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Top 10 Content Writing Agencies in Mumbai (Updated)

Whether we realize it or not we see various contents everywhere every single second, be it a YouTube video, Instagram post, news- both on television and text format or a simple drawing. If it’s meant for the audience, viewers to like, it is a type of content. Before we dive into this article about the Top 10 Content writing agencies in Mumbai, let’s first understand the term ‘Content’ in detail.

Top Content Writing Agencies in Mumbai

What is Content?

We see television every, read blogs, newspapers, watch YouTube videos, create a post on Instagram or Facebook, or create an art piece. That’s how our life functions. 

These posts, these articles, or these visual arts forms the content that we see in our everyday life. Sometimes they make us go ‘wow’ or sometimes they make us disappointed. This is called quality of content and determines the success of the creator based on our liking on their posts, articles, or blogs.

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Why is Content Important?

If your website lacks content quality and fails to attract customers, it is no better than a zombie as that content is doing nothing to improve your website. Thus, good content is always important, and here are the reasons why.

Good Content is Easy to Grab:

If you’re creating content that is educational or informative, your audience must understand what you want to convey through your post, blog, or article. It should be simple, visually appealing (should have enough white space in the aspect of writing articles or blogs so that it won’t put a strain on the reader’s head), and written in simple words rather making it complex.

Builds Engagement:

If the content you’ve created is good enough, it’ll attract an audience, readers, or fellow users, and they will be free to like it, share it or comment on it which will help in the building of engagement. This will help let you know how well your post, blog, or article is performing.

Helps in Ranking in SEO and Algorithms:

The better and unique your content will be, the more it’ll have the chance to rank higher in YouTube, Instagram, other social media platforms via their algorithms. 

Now that we know why it’s important, let’s talk about a famous quote we’ve always heard about content, that ‘content is the king’, but what does it mean? To answer that let’s find out what basic content covers?

Content isn’t confined to writing articles, it’s much more than that. Great content covers topics like press releases, e-books, white pages, blogs, website content, video scripts, emailers, and much more.

Now when we say content is the king, it means the content provided by any company is of the best quality, is trustworthy, and answers all the questions were looking for.

Basic Types of Content

There is a wide variety of content out there and if try to compile them into a list, it’ll be over 100 because a basic type of content can be divided into many subcategories so instead well learn about some basic form of content. 

In General, Content Can Have the Following Types:

  • Written
  • Visual
  • Video
  • interactive

Now Our Focus is More on Content Writing So Let’s Explore the Types of Written Content.

Blog Post:

Blog posts are really helpful when you want to interact with an audience, promote your products to increase your brands’ awareness, or simply want to share your knowledge about a certain niche via valuable and helpful content. 

White Papers:

Think of documentation that consists of facts and charts, white papers are similar to that. Unlike blog posts that could be fun and creative, white papers are long and only meant for educational purposes. They should contain information that is backed up by strong evidence and data.


As the name suggests e-books are electronic books that can be available to you in different formats like, free digital download or can be available in marketplaces like Amazon Kindle, etc. as a brand owner, your focus should be on e-books related to the topics that are helpful for your clients and customers.

Technical Writing:

It is how it sounds, writing about technical topics such as finance, software, etc. but in the most simple way so that the readers can understand and that’s why technical writing is tough and not everyone’s cup of tea. Not all technical writers are experts in all the topics, so before you hire one, know what niche of expertise is.

Press Release:

Press releases are used when your brand has a new product to launch or it’s expanding, and you want to convey that to your customers. Back in the day, press releases were done by printing small articles about it in local or national newspapers.


Ghosts are invisible and so are ghostwriters because they never get recognized for the content they write. In simple terms, ghostwriting is a format where you hire a writer for writing an e-book or article and pay them for their work, but only you get the copyright claim. It is kind of profitable for both the parties involved.


Copywriting is used to make promotional and motivational content so that people can take some action like purchase the product, click on a link, or make an appointment. These contents can be in the form of print media or online publishing. Some of the most common examples of copywriting are ‘read more, ‘follow us’, or ‘get started’ buttons which we see almost everywhere.

Product Description:

This is how it exactly sounds, describing a product including the minor details about it. We see product descriptions on all the e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. product description helps the viewers to know the product will function, its quality and quantity, types of material in apparel products, and even how-to guide if it’s an electronic installation product.

Email Newsletters:

If you check your email, it’ll be filled the newsletters, and you won’t even realize it. Just like the name suggests, these are the types of emails that keep you up to date with the news, tips, updates of the products or companies you follow and are subscribed to.

Case Studies:

A case study is a detailed study of any place, person, specific topic, event, or natural phenomenon. Mostly, it’s used in educational or business researches. Even though it sounds complex or long form of writing, it’s not. The ideal word limit of a case study should not exceed 1500 words. It should be to the point and well researched.

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What Are Content Writing Agencies in Mumbai?

Content writing agencies in Mumbai are agencies that aim to provide you with a proper layout and well-written content for you or your business website. The basic services these agencies offer are, article writing, blog writing, product description, press releases, and other corporate materials.

Content writing agencies started in the 1990s when online activities started gaining popularity after the adaptation of the World Wide Web, after which came the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The job of these search engines was to categorize all the information found on the internet and present it to the audience who were searching about the topic. This demand for well-organized content made by these search engines led to the development of content writing agencies.

Why Do We Need Content Writing Agencies?

Let’s face it, not everyone is creative and excels in writing or creating good content but as a brand or business owner who needs to have a website and strong social presence, the content you deliver should be amazing to attract the attention of your buyers and audience.

The great your post or website would be, the more audience you’ll gain and that’s where content writing agencies hop in. You pay these agencies to create content for you so those professional content writers can work as per the style, mood, and values of your website. 

Every agency works differently and aims to provide the best for you and your brand. Whenever you go through the about page of any company’s website, you’re always looking for the best services they can provide you with and sometimes get disappointed if that’s not what you were looking for.

Every company’s products and services differ from each other and sometimes what’s best for me cannot be best for you. So in this article were going to talk about the top 10 content writing agencies in Mumbai and how they’re best in their ways.

Top 10 Content Writing Agencies in Mumbai 

1. Write Right 

Write Right is one of the best content writing Agencies in Mumbai that understand the significance of content.

They provide content aligning with the needs of their clients. the main characteristics are the quality of content they provide and the ease with which they complete the task within the deadline. The subsidiary companies, estorytellers and talented are considered among the top content writing agencies that cater to the customer base with full sincerity. Write right founded by Mr Bhavik Sarkhedi, listed as the best content writer in the world. His brainchild Write right has been named in the best content writing organizations as well.  

Some of the Services They Provide Are as Follows: 

  • Copywriting 
  • Script Writing 
  • Book Writing 
  • Article Writing Services 
  • Resume Writing 
  • Content Writing 
  • Business Proposals 
  • Statement Of Purpose 
  • E-commerce Among Many Others

2. ATop Digital

ATop digital was founded in 2009 by Prince Sinha. They have a slogan which says ‘STAY ON TOP’ and that’s what the agency provides. Atop digital is not just a simple content writing agency, it’s also a digital marketing agency that provides you many more services apart from content writing that includes web designing, web development, and much more.

The agency is one fo the finest content writing agencies in Mumbai and provides a 360-degree digital solution and has helped a lot of entrepreneurs, business companies, and top firms with their services. The company’s head office is located in Mumbai, but its branches are spread in the US as well.

Some of the Services They Provide Are as Follows: 

  • Blog Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Guest Blogging
  • Content Strategy
  • Press Releases
  • Website Content
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Content
  • Case studies
  • SEO content
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Technical writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • e-book Writing
  • White papers
  • Product Descriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Infographics & Visual Content
  • Content Consulting
  • Landing Page Copy

3. Content-Whale

Developing great content isn’t an easy task. It is complex and if not constructed properly, the result will be faulty and won’t rank in SEO terms, but this agency has excelled in its services making it some of the leading content writing agencies in Mumbai. 

Founded by Vaibhav Kishnani, the agency aims to focus on its client vision and craft a business-specific tone and content.  According to a survey report, the agency has its branches spread in more than 12 countries and creates more than 21 lacks words in just a month.

The Services They Provide are:

  • Articles and blogs
  • Website content writing
  • Branding content
  • SOP writing
  • Technical writing
  • Academic writing

Apart from these main services, they offer 42 more writing services along with keyword research, revision, and rewriting if the client is not happy, and an in-depth report of their content using Grammarly premium and SEMrush.

The agency has hundreds of in-house writers and freelancers and professional editors and offers both manual and software editing, making sure that the content has no grammatical or plagiarism errors thus making the quality of their work best.

4. Apnawriter

Apnawriter is a content writing agency that has its head office in Kerala, India, but its branches are widespread in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad as well.

It is one of the coveted content writing agencies in Mumbai and India. The agency has a team of professional and experienced content writers, copywriters, editors, and proofreaders who work together to deliver quality content that meets their clients’ needs.

They provide their services for both individuals and businesses at an affordable price. Having established only 3 years ago, they have worked with over 150 clients and developed and publish more than 11k words every month.

Their Services Include:

  • Article writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email newsletters
  • E-book
  • Press release
  • Product description
  • Technical writing
  • Website content writing
  • White paper writing

5. Baclinc

Baclinc was founded by Abhishek Virendra Yadav and Shalmali Dnyandeo Parkar in 2018. The agency which was established in Mumbai is now one of the well-known content writing agencies in Mumbai offering digital marketing services as well. 

Apart from content writing services it also offers its clients a variety of services including SEO, social media marketing, web development, social media management, startup consultancy, app development, product photography, and corporate film making.

Their services are available for all kinds of niches, doesn’t matter if you’re an individual looking for agencies or a business group. Along with that, they make sure to deliver your content on time with an assurance that the quality will be best. And if the client is still disappointed, they do the rechecking numerous times to make sure that the content is unique, fresh, and perfect.

The Content Writing Services Include:

  • Blog writing
  • Case study
  • Website content
  • Product description
  • Article writing
  • SEO writing
  • Company website and profile
  • Proofreading
  • White paper writing and many more.

6. Brain Candy

Brain candy was founded by Pratima Sinha and established in 2016 with its branches spread not just in India but also in the UAE as well. Apart from content writing, it offers a vast number of services and is known for its digital marketing services.

Its other services include digital marketing, web development, SEO and SMO, content marketing, creative designing, print, and outdoor media, post-production services, web development, and many more.

They have a team of 50+ professional writers and developers and have worked with many known clients across the globe.

The Content Writing Services They Offer Are:

  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • E-guides
  • Social media
  • White papers
  • Videos and infographics

7. Towards90

The content writing agency Towards90 was started in Tamil Nadu, but now it has its branches widespread all over India. Slowly it’s taking place in the top lists of content writing agencies in Mumbai.

This agency not just creates content for you, it also reviews and optimizes your existing content as well. Apart from content writing, it offers services in keyword research, SEO, and advanced services like conversion rate optimization, content marketing automation, content marketing strategy services, website design and development, digital pr services, social media marketing, and PPC.

The Content Writing Services It Offers Are:

  • Article writing
  • Blog posts
  • Product description
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media content
  • Website and landing pages
  • E-Book
  • Copywriting
  • Title creation
  • White papers
  • Press release
  • Case study
  • Infographics
  • Outreach and guest post
  • Podcasts

8. Das Writing Services

Das writing services was founded by a group of three friends in the year 2014 who was passionate about writing and wanted to make a change, so they stepped into the world of business and now their company has worked with some known clients such as American Express, Vedantu and many more.

Subhodip Das, Shubhabrata Kundu, and Debarghya Ghosh are the founders and directors of this agency. They started their business in Kolkata, but now they have branches not just in India but also in UK USA Canada Australia France, and many more countries.

They are one of the finest digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. They have more than 200 professional workers and their team consists of more than 50 professional content writers and developers. Their motto is to provide a “more” factor to any existing “great” write up.

The Services They Provide Are:

  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • Website content writing
  • Technical writing
  • Social media posts
  • Creative writing
  • Copywriting
  • Voice optimized content

Within these services, they offer 40+ more services and make sure to check the quality of the content they deliver with the help of tools and plugins like Copyscape premium, Grammarly premium, Yoast SEO plugin, Flesch readability score check, and many more. 

9. Brew My Idea

Brew my idea was founded by a young entrepreneur Vikrant Tamhane who is also a food blogger and social media influencer on Instagram. 

This agency has its head office in Mumbai and the branches are spread in Pune Bangalore Ahmedabad Calicut Pondicherry and Dubai.  The main goal of this agency is to help small and medium businesses to grow more and take their business to the next level.

Apart from content writing, they offer SEO services, PPC marketing, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, content marketing, Google Ads, branding agencies, website development, influencer marketing, and graphic designing.

Their Content Writing Services Include:

  • Creative writing
  • Product description
  • SEO writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • E-Books
  • Website content
  • Blog writing

10. iContent

Icontent is one f the pioneer content writing agencies in Mumbai founded by Apeksha Fozdar who was awarded among the top 10 entrepreneurs in digital marketing in 2020.

The agency has been around for over ten years now and has clients from all across the globe. They keep upgrading their services and offer their services to any kind of niche in business.

Apart from content writing, Icontent offers services in branding, website designing, website development, SEO, SMO, PPC, social media marketing, and online reputation management.

Their Content Writing Services Include:

  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • SEO content writing
  • Web content writing
  • Press release
  • Digital marketing content
  • Quora
  • Company profile
  • Guest post

They don’t just provide text content but an image and video content as well which involves videos, surveys, images, and infographics.

Other Mentions for Content Writing Agencies in Mumbai:


Lexiconn was founded by Khamir Purohit in the year 2009. The head office is located in Mumbai and has a branch in Kolkata, having a client base from all across the globe. They are one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. 

Their company is solely based on content writing and content marketing but what makes them different is that they just don’t focus on content marketing they also provide content consultancy which includes building your website/company profile by incorporating strategies in web content, SEO, content marketing, social media, digital marketing, and content distribution.

They Provide Their Services to Fiction, Non-fiction Writers as Well. Their Content Writing Services Include,

  • Web content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Product description
  • Landing pages
  • Review writing
  • Newsletters
  • Press release
  • Ghostwriting
  • Proofreading
  • META content
  • Visual content 
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts and audio content

Conclusion on Content Writing Agencies in Mumbai

These were the top 10 Content writing agencies in Mumbai but your search for the agencies shouldn’t be confined to a city or their rankings. Every business or agency claims to be the best in their services, but it’s completely up to you whether that agency is best for you or not.

Go ahead and do your research about the agency you want to approach at first, go through their website, see if they have what you’re looking for. Have a brief conversation with them so you can find if they can meet your needs.

Great content is the key to having a positive growth of your brand or business and if you don’t have a creative mind, these agencies are always there to help you in stepping up with your game. Find the one that perfects your style, and you’re good to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. I am looking for the work home opportunities.

There are many work from home jobs in content writing. You can simply contact the above agencies or search on Twitter, Naukri or social media platforms.

Q2. What is the eligibility to enroll for content writing courses?

Any 12+ graduate who is good in communication skills both vocal and writing and has basic digital knowledge can enroll for the content writing course.

Q3. Can I start my own agency, if I get certified content writer?

Yes, OfCourse. Once you are a certified and qualified content writer form a government recognized institute you are eligible to have your own agency.


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