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Top 15 Social Media Marketing Companies in India In 2024

Are you on the lookout for the expansion of your business? Or do you want to promote your startup business and reach the target masses?  In that light, what better solution can you find other than Social Media Marketing in India? I guess none. This is where social media marketing companies come into play. 

Social Media Marketing Companies in India

As far as my conception is concerned, I think you believe in Multimedia leverage- that’s the reason you are here. And yes, your instinct is right- A social network is a prodigious asset.

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing or SMM refers to the marketing of products and services on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Over the years, social media sites have become a prominent tool in the hands of companies and businesses to promulgate their brands. They optimally utilize social channels to engage with customers directly, reach out to new ones, and build communities.

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing In India?

The world is changing hues rapidly. To walk hand-in-hand with it, you need to be on the Trend-in Social Stage. For it is the big door to the global market. Want to know how?

Check this out.  According to research,

 In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media networks worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.

As for this, the online social frame is a customizable asset for every business under the sky. It’s like an Identity Card of your brand. People are far more inclined to trust your brand, owing to your virtual presence.

So, now as you are ready to lay yourself a chair in the social media market of India, check out the top companies that can facilitate your digital uphold.

Role Of Social Media Marketing In India

Social Media Marketing in India has traveled a long way. As for today, if there is a place for word-of-mouth promotion- it’s a social website. If perceived and used in the right manner, it augments your brand to a whole new level. Thus, maximizing the ROI of your business

Social discourse marketing propels customer interface, peer-to-peer interaction, and community constructivism to secure a well-knit close bond with the customers. One-on-one interplay sets and repletes the ground with credence and integrity, paving the way for robust bonds.

While recognizing the customer insights and their needs, companies like you develop products and services on the same page. At the same time, social media empowers you to audit competitor analysis and industry. The review further enables you to define your marketing strategies in compliance with the competitor rankings and consumer demands.

Also called digital marketing, a social site accompanies data analytics to track and get a hold of your brand recognition. It facilitates your business and enterprises to have a lookout at your efforts and effects.

Well, reports and revisions are a must to have a check on your efforts, don’t you agree?

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Now, when you know the importance of social platforms, let’s put you face-to-face with the top 15 Social Media Marketing companies in India to ease your task. Dive in now. 

  1. BCWebWise

Believe it or not, but a worthwhile strategy builds on customer insight and psychology. Therefore, it is indispensable to comprehend customer persona- their needs, requirements, and interests. That is exactly- what BcWebWise can do for you.

While working around a holistic approach, they can surge your business to a whole new level. Also, they make your campaigns focused, refined, and cost-effective to save you a whole lot. With a reputed clientele of well-known brands, the company sets the task for a 360-degree portfolio of services and assistance.

Not to overlook, Design Rush, New York Headquartered B2B marketplace that connects brands with agencies- listed the earnest company in the top 25 creative agencies of the world. Further, what sets its foot forward? The earmark of being one of India’s largest independent digital agencies with a profuse creative outlook.

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  1. WAT Consult

Established in 2007, WAT Consult ranks among the Top 3 Agencies in India. Serving and managing the Social Network campaign of heterogenous blistering brands such as Godrej, Reliance, TATA, Mahindra, Bajaj, the company has more than 100 clients in India.

The confluence of WAT- Web, Advertising, and Technology is realized by teams to incite content moderator policies. Through these approaches, their professionals provide end-to-end solutions to mount your brand by leaps on bounds

Talking about its services- it lays on the table Social Media Management, Social Media Audit, Mobile marketing, online reputation, and media planning. More than that, the company is known for its customer-centric policy and resolutions. Thus, it could be a turning point for your brand presence at the forefront of media.

  1. Dentsu Webchutney Pvt. Ltd.

Webchutney fathered by Dentsu Aegis Network was authorized in 1999. The age-old company bestows SMM and brand marketing of your enterprises as per the trends of the market.

Keeping you in line with the customer demands, they activate your brand to prove worth for the customers. Furthermore, to enhance your brand exhibition, they make up befitting approaches. Hence, focusing on the leads, they tend to stream conversion rates for your business.

As a matter of fact, the company has long since directed exquisite brands like Microsoft, Unilever, Airtel, Bacardi, MasterCard, Budweiser, Flipkart. On top of everything, the company has received appreciation as the National Agency for the year 2019. 

  1. Mind And Matter

Regarded as the best Social Media Marketing company in India for its astute crafts, it empowers your business to vie and outshine competitor companies. Mind and Matter bowls in proper tools, technology, and platform to augment and escalate your brand on the social stage.

With expert teams specializing in SMM, they communicate your brand ideas and motifs in a relevant manner. They paint the picture of your brand in the minds of the targeted audience to orient its usefulness.

As for recognizing the needs and requirements of your firm, the professionals glorify your brand essence, brand engagement, and brand advocacy. Thus, amplifying your ROI and managing web traffic in the best possible manner.

  1. Brandhype

With a dedicated SMM team, Brandhype provides digital marketing services in Gurgaon, India. Comprehending the know-how of the online market, they strengthen your brand awareness on social media. At the same time, they make sure your products and services meet the targeted audience.

Brandhype is an expert in SMM and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Their expertise renders facilitate your brand to attract new leads and convert to the call to action. Not only does the company magnifies customer management, but it also outcasts your business as responsive and engaging.

For your brand eminence, they work out decent methods to share images, videos, posts. Specializing in these techniques, they hold your hand to accomplish the objectives which you endeavor to achieve. Thus, portray productive results in terms of sales and leads.

  1. Ads Global 360

Inaugurated in June 2009, the company- Ads Global is an expansive goal-driven firm. Since then, the company has incited a new era of digital or social web marketing. You can revamp your social site appearance by hiring them for your brand advancement.

Employing their expert insights, they are wary of devising content planning and development. While working around it, they create the ecstatic clamor of your brand on the virtual platform. As well, they operate on 3T’s that are transparency, targeting, and tracking to strategize and cultivate high-performing content of your brand.

On top of everything, the company has proven its worth in terms of clientele portfolio. The collection encompasses high-profile brands like Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Nestle, Maruti Suzuki, Reliance Capital, and so forth and so on.

  1. Adsyndicate

One of the leading SMM agencies in India- Adsyndicate is a 360-degree marketing association. The company has long worked to conceive a niche in drafting contemporary advertising and marketing.

The 25-year mature company is well-efficient to perceive your business criteria and serve you the precise procedures. Not only does it comprehend your objectives, but at the same time, perceive your competition. Efficaciously, it crafts mass media campaigns to let your brand sparkle in the audience’s eyes.

With brand clients like TATA Motors, Hyundai, SBI, Mahindra, Sandisk- Adsyndicate has helped many such clients to reach the plateau of excellence. It has continued to enable brand stories through data and insights.

  1. Brainwork Tech

Founded in 2000, this two-decade-old Social Network Marketing company provides you the website performance -just the way you like it. Be it a startup company or any other business tending to expand its virtual feat, the company’s professional experience ships formidable designs reflecting your brands on the social front.

Keeping in mind the changing technology and client’s expectations, they create content marketing and SMO strategies as per customer behavior and interests. To reap the best benefits, they follow up with extraordinary techniques. Thus, valorizing your sales and ROI drastically.

What makes them stand out amongst the thousands of companies- is their collateral essence of traditional manners alongside contemporary multimedia trends.

Besides exalted success in internet marketing and content management, high-quality content, timely services, and dedicated work protocol fix their seat in the top Social Media Marketing companies in India.

  1. Gozoop

Based out of Mumbai, Gozoop is the driving force behind various renowned brands like Aldo, Amante, Dell, Taj, Iifa, Asian Paints, and many more on the social communications stage. From brand identity creation to consumer research to campaign planning, it has several services to prove and propose.

Initiating the process with a deep dive into the dynamics of your business, tend to create an impactful position for your brand. Furthermore, the mystic junction of technology and creative services seamlessly blends to offer customized and integrated solutions for clients like you.

Amongst miscellaneous services, it embraces Social Media Optimization (SMO), Online Reputation, Pay Paper Click Ads, SEO, etc.

Overall, its experience and ascertainment present the company as worthwhile in India’s Social marketing.

  1. Godot Media

The 2008-established company is really proficient enough to design magnificent content marketing strategies for your business. Conceiving your expectations, the company professionals work to communicate your valuable thoughts in the form of high-quality content.

Utilizing their expertise and specialists, they turn thoughts into ideas. For startups and small businesses, they cast a place for your business on social staging. Besides, they come about compelling ads and stories for your brand to pursue distinction. Furthermore, they chase down innovation and insight to prepare posts to enhance customer management.

Putting forth the recognition of absolute Facebook and Twitter management, they launch and articulate your brand in the best possible manner. Through the course of their digital journey, they have already assisted companies like AES, ING, ezbob, Adept Central, and several more to occupy a deep-seated place on online floors.

  1. Intellemo

An exquisite alloy of intellect and emotions blend to set the cornerstone of the young yet invigorated company- which set foot in the world of SMM in India in 2018.

Evocative of its name, it employs both intellect and emotions that interplay to manifest social media campaigns for your brand. Simultaneously, you can store leads through in-built CRM networks.

Exploring functional ads, you can discover and choose readymade ads to be outlined in your campaigns. These are not mere templates but practical ads that are antecedent available to be deployed.

What sets it apart from the other companies is its provocation of MEGA AD MANAGER. Under its roof, you can pursue and access statistics based on your digital performance. Moreover, you can hover over your campaign workings and evaluate results.

All in all, the problem-solving work approach of Intellemo is on the right track to long-living progress. The client portfolio extends to brands like UrbanClap, Yatra, Lenskart, etc.

  1. Shoot Order

Another famous company that puts on the plate social media marketing in India is ShootOrder. Headquartered in Hyderabad and with offices in Noida, it is a baby company of Ivent IT Solutions.

Extolling the traditions of India, they treat clients as guests. The notion- ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ forms the core of their working ethics. In their success lists of guests or clients includes BMW Kun Exclusive, Westin, Hathway, Times Group, etc.

The 360-degree digital marketing company is well-known for content marketing, SEO, PPC ads, and SMM. Revolving around the digital market approach, they believe in the formula- to attract, engage, and delight the target audience.

Through their services- they create, run, analyze, improve, and repeat the virtuous cycle to increase profit through campaigns at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In brevity, they serve all-around services on diverse social networks.

  1. Pinstorm Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Matching the steps with the changing world, this social marketing agency ranks among the best. It has been reinventing advertising since 2004 and thereupon, cooks trending ads for your brand. Over the top, the company is acknowledged for a stark approach to offer pay-for-performance advertising and digital services to your business.

Based out of Mumbai, the company specializes in SMM, SEO, Integrated Advertisement, and Brand Management. Working round the clock and around the world, they devise brand strategies and methods for your brand advocacy.

Indeed, they premediate to launch the brands in creative ways. Chasing the leads, their specialists determine customer engagements. Hence, surging the growth of your business on the digital frame. Moreover, they make sure your brand representation is done in a manner to reach the targeted masses.

  1. Are Infotech

Drafting a virtual presence for your business at a global level, ARE Infotech is a robust social media promoter company. The team of professional SMO experts works with passion and resilience to manage and amplify your brand image on the social platform.

Since 2008, Are Infotech has been striving hard to withhold the businesses and growth to fall out memorable experiences to its customers.

Just like you, they are well-aware of the mystic powers of social network retailing. That is the reason they remain up-to-date with customer engagement and carve a strong bond between your brand and audience. Bringing ideas to life- will help you achieve your dream to expand your business.

  1. Sweans Technologies

One of the trusted digital marketing agencies in India, Sweans Technologies is an independent company. Moving with the fast-paced world, it has served more than two thousand clients all over the world.

With competent Social media professionals, they have endeavored to sprout the sales, increase ROI and conversion rates of the corporations such as Burger Kind, American Tourister, Sobha, Radio Mango 91.9, and numerous more.

Working at a step-by-step method, their SMM experts validate your online reputation at all levels. As for, they invent compelling posts to highlight the benefits of your products and services. Thus, formulating more conforming customer engagements.


Being the second-largest market after China, India is sure to bulk up social media marketing in the offing. That is to say, India has a gigantic scope in online marketing.

A survey conducted in 2019 depicts that prime businesses admit that they will allocate 15-20% of their marketing budget for social media advertising. The minuscule investments in social media relent extensive ROI in terms of sales and leads. Visualizing this data, you can interpret the inherent advantage that social media arrays.

Over the top of everything, social media is an exceeding platform for startups and small businesses to reach the masses. Seeking aid from these top companies, they can evolve amicable connections and conversations with the customers to build trust and loyalty to the brand. In the long run, they would attain success in outshining their competitor companies.

Why do you think social media marketing is prolific for businesses? That is because the customers are already present there.

People are already spending 2-3 hours every day on social media to create connections and follow influencers. Therefore, social platforms are ultimate for inbound marketing because it puts the brands in direct engagements with the customers.


In the cut-throat competitive world, relying on traditional methods of marketing is a meager idea. Prosperity lies in running the marathon with the world. Therefore, you must hire and invest in social media marketing companies to attain exceptional results.

As a consequence, pick up an appropriate social media service provider that befits your business goals and objectives. And let your brand sway the customers!

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