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Top 11 Computer Courses After BSc in Ahmedabad

You are now a Bachelor of Science graduate. You are now a happy soul. Congratulations. You are now looking to step into the world of computers and technology. But how? You are now a confused soul. Congratulations again. Because this confusion will push you to explore a lot. You choose to explore the map of Ahmedabad. To quench your explorer’s thirst, we bring you a list of computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad.


The image highlights top11 computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad

Master of Science in Computer Science / Information Technology (MSc in CS / IT)


This is one of the traditional routes to take if you have done your Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related fields. The exact eligibility requirements depend on the respective institute offering the course. An MSc degree is a 2-year post-graduate degree that will further enhance your computer knowledge. This degree is versatile. It opens up opportunities in the IT sector, teaching, research, and computer hardware companies. It also provides eligibility to pursue doctoral studies.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to MSc in CS / IT, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Gujarat Arts and Science College
  • Gujarat University
  • Gujarat Law Society University
  • Lok Jagruti University


Pros of an MSc in Computer Science


  • It offers a higher degree of qualification and credibility.
  • It provides you the qualification needed to pursue a career in teaching.
  • It opens the doors to pursue higher studies and get into the research field.


Cons of an MSc in Computer Science


  • It needs 2 years of your time.
  • Only students who have pursued computer science or related subjects at their undergraduate level are eligible.
  • Except for some top universities, the course structure is generally rigid and might not be learner-centric.


Master of Computer Applications (MCA)


An MCA course is also a 2-year post-graduate program. Generally, graduation from a recognized university is the eligibility criteria with mathematics as a compulsory subject at the higher secondary or UG level. Similar to MSc, the exact requirements depend on the institute. Generally, MCA courses tend to be more expensive than MSc. MCA focuses more on building software and tools and their applications.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to MCA, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Gujarat Law Society University
  • Gujarat Vidyapith
  • Government MCA College
  • Chimanbhai Patel Insti. of Management and Research
  • Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering
  • Lok Jagruthi University


Pros of MCA


  • MCA is generally given more preference if you are specifically focused on an IT career.
  • MCA adds to your credentials as well but it is more focused on software.
  • Being a post-graduate degree, MCA equips you with more skills and also helps you in narrowing down to your area of specialization.


Cons of MCA


  • MCA also needs 2 years of your time.
  • It is more expensive.
  • MCA is a course that is mostly specific to India. This factor might come in your way if you are planning to work or do higher studies abroad.


Data Science


Data Science is nothing but using data to solve business problems. It generally involves locating a problem, finding the root cause, collecting data using various tools, forming inferences that can be used to solve the problem. If you are someone who loves working with loads of data and framing new algorithms and solutions, then data science is a great area to get into.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to data science, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Imarticus Learning
  • ITS Data Solutions
  • Fingertips
  • GRRAS Solutions
  • Epoch Research Institute
  • Artigen Training and Development
  • Learnvern


Pros of Data Science


  • Data Science is a high in-demand skill set.
  • The courses are mostly short-term and the training job-specific.
  • The pay scale for a data scientist is generally high.
  • It is a versatile field that is applicable across various domains ranging from healthcare to finance.


Cons of Data Science


  • Data science is very difficult to master within a course. It still does not have a clear-cut designation.
  • The course can be rather expensive.
  • It can be difficult to grasp and demands extreme dedication and multiple skill sets.


Machine Learning


Machine Learning is the process of making computers learn to perform tasks without or with minimal human interference. This is achieved by providing patterns of data to the computer and creating algorithms. The algorithms contain task instructions for the computer to perform based on its learnings from the data patterns. If mathematics, programming, and data patterns interest you, then machine learning might be the course for you.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to machine learning, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Fingertips
  • Imarticus Learning
  • Artigen Training and Development
  • ITS Data Solutions
  • Coding Cloud
  • Innoventa Technologies
  • Aptech Computer Education
  • Gujarat University


Pros of Machine Learning


  • Machine learning is also a high-paying skill in demand.
  • This course is more helpful if you are interested in the implementation part of the AI process.
  • Lots of scope for polishing analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • No rigid educational qualifications are needed.


Cons of Machine Learning


  • Machine learning demands loads of patience as machines take their time to learn and there are lots of error scenarios.
  • It involves dealing with huge sets of data which can be exhausting.
  • Machine learning needs continuous updates at regular intervals for better accuracy.


Blockchain Technology


The emergence of digital currency has increased the need for blockchain technologists. Blockchain is a database that is used in transactions of digital currencies like bitcoin. Good programming language skills and a good grasp of data structures help in efficiently learning blockchain technology. An inclination towards finance and technology is necessary as well.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to blockchain technology, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Vnurture Technologies
  • Silver Touch


Pros of Blockchain Technology


  • It is a hot career option with good salaries.
  • It provides immense exposure if you are into digital currencies.
  • It is expected to become a widely accepted and adopted technology in turn opening further opportunities.


Cons of Blockchain Technology


  • It is a very complex process that requires an understanding of both business and technological areas.
  • There is still a lack of trust among users in adopting blockchain.
  • No proper regulating authority.




The digital age has significantly made our lives more convenient in many aspects. On the other side, it has also made life convenient for the bad guys. Data theft, online money theft are major concerns across the globe. Cybersecurity is the process of defending and protecting our online data and money from fraudulent sources. A keen interest in breaking and building protective mechanisms coupled with programming and hardware skills is needed to get into cybersecurity.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to cybersecurity, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Cyber Octet
  • Pristine Infosolutions
  • Ahmedabad Gurus
  • IONX Networking and Ethical Hacking Institute


Pros of Cybersecurity


  • With increasing digitization and cyber attacks, this field does not go out of demand.
  • It is an extremely crucial job and hence the payout is very good.
  • Exposure to multiple areas of a business.
  • Knowledge gained helps you in protecting your data as well.


Cons of Cybersecurity


  • There are negligible to no second chances when you commit a mistake.
  • Very long hours and heavy workload.
  • Constant learning and unlearning process.


Web Design


A bland-looking website with an outdated feel has every quality to drive visitors away from it. A beautiful-looking website with an aesthetic feel has every quality to sustain visitors. If you are someone who can understand what people are looking for when visiting a website and implement solutions, then you have every quality to become a web designer. Web design is the process of designing the look and feel of a website to provide a great user experience and ease of use to visitors.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to web design, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Sopan Institute of Engineering and Design
  • Divine Institute
  • Kshitij Vivan Institute
  • Version Up
  • Eleventh Info
  • Agile Academy
  • DMG IT Engineering and Multimedia Institute
  • Arena Animation


Pros of Web Design


  • It is relatively easier to freelance.
  • Pay is decent.
  • You can work from anywhere.
  • There is always variety in work.


Cons of Web Design


  • Working experience purely based on clients.
  • You would need to give up your ideas many times to meet the project requirements.
  • There will be reworks which might result in long work hours.

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UI and UX Design


UI / UX design is the shortened term for User Interface and User Experience Design respectively. They are similar to web design but differ in the sense that web design is specifically meant for a website. UI and UX design is not specifically meant for a website but can also be the design for apps etc.

If you are interested and have a great design sense then this area is for you. A keen understanding of user emotions and psychology would also be needed.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to UI and UX design, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Divine Institute
  • DMG IT Engineering and Multimedia Institute
  • Frameboxx


Pros of UI / UX Design


  • It is a creative area of work. You let your imagination take center stage.
  • It instills the feeling of empathy towards the consumers.
  • It has good demand and payroll is pretty decent.
  • It develops our visualization and perspective thinking skills.


Cons of UI / UX Design


  • It involves a lot of iterations which can be daunting.
  • It also leads to lots of creative differences. You might have to sacrifice your idea for the team.
  • UI and UX design require lots of patience and a sharp eye for details. It can make or break the impression on a business.


Game Design


We all have played video games but some of us would have been curious about how these games are made. If you have managed to sustain that interest till now, you can consider doing a game design course. As the name itself suggests, game design deals with the creation of video games. If you are someone who is a techie cum storyteller apart from being an avid gamer, game design should be a perfect fit for you.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to game design, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Arena Animation
  • MAAC Institute
  • Frameboxx


Pros of Game Design


  • It blurs the line between play and work. Play while you play and play while you work.
  • It provides a great platform to combine technical and creative abilities.
  • A game design course equips you for various roles like a level designer, game writer, art designer, and so on.


Cons of Game Design


  • A game designer’s life can be taxing as there are tons of details and issues to look into.
  • Generally long working hours.
  • A fully collaborative process. A mistake in one department can impact the whole game including your good work.


VFX and Animation


Cartoons and video games played an important role in shaping our childhood days. Many of us still watch cartoons and play video games. If you are looking to turn this passion into a career then the VFX and animation arena is a great bet. VFX generally refers to creating elements and effects that cannot be created under real-life circumstances. Animation refers to providing motion and making characters and other elements come alive on the screen.


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to VFX and animation, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:


  • Kshitij Vivan Institute
  • Frameboxx
  • Arena Animation
  • MAAC Institute


Pros of VFX and Animation


  • Opportunities in multiple areas like films, television channels, e-learning, etc.
  • It is a highly creative job. There is no dearth of variety.
  • Lots of scope for freelancing.
  • You get to visually see and experience your work.


Cons of VFX and Animation


  • It is a highly time-consuming process. Requires a lot of patience.
  • Very stiff competition in the market.
  • Initial pay is mostly on the lower end. Gets better with experience.


Digital Marketing


A lot has changed since the digital revolution and marketing has adapted to it well enough. Digital marketing refers to promoting a business through digital methods to increase its reach and saleability. It helps to bring in more leads and convert the potential ones into customers. This field requires a person to clearly understand business needs and prepare marketing strategies accordingly.


To know more about the digital marketing course, check out this Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad


If your search for computer courses after BSc in Ahmedabad leads you to digital marketing, you can check out the following institutes offering the course:



Are you interested in digital marketing? Learn from the experts the core concepts of digital marketing with the Best Digital Marketing Course in India


Pros of Digital Marketing


  • There is a constant demand for good digital marketers across many domains of business.
  • Digital marketing will be helpful for you even when you start your own business in any domain.
  • The pay for competent professionals is very good.
  • Extremely versatile field.
  • Freelancing is possible with affordable investment.


Another close option that you can pursue alongside is the Best Content Writing Course


Cons of Digital Marketing


  • Stiff competition is present in this field.
  • You need to be continuously learning to survive in this field.
  • There are instances when there is overstretch of work time.


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An additional piece of advice for those of you interested in finance and accounts can also consider GST Practitioner Course. No doubt, finance is a mushrooming industry and GST is an indispensable part of it that opens up many avenues.


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Now it’s time to relax after an exhausting read. This article is meant to give a high-level sneak peek into the various computer courses available after B.Sc in Ahmedabad. Now it is up to you to get the dice rolling with some SWOT analysis and decide on your destination. If you still find it difficult to decide you might try going through this article on how to choose the right college course and then come back to this article.


Wishing you all success as you embark on your new journey.

I am Vinay Karthikk S currently pursuing an internship at IIM Skills as a content writer. I had previously worked as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Freshworks Technologies based in Chennai. My interest in content creation and the desire to turn it into a satisfying career has brought me to IIM Skills.

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