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Time Management for CAT Exam in 2024

Time nowadays is valuable and turns out to be increasingly important when you are intending to split India’s hardest test for example CAT (Common Admission Test).


Time Management for CAT Exam



It is a truism among applicants that on the off chance that you can break CAT you can do anything.

In any case, the inquiry that troubles CAT applicants is “How to maintain the time in CAT” Overseeing time is the most significant and essential perspective with regards to CAT planning.

Everyone has a thought process about what you will do with the best books of CAT or study material when you don’t have the foggiest idea of when to begin your CAT planning.

Common Admission Test for example CAT is a national-level selection test that is led once a year. CAT is directed by the Indian Institutes of Management on a rotational premise.

CAT 2022 enlistment will start from the primary week of August.

Doing Time Management for CAT?

Almost certainly about the way that CAT is fundamentally not quite the same as selection tests as it expects students to answer an enormous number of questions in a limited time term.

Therefore, driving CAT possibility to pick which one to leave and which one to answer.

Consequently, a legitimate CAT arrangement methodology is useful for candidates in advance.

The CAT Entrance Exam requires center around both all the while for example speed and Accuracy. Keep in mind, CAT is never about answering the most extreme questions, however the right ones.

Is it Important to Manage Time?

According to the test CAT 2022, competitors won’t have over an hour to understand a specific area.

In a term of an hour for each segment, students should understand and solve both different section’s questions just as well as TITA questions.

It is most important to understand and deal with their time well.


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Sectional Time Management 

Time is actually of quintessence with regards to the CAT test as candidates need to adhere to sectional time limits.

An understudy should not just spotlight on dealing with his/her time while writing the Exam, yet additionally while getting prepared for it.

What’s more, time management must be your strong point on the off chance that you devote yourself to considering the course important and with great practice.

A significant part of getting ready for the CAT Examination and acing the time is by tackling mock tests.

This activity will assist you with getting a decent introduction to the sort of question that would request along with giving you a good vibe of those hours.

First Focus on Completing Syllabus Early

As a matter of first importance, the attention ought to be on starting preparation for CAT early which implies that an individual candidate should have six months to a year close by in their hands.

Nobody is superior to your capacity you.

Consequently experience the curriculum of every one of the areas that are verbal Ability and reading comprehension, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, and logical reasoning.

Intellectually isolate in how much time you will have the option to complete the schedule of CAT 2022 for every one of them.

CAT candidates must try to keep at least a year close by with them for the readiness of CAT 2022. The point ought to be to finished the full CAT 2022 schedule by August at any cost.

Partition your CAT planning time depending upon your qualities and shortcoming

Since you are careful with the schedule, you more likely than not had the option to recognize what your strong and weak section.

This will empower you to see how much time you require to finish the schedule of each area.

For an individual who is from either the scientific studies or from an engineering side, at that point in such a case the individual in question may have an edge in quantitative Ability, data interpretation, and logical reasoning.

They may take less effort to finish the schedule compared with verbal ability and reading comprehension sections.

Competitors must dedicate at least two months each from January onwards and turn out to be knowledgeable with the schedule of CAT by August.

For each section, Applicants must give two months each.

Depending upon your shortcoming and quality one can interpret how much time they require for a specific section as they can finish it might be a month and commit around a quarter of a year for the other section.

Weekly and daily practice

 Practice makes a man perfect

Competitors must separation their week by committing two days to each section and one day they should keep for revising all the three sections and whatever they concentrated on during that week.

Again every day, hang on once getting a power handle, one should complete the hours in a day. Give four hours to each area.

So also at the start of the week and the month, draw a plan expressing what all you will cover and ensure that you comply with those time deadlines or, it will be purposeless.

At first, start with the important and complex sections

At the beginning of the preparation, one should concentrate on the important topics of each area, since one needs more opportunity to understand these sections.

Along these lines, at first, one will have a plentiful measure of time and would have the option to allocate more opportunity to understand the topics which they may find unpredictable or more important.

Candidates can get a strategy of a few months before the CAT 2022 then they will focus on the little and simple topics and would need to simply catch up on the important topics.

Take mock tests-break down your performance

When the aspirants have finished their syllabus and make sure about it, at that point they should begin stepping through the mock test.

The candidate can begin stepping through mock examinations for each topic.

It is when around three to four months are left for the test that the student should accept the mock test as this will assist them with knowing how well they had studied and which are the question where they are lingering behind.

Sectional Time management on the day of CAT 2022

Directly entering the CAT examination hall, the time starts, hopefully taking the CAT exam have just three hours to finish all the questions. It is important to manage 180 minutes appropriately.

The most significant thing is to try to avoid panicking and not let the tension assume control over them. Here are a few proposals that one must follow upon the arrival of the test.

  • CAT has a sectional time management limit, which implies each topic should be finished in an hour. Because of the sectional time limit candidate can’t change to the next section. According to last year’s pattern, the grouping is VARC, DILR, and QA.


  • When one begins to answering the questions from any section, they should check the section and try to mark which one candidate going to attempt first. Candidates can also carefully choose such questions based on their strength or interest level or the trouble level of the section.


  • While answering such questions from the section RC or DILR consistently read line by line questions altogether. Through this Aspirants get a thought of what set or passage holds in it.


  • If on the off chance that, a specific question is taking more than your evaluated time then it is smarter to skip such a question and answer it later if the sectional time limit permits.


  • While taking the DILR section, it might be difficult to answer the entire question.

“Some Experts say, even a candidate can answer the entire question from the DILR area, still, they can tackle any 2 questions for every set and leave the rest for that a second and solve if they have time left in their hands for the DILR topics.”

Try to save 2-3 minutes for correction or rechecking. In this way, one can check all the solved questions of a specific section.

Time Management before Exam day

Manage a Proper Time Table – Making a period table will permit Aspirant to move according to plan. Always recall that prepare before execution should be made necessary

“Sukumar (One of the toppers of CAT 2019) stated, “I had not joined any training yet I stepped through exam arrangement and did past CAT papers. I think self-examination is adequate when one has an away from his/her timetable. That being stated, I think a decent instructing will improve one’s odds gave he/she keeps up self -investigation alongside it”

Be Calm and Composed -For the test, it is imperative to quiet and liberated from pressure. Before the test, it is essential to not pressure excessively and be certain.

With even a touch of pressure, people frequently neglect to understand questions appropriately and wind up endeavoring questions inaccurately.

Start With The Unfamiliar Topic  – Since you have a decent few month time length close by, you can generally begin with those CAT schedule topics which are unfamiliar or what you find troublesome.

Use the internet and search those subjects over the web on Google, Bing, and so forth.,

Make sure to find a way and a careful method of solving questions utilizing time management tricks and shortcuts.

If you can’t comprehend or find any section, contact a couple of your companions who are on a comparable track and are getting ready for CAT or have attempted in earlier years.

To start ahead with the unfamiliar, it is fitting to give one hour day by day on all sections and all the while making notes of the same.

Practice Mocks with Set curriculum – To increase an understanding of the CAT test day situation, taking mocks is widely suggested.

Mock teat of CAT will help the possibility to evaluate them, understand the test pattern well, and see the preparation level required.

Candidates can step through a mock examination of CAT when the preparation relying upon their preference.

Do not underestimate the mock exam of CAT.

Keep Switch to Strategy – Do whatever it takes not to exercise your mind on what is not very much important.

Understand the previous year’s question papers of CAT utilizing the strategy uniquely for those questions which appear to be hard to leave.

Comprehend the questions, watch out for the choices. In a turnaround strategy, candidates initially need to experience the alternatives given and afterward attempt to put the question with options to locate the most reasonable answer.

Each individual has a diverse strong and weak section thus, the test-taking procedures should be customized.

For instance, if an aspirant is strong at time and work, it is vital to endeavor time and work questions first in a pre-planned term (assume 10-15 minutes per question) and afterward move to different questions.

In this way, one can easily cover up the entire question precisely. It is ideal to take a few mock tests and examine them to have the option to devise such close-to-home test-taking strategies.

Have an early Practice – The practice is the way to create critical thinking, accuracy, and speed which is amazingly significant for the test.

For any topic, be it QA, VARC, or DILR, it is significant for the possibility to be familiar with various question varieties to have the option to understand and handle any question in the CAT test without any problem.

Try to avoid guessing – There are a few candidates who guess the appropriate answer and mark the answer before the test closes. It should be noticed that in the CAT test, accuracy matters the most.

Along these lines, if there is less time left for the test to over, it is recommended not to rush and guess the answer as it will influence the general score negatively.

Try to Apply some Shortcuts -The quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, and logical reasoning section questions can be solved easily and rapidly if the alternate shortcuts are applied.

There are a few CAT shortcuts tricks that can be applied during the test to comprehend a few questions rapidly.

These were a couple of shortcut tricks that can help the CAT candidate to manage time usefully during the test.

It is very important to point to have self-confidence during the Examination which is the only possibility to solve the test rapidly if one focused and prepared well.

First Attempt Easy questions

During the test, it is recommended to begin with the simple Question first and afterward move to the troublesome ones.

It should be understood that it is better not to invest an excess of energy in troublesome questions rather, answer an increasing number of the simple question first.

As all the questions hold equivalent marks, answering more simple questions is an advantage to gain more marks.

Manage time while planning for CAT Exam       

Beginning today you have 3-4 months until November 2022, for example, CAT (Common admission test) test day. Here is the way you can deal with your time day by day:

  1. If today is the day you start, compose a mock test to see where you stand. Sort out all the sections that you progressed nicely and those that need more improvement.
  2. Give a month’s an ideal opportunity to study the curriculum and clear the doubt of your questions. It is important to explain all the fundamentals of Quantitative Aptitude and DILR sections. Make 10-15 hours every day for examines, if CAT coaching is the main thing that you are doing.

If you are considering or working alongside getting ready for the CAT test, ensure you distribute very nearly 2-3 hours on examining the CAT schedule.

Give additional time at the end of the week. Once your syllabus is looked over, start with giving a sectional test to get a clear idea of the kind of questions being asked.

Devote 1-2 hours day by day on perusing the newspaper and magazines to think about the general knowledge questions.

Exam Day Time Management for CAT

Solve Easy Questions First – On the test day, as I said before when you start your CAT question paper, it is prudent, to begin with, a simple question.

Here simple questions mean those that competitors are comfortable in tackling for effectively justifiable example questions, immediately solved and it requires less time.

Finding such a question turns out to be simple just when you know the time management for CAT. Questions that appear difficult or unknown or time-consuming one mark them for later on.

While you are in the examination hall to give the CAT, before beginning a section, Initially spend time scanning the questions.

In the upper right corner, a small button on the screen will allow candidates to look at the entire section of the question in a single view.

Attempt TITA Questions at the End – Every year IIMs will include more than five TITA questions in the question paper. TITA questions are appealing as a direct result of no negative marking.

Candidates will generally waste more time on TITA questions with no negative marking as they forget they have MCQs to tackle too. In any case, candidates forget that TITA questions are time-consuming.

From this time forward, it is advisable to do TITA questions toward the end when you are finished with the MCQs of that specific section.

Consume less Time for Each Average Question – Before beginning the CAT question paper, it is advisable to set a normal time for every question.

On the off chance that you can’t do as such, try to take average time per section and alongside that leave some extra ideal time or opportunity to scan what you have offered an answer to the questions to make ensure chances of accuracy.

Apply Strategy for MCQs -To appropriately use the procedure of time management for CAT, try to solve multiple-choice questions (MCQ’S) with the strategy for those questions which are difficult and unknown

Neglect question -To save time and do sectional time management for CAT, it is important to recall that you know how to leave the question.

Leave those questions unanswered which you believe are troublesome, time-consuming, or are out of your scope.

Manage time while writing the CAT exam

At the point when you sit to write down your CAT test in November, it will be the most important 3 hours of your lifetime.

It is significant you keep calm and not let tension assume control over you. Here are how you should be planning your test:

  1. Each of the 3 sections should be finished in an hour. You can’t skip sections or pick which to endeavor when. Generally, the grouping is VARC, DILR, and QA.


  1. Every time you start with a section take 2-5 minutes to look through the questions and choose which ones you will be going to attempt first. They could be based on the trouble level of the questions or dependent on your quality or interest level.


  1. It is in every case great to peruse the questions first in the case of RC or DILR sets to get a thought of what the entry/set holds in it.


  1. In case while solving you understands a specific question is taking more than 6-7 minutes, it is smarter to skip and return to it if time is left.


  1. In the DILR section, it might be that all the questions are not answerable. Regardless of whether you can answer 2 questions in a set, leave the rest and move to the following.


  1. Always save the last 1-2 moments for checking.


Topper’s Say on Time Management

When we state Time management for CAT, it doesn’t just refer to the general timings of the CAT test however it includes the sectional planning also.

Time Management is another way of setting a goal that depends on the idea that an individual can be increasingly inspired to play any task if they have a reasonable and specific goal to accomplish.

Topper of CAT 2019, Lakshya Kumar says, “Time management ought to be considered as the fourth segment of the CAT exam.

It isn’t simply getting ready Verbal Ability, DILR, and Quantitative Ability however preparing up all these 3 and attempt them inside 3 hours of the specified time”.

For him, Time management and difficult work will prompt accomplishment without a doubt.”

CAT 2019 topper Sukumar stated, “Time management joined with my insight on my strong and weak topics profited me to get 99+ which I never expected.

I figured out how to plan the planning time alongside preparation. During the test, I discovered 2 sections in DILR time taking and decided not to attempt them. Coming to QA, I realized which question I would answer in an hour and attempted just 20 questions.”


The CAT Exam is worth 300 marks divided into 3 sections and you have 3 hours for example an hour for each section to tackle.

If you find a way, how to manage these 3 hours’ time well, a large portion of the work is already done.

While partitioning time during arrangement one should remember the accompanying:

  • Find your strategies.
  • Know your strong and weak portions before you go in for the test. Endeavor the questions that you realize you can cruise through. The test is no ideal opportunity for you to try.
  • Practice Grammar more. In this way, spending time on solving grammar exercises and working on writing skills is a smart thought.
  • DILR is calculation-intensive and in this manner requires thorough practice.
  • Reasoning must be reinforced with ordinary practice.
  • Go through a list of frequently utilized words and phrases to reinforce your vocabulary level.
  • Memorize your formulae in advance.
  • Recall solving procedures for QA and LR.
  • Attempt an adequate number of questions on each topic.
  • Do not attempt every one of the 100 questions.

Do not get genuinely joined to any question. Solving a difficult question would bring you the same marks compared to simple ones. So put your time in justified questions, despite all the trouble. Else leave them.

Do not waste time rewriting questions on the rough sheet. Utilize the rough sheet just for calculation purposes.

keep a  particular time for each question and stick to it. Leave a question on the off chance that it is taking any longer than your appointed time-per-question.

Forget about the questions you left. You will lose marks if you fixate on dropped questions.

All you need is the right approach alongside great strategies to reach your goal of cracking the CAT exam. So, plan effectively and simply do it.



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