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Top 10 Professional Computer Courses in Ahmedabad

Are you looking for some professional computer courses in Ahmedabad? Then hold on! you are in the right place as this article will list out the top 10 professional courses in Ahmedabad.


The image suggests top 10 professional computer courses in Ahmedabad

The article here will give you detailed information about the professional computer courses in Ahmedabad that will make you job-ready in less time or will upgrade your skills.


Why pursue professional computer courses?


Gone are the days when people only considered mainstream jobs as the only jobs which can give them a good living. With things changing drastically, owing to digitization, there are a plethora of job opportunities.


However, this also gives people reason to upgrade their skills to increase chances of employability. Upgrading the skills in the current times is very critical. Employers these days prefer those with some added skills and qualifications in computer skills. Even those in mainstream jobs like engineering, medical, management, etc equally focus on some doing some professional computer courses these days.


So, without wasting much time, let us see which are the best professional computer courses in Ahmedabad and everything you will need to know about those courses, their course module, fees, duration, placement prospects, etc.


1)Digital Marketing course


In the current times, the digital marketing course is the most sought-after professional computer course which enables a candidate to upgrade their skills apply their knowledge in the field of the internet to sell their product or services. This course is suited for marketing professionals, freelancers, housewives, or anyone who seek a career in digital marketing. The idea behind digital marketing is the same as that of traditional marketing that is ultimately selling the products and increase the revenue of a business


If you want to become a certified digital marketer, then enroll in the Best Digital Marketing Course in India


Though digital marketing is omnipresent in today’s time, still even the reputed management or business administration colleges do not have this module in their course and hence a digital marketing aspirant has to pursue this course separately from online platforms or some short-term private course. The average duration of these courses is 3-6 months.


You may want to check out the following:

Modules covered in these courses are as follows:


1)Social Media Marketing

2)Email marketing

3)Web Development

4)Google Ad words

5)Content Writing

6)Affiliate Marketing


A digital marketing course is very popular in the current times as the skills in the course can be learned in a short duration with affordable fees. Hence, it is amongst the most popular professional computer courses in Ahmedabad and anywhere else today.


To know more about digital marketing, you can look into Digital Marketing Course in Ahmedabad


2)Content Writing Course


The field of content is growing that is further estimated to spur. In recent times, the demand for content has been rising exponentially. Content Writing or content marketing is a part of digital marketing. Everything we see on the internet today is content. On the surface, this all seems an easy job behind which goes good planning, research and, good writing. To sell the content in this highly competitive market, one needs to learn some techniques.


You can learn the perfect blend of content writing and content marketing from the industry experts with the Best Content Writing Course.


Though the course of digital marketing generally includes a content writing module, the candidates who want a career in content writing should get enrolled in some practical courses to strengthen and upgrade their writing skills. A lot goes into creating good content like language, vocabulary, and some technicalities like knowledge of SEO, WordPress.


Hence, a course in content writing gives real-time exposure and makes a person job-ready in a short duration. The scope and prospect for a content writer are also expanding these days, so a course in content writing equips a person with upgraded skills and enables a person to pursue a career in blogging, content writing, technical writing, article writing, freelancing, etc.


So, for all the above-mentioned reasons, Content Writing is a growing choice among people for professional computer courses in Ahmedabad.


Check out the best Technical Writing Course by IIMSKILLS


3) GST Practitioner Certification Course


A GST practitioner enables a person to learn about all the aspects of GST and its regulation. A GST practitioner course makes a person ready for a GST job. In the current times, many commerce graduates, accounting and finance professionals, management graduates, CA/CS, and entrepreneurs seek a professional GST practitioner course. When we talk about a GST practitioner certification course, this takes a safe spot among the top 10 professional computer courses in Ahmedabad.


If you want to learn the concepts of GST and its related fields, then check out IIM Skills’ GST  Course.


The average salary for a GST professional is between 4.9 LPA-6.5LPA for beginners. To become a GST practitioner, the first step is to register on www.gst.gov.in. After registering and enrolling as a GST practitioner, the person must clear the GSTP examination within two years of enrollment. Once the person clears the GSTP examination, he can start up his own business or venture. However, this is just one way to become a GST practitioner. The other way is to enroll in private institutes offering GSTP certifications.


Many institutes are offering professional courses on all aspects of GST to equip an aspiring GST professional with complete knowledge and regime in this field.


You may also want to read our article on Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Ahmedabad.


4)VFX And Animation courses


VFX and Animation courses have seen a massive enrollment when we talk about the top 10 professional computer courses. These courses are for individuals who want to bring out their creative side in technical or marketing fields. These courses enable a person to bring their creative front through graphics, animated visuals, and much more that are very much in demand these days. The prospects, popularity of these courses are not going to fade anytime soon.


The content we see online or offline has graphics, appealing visuals, effects that are done only by VFX and Animation tools. Hence people who incline on the creative and technical front can pursue these professional courses.


These courses have vast scope in the media and entertainment field. The experts in this field can make a very decent salary as the demand and prospects are massive.


The minimum eligibility criteria to pursue these courses is 12th Pass. It is crucial to know that there are various types of certification programs in VFX and Animation courses and the duration for each program varies. The shortest program is a certification program in VFX which is for two months. On the other hand, there is a B.sc program in VFX and Animation also whose duration is like any other graduate program of 3 years.


VFX and Animation studies are amongst the most sought-after professional computer courses in Ahmedabad


The most popular Institute for VFX and Animation courses in Ahmedabad are Arena Animation & MAAC.


5)Data Analyst Course


When we talk about professional computer courses in Ahmedabad or anywhere else, a program in “Data Analytics” needs to be listed. A career in data analysis is rewarding because every organization makes a decision based on data. A data analyst works on collecting the data, creating various business reports, and then analyzing them to conclude out of it. A data analyst sometimes works for the in-house requirement of its organization and sometimes for the client’s data.


As the term “Data Analyst “indicates, it needs one to work on or with data and analyze it. Hence, it means a Data Analyst should have good programming as well as analytical skills.


What does a Data Analyst do with the data?


Based on the data collected, an analyst works on organizing, interpreting it, and then working to see what could be future based on the current data. A data analyst must have sound knowledge of tools like MS Office, SQL, Python, Java, Google analytics, SAS. Expertise in SAS is crucial that helps in statistical analysis of data and facilitates proper data visualization. In addition to programming skills, a data analyst should be a team player, have good communication skills, and should be able to make good strategies for the organization.


6)Web Design &Development


Web Designing is amongst yet another popular choices for professional computer courses in Ahmedabad.


Web Designing and development is a program that students pursue after 12th class to get the expertise to build and maintain a website. Almost all businesses are online in the current times and, with that web designing, development and maintenance become a crucial part to run the business online. There are short-term courses as well as diploma courses which is a one-year program.


What skills do you need to have to become a web designer and a developer?


Anyone with an interest in computer science or technology can pursue web design and development. However, there are some skillsets one must possess or develop to become a web designer. There are technical skills and some non-technical skills to become a good web designer and developer.


The technical skills set one must possess are as follows but not limited to :


1)Visual Designing-Visual designing includes the designing principles of a website or a webpage which includes aspects like web fonts, color, theme, grid, and typography.


2)User Experience (UX)-A good user experience is essential for a good website as the key purpose of any website is to help the users to navigate, find and land them for what they are searching for.


3)HTML-HTML is a coding language used to put up content, images, graphics on a website.


4)CSS– CSS is yet another coding tool used to adjust or makes changes in HTML. With CSS, editing in texts, graphics, effects, etc, is done. It is CSS, which makes the website or a webpage visually appealing.


5)JavaScript-Learning JavaScript gives an edge over others as a website with good JavaScript will have an interactive user interface which is much desired in today’s competitive world. An interactive and updated webpage is rated high over a static page which is what JavaScript does.


The non-technical skills that are essential or good to have to become a hands-on web designer are as follows:


1)SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

2)Good communication

3)Time Management


While pursuing any web designing courses, the students are mainly taught technical skills with the help of real-time projects or assignments and among the non-technical skills, SEO is essential and will help in the ranking of your webpage.


7)Tally ERP 9& SAP


These are software courses pursued by Commerce Graduates all over India. Sound knowledge of these software courses opens a plethora of job opportunities for them. I will discuss each of these courses in detail.


Tally ERP 9-


Tally ERP9 is a software that is widely used in small to medium enterprises for accounting purposes, creating vouchers, and taxation. Tally ERP 9 is the most popular course of Tally which is pursued by students after graduation. Good knowledge of Tally ERP 9 help students in getting job easily in accounting, taxation and inventory management.


There are many modules in Tally ERP 9 like Journal, ledger, payment vouchers, inventory, etc. These are generally short duration courses that make a person job-ready in a short duration of time and are amongst the mainstream professional computer courses in Ahmedabad.


Many institutes offer courses through regular classes and on the other hand, there are many online institutes which provide online classes and certification program in Tally ERP 9.




SAP is the most popular software which is widely used in multinational companies for ERP, database management. There are various modules in SAP and knowledge of these modules or a certification in SAP courses opens an array of job opportunities in companies and increases the chances of employability.


The certification in SAP will give opportunity as follows:


1)SAP project management-This program enables the candidates to pursue a career as a project manager and prepares them to apply knowledge of all tools of SAP.

2)SAP business suite 7 Management-This course helps the students in end-to-end management and support of business functions like customers relation, procurement, supply chain, stock, and inventory.

3)SAP Business Intelligence Professional-BI or Business Intelligence is a niche profession in itself as well very highly paid profession. An SAP-certified Business Intelligence professional can help an organization make a key business decision based on data on SAP.


It is important to note that courses and certification in SAP will allow you to make a good living and if you are already in a job or a profession, it will boost income.



The average fees of an SAP course range from 2-3 lakhs and sometimes people find it a bit expensive but ones who are serious about a career in SAP generally find it reasonable as the knowledge and the skill set learned helps them to achieve a good salary job in reputed firms.




These are short duration courses of around 1.5 months -3 months and can be done in institutes that offer regular classes or online classes. The regular classes and the online classes both offer the same set of opportunities if one pursues it from reputed institutes. Hence, before enrolling for SAP courses, one should check the reputation and credibility of the institute.


The popularity of SAP courses and certification programs is massive and for this reason, we can easily name SAP in the list of top 10 professional computer courses in Ahmedabad.


8)Application Development Programme


Applications or mobile apps are an important part of everyone’s lives today. Right from ordering food, groceries and to banking on the go we are all dependent on a mobile application. So, it is easily predictable how much is the demand for apps and thus the app developers. The app development course is generally of short duration.


Students who find interest in coding and designing can pursue these courses after class 12th or even after graduation. Hence, an application development course is inevitably a popular choice for professional computer courses in Ahmedabad.


There are plenty of jobs in games development, Application designing, and development after the app development course.  Many institutes offer online as well as offline courses in mobile application development courses.


The private institutes or online institutes which provide a stand-alone degree in these programs are generally of duration up to 4-6 months. In B. Tech in Computer science, the modules of app development are in the curriculum itself.


These courses focus majorly on system designing, coding, and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVA also used in web designing and development. Few things are taught additionally in these courses like adobe flash lite, Python, Objective C, etc. Another thing taught in these courses is to work on different platforms as there are separate courses for each platform like Android, iOS, and Windows.



9)CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification


CCNA courses are amongst the most sought-after professional computer courses in Ahmedabad for those who want to explore career opportunities in networking and routing. A CCNA certification course enables a person to gain expertise in networking, switching, and routing and become a full-fledged network specialist in organizations CCNA course will help gain credibility and helps you in becoming a network support engineer or a network administrator.


The CCNA test is not very easy to crack, for which a lot of students seek courses that can help them prepare for the CCNA certification test. For CCNA preparation, there are online as well as offline courses.


Once a candidate cracks a CCNA exam, he can find himself a good-paying job in networking. Many reputed companies like Wipro Infotech, Mindtree, Infosys hire a networking specialist only if he /she has a CCNA certification. The salary of a CCNA certified entry-level network engineer is also quite decent and becomes better with experience.


The validity of a CCNA certification is for three years. After three years, one can take a recertification exam or by taking part in certain educational activities.


The duration of the CCNA course ranges from 3 months to one year.


10)Cybersecurity courses


Cybersecurity courses are amongst the most popular professional computer courses in Ahmedabad and are a subpart of computer science courses in IT. With increasing cybercrime, many companies both government and private pay decent salaries to cybersecurity professionals. It is prudent to protect their operating systems, data, and network from being hacked and misused by cybercriminals.


With businesses being dependent on the internet comes a risk of cybercrime and hence the demand for Cybersecurity professionals comes into the picture. Any transaction done online carries a risk of the data being leaked and misused, and organizations need to safeguard their interest.


There is a range of such courses like degree, diploma at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Who can pursue Cybersecurity courses?


The eligibility criteria for pursuing these courses are that candidates should have a Science or Math background. Each university or college has different selection criteria based on the type of courses. The Cybersecurity courses at the post-graduate level usually require candidates to have 50%marks in graduation.


Candidates who apply for a degree at the graduate and post-graduate level have to appear for the national level entrance exam. For a certification course, there is no exam conducted for enrollment.


Skills and Expertise of a Cyber Security Professional

A Cyber Security professional should have expertise in trojan, malware, and virus detection. A piece of sound programming knowledge is also essential. He /She should have the ability for cloud and risk analysis, and out of box thinking to think about all possible hacking tricks and their prevention.


Types of Cyber Security Courses


Broadly there are three types of Cyber Security Courses:


1)Degree in Cybersecurity-This is pursued by students of B. Tech in IT /Computer Science and B.sc in Computer Science. All degree courses have modules and subparts of Cyber Security in the course curriculum.


2)Diploma in Cyber Security- There are diploma courses in colleges at undergraduate and post-graduate levels whose duration is one year.


3)Certification in Cyber Security- These are short-term courses of 3-6 months. offered online by institutes like “Simplilearn and Coursera”.


So, the above-mentioned were the top 10 professional computer courses in Ahmedabad that are popular these days. There are numerous other professional computer courses but those mentioned here are the most popular and reputed ones, much in demand professional computer courses. You can select and pursue above mentioned professional computer courses as per your interest, skills and become job-ready.


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