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Practical Tips to Effective Career Planning in 2024

Career planning: A firm, focused and unwavering thoughts pooled together to have a successful professional career is demanded by any individual. Planning one’s professional career completely relies on the interests of an individual.


The image highlights practical tips for effective career planning


 It is always better to have plans at various levels which are equally interesting to take up in the prospective future if the plans at crown levels fail or becomes unachievable now. Supposing a person has an interest in teaching, gardening, programming, and also music. If this is the case, these have to be prioritized according to their interest.


In the present scenario, all the above said jobs are best suited to teach online due to pandemic covid 19, which is prevailing and spreading rapidly across the globe.


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Things to know before career planning


1. Self-understanding:


Understanding oneself is very important in career planning- knowing self and understanding and analyzing self is the starting point in an individual life.


Knowing self is profoundly important when we deeply know ourselves, we can feel ourselves as distinct and indifferent individuals. We are then able to make remarkable changes and to develop on our strength as well as recognize areas where we lack behind to make necessary changes.


Knowing self is generally a baby step to setting up goals. It is being aware of what you’re best at while accepting and acknowledging what you still need to change and learn. This encompasses acknowledgment when you have no answer and confess the flaw or fault.


In our exceptionally competitive, aggressive, ruthless culture, this can seem counter-instinctive. Most of us function with the perception that we must seem to look as though we are aware of anything and everything at all times or else people will question our capacity and potential and then decide about our personality and characteristic.


Being honest with oneself, one will accept that the contrary is true. Because whether you admit your imperfection or not, everyone still looks at them. Individual who tries to cover their imperfection spotlight them, making the impression of absence of honesty and known-self.


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2. Precise Research on Career options in career planning


Different career has varied resources to reach out for. There exist lot many paths to trace about a career. You can have deliberative discussions with your close ones about the career path that you yearn to tread. Or you can study the current job market and varying demands for different jobs.


Ways to career research:


1. Watching youtube career planning related videos

2. listen or read discussions about particular careers

3. take part in job fairs 

4. interning for a company for a specific job. 


While glancing through for career content on the net, beware to choose only well-reviewed sources. There are a lot of sites with career content, but not all of them contain real data. Search for online job information from various companies and also look out for remuneration, career growth, and other employment news from a source.


Kick start the research, begin with the jobs that match your profile, skill sets, and values. Pick the jobs you are interested in.


For each job, have a look at:

a. the expertise needed 

b. educational qualification required

c. average pay scales

d. the requirement for the jobs in your area of education 


3. Determining career objective:


1. To procure a challenging and responsible post in a reputed firm or a company to expand the expertise and talents.

2. Grab a responsible job to completely make use of my talents and skill set, while making an important offering to the company for it to prosper.

3. Looking for a fresher position to kick start my career in a top-level working space.


After identifying the interests of one’s own, the CV should be prepared. It must reveal all layers of the interests to employers. It’s time to apply for various companies which are wanting to recruit similar profiles as yours, or whose requirements are matching your skill sets.


Once the resume is done, the process of job hunting must begin by applying to various companies and getting registered at various job portals. Meanwhile, job aspirant should keep their skills polished and brace themselves to face challenging interviews or scheduled discussions.


The above-said aspects should be looked into with respect to career planning. Career planning is a meticulous process, it occupies a significant role in any individual career to have a successful professional career.


6 Things to be considered and performed for effective and successful career planning 


1. Forward Planning:


Forethought plays a vital role in the career planning process. Any well-planned task would be successful along with impeccable execution. Any job aspirant must always get engaged in designing the career plan. The plan should be designed in such a way that it should be achievable and practical. This process helps the job aspirant to have a solid foundation for his / her career.


2. Hardwork:


Hard work is the heart of any kind of work- not only career planning for that matter. After designing the plan for the career, then arises its execution. Hard work is not just one or two days, it takes months and even years to achieve our set goals- depending upon the nature of the goals. If the job aspirant is dreaming big in life, the hard work must start as early as possible and must work regularly without fail until the goal is achieved.


Author and Writer Chetan Bhagat in his motivational YouTube videos talk about his preparation for IIT. He says he prepared for 4 hours a day for 2.5 years to crack his IIT entrance exam. Just look at the amount of hard work that has been thrown in to get into a prestigious IIT college. To crack the exam itself- it demanded above hours and years, imagine studying in IIT for four years what’s the amount of hard work required.


3. Passion towards the kind of work or profession chosen:


One should choose or select a career that interests them, job aspirants must have killer instinct passion to achieve the goals set aside, just like Usain bolt, who was practicing hours together for years to set the world record for 100 meters in about 9.58 seconds. Everybody feels like taking rest, relaxing, enjoying but then to achieve great things one has to work with passion. When passion is the driving force, we don’t need anyone to motivate and push us daily- we do it on our own.


4. Determination and perseverance are most required in career planning


Persevere is to hang on to any kind of operation amidst the challenges thrown during the process of achieving the goal. Determination is working hard to reach the self-set goal.


Never be overconfident of your planning, hard work, and passion. To reach the pinnacle of success, one must and will face failures. How to handle failures? Never give up attitude matters a lot here. Not getting emotional and personal but keeping calm and becoming more determined to achieve the goals set, despite failure keep working every single day patiently with equanimity to enjoy the success.


Chinese Business tycoon Jack Ma says never give up any point in time, keep working. He was rejected in places, and even he was rejected in KFC for a job he had applied for. He says every challenging situation opens for newer opportunities to explore and brings out the latent potential within oneself. To dig out the hidden potentialities, one should be determined and work patiently.


The person should be mentally strong-headed to handle the failures without becoming low and dejected at the point in time. Those who are not strongly motivated and determined until they reach their goal, generally hop from one to another while facing the challenges. Learning to oversee the difficulty is a well-crafted art that lends the hand while passing through a difficult phase. 


While planning a career, job aspirant must try to comprehend the real problems and embrace the failure, it doesn’t mean job aspirant is the failure for a lifetime. Most of the time it looks like everybody surrounded by us is successful, but I am the only failure. However, before reaching the goal, most successful people would have experienced failure. Reaching the self-set goal comes from a lot of hard work and determination.


Try and try until you succeed. The more we get ourselves out of our so-called “comfort zone” and explore new things, the more we practice beginning without the fear of challenges and obstacles- it becomes easy to achieve self-set goals.


Example :

Dashrath Manjhi is known for building roads from Gehlaur and Gaya in Bihar, India. He took 22 years to complete the road work.


5. Upgrading skills to match the changing world: 


Job aspirants must always polish their skills and keep pace with the changing world by enrolling in the latest courses, which are related to their passion and career interests. Updating yourself always ensures more knowledge and helps to develop the process of learning throughout life and become life long student.


6. Sacrifice in career planning


To have and enjoy success in life, one needs to be ready to pay for it. Success is extremely demanding. Behind every achiever are trade-offs or compromises that very few people are aware of. Success follows with a cost, and most of the time it includes giving up some of the most loved things you have just to touch the crown. A most successful businessperson has made trade-offs to build and an empire and create wealth and achievement.


Giving up and compromises are part of life. The sacrifices made by our parents to provide us with better facilities, food, and education are always invaluable and irreplaceable. Achieving a specific task or goal is extremely demanding, which expects a lot of trade-offs and gives up on the comforts of life. If reaching the pinnacle in life was effortless, then all would be on top of the crown.




Any successful stories I have heard or any kind of motivational speech heard to date, all have one thing in common sacrifice or giving sleep, which is most loved and embraced by all human beings. Achievers either wake up very early in the morning or wake till night to operate on their dream to be successful in life. Extra few hours can be grabbed to work on something which you are passionate about.




The Comfort zone is very cozy and enjoyable for anybody. Giving up all the comforts is truly painful. Having a cozy bed and blanket is a high level of comfort but coming out of it and exercising is painful. At the same time, it is beneficial for health. Laying on the couch and watching series or movies is truly loved by all, but getting off the couch and studying hard for competitive exams is an uncomfortable one, but that’s the irony of life.


Social Life


Anybody would love to have a wonderful social life. Socializing is great at times as we exchange our thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. but to achieve big in life, we need to give up on social life. Social life is time demanding, you never know how time passes when are surrounded by friends and family members.


Having one is expensive for one who is dreaming big in life. Instead, make use of the time spent on socializing to do something more productive work and gain knowledge.




Time is invaluable, and it is the greatest sacrifice achievers make, especially achieved people. They are unakin people who work from 9 to 5 and have spare time after their regular office hours, people driven by determination and handwork do not work within set time-bound. Instead, they work more irrespective of the number of hours worked.


Our famous Philanthropist Mrs. Sudha Murthy says Time is money for me. She prefers to take the metro to commute from Jayanagar to Malleswaram in Bangalore.




Sacrifice is profoundly important for anyone to be successful and one has to be willing to make the above said sacrifices. I would like to conclude that successful career planning is achievable when one adheres above-mentioned criteria.

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