjoy the process of creating online campaigns, the opportunities are boundless for success.


  1. Event Management

Events are a vital part of our lives. Just think for 30 seconds of the various events that you attended over the years. The intrinsic positive characteristics of an event are what make this discipline one of the most desired career choices for students after 12th.


The fact that families, individuals, and business organizations need events regularly makes it an extremely lucrative career option for students.


Today numerous event Management courses help you to understand what goes into creating a successful event. You learn to inculcate the qualities of perseverance, patience, coordination. It is about bringing together several elements in a holistic approach to create some of the best events that people remember for a long time.


Event management consists of several constituents that require you to possess the qualities of critical thinking, crisis management creativity, and promotion.


Whether it is a business event, a sports event, or a grand wedding you have to be efficient to conceptualize and see to it that all your plans for the event materialize successfully.


However more than the theoretical study, it is your practical implementation and creative acumen that help you to become successful in event management. It will help you to go through successful case studies to understand the aspects of budgeting, customer acquisition, client management, and promotions. But practically implementing your knowledge is of more consequence.


The most important facet in all this is your zeal and dedication to solve different issues of your clients and adapt to last-minute changes. Quick problem-solving skills, keeping calm in a moment of crisis are some of the key features that an event manager needs to have. NIEM, IWPEM, National Academy of Media and Events are some of the institutes offering courses.


  1. Graphic Designing

If you are creative and have a penchant for churning out attractive designs that are a visual delight, you have great potential to become an eminent and successful graphic designer.


Again, with the proliferation of the digital platform, the demand for competent, skilled graphic designers has increased. Today, the various opportunities enable you to pursue a graphic designing career after your 12th. What one considered just a hobby once can be turned into a full-fledged career with great growth opportunities.


You have to possess an aesthetic sense of design, color patterns, and light. Students should also be able to disseminate useful information that is meant to educate or inform through imagery and pictures.


You can become a multimedia designer, web, logo, flash designer. or a creative director. There’s plenty of work like creating templates, editing photographs, that require the skilled expertise of graphic designers.


There are many courses available that help you to understand the different graphic designing software. You can intermingle your creativity with the qualities and features of the software to bring out the best possible outcome.


A graphic designing degree can strengthen your chances of getting a coveted job in a big corporate organization. Most enterprises require the services of designing for their business activities to be fruitful.


Graphic design also includes animation and enhanced visual effects. Whether it is the user interface, website designing, illustrations, or animation you can pursue your passion and become successful.


Graphic designers can choose a specific niche aligned to their inclination. Or, they can be flexible to incorporate any graphic designing job that requires the touch of an accomplished graphic designer.


  1. Computer Applications

This is one of the most popular professional courses as well as a great career choice for students. Computer applications courses deal with understanding the basic and advanced constituents of computers.


One has to possess an analytical bent of mind and have the proficiency of mastering several programming languages to be able to become a successful computer applications professional.


Many students take Bachelors of Computer Applications after their class 12 exams. The course helps them to have an all-around understanding of the different concepts relating to computers.


Software developing, web designing, technical writing, consulting, multimedia programming, coding, understanding database are some of the areas in which you need to gain expertise to become a proficient computer applications professional.


Technical enthusiasts who have unconditional love for anything related to computers can have a very prosperous career in computer applications. You can coordinate, implement, and execute the design of an application and complete the architecture of a particular program.


Coding is a very popular part of the computer application process. You can also learn about the security aspect of the data processing system and have a career as a system security manager and security analyst.


Computer application requires you to achieve fluency in understanding programming. Also, an inherent love for mathematics and science will additionally benefit you to achieve a great level of critical, objective thinking, to become adroit crisis managers.


  1. Ethical Hacking

This is one of the most favorite career options today which is both extremely interesting and lucrative. Ethical hacking is for information technology lovers who want to develop and update their skills to identify vulnerabilities, security threats in a system, and eradicate the possible chances of disruption.


Companies want to unfurl their wings and make their presence felt in the online domain. This invites security risks from malware, viruses, that breach privacy and can create havoc with your data. One has to be very careful about protecting their pertinent information about the company and consumers.


A lot of big companies have fallen prey to malicious hackers who steal valuable information and data from companies. Ethical hacking eliminates the chances of such activities by digging into the system looking for weaknesses, and providing solutions.


Cybersecurity is a growing concern in the technological domain today. Therefore, organizations today have a great demand for ethical hackers.


To become proficient in this field, you have to possess strong technical knowledge of programming like C, C + +, Java, HTML, Python. You’ll also have to learn advanced coding.


There are different programs for ethical hacking and cybersecurity in India. Training is provided in the following:


Online Ethical Hacking Course, Cybersecurity Course, Forensic Expert Training, Network Security Training, Web Security Training, And Others.


It pays exceptionally well, and you are constantly in demand. The huge presence of practically every business and sector in the online space makes it an evergreen career to pursue.


  1. Hotel Management

With a country’s economic progress, the hospitality industry also sees a boost in its operations. The hotel management field is one of the most remunerative career options that you can choose to pursue after the 12th.


It involves having a presence of mind, being creative, and possessing the gift of the gab. Students every year enroll for hotel Management courses after their 12th standard.


The courses cover the entire facet of running the hospitality Services. This includes client management, food industry, budgeting, accounting, sales, marketing, public relations, advertising among other important aspects.


There are degrees and diploma courses for students. Skilled hotel Management professionals can be great assets for the hospitality industry.


The more value, assistance you provide to your visitors, the greater impression it has on their minds. India is one of the most favorite definitions for tourists all across the globe. It has ample chances of a flourishing hospitality sector with competent, creative, and innovative Hotel Management professionals.


  1. Law

A career in law is one of the most respectable as well as very high-paying professions. You have to sit for the all-India bar exam to be able to practice law.


Analytical and critical thinking is required to become a successful lawyer able to handle complex cases. A logical mind and eloquence are key traits of a successful lawyer.


To be able to put across your points without any room for ambiguity defines how good a lawyer you are. Moreover, it is important to have a sense of justice and to stand for the right reasons to become a brand and maintain your good reputation.


There are different branches of law that you can take up when studying in the field. You can become a corporate lawyer, a civil criminal lawyer. You can also take up litigation, intellectual property law, business law, cyber law. 


This career almost always comes with the potential for high income and job stability. It helps you to hone your skills in critical understanding, reasoning, and analytical thinking.


It boosts your confidence and helps to ensure that you can speak confidently in front of people. You get accolades, prestige, and reverence when you make a difference in the lives of the people.


  1. Tourism and Travel Studies

Tourism is a prosperous industry in India. Hence, the possibilities of a successful career in this field are infinite. You can work in travel agencies as a communications officer, public relations officer, coordinator, consultant. 


There are several other areas like logistics, airlines, adventure tourism experts, tourism guides, event coordinators, tour coordinators, and operators. 


It is to be noted that the tourism industry is still growing and has immense growth potential. So you can already understand the vast number of jobs that will be generated in the coming years.


Whether it is itinerary planning, customer handling, and management, foreign exchange, sales, and marketing, this sector has plenty of job positions and designations to fill.


You have to be a people person, should not get ruffled in moments of crises and trouble. Travel and tourism professionals have to possess the qualities of composure and a patience countenance. They should also be affable, and convivial when tourists and travelers ask questions.


There are a lot of degree and diploma courses available in India for travel and tourism. The remuneration is great and there are several additional perquisites that you get in the form of free travel, commissions, hotel stay, etc.


You can enroll in undergrad courses right after you complete class 12. Students can also pursue a post-graduation degree in tourism. That allows you to achieve even more success, and you can become managers, directors, and administrators.


  1. Company Secretaryship

A company secretary is responsible for the efficient operations of the business. It is a great avenue for students after 12th class.


They take care of the overall welfare and engage with stakeholders and customers. Company secretaries find jobs in private as well as public sectors and financial institutions.


Banks employ company secretaries to get the message across to different stakeholders and other concerned parties in the business. The company secretary also helps with communication among different departments. They are efficient policymakers creating different company policies.


They can also be corporate planners organizing ventures, collaborations, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers. Company secretaries have to don many hats in a corporation.


Right from looking after the managerial aspects to the analysis of tax as well as Consultancy Services, they can be in charge of many things. It is a high-paying stable source of income.


Students wanting to become company secretaries will have to clear the initial, intermediate, and final stages of the company secretary (CS) exam.


They go through a rigorous training program at different levels to understand the practical implementation of the job responsibilities of a company secretary.


  1. BBA

BBA or bachelor of business administration is one of the most popular career choices for students after 10+ 2. The reason for such humongous popularity of this course is that it offers education as well as immense opportunities for employment in a very high-paying job position.


Some of the most reputed institutions offer BBA courses to students across different streams. You should have passed your 10 + 2 with the minimum marks required to be eligible for the entrance exams.



Students who want to directly get into their professionals start working in the different departments managing the business administration of those organizations.


Some subjects that are covered in the BBA course are finance, accounting, tax, human resource, marketing, e-commerce, and Management.


You can take up positions in the finance, sales, marketing, client management sectors in different business enterprises. You can also apply for government jobs and further your prospects through an MBA program.


  1. Photography

A photography career can be a very interesting experience provided you have a fondness for creativity and innovation. It is a fruitful job that requires you to have a strong understanding of the technicalities of photography in addition to your creative and artistic skills.


It is one of the most satisfying forms of art that needs patience, effort, and meticulous attention to the minutest of details. Only then will you come up with the best results and produce images that would influence, impress, and appeal to people.


The employment opportunities in the photography field have seen a great rate of increase with advertising companies, media houses, and different digital platforms coming up in plenty. There was always a great demand for photographers but today there are a whole lot of new opportunities.


You can enroll in undergraduate programs, diplomas, and certificate courses in photography. A photography course does not require you to come from a particular stream and people from arts, commerce, or science can apply.


You have people who are adventurers and can turn into wildlife photographers. Then there are advertising photographers, fashion photographers, wedding photographers, event photographers, industrial photographers, among others.


One of the main aspects of photography is to understand the operations of the camera. You should have incisive knowledge on how to handle the camera and its different modes to bring out the best pictures possible.


To achieve that, you have to possess an innate love for photography. It’s one of the most ambitious professions out there and people excelling in photography can have a flourishing career and a high paying job


Advertising Agencies, media houses, publications of different organizations, magazines, online portals, recruit photographers regularly for different services. A freelance photographer also has plenty of opportunities to explore different domains.


  1. Music

Music is one of the most loved branches of performing arts. Students who have the talent and capacity to play an instrument, sing, and create music can have a very successful career in music.


You have to understand where your talent lies, and then select an area of music. Whether you take up vocals or play instruments you have to identify your knack. There are vocal courses that teach the essentials of singing and work on honing your skills.


A career in music after 12th can mean you starting your own music classes, teaching music to students, and performing yourself. The course in music helps you to become familiar with the different nuances that make this performing art appealing. A music course would ensure that you get a platform to display your talent and show your capabilities.


You have to be well versed in musical instruments, and should have a flair for creativity. It is not something that you learn by memorizing things from a book. It comes from practical learning and performing.


If you become a successful musician, the money is for your asking. However, the initial years are arduous and you have to strive a lot to achieve that position in the music industry. Your talent backed by your sincerity and diligence can surely help you in becoming a prolific musician.


  1. Aviation

As we grow up, a lot of us are enamored with the operations of airplanes. The thrill of being aboard a plane looking out at the vast expanse below can be intoxicating.


If you’re one of them, then the aviation industry is the right place for you after your 10 + 2. However, if you decide to start working in the aviation sector you will have to put in a lot of effort and dedication. There is no doubt that it is one of the most appealing and remunerative industries globally and India is no exception.


Aviation has many aspects, and you can apply for diverse jobs for a prosperous career in aviation. There are courses in airport management, commercial pilot training, ground staff & cabin crew training which generally span for up to a year.


There is also aviation hospitality and office operations and administration. You have undergraduate programs, diploma programs for the modules.


Once you complete the course, you open up innumerable possibilities in the field. Your tenacity, talent, and efforts can help you climb the ladder of success very quickly.


Remember, when we talk about the aviation sector there is a branch called aeronautical engineering which is the full B-tech course. It teaches you how to manufacture and maintain different kinds of airplanes. Aviation is one of the finest fields you can choose after your 10 + 2.


  1. Entrepreneurial Endeavor

Entrepreneurship courses are aimed at providing you with a thorough idea of how to run a business smoothly. The courses help budding professionals to understand how to be innovative in their approach to start and sustain a business in the long run.


The difference between the other fields of work and this is that an entrepreneur is responsible entirely for how the business performs because he/she is the boss.


The several entrepreneurship courses help to focus on your priorities, keep abreast of developments, understand the nature of the business, and promote it on different platforms.


Undergraduate programs, diploma certificates, and postgraduate programs in entrepreneurship are quite popular. They provide enough knowledge to successfully implement and execute business endeavors and make them resounding success stories.


You also have different courses like entrepreneurship management, courses for women, entrepreneurs MBA, entrepreneurship MBA in the family business, Social entrepreneurship, NGO Management among others.


The key traits that are required for you to take up this course are to have great communication & engagement skills, networking ability, understanding of economics, statistics, data, and figures. Another important aspect is to have the ability to take risks and not cower down in the face of a challenge.


The eligible courses that you can take up after 10 + 2 are (undergraduate) programs. Thereafter, you can apply for postgraduate programs from any recognized institution.



These 20 career options after the 12th can provide you with direction and lucrative income opportunities. To become successful in any field, you have to possess the qualities of discipline, commitment, and ability. That is how you take challenges head-on and come out triumphant.


Hopefully, this article has provided you with some insight into what you can pursue keeping in mind your abilities, passion, and preferences. The only caveat is to pursue everything with assiduous honesty.


You should have the ability to grasp the concepts of that particular field well to perform optimally. Once you zero in on a choice of a career, the road ahead though might seem difficult at times will have plenty of opportunities for you to succeed.

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