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10 Best Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam with Placements

Technical writing has a bright future in Vietnam, with new work prospects for people interested in becoming technical writers appearing on a regular basis. There are numerous technical writing courses available nowadays that will provide you with a thorough education on the various concepts of technical writing in order to turn you into a productive writer.


From beginner workshops to advanced courses that can turn you into the ultimate technical communicator, there is something for everyone. Continue reading if you are from Vietnam and want to find the best technical writing courses in Vietnam.


List of the best technical writing courses in Vietnam


Nowadays, most businesses around the world are shifting from traditional business models to online-based business models, and creating quality content will be the most essential part of the business for survival and success in a competitive environment.


Although many writers and copywriters grasp the concept of technical writing, few understand the specifics. Technical writing can be a challenging path to take in your career because you don’t know where to begin.


However, because few writers dare to specialize in technical writing, it can be a highly rewarding career path to pursue. Before we go on, here is an Ultimate guide on Technical writing for you to get a basic idea of what it includes. I will list and describe the most well-known technical writing courses in Vietnam in this article.


Check out How to Choose a Course before going into the list of finest technical writing courses in Vietnam.


Top Technical Writing Courses in Vietnam to Try Right Now:


1. IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course


IIM SKILLS is a renowned online learning provider in numerous critical domains such as content writing, CAT training, and digital and web marketing. Since its inception, IIM SKILLS has educated thousands of people. Moreover, IIM SKILLS has earned the trust of its students by providing the best courses possible. Today, IIM SKILLS provides one of the highest-quality technical writing courses in Vietnam, covering both fundamental and advanced principles.


Housing highly qualified mentors who have a thorough understanding of the modules, enabling them to provide you with the finest techniques and guidance to help you succeed in your profession. The technical writing master course is a four-week (1-month) live online training program that includes 20+ hours of lectures and practical exercises and is one of the best technical writing certifications in Vietnam.


Internship opportunities, hands-on learning experience, and exposure to various software tools and programs are all included in the course to help you become a skilled technical writer. Moreover, IIM SKILLS gives you lifetime access to the course through their Learning Management System.


Learning from specialists in the field also allows you to validate your technical communication abilities. Furthermore, you will receive international certification upon successful completion of the course and assessment.


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

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Course Fee: 45,08,293 VND


2. Technical Writer HQ


TWHQ is one of the world’s largest international networks for technical writers. Professionals wishing to improve their technical writing skills can take advantage of the training platform’s technical writing courses.


Through its blog posts, reports, and newsletters, Technical Writer HQ serves as a learning center for technical writers. Customers who have used their technical writing certification to succeed in their careers have highly commended it. Participants include product managers, engineers, and start-up founders.


Furthermore, because it is an online technical writing program, you can do it from the comfort of your own home, making it one of the best technical writing courses in Vietnam. The course contains educational material for top technical writers who desire to advance their careers in technical writing.


The Technical Writing Certification Course covers formatting documentation, documentation design, API writing, FAQ and release notes writing white paper writing, and more, making it one of the highest quality technical writing courses in Vietnam.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


What are you gaining from this course?

  • More than 50 lectures, 5+ downloadable technical writing templates, and exclusive interviews with industry technical writers (more to come).
  • Interviews with businesses like Airbnb, PlayStation, and Oracle, featuring insider insights on breaking into technical writing.
  • Downloadable templates used by professional technical writers on the job.
  • Instructor input on your capstone project.
  • Free Lifetime access to future content.


Course Fee: 68,77,000 VND


If you’re interested in checking out information about jobs you can check out this How to Get Technical Writing Jobs.


3. NobleProg


NobleProg is a multinational training and consulting firm that provides job-oriented and skills-based technical writing courses in Vietnam. For Vietnamese and international students, it combines both classroom and online sessions. NobleProg provides students with high-quality education by providing them with practical knowledge and extensive training.


Engineers who want to produce technical documentation but don’t have the experience of a skilled technical writer can benefit from this instructor-led, live training in Vietnam (online or onsite). This is the only technical writing course on the list with an onsite training option.


Course Duration: 14 hours (usually in 2 days)

Technical Documentation for Non-Writers Training Course Outline:



  • Making Documentation that gets used

Requirements Gathering

  • How to View an Instruction Manual through the User’s Eyes
  • Gathering Requirements and Understanding Them (Internal and External)


  • Preparing for a Technical Writing Project
  • The Product Life Cycle and Schedules


  • Creating a Minimal Viable Draft
  • Making your Writing Compelling
  • Iteration’s Importance in the Writing Process


  • Structuring a Document
  • Making Searchable Content


  • Adding Diagrams and Illustrations
  • Techniques for Formatting and Layout
  • Enhancing Readability with Typography


  • Using Templates and Tools for Technical Documentation


  • Workflow Optimization for Technical Documentation
  • Putting the Review and Revision Process in Writing


  • Translation and the Translation Process


  • Publication of a Technical Report


  • Obtaining User Recommendations
  • Technical Documentation Updating and Maintenance


Summary and Conclusion

Gains from the course:

  • Creating accurate and user-friendly technical information.
  • Converting complex product information into user-friendly content.
  • Using tools and approaches to increase the efficiency of your writing.
  • Recognizing and managing the various stages of a writing project, such as composition, revision, translation, and publication.

Course Fee: 5,35,12,102 VND


4. Society for Technical Communication (STC)


The STC has been at the forefront of technical communication around the world for decades. It is a professional organization that promotes the advancement of technical communication for writers, editors, engineers, and managers alike.

Every year, the organization creates new sets of online programs for various areas of technical communication. This platform offers you a variety of technical writing courses in Vietnam, some of which are listed below:


  1. Fundamentals of Technical Writing

This certification is suitable to assist technical writers in understanding the fundamentals of the profession, as well as basic technical communication and routines in the workplace.

The course will focus on technical writing and its numerous functions in the workplace, analyzing the patrons, types of communications, the fundamentals of writing style, and the basics of editing, among others.


  1. Advanced Technical Editing Certification

This course will help you improve your editorial skills while also teaching you how to improve your processes and global readiness. Because practice is the best way to become a better editor, you will have exercises and projects throughout the course. You will also be given job aids, recommended reading, and other resources to help you with your work.


Objectives of the certification:

  • Recognize an editor’s strategic role.
  • Create a business case for high-quality editorial processes and global-ready content.
  • Enhance your editing abilities.
  • Obtain resources and tools to help you improve your processes and content.


What is the cost of the Society for Technical Communication course?

Seeing as STC is a community, the price deviates based on your membership division.

1,37,02,850 VND for STC Members

67,93,850 VND for STC Student Members

2,29,14,850 VND for Non-Members


5. Coursera


Coursera is usually a fantastic place to start when looking for online professional courses to strengthen technical writing skills. Technical writing training in Vietnam for professionals of all levels is available on the site.


This platform offers you a variety of technical writing courses in Vietnam, some of which are listed below:


  1. Technical Writing Course

This certification is designed by The Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology. And they provide one of the most extraordinary technical writing certifications in Vietnam. It has a specific goal in mind: to assist the learner in effectively communicating the results of their experimental or technical work.

The course teaches writing skills that are important for communicating data obtained from technical or experimental activity. The course focuses on the elements that influence the technicality of the language and concepts used. Several languages, structural, style, and content challenges that you may experience while describing the results of your study are also addressed in the course.


Course Duration: Approx. 19 hours to complete


  1. Writing for Engineering Leaders

For their positions, engineering leaders must write extensively, and their writing must be professional, reader-friendly, and error-free. Because what leaders write has an impact on productivity and the bottom line, leaders’ written communication must be simple and to the point.

This technical course offered by Rice University is designed to assist engineers to improve their communication abilities and is one of the finest technical writing certifications in Vietnam.


You’ll learn important concepts in:

  • Using the writing process to produce high-quality materials
  • Organizing your writing
  • Making your writing clear and brief
  • Managing your voice, style, and tone

Course Duration: Approx. 17 hours to complete


  1. Communication Skills for Engineering

This certification is geared toward helping engineering leaders improve their communication abilities. In this three-course specialization, you will experience developing and delivering powerful, persuasive presentations; you will converse across cultures, genders, and generations; how to build your leadership presence, how to organize effective meetings with multinational teams, how to handle crucial conversations and crisis communication, and writing skills that you can immediately apply in your everyday activities.


Course Duration: 4 months to complete, with a suggested 5 hours spent on it per week.

The cost of a Coursera course

Basic technical writing courses are available for free under Coursera’s price scheme. Specializations, which can cost anywhere from 8,97,975 VND to 18,18,975 VND each month, maybe what you end up paying for.


6. Udemy


Technical writers are in high demand in many industries, and Udemy is one of the most prestigious names in online learning across sectors and industries. Additionally, as one of the best online course providers, it offers a wide range of technical writing courses in Vietnam.


Udemy provides a far larger selection of technical writing training in Vietnam in comparison to any other platform on this list. Furthermore, once you register for the courses, you will have free lifetime access to all of the course content. Additionally, their classes include excellent downloading tools.


This platform offers a variety of technical writing courses in Vietnam, some of which are listed below:


  1. Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing

This beginner-level online technical writing course will teach you how to produce professional-class technical documents. Writing strategies, editing techniques, document components, how to develop a project plan, the use of tables, graphics, and flowcharts, and future trends in technical communication are all covered in this course. It’s all-encompassing in nature, which has led to it becoming one of the most remarkable technical writing training in Vietnam.

Course Fee: 38,75,200 VND


  1. Business and Technical Writing

This course’s coursework is more focused on financial and business writing. Each phase of the course includes videos, supporting PDF papers that allow you to follow along with the teacher, and an e-book snippet for reference that relates to the portion addressed in the video.

This course has 38 video modules, including extra materials that last between 7 and 10 minutes each. It has made it become one of the most spectacular technical writing certifications in Vietnam. In addition, an appendix on writing professional emails has been added, as well as a new section on ESL that covers tenses, vocabulary, and tone.

Course Fee: 9,66,464 VND


  1. Learn API Technical Writing

This certification teaches how to document structured data, with a focus on the JSON and XML data formats. Additionally, this is a great place to start if you’re new to API documentation.

Course Fee: 4,82,880 VND


7. TechWriter Certification


TechWriter certification, founded by Dr. John Reid and Dr. Kenneth Rainey, provides a variety of courses. TechWriter-Certification is a learning platform that offers accredited courses in technical communication only.


The online courses are geared toward writers, corporate and government employees, consultants, and even people from the military. This platform offers a variety of technical writing courses in Vietnam, some of which are listed below:


  1. Basic Technical Writing Certificate

This 90-hour course is one of the finest technical writing certifications in Vietnam for beginners. It will assist you in developing technical writing abilities, audience analysis capabilities, incorporating graphics into your content, among other things.

Course Fee: 2,24,54,250 VND


  1. Writing Certificate for Current Technical Writers, Editors, and Designers

This 90-hour course is designed to help current professionals improve their technical writing and communication skills. The Certificate in Technical Writing program is taught by highly qualified industry practitioners and technical writing faculty and is one of the highest quality technical writing certifications in Vietnam.

Course Fee: 2,24,54,250 VND


8. Alison Technical Writing


Except for the previously mentioned Coursera basic level courses, this is the only free technical writing option on the list. Alison teaches you the fundamentals of technical writing, technical report writing, and communication.


As an online technical writing course, it is accessible from anywhere in Vietnam via a variety of platforms, including cell phones. Thus offering one of the finest technical writing training programs in Vietnam.


It is primarily intended to assist newcomers in gaining a fundamental understanding of the topic and grasping all of its concepts before diving into work. The course focuses on the characteristics of good technical writing, as well as the complexities of the writing process and responding to the specific needs of your target audience.


The curriculum lasts between 1.5 and 3 hours. There are seven modules and 34 core subjects in the core curriculum. To access the course, you must first go to one of the Alison sites. Alison has also released a new app that you may use to begin learning right away.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite 


9. British Council Technical Writing Workshop


The British Council provides a variety of courses and workshops to enhance potential candidates’ professional prospects. Their workshop is one of the most illuminating technical writing courses in Vietnam.


This workshop focuses on the specialized abilities required by technical writers to guarantee their writing has a positive influence on their readers. You will engage in a fun experiment using home items, which will then form the basis of a project that will run throughout the workshop.


Gains from the workshop:

  • Learn how to customize content to your reader’s needs.
  • Recognize the characteristics and distinctions between numerous forms of technical documentation.


10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the most prestigious educational institutions. They provide technical writing courses in Vietnam and at an international level. With over 15 years of expertise, Henry Harvin has some of the most well-respected industry specialists. Several organizations have recognized their efforts over the years. Leading to them being invited to more than a hundred keynote webinars for technical writing courses as a result.


The course develops professional writing skills that are necessary for conveying information obtained through a cycle of specialized or test work. You’ll learn how to write numerous specialty reports, such as research reports, progress reports, and counseling reports, among others.


Technical Writing Certification with Gold Membership:

  • Live interactive online classroom sessions
  • Projects in the Documentation Process, and more
  • Internship support
  • Placement guarantee
  • Access to a Wide Range of Tools and Techniques, visual content, assignments, among others

Course Fee:

  1. Self-Paced Course – 40,85,910 VND
  2. Live Online Classroom – 45,40,350 VND


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the objective of technical writing?

The objective of technical writing is to provide information to a targeted audience that explains a technique or simplifies a complex subject. Technical writing is intended for individuals who are searching for knowledge on a specific issue. The purpose of addressing this group is to ensure that the information presented is clear, simple, and easy for everyone to understand.


Q2. Is technical writing a good career?

Every business must communicate the value of its products to customers and within teams. Maintaining a clear line of communication throughout the organization appears to be a barrier far too difficult to overcome.

This is where technical writers come in; they become incredibly significant assets, bridging the communication gap not just within the company but also with the consumers. Because tech writers can work in a variety of fields, the more they specialize rather than remaining generalists, the more chances they generate for themselves.


Q3. Are technical writing courses worth it?

A course in technical writing is the best way to begin your journey as a technical writer. Since you must begin somewhere, it is preferable, to begin with, a high-quality lesson rather than diving headfirst into real work and becoming discouraged along the way. However, make sure you choose the best course for you. Learning the basics through certification is a safe choice to make before diving headfirst into the complexities of a field.


Q4. Is Technical Writing in demand?

Research has shown that from 2020 to 2030, the demand for technical writers is expected to grow at a surplus rate of 12%. Each year, approximately 5,500 new technical writing job openings would be created, representing one of the highest growth rates in any occupational field.



Technical writing is an important and marketable skill that can help you either upskill or change careers. A technical writer specializes in a type of writing that we all encounter on a daily basis, providing difficult and technical material in a way that even the most inexperienced reader can comprehend. I hope this list of the best technical writing courses in Vietnam helps you choose the ideal course for your needs.

  • Working night shifts or rotating shifts at a call centre leaves me with little free time, despite my interest in content creation. Could you direct me to the best technical writing courses in Vietnam? Please don’t suggest that I enrol in the standard online courses provided by reputable universities that give recorded videos as there is no method for me to ask questions and I struggle with studying alone. The institution I want to go to should be reputable, provide excellent training at a reasonable cost, and assist me in getting a job. Working a few internships part-time is no problem for me provided they are part time .

  • We run a family poultry and fish business and create a fresh catalogue with recipes every month. I wanted to enrol in a writing course so that I could build a beautiful website and post our latest blogs and recipes online. Based on my need and demand, I looked up a number of courses and was recommended to Technical writing courses in Vietnam. Are the durations of all of the courses mentioned here the same, and do they all cover the same topics? I’d prefer to enrol in a full-time course that allows me to connect with the instructors. Please provide suggestions.

  • I’m seeking a technical writing course in Vietnam that I can finish in three months of working from home and that is also available online, as attending offline classes right now would be inconvenient. also, an institute that provides internships for hands-on experience. Please advise which of the above-mentioned courses would be most appropriate for me.

  • My company deals with professional email drafting . I have been in this business for a while now and I want to upgrade my knowledge and skills to provide the best services to my clients . So I thought of enrolling for a Technical writing courses in Vietnam . Your article has mentioned various institutes providing this course but I am more keen in knowing what is the curriculum of the course . Also which of the above institutes provides online classes that are available on the weekends . l would also like to know if you have done your course from any of the above stated academy’s and what was your experience like?

  • wanted to learn technical writing as a new skill for quite some time now, but the number of options out there is paralyzing to me. choosing the right course is an important part of learning a skill as not all courses are worth it. besides as a working professional, I need a course that is flexible enough to not interfere with my current job. this article about the top technical writing courses in Vietnam, not only narrows down the number of option but also give information about online course available in Vietnam in offline and online mode.

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