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The Ultimate Guide to Google Online Jobs for Everyone

Are you searching for a legitimate online job? Are you’re a housewife or a student and are looking to work from home? Yes, then this is the article which can give you details about Google online jobs which are legitimate ones. Though there are various ways and various websites that can earn you online money. But Google Online Jobs is the most legitimate and trusted way. Many people around the globe have worked and still working for Google online jobs.

google online jobs


When it comes to Google, most people think it is just a search engine where you get answers for your queries but you can earn money from Google working at home as they have various other services such as YouTube or AdSense, etc.


So, if you are looking for a job where you can earn money with no time restriction or no office pressure then I can help you with that with some of the best google online jobs available to you. .


  • Are Google Jobs Genuine or Fraud?

When you search for online jobs, the first question that comes to your mind is generally whether these google jobs are genuine or fraudulent. Well, the majority of the online jobs except Google jobs are fraudulent ones. Many people sell fraudulent online jobs and take money from you to join them. This is the way they earn money from people by selling fraudulent jobs. Google online jobs are only genuine jobs that work and pay you money every time.


  • Can we get Google Online Jobs?

Yes. Anyone can get this Google online job. There is no restriction for this job. Living in any part of the world, you can get this job.

There are already millions of people earning from these jobs every month and even you can be one of them too. Google welcomes everyone to join them if you are ready to work hard.


  • Any requirements for this job?

Unlike any business, the initial investment is very low. You do not need a large amount of money but everyone can afford it.

All you need is a computer desktop or a laptop and an internet connection. Readiness to work hard and earn money is the most important thing you have must.

Many people think that working with online jobs of Google, will make you rich overnight or you will earn a huge amount of money overnight. But no, you need to work hard for a few months or for a few years to reach that goal.


  • Any qualifications or experience for this job?

There is no qualification or experience required for this job. Google will not ask for any educational qualification or any previous work experience. The only thing that Google wants to know is whether you are above 18 years of age. People below the age of 18 years can start their various programs.


Hence, for applying for Google online jobs there is no education qualification or previous work experience required.


  • Is this work from home job or do I have to go to the office?

Frankly speaking, this is the best part of this job. If you have dreamt of working from home, then this is the right job for you. You can work from home, right from your bedroom too. All you need is just a laptop and an internet connection to it.


You don’t have to commute anywhere by train or by bus. Nor even have to get up early and get ready fast. You can start your work at your home.  Many people who work for this online job, work from their homes.!


Many people work more from home and as result, they reach their goal easily. You can too be one of them.


  • How much can I earn money from this job?

Speaking there is no limit to your earnings from this online job. This is one of the best features of this job.


You can earn money as much as you like or work. The more you work the more you earn. Till today many people are working and earning huge amounts of money every month by this online job.


All is up to you how to make money every month. Hence it all depends upon your hard work and dedication towards your work.


  • How will I get paid for this job?

Google directly pays a check to your home in your local currency. The payment is usually on time. Till now it has never happened that the company has not paid anyone their money for their work on time.


When you complete the task, they will evaluate it and after evaluating your work, they will pay you. I suppose the payment cheque does not reach you then your paycheque will be returned to their office and then they will again send it back to you.


Since the payment is on time and according to your work is done, you don’t have to worry about your payment.


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What jobs are in Google Online Jobs?

Well, now you must be wondering what are these jobs by which millions of people earn so much money every month. In total there are 5 different jobs bifurcated into two types. These five jobs are the best ways to earn thousands of amounts of money from online jobs. As you must be aware there are thousands of fraudulent online jobs available in India which use Google’s name and for which you need to be careful. Some of the names for these jobs are Google data entry jobs or Google form fillings jobs or Google Ad posting jobs and so on.


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As discussed in the above paragraph these 5 jobs are divided into two main categories:

  • Direct Money Earning Opportunity from Google Online Job:

This is the first form of earning online through Google. This form of the job involves again type different types such as below –

  1. Google AdSense on your blogs-
  2. Create videos through YouTube Channel –
  3. Google Opinion Rewards Scheme –


  • Indirect Money Earning Opportunity from Google Online Jobs

This is the second option you can choose to earn from online jobs. There are again two ways to earn in this indirect opportunity as below –

  1. Google SEO work
  2. Google Document and Sheet work


1. Google AdSense on your blogs:

This is the first and most used way for earning through Google online work. You will find many ways to monetize your website audience or your website traffic but most of them are third party related programs that will help to earn money these days. Google AdSense is one of the programs that are very famous among people across the globe.


Google AdSense has been paying their publishers billions of amounts of money till now and yes, it’s a good opportunity for all website owners to monetize their website audience or their website traffic. To earn money from Google AdSense you need is to learn all about blogging, SEO, and everything about website development. If you know all these then will be very easy for you to earn money from AdSense.

This program was launched back in 2003 and now is the most popular advertising program on the Internet.


Google AdSense Advantages are:

There is a huge number of advertisers and publishers. There would be around 15 million websites using it as of today.

Google AdSense has a very high level of security and transparency for both the advertisers and the publishers. The acts as an excellent feature of Google AdSense.

In Google AdSense, there are a variety of ad formats. In this, the advertiser can run the images, texts, videos, HTML, and many more features.


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How to make money from Google AdSense:

After going through the details of Google AdSense, you must be thinking about how to start making money with these. We have penned some of the basic steps for you –

  • Firstly, you need to create a blog. You can write about the things which you know or give details about particular things. You can start with a free blog at first.
  • When you see significant traffic coming to your website, you can apply for AdSense then. But don’t forget to put content on your website or blog page regularly.
  • Please check the policy and terms of Google AdSense before applying it and make sure you follow them to not get rejects from them.
  • You people visiting your website clicks those ads, you will get paid for it. They work on the cost per click concept.


How much you can earn from this job?

All people are interested in knowing how much they will earn from this type of job. Or how much this program pays you. But the earning from Google AdSense depends upon the following factors:

  • The amount of audience or visitors visiting your website
  • The number of advertisers on your blog posts
  • The information or the type of content on your website
  • The type of audience visiting your website
  • The position of all Google AdSense ads on your website.


2. Creating Videos through YouTube:

The second job or second way to earn money through google is by creating informative videos on YouTube. If you think writing content and then applying it for Google AdSense is a little tricky and you need to shell out some of the money then this is one of the best ways you can opt for.


Every day more than 3 million people watch YouTube around the globe. For students or housewives, I think this is one of the best google online jobs in India. Anyone can become a part-timer and easily earn just working only on weekends and holidays. To earn money from YouTube there are many opportunities for people.


So now you must be wondering how to start earning from YouTube?

Firstly, you need to signup with YouTube. You can sign up from here https://accounts.google.com/signup.

For this type of account, you don’t need to be any professional education qualification. The most important thing you need here is your creativity.

The next thing to do is upload videos with various information regularly and wait until start getting viewers for your videos uploaded.

Now you can apply for YouTube Partner Program. Be careful with all the instructions while applying for YouTube Partner Program.

Hooray! You are all set to work now. Keep creating and uploading new videos on regular basis and work from home for Google.


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There are many ways you can earn through YouTube Program and be as follows:

Revenue from Advertising: You can earn from the Ads running on your video page or Ads that are displayed on your page or even from the Ads that are overlayed on the page.

Memberships: If you offer some perks to your viewers they make a monthly payment in exchange for it.

Chat & Stickers: Subscribers on your channel pay to get their message and stickers highlighted in the chatbox.

Merchandise: Your subscribers can browse and buy official branded merchandise that is showcased on your watch pages.

YouTube Premium: You get part of a YouTube Premium subscriber’s subscription fee when your viewers watch your content.


How much you can earn from this job?

With various above ways such as advertising revenue or merchandise your video channel, you can maximize your revenue.

You can earn money on YouTube on various bases such as cost per video (CVC) or cost per click(CVC) or cost per impression (CVI).

On a YouTube channel, you can also sell sponsored product placements in the videos. Here on the channel, you can earn money by short product descriptions or product mentions or even product recommendations on brands who are looking for their exposure.

But if you are been able to generate a good amount of subscribers to your channel then the brands too will pay you.

The most important point is the earning from this video channel is based on both things that are the number of viewers to your channel and the niche of your videos.

Some of the topics that are most viewed on the channel include videos of news or celebrity gossips, cooking, lifestyles, makeup, and beauty, and most important any popular failure videos immediately attract more viewers in no time.

To make you better understand how much you can earn or make money based on your videos there are YouTube revenue calculators at your help.

After all the more viewers to your channels or rather the more informative videos you post your channel you will get more subscribers to your channel and as a result, you can earn more revenue. 


3. Google Opinion Rewards Scheme:

Are you’re a mobile appliance addicted person? Or are you a person who spends more time on mobile phones playing games or watching movies? Have you ever dreamt of getting Google Play games or videos or a book for free? Then Google Opinion Reward Scheme is the best option and answer to it.

This Google Opinion reward is a type of online job which rewards you with Google Play credits every time you answer a survey. These surveys are short and are brief for the most part.

In simple words, Google Opinion Rewards is the survey tool where you can make money credits by completing the surveys. 


How does this work?

Before going for this program, it is very important to understand how it works. For any beginner, this app is only limited to Android users as well as iPhone users too. Plus, you can easily earn by installing this app on your cell phone, and most importantly, you get to benefit from the paid surveys on the app. For Android users, the earned credits go to their Google Play account whereas for iPhone users the earned credits to their PayPal account.


To get started to work for this program, there are a few basic steps as below:

  • Download the Google Opinion Rewards app on your Android or iPhone. Once downloaded it is installed on the cell phone.
  • Once installed on the cell phone, launch the app and choose your Google account.
  • Firstly, to understand how the app works better, you will receive a primary test survey.
  • Fill in the survey but don’t forget this is just a test survey for which you will not be paid at all. Before starting with the test survey, the app will give you all the instructions and let you know the earning too. As you fill the test survey this is the foundation step for you to go to the app and start earning.
  • The surveys in this app are mostly based on your shopping experience. If you go shopping very often you will get these surveys to answer very often.
  • Most of the surveys are not long and are brief for most of the part. You can accumulate the credits that you earn for the week and purchase something via Google Play Store at the weekend.
  • To purchase any paid app on the store you just click on the purchase button and here you go, the purchase is done.


Some points to be remembered while using Google Opinion Rewards Scheme:

  • Keep on checking the Google Opinion Rewards App daily for new surveys.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the notification option on for Google Opinion Reward app.
  • It is very necessary to reply to the surveys promptly.
  • If you choose females as your gender on the app will help you a lot since the app keeps sending surveys related to the shopping experience more often.
  • If you make shopping trips to a well-known shopping outlet, it will help you a lot.
  • The most important point is always while answering the surveys be truthful. Since the app can detect and filter bad or wrong answers. It is necessary to answer all the questions truthful since it will help you to earn more credits in the long run.


4. Google SEO work:

There are more than 200 million websites across the globe. All website owners want their website to be ranked on the first page of search engine optimization. Most of these website owners look for Google SEO work for their websites or you can say there is a great demand for the people who know Google SEO.

For this, you can learn how Google SEO works and make money by providing SEO services to these website owners.

You can earn directly from the website owners. An expert and an experienced SEO worker can earn anything up to Rs.70,000 per assignment.


How you can become an SEO expert and start earning?

There is no specific method or any steps to be followed to become an SEO expert. The recommendation is that you start practicing SEO on your website.

Keep studying the algorithm of this SEO since they keep making changes in its algorithm. You need to keep studying and also study to crack them.

When you see these tricks are working properly on your website, you start earning with a freelance or even start working with the Company.


5. Google Document and Sheet work:

This is the second option of the indirect way to earn money from online google jobs. With a Google Document or Google sheet, you can do so many things to earn. With these google documents or with google sheet you can learn how they work and build your client addon. People who are at a higher level in the organization sometimes do not have time to do these microtasks. And they always look and are ready too to pay someone who can help with these micro-jobs.


For instance, you help a person to create a mail merge using a Google Document or Google Sheet, there is no investment for you but you can earn as an addon for this micro job done. 


If you know how these Google Documents and Google Sheets work you can even sell this type of addon from your own website. Isn’t it pretty cool?


Wrapping up on Google Online Jobs!

The above were some of the best direct or indirect ways or jobs you can earn with Google Online. Now it is your turn to make the choice of your preferred Google online Job and start earning money online. Trust, these types are legitimate ones. Happy Online Earning!

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