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Top 10 Prospects of Career After B.Ed in Ahmedabad

If you have opted for B. Ed (Bachelor of Education) and you are either in the process of completion or have already completed your graduation; this Blog is really for you. I truly believe there is an immense need for educators like teachers in a city like Ahmedabad (a place that is so close to my heart), who can become role models for upcoming generations and impart knowledge.


The image pans out best prospects of career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad

However; if you are reading this then I believe there is a doubt in the back of your mind as to what are options in career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad and what necessary qualifications are required to achieve your goals.


Traditionally, there are two broad categories wherein the graduates usually focus their career after their graduation in Bachelors of Education:


  • Government Sector


  • Private Sector

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However, they are further classified into various sub-categories which are explained below:


1. Teaching:


Whether it’s the Government or Private Sector; you can become a primary or secondary teacher PRT (Primary Teacher – Class 1 to 5), TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher – Class 6 to 8), PGT (Post Graduate Teacher Class 9 to 12) based on your eligibility and qualifications in career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad.


In India, the degree of Bachelor of Education is mandatory for teaching in primary schools and secondary schools.


If you are passionate about imparting your knowledge or skills then the profession of Teaching is for you. Teaching is the most logical choice for you if you think you have the following skills:


  • Teaching Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Pedagogical Skills


To check the above-mentioned skills in the teachers, the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has prescribed minimum qualification for a person to be eligible to be appointed as a teacher which is passing of TET.


What is TET (Teacher’s Eligibility Test)?


TET is one of the mandatory qualifications which is tested by both Central as well as State Governments to shortlist eligible candidates. There are two papers of TET. Paper 1 is meant for candidates who want to become a teacher at the primary level and paper 2 for those at the upper primary level.  It is for those candidates who want to teach junior classes and those who are appearing must enroll for both the examinations as both the exams are mandatory.


Gujarat TET 2021: Significant Dates:


  • Official notification: July – 2021
  • Online Application: July – 2021
  • Last Date for filling Online application: August – 2021
  • Correction: August – 2021
  • Admit card: September – 2021
  • Exam Date: October – 2021
  • Result: November – 2021

It is pertinent to note that after successfully clearing the TET exam the candidates are eligible to teach from classes 1 to 8 in Schools affiliated with the CBSE and are qualified to apply for the recruitment process.


Salary of Teachers after clearing TET


  • Primary Teacher 35000 – 37000 INR (per month)
  • Trained Graduate Teacher 43000 – 46000 INR (per month)
  • Post Graduate Teacher 48000 – 50000 INR (per month)


2.  District Education Officer (DEO):


DEO is the competent authority that is in charge of the overall regulation of education in a district. The recruitment of DEO Ahmedabad is done by the State Public Service Commissions of Ahmedabad.


What is Eligibility to become District Education Officer?


To become eligible for District Education Officer, one should have the following necessary qualifications:


  • Graduation in Bachelor of Education from a recognized University
  • The candidates must pass the State Civil Services exam (prelims, main exam, and interview) with a passing score.
  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 21 but shall not exceed 40.


Gujarat Civil Services 2021: Significant Dates


  • Official notification: January – 2021
  • Last Date for filling Online application: February – 2021
  • Admit card: Awaited
  • Exam Date: Awaited
  • Results: Awaited

Salary of DEO


  • District Education Officer: 44900 INR (per month)
  • Deputy District Education Officer: 71000 INR (per month)
  • Assistant District Education Officer: 112000 INR (per month)
  • Sub Divisional Education Officer: 101000 INR (per month)
  • Budgets and Accounts Officer 151000 INR (per month)


3. Havildar Education in the Army


To enhance the education qualification of Army soldiers who comes from Class 8th – 10th  the Education Havildars are appointed who are well equipped to impart education to these soldiers.


What is Eligibility to become Education Havildars?


To become eligible for Education Havildars, one should have the following necessary qualifications:


  • 20 – 25 years is the eligible age for aspirants.
  • The candidates should have a working knowledge of English and Hindi along with graduation of Bachelor of Education from a recognized university.
  • The candidates should be well built and should necessarily have their chest expansion of about 5 cm, height about 160 – 162 cm, weight from 48 – 50 kgs, sufficient number of natural teeth, and should not have any deformities.


The exam is divided into four parts:


  1. PFT – Physical Fitness Test, (which includes 1.6 km race within 20 min); Pull up; Balance Zig Zag and 9ft ditch jump)
  2. Paper 1 (50 Objective type questions on English and General Awareness)
  3. Paper 2 (50 Objective type questions on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Computer Science), and
  4. Teaching Aptitude Test and Interview


Please note all the above-mentioned tests needs to be cleared by the candidates to be eligible for recruitment as an Education Havildar.



The Salary for Education Havildar with Graduation Degree in Bachelor of Education is around 20200 to 26400 INR per month.


4. Education Researcher


An education Researcher is a person who is qualified to write and publish scholarly articles in various areas which aim to make new projects and make new findings in the field of education.


If you want to start a career as an education researcher you can start early by working as a research assistant to a college professor after completing a Bachelor of Education. However, it is recommended that you should simultaneously complete your M.Ed. as well as complete a doctoral program to be eligible to be hired by well-established educational institutions.



The salary of an Education Researcher is around 350000 – 650000 INR per annum.


5. Coaching


A coach imparts his/her skills in a specific niche and helps people in realizing their goals. If you want to choose coaching as a career, you must have the following skills:


  • Listening and problem solving
  • Building Relationships of Trust
  • Planning Action and providing values


Earlier in the field of coaching; manual coaching institutions needed to be established which used to take up huge investments (in lakhs) and return on investments used to take years.


However, if you are wondering what to do in career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad; you should familiarise yourself with the advent of new technologies in the field of education, several platforms like Youtube, Linkedin, Udemy, Teachable, Unacademy, personal/company websites, etc. are available wherein you can provide coaching to students online and cater to a larger audience and earn money from your home.


Now, there is no need to establish an offline coaching institution that saves a huge load of investment and the money can be used for digital marketing to establish a successful online coaching career.



The Salary of a certified coach is around 7000 – 74000 INR per month.


6. Opening your School or College:


If you are willing to open a private school or college as a career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad you should be able to have the following capabilities:


  • An entrepreneurial mind along with a business plan having a vision and mission statement
  • You need to conduct well-informed market research before opening such a venture
  • You need to register your school or college as a legal entity viz. Trust, Private Limited company, Society, etc.
  • Ability to satisfy the norms of the State Board or CBSE in which you would associate with your school or college
  • You have the acquisition of land (usually its 1-2 acres) along with a No Objection Certificate from UGC (University Grants Commission), AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)  for such purpose of opening a school or college
  • Arranging a Financial backing/ Investment / Venture Capitalist which would generate at least 2 – 3 crores INR
  • The hiring of Teachers/Professors and marketing staff, admin, etc for the proper functioning of the school or college.


Please note the determination of opening a new venture takes its toll but it has its advantages.


7. Research Development Agency


To establish a Research Development Agency as a career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad, you need to address the following requirements:


  1. Innovating and creating a Unique Selling Point which will help in gaining an edge over other competitors in the market
  2. Submitting a proposal and Securing Fund of up to 1 Crore through TIFAC (Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council) or SIDBI Revolving Fund for Technology Innovation Programme (Small Industries Development Bank of India) (SRIJAN Scheme)
  3. Creating a business plan; registering the R&D company as a legal entity and availing Tax Benefits


8. Publishing House


Among the different options for a career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad, the publishing house is an interesting one. To begin with, you need to address the following requirements:


  1. Creating a business plan and establishing a brand through marketing and creative control over the publishing of content in form of Books, Articles, etc.
  2. Registering the company as a legal entity and purchasing the domain name and securing an online presence.
  3. The hiring of Designer, Digital Marketer, Editor, tax consultant, Content Writer, etc.
  4. The hiring of an expert to register Copyright on content works as well as to register Trademark for the Logo and the Brand.


9. Content Writer


If you are passionate about writing then this profession is sure the best fit for a career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad. There are various types of Content Writer viz. SEO Content Writer, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Blog Writer, Technical Writer, etc.


Are you interested in becoming a Certified Content Writer? Then, learn to write compelling content for various platforms from the industry experts with the Best Content Writing Course.


There are many platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, Problogger, etc. wherein you can build your profile and get hired.


Witnessing the impeccable growth of digitalization, digital marketing is a fantastic career option as well. If this digital marketing sector intrigues your mind, you can also check out the Best Digital Marketing Course in India.


To get an in-depth understanding of the digital marketing course, dig into this Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad



The salary of Content Writers is between 20000 – 40000 INR per month.


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10. Counsellor or Coordinator


Another splendid option for a career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad is becoming a Counsellor or Coordinator. For that purpose, you must have a degree in  M.Ed from a recognized institution.


There are various types of Education Counsellor which are described below:


  • Elementary School Counsellor, who helps in aiding counseling to students at elementary schools.
  • Middle School Counsellor, who manages the council meetings with the school authorities and suggests changes in academic regulations.
  • Secondary School Counsellor, who guides the students in choosing their career path which includes future career prospects; pursual of higher education or the right college.
  • High School Counsellor, who guides students and aids in choosing the right job as well as a career path.
  • Career Coach, who provides career guidance to students in choosing the right career path.




The Salary of a Counsellor is described in career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad:

Elementary School Counsellor: 44900 INR (per month)

Middle School Counsellor: 71000 INR (per month)

Secondary School Counsellor: 112000 INR (per month)

High School Counsellor: 101000 INR (per month)

Career Coach: 151000 INR (per month)


Additional Pro Advice: For if the above-mentioned enumeration of career paths didn’t excite you, fortunately, there is another lucrative career option that is GST Practitioner Course. The upsurge of the finance field makes it one of the trending career options.


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Now you have gone through the in-depth article about the Top 10 career paths that are available after your graduation in career after B.Ed in Ahmedabad; you can choose one that suits your need and qualities.


To crack the government exams, preparation is the key here. Also, determination and resolve are much needed if you want to execute your knowledge in action.


If you want to choose freelancing as a career or an influencer or a career coach you need to explore multi opportunities that are provided by various ed-tech platforms as well as the use of Digital Marketing skills to your advantage to establish Trust and yourself as a successful professional.


Want to be an entrepreneur? You can successfully establish your school or your college and contribute towards solving problems in the education sector and can earn millions. Please note, it needs much hard work as well as zeal to make your dream come true by paving through numerous setbacks in the journey.


However, it is important to note that it is the skills and qualifications that matter and can make a successful career path.


What kind of skills do you feel like you need to improve upon? Teaching Skills? Professional Skills? Or   Pedagogical Skills? Vote in the comments and we will be happy to deliver.

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