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Top 12 Work from Home Jobs For Students (Updated)

In the current scenario, we are living in the digital age, where every single thing we want we can fetch through any online platform or get a hint of it from the digital podium. Student life is the greatest opportunity to build their base for their future perspective. While studying how a student can also earn money via turning up their hobbies into a freelance profession. Thus we will look into the top work from home jobs for students that can help them study and earn at the same time.

Work From Home Jobs For Students

In this digital era and specifically after the pandemic Covid 19, there is a boom in the digital industry; people opted for voluntary or mandatory work from home options. Similarly, students can indulge themselves in such types of jobs and it will also help them to enhance and their confidence and boost their skill set.


Here is the Top 12 Work from Home Jobs for Students

  1. Online tutor
  2. Content writer
  3. Social media manager
  4. Telesales 
  5. Typing jobs
  6. Proofreader
  7. Blogger 
  8. Zumba Instructor
  9. Virtual assistant
  10. Transcriptionist
  11. Youtuber
  12. Consultant/ Recruiter


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Work from Home Jobs for Students Option 1

Online Tutor: In general we say that teachers are the pillars of society, for any person opting to teach as a profession comes with much great responsibility and challenges. If you think you have the subject knowledge and have the zeal of sharing your knowledge with others while pursuing your studies, you may become an online/ offline tutor. It is one of the best work from home jobs for students today. 


By just spending a few hours of a day, you may earn a good amount of money. Nowadays the teaching profession is not limited to school and college education or resolving queries of students on any subject. Education and extracurricular activities go hand in hand; in fact, you may teach or provide classes over anything like cookery classes, baking, art & craft activities, etc.


You may work as a freelance tutor for any reputed firm or provide home tuitions via E-classes. There is a huge opportunity in the education sector to start your career as a Teacher. With the digital platform, you may reach out to any corner all across the globe. Just be at home, spending an hour or 2 will help you to earn well while studying.


What are the resources you need to be an online tutor:

  • Good internet connectivity
  • A flair of subject knowledge
  • Good communication skills
  • Great patience level

A few online portals that provide jobs for an online tutor are Tutor.com, Vedantu.com, Chegg, Unacademy, and Enroll, etc.


Work from Home Jobs for Students Option 2

 Content WriterContent writing as a career in today’s world is growing enormously. If you are fond of writing, good enough in expressing what you feel, comfortable in sharing your views then you are capable of being a Content writer. The basic need to be well versed in content writing is how creative you are. Being a content writer you may get a freelance or a full-time job in your hand. Good communication skills are the major assets in the content writer profession. 


Content writing opens up in a wide industry as every small or big setup requires a content writer to share the description of their service or product. 


How to be a professional Content Writer?

  • Be a good writer- Write as much as you can. To be a content writer the utmost important thing is writing may be on any topic and anywhere either on a social media platform or even in a diary. Writing on daily basis will improve my writing skills a lot.
  • Read as much as you can– Reading different articles, newspapers magazines will give an expansion to the vocabulary and provide extensive ideas for writing.
  • Stick to original content: Do not try to copy or replicate someone else content as plagiarism is a serious issue. Nourish your thoughts and pen down them.
  • Certification courses– Upgrade your writing skills by pursuing any certification course this will mark authentication in your work as a Content writer. You may learn content writing from IIM Skills, Henry Harvin, or ECT for adhering to your content writing passion

A good content writer looks upon the trending market revolutions, knows how to research so that they can provide the best quality content. The industry is growing enormously with a high demand for content writers.


Become a specialized content writer with the Best Content Writing Course 


Work from Home Jobs for Students Option 3

 Social Media Manager: If you spend hours of your days on social media then you have a golden chance to be a Social Media Manager. The role of a social media manager is to maintain the social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


You may look upon for freelance opportunity as most organization does not get enough time to work on their social media platforms hence they hire a person who may look after the same. The key requirement of a social media manager is to build brand awareness, drafting a marketing campaign for a product launch through social media networks. Increase the visibility of a product among the targeted audience. Social Media managers build brand awareness for the organizations for which they work.


Basic Skill Set you need to be a Social Media Manager:

  • Innovative thinking skills
  • Flexible working hours
  • Versatile writing skills
  • Time management
  • Good in maintaining PR
  • Hands with the usage of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Whatsapp, etc.


Work from Home Jobs for Students Option 4

 Telesales: This is another option for work from home jobs for students. Telesales means selling any product or service by reaching people through phone calls. If you have good sales ability and have a zest of convincing people through your thoughts you may achieve the goal. The organization hires a telesales representative for promoting its services. Its features make it one of the best work from home jobs for students. 


You may do it for a few hours a day and bag a good amount of money by the end of the month. The work is not limited to sales it also includes client management, resolving their queries, and gazing at a positive outcome.


Work from Home Jobs for Students Option 5

Typing jobs: People are so busy with their hectic schedules that they don’t have enough time to sit back and did the typing of their researched work or enter data in excel sheets or type reports of meetings or all this they require a typist


With basic knowledge of computer along with the typing speed (30- 40 words per minute in beginning), you may look out for this kind of job. Many companies also hire people for entering data into their database management systems. 


The best way to lead in a typing job is through being well versed with Microsoft Office (Excel/Word). You may charge your client according to word count or page count. A typist can be paid for typing the company’s document, research thesis, etc. With appealing typing skills and an understanding of grammar and punctuation, you make very well in the field of typing. 


Work from Home Jobs for Students Option 6

Proofreader: Almost every firm generally publishing houses offline and online takes help from a proofreader to finalize their content before publishing it. 


What is proofreading and what is the role of a proofreader?

A proof is a final form of a manuscript or of a raw article or content that needs to be published or posted on a digital podium. Proofreading is done to check any typo error in the given text, grammar check, and punctuation edits and the proofreader is the person who does this. A proofreader can work on a freelance basis or as a full-time job with any reputed firm.


The process of proofreading takes charge of content rewriting, typesetting format checking, spelling & punctuation check, rectifying grammatical flaws, etc. Keep an eye on all the spelling errors, font checks, headings, subheadings, etc.


Publishing houses share major roles for proofreaders with part-time or full-time job opportunities. You only need a bachelor’s degree to be a proofreader. 


Learn  how to leverage the benefits of the web for your business with The Best Digital Marketing Course


Work from Home Jobs for Students Option 7

Blogger: A blog is something that can be published on the web. It is the information that comes from a person’s personal experience or through the knowledge that they have gazed at from the past. 


Blogs can be written on any topic either education or sports or may be based on your product or service that you offer to people, one must identify their niche and start writing.


Types of Blogs: Anyone can be a blogger and post blogs related to different topics. There are 4 types of blogs mainly such as

  1. Personal Blog
  2. Business Blog
  3. Niche Blog
  4. Affiliate blog

a. Personal Blog: A personal blog is a medium through which a blogger can share his/ her opinion. They share their personal experiences about the food they have eaten, the places they have been travelled to, products they have used, or services. A personal blog documents the personal life exposure.

A personal blog’s popularity can be measured by the number of followers.

b. Business Blog: Many people share relevant information about their business through their business blog. These blogs help them to reach potential clients. Business heads hire bloggers to handle their business blog and share the desired information with the clients and readers. The business blogger handles and resolves queries of the readers as well through their blog posts.

c. Niche Blog: Here one needs to understand what is a Niche?

Niche is related to a specific group of people having the same area of interest. E.g. If you are a gym trainer then your niche would be around fitness and you target a major audience who correlates with your thought process.

Similarly, a food blogger provides content related to healthy recipes so this is their niche.

If you are knowledgeable about your specific niche you can create your Niche Blog.

d. Affiliate Blog: These blogs are driven by people who write reviews and feedbacks related to the product and services of others. These blogs are meant to promote other products and services. The blogger who is working on affiliate blogs adds URLs related to the product in their content. When someone clicks these URLs and purchased the product or services the blog owner earns based on commission as per the organization norms.

For affiliate blogs, your knowledge related to Search Engine Optimization must be very good to cater to a large amount of audience.

Try out different kinds of blog writing and become a pro-Blogger.


How To Start A Blog

The first thing that you require to start your blog is a platform where you may publish your blog, e.g. WordPress then you need web hosting to create your website. Select a domain such as .com, .in, .org etc.


Think of an appropriate title for your blog and start writing about it, you may also choose themes for your blog that fits your style. It’s better to identify your niche and stick to it while writing, but as a beginner, you write on any topic but write lengthy ones as they help to enhance your writing skills.


You may also link your blog through your social media platform. 

Be creative in your writing and write and post on daily basis to reach a large group of audience.


Some More Courses from IIM SKILLS for you

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Work from Home Jobs for Students Option 8

Zumba Instructor: If you love dancing and crave fitness and are passionate about it too and desire to pursue your career in this field so you can be a Zumba INSTRUCTOR/ TRAINER.

Zumba involves fitness training through dance moves. If you love to groove in hand with fitness this is the right profile for you. You may start this through online sessions. Incorporate a few hours of a day.

Hereby sharing few benefits of Zumba:

  • Improved endurance and strength
  • Flexibility
  • Weight loss
  • Good physique

Energies yourself and enjoy good fitness while working.

Work From Home Jobs For Students Option 9

Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant is a self-employed person and it provides administrative-like work to the organization from their home only. They do not need office space for work. They require basic computer skills, more knowledge of MS word, word processing, and great communication skills.


What are the tools that one should be aware of to be a virtual assistant?

  • Social Media
  • Word Press
  • Lead generation
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google docs
  • Email writing

Generally, the virtual assistant works with text-based communication. This might a good option for work from home jobs for students.


Work From Home Jobs For Students Option 10

Transcriptionist: The work of transcriptionists is a tedious task as they need to convert audio files/ video files into written text by typing what they heard. They are not allowed to edit anything or change what is heard. 

Typing exactly what you hear is fundamental. You are not allowed to paraphrase, edit, and change anything in the given file. You need to type word to word what they hear.

A person might get a job as a transcriptionist in the field of medical and legal services.

A person who has good command over a sense of hearing, different accents of languages, great typing speed with good grammar, and is also aware of spellings and punctuations can work as a Transcriptionist.

Knowing multiple languages will act as a perk in the job role of the transcriptionist. You may attain money by simply charging per hour. The key of this job is to type faster and better without any errors the faster you type the more amount of money you will earn.


11. Youtuber: You can become a YouTuber and start earning for yourself.

YouTube is an American based online podium which deals with videos related to education, occupation, designing, documentaries, short videos, music videos, etc.

Youtube is the application that allows its users to post, share, comment on their videos themselves along with the options of comment, like and subscribe videos of other users.

How to create a YouTube channel?

It can be done with the help of three basic steps:

  1. Sign up with YouTube: You need to make an account on YouTube by signing up, then click on the user icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Next, go to the YouTube Settings section; click on Create a new channel.
  3. Name the channel: Add your Brand/ product/ service name and click on create.


How to Earn Money from YouTube?

  • YouTube start paying you money once you reach 1000 or more subscribers
  • YouTube approximately pay $3 to $4 per 1000 views
  • Choose your niche and be consistent in making good stuff
  • Keep posting your videos regularly
  • Increase the Number of Likes or the no. of your channel subscriber


12. Consultant/ Recruiter:  A consultant is a person who provides professional or expert advice in a particular field of science or business to either an organization or to an individual.


What is the role of a Consultant?

A consultant offers a job opening and tries to fill out the position as soon as possible by hiring the candidates that are best suited according to the work environment. These Recruiters post jobs on online platforms such as Naukri.com or LinkedIn and look for potential employees.


The process starts with a telephonic round in which the Recruiter shares information regarding the Job opening and brief about the job role and also asks about the professional background of the candidate. Then if they are satisfied with the Resume and work profile of the candidate they share their details with the higher official of an organization for the further screening process.


A consultant can do all this work by just sitting back at their homes. They earn a good amount of money.

Things required to be a Consultant

  • Laptop/ Desktop
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Good Communication Skills: Verbal as well as written 
  • A mobile phone
  • Knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel


Things that you look upon while creating your CV/ Resume

You need to keep this in mind whatever job will you choose to build your career option, kindly create a resume and its cover letter in a specific way because it is the first impression of you that broadcast your personality and your achievements in front of the Recruiters and Higher Officials.

  • Personal details like name, contact details and address should be there.
  • A proper email id needs to be added as it is the medium through which the majority of people reach you.
  • Professional knowledge
  • Current Employment, if working
  • Past experiences
  • Highlight your skills such as independence, communication, time management, responsibility, core competence 
  • Educational profile
  • Awards and certifications, if any
  • Instead of writing paragraphs use bullets, mark headlines check fonts, spelling error
  • Don’t forget to add your interest section but keep it short.
  • Provide URLs of previous work

Few tips that help you find a safe and secure Job:

  • Avoid those sites that ask you to pay money to join the organization or work
  • Research about the company profile and their product and services they offer
  • Do check Reviews shared by earlier employees and other people this will you a lot to understand the work culture of any organization
  • While interview asks possible questions to understand your role and functions during your job
  • Listen to what the interviewer has asked then think and then answer don’t rush to any conclusion
  • Stay calm and stable during the Interview, be confident
  • Always try to be positive 

Concluding thouhgts on Work From Home Jobs For Students

Working from home offers major advantages, including working according to your schedule. You are free from time consumption during commutation. You might take rest or breaks as per your need.

As after pandemic companies have moved their daily routine office to online portals working from home is the New Way out for much organization. Many people have lost their jobs. Tons of businesses have been collapsed.

Depending upon your skill set you may earn well from home by inculcating a few hours of your day and this will also help you to enrich your skills and knowledge.

Get ready to start your work while studying by using the aforementioned job roles by simply assigning yourself working hours. Thousands of online jobs are hiring individuals you set yourself to enter in the online platform to set your career.

I hope this article will assist you best in your job search.

Best Wishes

A Post graduate with M.Sc., B.Ed., Editor with Journal and Book Publishing House with 6 years of experience in my field. A Passionate Content Writer and an active Blogger. Learning new things and digging practical knowledge from them is what I like.

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