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Top 14 Computer Courses After Engineering in Ahmedabad

Specialized courses offer an advantage in terms of better job prospects, career improvement, and being adept in the latest technology. Several Computer Courses After Engineering in Ahmedabad can be pursued.


The image shows the top 14 computer courses after engineering in Ahmedabad.


The details of various computer courses and the institutes offering the same are here. An Engineering degree plus the additional benefit of a specialized course pushes you to the top of a recruiter list.


Benefits of doing additional computer courses  


During Engineering, one comes across several topics and would have gained interest in one or more areas. Identifying your interests and getting trained in that specific skill is recommended and encouraged. Alternatively, you can take short courses or workshops and if interested can go ahead for certification training.


Acquiring certification in your preferred domains would enhance your opportunities for better job opportunities, higher studies, campus placements, and career improvement. Let us understand more about computer courses after Engineering in Ahmedabad, which can be pursued.


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Best Computer Courses After Engineering in Ahmedabad


Artificial Intelligence


Most of us are accustomed to Alexa, Google, and Siri. We use them to perform tasks like switching on/off the lights/fans, other appliances. To call someone, Search on the Internet, to get the latest updates and information. In simple words, Artificial Intelligence means a machine performing human tasks. Like humans, these machines too learn a person, his/her interests, places frequented and accordingly suggest new items for reading, watching, or purchasing.


With more and more automation being the norm, Artificial Intelligence is gaining importance in the field of Technology, Manufacturing, Designing, Cybersecurity, Retail, Healthcare, Banking, and Finance. Simply put AI is becoming an indispensable way of life. There are online courses available from Google AI, Coursera, Standford University, Columbia University, however, direct learning has its benefits. You can find details of institutions offering AI Computer Courses after Engineering in Ahmedabad


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Hardware and Networking Courses


In this internet world, any organization needs to have excellent computer hardware and networking. They are the backbones of any industry. Good hardware networking helps data flow seamlessly from one location to the other. Understand how to build a strong secure network of servers, computers, and databases.


Learn all about routers, switches, protocols, client hub, access points, DNS servers, and a lot more in these professional courses. The demand for Computer Hardware and Networking professionals is good in India and Overseas as well. Almost all technology companies need a Hardware and Networking team for it to function adequately. CISCO, Juniper, Comp TIA, Linux, VMware, offers certification in Hardware and Network.


Computer courses after engineering in Ahmedabad in Hardware and Networking are:


  • CCNA – Cisco Certified Networking Associate
  • CCNP – Cisco Certified Networking Professional
  • Linux Networking and Administration
  • JNCP- Juniper Networking Certified Professional
  • JNCIA -Juniper Network Certified Internet Associate
  • Comp TIA – Network+
  • VMware – Certified Professional Network Virtualization


Programming Languages


Communication with computers is done via programming languages. Programming is a piece of code developed to perform a certain task. It is the basis on which any software application or system is built upon. Let us talk about few computer courses after engineering in Ahmedabad under programming languages.


  • C, C++ 


C is a structural and procedural language that is primarily used in UNIX and LINUX operating systems. It is a highly portable and secure scripting language. C++ is one of the popularly used object-oriented programming languages. There is no prerequisite for taking the C language. Though it is not mandatory to know C, it is recommended to have a basic knowledge of C to learn C++.


  • Java Certifications


As part of the Engineering curriculum, one might have studied briefly or in-depth one of the many programming languages. Java is the most commonly used programming language in the IT field. It is a dependable, secure, and most robust language in the industry. It is Object-Oriented and can run on multiple platforms. Previously by Sun Microsystems, after the takeover by Oracle, the certifications have been renamed as per Oracle standards.


OCA JP – Oracle Certified Assoc. Java Programmer

OCP JP – Oracle Certified Profess. Java Programmer


There is no prerequisite for OCA JP whereas for taking the OCP JP examination OCA JP is a must. OCA JP and OCP JP are in sets and one has to pass both the exams to get Java Certified.


  • Ethical Hacking


All of us are aware of the various crimes happening in the internet world. Illegally accessing the servers or databases and manipulating data is becoming prevalent these days. Ethical Hacking is testing the system against malicious attacks, ungainful entries. The job of an Ethical hacker is to hack into the organization’s system.


This allows the organization to identify its security lapses and rectify the issues. Ethical hackers are very much in demand by many organizations. Prior knowledge of networks, databases can be beneficial while undertaking this course. The course can be taken up by networking and database professionals too. A few of the certified computer courses after engineering in Ahmedabad are as below


CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker


OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional

CPTC – Certified Penetration Testing Consultant

CPTE – Certified Penetration Testing Engineer




Am sure, there are no strangers to this word, Android. While most of us have worked the various applications, games on an android device, let us try to understand what is behind those wonderful applications.


Having good programming skills, knowledge of databases is a good start for android training. With so many applications being developed on the Android operating system, a computer course in Android is an advantage. You can choose to get a job or if you have a great idea, develop your app.




Very Large Scale Integration. We are always looking at ways to reduce the size, weight of our gadgets, improve speed. The lighter the better to carry. The faster better to use. Multiple parts in a single chip. VLSI is a good option, especially if you are interested in hardware. In VLSI training you can learn programming languages like VHDL, Verilog, C, C++, Scripting languages (Perl, Python, TCL). Details of computer courses after engineering in Ahmedabad under VLSI are given in the next section.


Embedded Technologies


We are using so many gadgets, appliances in our daily life. Washing machines, Dishwashers, Microwave, Smart TVs, Digital cameras, and so on. You set the microwave for a program and once completed it switches off. Similarly in a dishwasher, you load the utensils and program it for delayed start, it will start automatically at that time. They do not need human intervention.


This is what embedded technology is about. It is the hardware and software which are embedded together inside an electrical or mechanical machine. EEE and ECE students with basic programming knowledge, knowledge of networks and operating systems can take up this course. Even if you are not an EEE or ECE student, learn and understand microprocessors and microcontrollers before enrolling in this course.


Cloud Computing


When all the data, software, database, and network servers are stored on the Internet. Individuals can use private cloud services to store their pictures, videos, and documents. The public cloud is open to all and anybody can use any resources for a specified amount. Cloud computing is the latest in many organizations.


Cloud computing is all about hosting your systems, applications on the virtual cloud. Cloud computing enables the organization to invest less in resources like data storage, servers. It is good for Business Continuity Plan in case of any disasters.


More and more companies are moving towards cloud computing and undertaking a course in cloud computing is a certain way of improving your prospects. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform are a few of the popular and most commonly used Cloud Computing platforms.


VFX and Animation


Games, Movies, Videos, Pictures, Cartoons use lots of Visual effects and animation. If you are a creative person and love to experiment with various designs, colors, and effects, the VFX and Animation course will help you in the right direction. You will learn all about the tools, software, techniques used in providing visual effects and animation.


Data Engineer/ Big Data 


Data is a very important part of any organization. There is a huge amount of data that flows daily. This data needs to be analyzed, managed, and processed for the organization to benefit. As part of the course, you will learn Data Structures, Algorithms, and Programming Languages. Good knowledge of Database Management Systems and SQL and basic programming languages is essential to learn Big Data.


  • Data Science


Data Science is all about processing, understanding the vast amount of Data, and recommending for growth, productivity. In the stock market, regular pieces of advice are offered for Sell and Buy options. It is done by studying and analyzing the huge amount of Data around various companies and stocks.


If you are keen on Analytics, have a good Business sense, and possess basic programming skills, then Data Science is a great choice. Data Engineers process the data for Data Scientist to use.


  • Data Analytics 


Almost every day, we read about the glaciers melting, deforestation levels, and so on. We can see the comparison between the present times against past times. It is done by Data Analytics. Few institutes offer AI or machine learning as a joint course with Data Analytics.


Institutes offering Computer Courses after engineering in Ahmedabad for Big Data, Data Science, Data Analytics are mentioned below.


Web Designing


Websites can be simple or complex. It could be a two-page website for a home baker or a website for e-commerce, showcasing various products, enabling purchases, returns, and refunds. And of course availability and accessibility of the website on different gadgets. Almost everyone in the business needs a website.


In a web design course you will learn about different web platforms, plug-ins, designing and developmental tools, HTML and CSS coding, Photoshop. Web designing is a mixture of understanding your network, database, designing the user interface, programming. Several institutes offer computer courses after engineering in Ahmedabad for Web designing.


Database Management Courses


There are various databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, dBase, IBM DB2. Databases are huge where data is stored in a structured format, like customer personal details, educational details, credit scores. Databases can be Relational or Object Oriented. The process of how the data is stored, retrieved, viewed, deleted, and managed is covered in the database course. Few of the certified computer courses after engineering in Ahmedabad for Database Management are


OCA – Oracle Certified Associate

OCP – Oracle Certified Professional

MCSA -Microsoft Certified SQL Server





Computers have become the norm in every industry including manufacturing. Computer-aided software helps industries to reduce human error, increase efficiency, and better reliability. It has a better advantage if CAD, CAM, CAE are all learned together. However, you can pursue CAD and CAM alone. It is beneficial to know CAD and CAM to learn CAE. Let us see what are the computer courses after engineering in Ahmedabad for Civil, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Marine Engineers.


  • CAD


Computer-Aided Designing is beneficial to draw designs in 2D and 3D for drafting and designing, in various industries like Fashion Designing, Marine Engineering, Architects, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Mechanical. In a nutshell, CAD has replaced manual designing and drafting. There are several CAD software for different industries and purposes. Some of the CAD tools are AutoCAD, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, NX. You can complete the course in about 2-3 months.


  • CAM 


Similar to CAD, Computer-Aided Manufacturing is used to automate the manufacturing process. And in most cases, CAD and CAM are used together for effective designing and Manufacturing. Some of the CAM tools are Mastercam, Virtual Gibbs, Fusion 360.


  • CAE


Computer-Aided Engineering is generally used for performance, stress simulations, verifying robustness. Analysis of Designs and Optimizing the same is done with CAE software. Some of the CAE tools are Matlab, Comsol. Abaqus, HEEDS, Simulink, Fusion 360.


Software Testing


Manual and Automated Software testing is part of a project life cycle. Software testing is in demand in all major companies. People skilled in both programming and testing languages can go for code testing. Learn software testing computer courses after engineering in Ahmedabad for functional and performance testing.


Other than these science-related courses, people who have a taste for creativity and innovation can try their hands at different courses with promising careers. These are:


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