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The Top 7 CAT Coaching Classes In Mysore In 2024 (Updated)

Are you looking for information on CAT coaching classes with an aim at acing the CAT 2024? There is an increase in the number of students taking the CAT year-on-year to get into the coveted IIMs. This is the reason CAT coaching classes are mushrooming in all cities, big and small. Mysore is no exception. Read on to know the top 7 CAT Coaching Classes in Mysore.


The Common Admission Test or the CAT is the single national level entrance exam that qualifies students to enter the IIMs across the country.


With an increase in demand for qualified and skilled management professionals, the CAT exam has seen a boost consistently in the number of applicants year-on-year. Students or working professionals who aspire to take the CAT, will undoubtedly have different questions like, Which coaching is best for CAT? What is all the fuss about CAT coaching?


When should one join CAT coaching classes? Just how much time is enough time to start preparing for CAT, so on and so forth?


Myths around CAT


If your goal is a management degree, CAT is the father of all management entrance exams. All the hype around CAT has also led to many myths associated with it


CAT is all about IIMS


This is perhaps the most common misconception about the CAT exam. It is true that CAT is an entrance exam for IIMs. What about the students who do not qualify for the high cut-off of the IIMs then?


Not all would be open to taking a sabbatical or a drop of a precious year. The beauty of the CAT exam is it lets you get into distinguished top MBA institutes of India that are more than willing to absorb candidates with a good CAT score.


You can check out the list of top MBA colleges that accept CAT scores, and you will be amazed to see some very very prestigious institutes.


That apart, did you know that your CAT/XAT scores have value internationally as well? Yes, that is true. Not many are aware of the fact that even some universities abroad accept the CAT/XAT scores for their MiM programs (Masters in Management) akin to the MBA programs.


It is very difficult to ace CAT


Another myth is that the CAT is a challenging exam to crack. Rather than the difficulty of the paper, it is the fierce competition that makes it a tough battle.


Owing to the increasing number of students appearing for the CAT, it has become a very challenging task to get high scores. As such, it has an easy-to-moderate level of difficulty. If your basics are sound, a robust practice can get you to perfection.


CAt is only for IITians/Engineers


This myth has got its roots in the fact that most CAT toppers are engineers. The overall percentage of engineer applicants is more. Nonetheless, even non-engineer background applicants are on the rise.


The engineering background applicants are at no more significant advantage than their non-engineer counterparts. It is merely a myth that needs debunking.


People with work experience have an advantage


Yes, work experience helps to a certain degree, but what we need to remember is that juggling work/job with CAT preparation itself is a very challenging task.


The student population still in their final year of degree have an edge, with the preparation being less stressful and more easily manageable, what with more number of hours for the preparation.


CAT EXAM and Girls


Gender has no link whatsoever to the capability of cracking the CAT. Earlier the number of girl candidates who appeared for CAT was remarkably less, and this gave rise to this myth. Many students scoring 100 percentile are girls. Girls can ace the CAT with as much ease as the boys and pursue their dream careers.


In recent times, many IIMs and other MBA institutes alike give weightage to gender diversity, further propelling the girls to reach out for their goals and compete with the boys like never before.


Myth or no myth, CAT coaching classes are essential to get you through the journey of CAT coaching preparation. The coaching classes help you gain a perspective and study plan in place, which may not be possible if you go by the independent study route.


This is not to say that candidates cannot prepare for the CAT by themselves. No two individuals are similar, and hence no one plan fits all for CAT coaching as well.


CAT Coaching Classes In Mysore


The heritage city of Mysore, officially Mysuru, is at the foothills of the famous Chamundi Hills. Close to the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru, it is often referred to as the “retired people’s paradise.”


It is a serene city replete with royal heritage, stately palaces, intricate architecture, and historic temples. It is famous for sandalwood, silk sarees, and its profound connection with yoga. It is the most sought-after tourist destination in South Karnataka.


This dreamy and tranquil city is now abuzz with teeming global education centers promoting young talent and producing excellent skilled professionals. It is no longer just a retired people’s paradise but is all things tech and innovative.


Home to IT giants like Wipro, L&T, Infosys, SPI, etc., Mysore is a very lucrative destination for all things IT. Apart from big names in IT companies, Mysore is also home to many central research institutes and is a hub for businesses of any scale.


The proximity of Mysore to Bengaluru has been an acting force in its swift progression. The recent growth spurt in the number of IT companies in and around Mysore has seen a rise in demand for people in the management cadre. What more rewarding than a corporate career thanks to an MBA degree from a top business school or the IIM?


Significance of a management degree in Mysore:


With Bengaluru being so close, Mysoreans do not have to travel far and away for their dream job in the management industry. A gratifying and profitable career with a great career path and graph, opportunities to be a part of international employment are just some of the perks of a good job in the management sector.


Even for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs, a management degree boosts their networking, ideation, their credibility. It helps them understand the economics of start-ups, helping them evaluate the potential in the existing market scenario.


The management degree prepares the aspirants with a 360-degree approach or a holistic approach covering all aspects, be it planning, communication, execution, or financial points.


With all the pros and hardly any cons, it is no surprise that there is an increase in the number of students who want to acquire a management degree, more so from an IIM for the added benefits and perks.


Though a tier-2 city, Mysore is fast competing with Bengaluru in terms of talent, and a majority of young brains of Mysore are well-employed in Bengaluru. Let us walk you through some of the popular CAT coaching classes in Mysuru.



When it comes to CAT coaching, IIM SKILLS is a name that tops the prominent CAT coaching classes. With its inception in 2015, it aims to up-skill professionals with instructor-led training.


In a short duration, it has made its presence felt in the online education sector. IIM SKILLS provides various e-learning products designed to make you job-ready with in-demand skills in the job market. IIM SKILLS teaches you tomorrow’s skills today.


The CAT coaching class at IIM SKILLS is at par with the top CAT coaching classes across India. The design of the CAT courses here is per the student capability and not a standard module for all enrolments.


With the use of the latest technology to make things easier for students, indeed, this institute adopts a “students first” approach.


There is a saying that goes:


When it comes to the design of effective learning experiences, one provocative question is worth a hundred proclamations.” – Bernard Bull


Nothing could be more apt to describe the practical learning experience at IIM SKILLS. The engaging learning approach at IIM SKILLS produces exciting results and ups the motivation levels. The mentors here not just guide and teach, but teach you how to think and get off the beaten track.


Highlights of CAT coaching at IIM SKILLS:


  • The CAT coaching is either on weekdays or weekends as per student convenience.
  • The platform of teaching is e-learning, instructor-led, live sessions that are interactive with on-the-spot doubt clarifications.
  • When it comes to the knowledge repository, once an aspirant enrolls for the CAT coaching, he/she has access to the entire storehouse of the e-learning materials in the form of videos, lectures, recorded sessions, etc.
  • The self-paced module, as the name suggests, can be at one’s own pace, with the help of all the learning material provided by the institute.
  • For candidates who require brushing up in any one particular weak segment, anyone section module is apt with personalized coaching for the specific capsule selected.
  • There is also an option of any two sections for candidates who require help with two subjects.
  • Finally, there is a complete course that gives students lifetime access to the courseware, personalized coaching for all sections, comprehensive support through the GDPI/WAT, and more.
  • If we talk about the courseware, it is up-to-date with the current trends, easy to understand, and feature-rich.
  • The able mentorship at IIM SKILLS steers the students in the right direction gently, motivating them to scale greater heights. The highly experienced mentors are very approachable and courteous, making it a breeze for the students during doubt clarification sessions.



IIM SKILLS (Co-Offiz) H B Twin Tower 8th Floor.

Max Hospital Building. Netaji Subhash Place


Telephone#: + (91) 99 11 839503

Website: https://iimskills.com/cat-coaching/




The Triumphant Institute of Management Education Private Limited is a known name in the CAT coaching classes across India. It is a mammoth in terms of online education for competitive exams with over 237 offices across almost 118 cities of India.


It continues to be aggressive in launching new courses to the educational product portfolio. They cater to college-level courses as well as school-level courses. T.I.M.E. also provides to study abroad competitive exam coaching. It is a viable name in the top CAT coaching classes in Mysore.


Highlights of CAT Coaching at T.I.M.E in Mysore:

  • The institute has a classroom program, a distance or online learning module, and the AIMCAT test series.
  • The classroom program is a one-stop shop for CAT preparation. It is the most preferred choice, given its benefits.
  • The classroom course includes concepts training, doubt sessions complete with seminars, and achievers meet to motivate the students.
  • The learning material includes a dedicated student home page on their website with topic-wise videos and section-wise testing.
  • I.M.E is very popular for its AIMCAT or the All India Mock CAT series. With the test series running across the nation, aspirants get a real-time benchmarking of their performance against the total number of students who take the AIMCAT series, which goes up to around 70,000.
  • The institute also coaches for other competitive MBA exams apart from CAT.
  • The support extends through the GD and PI rounds as well.
  • The online module is apt for those who do not have easy access to classroom training either because of distance or time constraints.
  • Though the online module has limitations when compared to the classroom module, it is self-sufficient and holds its own in terms of access to study materials, videos, and tests.



No. 1577, K29, II Floor, Kakanti Komplex,

Narayan Shastri road, Opp. Jagadamba School,

Lakshmipuram, Near Siddappa Square, Mysore -570 004.

Telephone#: 8123572551.


No: 5487, 1st floor, Above State Bank of Mysore,

Vijayanagar Water Tank Circle,

Vijayanagar 2nd Stage, Mysore-570016

Telephone#: 8123572551.




Career Launcher is one of the best CAT coaching classes in Mysore and is also a preferred choice for other competitive exams such as CLAT, IPM, IELTS, SAT, GRE, TOEFL, and GMAT. Geetha Shah, the Manager, Business Development, C L Educate Ltd, is the mentor of the Mysore branch of Career Launcher, a well-known career counselor and full-time faculty.


With over 25 years of experience, Career Launcher is now a recognized brand in the education sector. The institute also indulges in vocational training courses, recruitment services, and the government project training and management services.


Highlights of CAT coaching at Career Launcher, Mysore:


  • The CAT coaching here is either online or the classroom variant.
  • The course for CAT coaching includes 70+ live online morning classes each for two hours with the best faculty.
  • The CL books given to students are e-books with concepts, discussions, examples, and practice lessons.
  • The CAT coaching includes 30 mocks, each followed by in-depth analysis.
  • There is also the test gym that consists of 7500+ questions across topics with sectional tests.
  • Career Launcher caters to different strata of aspirants and hence has night classes as well, with preparation from the comfort of your home.
  • There are a variety of combinations to choose from, depending on what the student requires. There are day classes, night classes, classroom modules, online modules, and even a combination of day and night classes with test crackers.
  • Depending on whether the aspirant is a student, a working professional, giving a first attempt, a repeat attempt, and the preparedness of the student, there is a course combination for everyone.



1st Floor, Building #511,

New Kalidasa Road, Vijaynagar 1st Stage


Telephone#: 92-821-2411299



IMS has been around in the management education sector for a very long period, as long as 40+ years. With that kind of experience in shaping success stories, IMS is easily one of the top CAT coaching classes in Mysore. It has a pan India presence with 90+ centers. It also caters to bank and government exams and placement training apart from coaching for the competitive management entrance exams and study abroad exams.


Highlights of CAT coaching at IMS Mysore:

  • The CAT has the classroom as well as online modules.
  • The classroom coaching is again of four variants depending on student requirements; it could be a CATapult Extensive, Plus, Elite, or Global program.
  • The characteristic features of the classroom program include classroom sessions, video content, workshops that maximize student potential, and of course, the full-length mocks.
  • The Elite and Global variants are comprehensive programs.
  • For online coaching at IMS, students can opt for the e-CATapult LIVE with complete obliteration of location and distance barriers.
  • The online coaching includes 65 live sessions, 135+ hours of video content, comprehensive coverage (meaning it covers CAT as well as other competitive management entrance exams), and 100 full-length CAT mocks.



2nd Floor Shri Sainik Mansion, No.30/A,30/B,

Kalidasa Road Near Green Leaf Hotel,

Jayalakshmipuram, Gokulam, Mysuru-570012

Telephone: 1800 123 4467



Byju’s is not a new name in the field of online education. It is perhaps the most common name that comes to mind when we think of educational resources online for any segment, be it school kids or college, or even postgraduation or other competitive exams, including government exams. Byju’s is one platform that serves students of all ages and levels. It also is famous for its CAT coaching class in Mysore.


Highlights of CAT coaching at Byju’s in Mysore:

  • Byju’s has a CAT coaching module as well as a CAT prep tablet.
  • They have a three-tier course structure to ensure multiple revisions.
  • There are the usual doubt clearing sessions, but the three-tier structure obliterates most doubts with repeated revisions.
  • All India CAT mocks, as well as solving sample papers and previous year papers, are the emphasis here.
  • Starting from the basic concept and guiding students through various shortcuts and problem-solving techniques, finally, with the reiteration of solving more papers helps students be confident to face the CAT.
  • The CAT Prep tablet is replete with the entire study material which the student can learn at his/her own pace.
  • Time-based and performance-based, topic-wise analysis ensures a holistic view of the student’s understanding of the concepts.
  • Making the tablet prep more useful and functional, is the no internet connectivity requirement, that gives freedom to the students to learn from anywhere at any time.



Hebbal Ring Road, Mysore, 570017

Telephone#: Customer care#: +919243500460




Yet another name that comes under the top CAT coaching classes in Mysore is the VPROV. This institute offers coaching of all management related entrance exams as well as GRE, GMAT, CLAT, SAT, TOEFL, IPMAT, IELTS, IIT, JEE bank jobs, and other public sectors. VPROV, with its inception by Prof. Rajesh, has 70+ centers across the country and nine overseas.


They have a faculty of 750+ who craft the careers of aspirants of diverse sectors.


Highlights of CAT coaching at VPROV, Mysore:

  • The faculty here are professionals who have experience with the CAT coaching
  • The institute helps students learn concepts and equips them with more than 250+ shortcuts, which help students crack CAT with ease.
  • Personal mentorship by the founder, Mr. Rajesh, ensures quality coaching.
  • The mentors adopt a simple yet effective way of coaching for ease of understanding by the students.
  • They have a classroom as well as distance learning or online program.
  • As with other CAT coaching classes, VPROV also has live sessions, video lectures, doubt clearing sessions, and CAT mocks



DE PAUL International School

Hootagalli, Mysore

Telephone#: 08884008880




Yet another notable name in CAT coaching classes in Mysore is Vista Mind. It provides not just CAT and other MBA entrance exam coaching but also campus recruitment tests by corporates, banks, and clerical exams, as well as the study abroad entrance exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS exams.


It has about 11 centers across India. With an experience of over ten years in the educational field, it provides excellent CAT coaching.


Highlights of CAT coaching classes at Vista Mind, Mysore:

  • They take limited students per batch.
  • The study material is lucid and extensive.
  • There are regular CAT mocks to test the ability of students and assess their understanding.
  • The CAT coaching here is either for six months or a year. Students can select the course as per their needs.



1st Floor, Building No.511, New Kalidasa Road,

Vijaynagar 1st Stage, Mysuru-570017

Telephone#: 0821 241 1299


Some more noteworthy CAT coaching classes in Mysore are:


Career Forum with the address:

Career Forum Ltd., A unit of Sapthagiri Education Service,

No. 3 First Floor, Near Mathru Mandali Circle,

Temple Road, Mysore-570012

Telephone#: 0821- 4000123, 0821-4000124, 0821-4000850


Inspire Academy with the address:

III Floor, Dyuthi Motors Building Hunsur Main Road, Jayalakshmipuram,

Near Basappa Memorial Hospital


Telephone#: 095906 66644


Professional Courses to explore

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course




  • What is the eligibility for sitting for the CAT exam?

Since CAT is mainly the admission to a Master Degree Program in Business administration and a Postgraduate Degree in Management, you have to be a graduate to be able to appear for the CAT exam.


  • Am I eligible to appear for CAT if I am in the final year of graduation?

Yes, you can absolutely appear for the CAT exam if you are in your final year of graduation. However, if you qualify and you clear your interview, you will have to provide a graduation certificate to show that you have cleared your graduation. When you fill out your form you will have to provide the marks of the last semester that you appeared in.


  • Can I make changes to my CAT application form?

You can only make changes to your photograph and signature. If you want to edit your name date of birth phone number email you have to register to create a new email id to make such changes. The latest information and new updates are going to be taken after registration and the admit card will be issued based on the same.


  • How to Prepare for CAT?

The best thing would be to join an online CAT coaching institute now. You should also join the various study groups on Facebook, Telegram, Quora, And Social media that will help you to connect with fellow CAT aspirants and exchange notes.


  • Which is the best CAT coaching Institute?

All the institutes mentioned above come in the list of the top CAT institutes. When enrolling in a CAT Institute, make sure that they conduct plenty of mock tests in (VARC, DILR, QA) sectional tests, and GD-PI mentoring sessions that will help you to prepare for the main CAT exam and subsequent processes. Along with guidance from the mentors of a CAT coaching institute, you should make a well-planned schedule to devote time to the different sections of the CAT exam diligently.


  • How to Prepare for GD-PI of CAT?

When you join an institute, the faculty is going to take meticulous care that you have plenty of mentoring sessions on personality development, confidence building. There will be one-one sessions where all nitty-gritty of the GD-PI will be explained. You will have an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses after evaluation. After that you will chart a preparation process for acing your stage 2 of the admission process, that is the GD-PI Part. If you are self-learning, go through videos available on different platforms to get an idea of how to approach the GD-PI stage with confidence.



Whether you choose a CAT coaching class that is online or a classroom program, do your research and choose wisely. Entry into the IIMs is a dream that not all can achieve. If you persevere, this dream can take flight, and you can find wings to soar in the sky. The packages offered to IIM graduates are incomparable to regular MBA graduates, not to forget the global opportunities that open up for IIM graduates.


Aarti Kalra is a certified SEO content writer at IIM Skills. She has a penchant for all things creative and is an avid reader (everything from science, fiction, to medical, and educational). Currently enjoying being a wordsmith in the diverse field of content writing.

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