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Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad With Placements

Writing for any context simplifies complex subjects and topics in the simplest way possible. The highest aim for writing about anything is to make anything so simple that any human can understand it or it can be made understood to all.


There are various types of writing followed in different industries and technical writing is amongst the topmost important writing that is required to simplify the complex nature of certain functionalities and processes to the general public so that they could use it properly and efficiently. This article intends to provide required information about the top 6 technical writing courses in Hyderabad.


List of the best technical writing courses in Hyderabad


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is a type of writing which is used to provide information, instructions, or direct a specific audience through maximum clarity and precision with a specific tangible goal in mind.


Basically, technical writing is primarily used to inform, instruct or direct certain audiences to act after having enough clarity regarding something in order to avoid danger or some unwanted situation to prevail.


For example; If you see caution signage with an instruction written on it as a wet floor that would mean to walk with utmost awareness or to avoid walking on that area of the floor.


Another example could be an instruction manual that accompanies a new branded mobile phone or any other gadget which informs you about the specific features of the device and how to direct them to use efficiently.


Rules of Technical Writing


  • Remember the purpose of the finished product:


As a technical writer, you must clearly know what your writing purpose is as early as possible- are you informing, instructing, directing, or indirectly persuading? Different directions will lead you to different destinations which might not work for you if you are not clear with the end purpose.


  • Understand and remember audience:


As a technical writer, you need to understand your audience, like what concerns they have while reading your stuff. What do they need out of your writing? What is their take on the purpose of your writing? Will they read your printed words or would they read them online?


  • Understand the topic or product and its specific requirements:


Knowing completely about your topic or product and its context like what all information is required about it and around it to communicate to others is always a preferable condition. All information must be accurate, up-to-date, and accurate.


  • Be consistent:


Being consistent with your style of writing and usage of exact relevant words is a must in communicating the exact intention to the readers.


  • Write precisely and clearly:


In technical writing, you need not elaborate on anything which is not necessary to communicate. You just need to provide enough information to make things clear. The sentences should be short and clear. The reader must not misinterpret your words nor do they question your writing.


  • Use visuals


In order to assist your writing intention and purpose, it is best to make good use of visuals. Additionally, the page and content design must be well crafted.



Scope of Technical Writing


Technical writing includes creating and designing technical documents such as installation manuals, training manuals, user manuals, quick reference guides, administration guides. The subject matter of technical writing revolves around products, technologies, and processes. As a technical writer, you can penetrate with required qualifications and skills in industries like IT, Aerospace, Medicine, Government, Engineering and Manufacturing, Insurance, etc.


Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad



IIM SKILLS is the topmost institute with a global presence that offers technical writing courses in Hyderabad. With an agenda of uplifting youngsters and opportunity seekers, IIM SKILLS provides excellent learning and required skills.


The experienced industry experts are continuously in support of students and candidates to make sure they are well prepared to start their careers without any hindrances. With its flexible timings and excellent training, IIM SKILLS offers you a Technical Writing Course in the best possible manner.


Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course

Duration: 5 weeks

Course Fees: 14,900 +GST

Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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Course Offerings:


  • Introduction part where you will be enlightened about the kind of role a technical writer plays in industries where it is in demand.
  • To know how technical writing works or what is required to be a technical writer.
  • You will be guided by providing knowledge about technical tools, which are used to enhance the content quality.
  • You will know how to create a technical report by using various styling techniques.
  • You will know how to create your own technical articles like journals, white papers, and scientific research articles.
  • You will be trained in the versioning of a document and introduced to a versioning tool like Git.
  • You will be introduced to microcontent and conversational writing.
  • You will learn the introductory stages of review and publishing tools.
  • You will learn the essentials of XML authoring.
  • You will be able to use datasheets, user manuals, and application notes.
  • You will learn about effective writing with the importance of basic grammar, formatting, and punctuation guidelines.
  • You will learn to write medical blogs and writing.
  • You will be assisted with some case studies.

With 100 percent tools-driven training and practical learning, IIM SKILLS offers you internship opportunities in leading industrial sectors. The training is fully equipped with live classes and 24*7 support systems by industry experts. Also, the technical writing master course is updated and relevant to current standards.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


 2. Confai


Confai Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the world of technical writing training and solutions. It has been 15 years since Confai has been serving technical services in countries like the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and India. Confai offers technical writing courses in Hyderabad as online and onsite programs for beginners, mid-level, and senior technical writers.


They also cater training programs for technical professionals to assist them to upgrade their technical communication. For example, software engineers, lab staff, testers, engineers, technicians.


Confai offers solutions and consulting services for documentation, content management systems, process automation, online and desktop authoring solutions, plugins for industry-leading tools such as Online publishing, Adobe FrameMaker, MadCap Flare, and more.


Available Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad

Diploma in Technical Writing

For: Beginners

Duration: One Month

Certification: Diploma in Technical Writing

Description: After you are done with this course, You can undertake technical writing projects independently.

Placement Assistance: Yes, You will be assisted in your career goals as Technical Writer by the Confai team.


DITA Certification Course

For: Beginners

Duration: One Month

Certification: Diploma in Technical Writing

Description:  After you are done with this course, You can undertake technical writing projects independently.

 Placement Assistance: Yes, you will be assisted in your career goals as Technical Writer by the Confai team.


Course on Authoring Tools

For: Beginners/Intermediate


  • FrameMaker
  • FrameMaker (Structured)
  • RoboHelp
  • Captivate
  • MadCap Flare
  • XMetal
  • Author-it
  • MS Word (Advanced)
  • MS Word (Macros and Plugins)


Duration: One Week – Each Course

Certification: Certification in Specific Tool

Description:  After you are done with this course, you can undertake technical writing projects independently.


API Documentation – Certification Course

For: Beginners

Duration: One Month

Certification: Diploma in Technical Writing

Description: After you are done with this course, you can undertake technical writing projects independently.

Placement Assistance: Yes, you will be assisted in your career goals as Technical Writer by the Confai team.


Advanced Writing Skills for Technical Writers

For: Beginners

Duration: One Week


In this course, the prime focus is on improving writing skills for technical writers along with editing skills. It is meant for technical writers who have experience of 4-5 years.


Diagrams and Graphics Tools – Certification Course

For: Beginners

Duration: One Week

  • Photoshop for Technical Writers
  • Visio for TechWriters
  • SnagIt

Certification: Certification in Graphic Tools

Description: After you are done with this course, you will know how to use the various tools for graphics in Technical Writing and create professional graphics.


Managing Technical Writing Department

For:  Senior Technical Writers with a leadership role

Duration: One Week

Certification: Managing Technical Writing Teams

This course intends to assist you to understand modern trends and techniques of Documentation Automation, Content Management, Single-Sourcing, Reviews and Publishing, Documentation Workflow, and Collaborative writing.

Automating Documentation Processes

 For: Interested and experienced software development professionals

 Duration: 3 Weeks Each Tool


This course provides you with skills in tool automation and automating documentation workflows. You will be able to program tools such as MadCap Flare, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and MS Word. Also, you will know how to make plugins that enhance the features of these tools and make your team more productive.

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3.  NIIT


NIIT named as Information Developer Foundation founded by Rahul Karn in 2009 is another offline and online home for providing technical writing courses in Hyderabad. InfoDev Foundation has always been clear with its agenda of providing technical writing courses in Hyderabad in order to:


  • empower opportunity seekers to grow & create passion-based communities.
  • encourage ideas and imagination which make the content world better.
  • educate people to know how to master the Information Developer world- no matter where they stand.


Course offered: Technical Writing Free Course

Duration: 90 minutes

Seats: 20 students


4. Authortech


Authortech was previously known as the Institute of Technical Writing. It has been providing training and documentation services to industry giants since 2007. Authortech caters to technical writing, content writing, outsourcing, and consulting. Authortech offers technical writing courses in Hyderabad.


Authortech specializes in information organization and revealing it in a structured manner for efficient results. Authortech is a prominent place for technical writing solutions and training. Along with providing technical solutions services, they know the basic requirements of the field and consist of a developed team that provides training with experienced knowledge and skills.


Authortech will assist you to understand and master a technical writing career, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced technical writer who is looking to upgrade his skills in creating reports, tutorials, installation manuals, user guides, and reference manuals, etc.


The founder of Authortech Mr. Rajesh Singamsetty himself has eight-plus years of experience in technical writing and offers his personal knowledge and studies through innovative training methodologies.


The courses at Authortech are programmed for particular needs, interactive and practical learnings. With relevant yet splendid examples and rigorous exercises, Author tech ensures trainees use the knowledge- practice- reinforcement outlet to master the technical writing courses in Hyderabad.


Key Highlights:


  • Course Name: Technical Writing Training
  • Course Curriculum: The curriculum comprises all the updated tools and in-depth topics out of which students can learn any three technical documentations from the initial level to understand the format of technical documents.
  • The syllabus includes FrameMaker 11, MS Word 2010, SnagIT 11, MS Visio 2010, Style guides, RoboHelp 10, and XML basics.
  • Authortech also offers self-learning training on technical writing where trainees can get all training materials in the form of soft copy and video tutorials.


5.  TechTotal


TechTotal Soft Systems Private Limited is amongst the topmost organizations that offer professional technical documentation service and training under technical writing courses in Hyderabad, India. It aims to enhance the usage of technical writing’s finest practices among India’s organizations. Tech Total has got more than 4 points under google ratings.


Course Offered: Certificate course in Technical Writing

Duration: 45 days

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Importance of Technical Writing
  • Role of a Technical Writer
  • SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
  • DDLC
  • Documentation process
  • Technical Writing Process
  • Grammar and Editing
  • Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Microsoft Word
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Snaq IT
  • MS- Visio
  • Powerpoint
  • Photoshop


Who Can Apply?

With flexible training time offerings:

  • Any graduate individuals willing for a promising career in technical writing
  • Software Engineers
  • IT experienced candidates
  • Medical Transcriptionists
  • Experienced Call Centre Executives
  • Software Engineers
  • Technical writing professionals who want to update their technical skills
  • Teachers, Lecturers, Professors
  • Research Scholars

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


6. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is an Educational Technology organization spread globally. It is based out of the US and India with a customer base in more than 97 countries. It ranks amongst the top 500 Edtech companies across the world and the top 100 Edtech companies in India.


Henry Harvin is also recognized as an online university with 200 plus programs for upskilling and reskilling as a career and competency development organization. It offers one of the best technical writing courses in Hyderabad.


Course Offered: Technical Writing Course

Duration: 32 hours


The course offers main features and components that decide the level of details of the language and included ideas. You will get to know how to compose various specialized reports, e.g., progress reports, lab reports, counseling reports, and the course further moves towards a design, style, few languages, and style and issues related to content that you can experience while reviewing the after-effects of your exploration.  Recognized by various organizations, the trainers have 15 plus years of experience and have delivered 350 + lectures.


Course Offerings:

Training:  Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions for 32 hours.

Projects: Facilitates with projects in Technical Writing Software Tools, Documentation Process, and more.

Internship: To gain practical experience of the learnings internship opportunities are available.

Certification: Recognized by Govt. of India as Award-Winning Institute for Certified Technical Writing course from Henry Harvin.

Placement: Guaranteed placement for one year post completing the course successfully. Complete access to E-learning with abundant tools and techniques, assessments, video content, and more.

Bootcamps: Regular training in 12 months.

Hackathons: Completely free access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions.

Membership: For the certified technical writer, Henry Harvin offers one year of Gold Membership of the course.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the different types of technical writing?

The most common types of technical writing are three which are:

  • Traditional: repair manuals, medical studies.
  • End-user documentation: Electronics, consumer products.
  • Technical marketing content: Press releases, catalogs.


  1. What is the purpose of technical writing?

The ultimate purpose of technical writing is to make complex information understandable and simple to its readers even if they don’t have initial knowledge of the topic. Technical writing intends to explain how particular object functions or how to complete a task or project.


  1. How is technical writing relevant to some businesses?

Today many businesses require to communicate their office policies and procedures to their employees in order to maintain their standards and code of conduct. The business has certain policies and standard operating procedures which must be clearly communicated to the staff so that no violations would take place knowingly or unknowingly.


  1. Is technical writing only limited to the technical world?

Often many people mistakenly believe that technical writing is only for technology-centered fields or fields in architecture and engineering. While technical writing is commonly used for a few fields, it is actually a style of writing which is not specific to any particular field. It can be used for businesses and other disciplines.


 Concluding Words:


In final words, it is undeniable to say that technical writing is a career that promises and rewards anyone with a great future if the course and further learning are continued with keen interest and commitment.


As new devices and their processes are introduced every coming day, the need and requirement for technical writers are expected to increase simultaneously. Above mentioned are some best technical writing courses in Hyderabad.


However, the basic requirement anyone will need even before going to opt for a full-fledged course, is the interest and habit of writing, researching, editing, drafting along with tools and software used in technical writing.


Technical writing is a type of writing which needs the technical writer to understand all about the subject matter and the way that information needs to be communicated. Also, the written words must be relevant, readable, exact, and understandable for all without misinterpreting the content information. Also, it is necessary to know your target audience and their way to approach the information written.


The ultimate goal of technical writing is to help users conveniently read and understand without getting confused. As the general audience has less or no technological knowledge. The easy way out is to write in a manner so that anyone could understand the logical process of the product and devices so that they feel more convenient and confident while using it.


Pursue any of these technical writing courses in Hyderabad to upgrade your career.


  • I like reading your essay about the Technical writing courses in Hyderabad . As most courses only focus on in-demand or very well-known jobs like digital marketing, I wasn’t sure which course would help me pursue my long-held dream of becoming a sample tester or reviewer. If this is the course I should enrol in, it’s because I want to pursue product testing and reviewing as a vocation. I have one more question: Will the technical writing classes teach me technical writing in-depth, or will I need to take a master’s course after that? Please help me with your suggestions .

  • I’m a mass media student who wants to establish a name for myself in the realm of writing. I have a blog that I have been publishing for approximately three years. I’d like to improve the overall design of my blog and generate more material, so I’m considering enrolling in technical writing courses in Hyderabad. After reading your write up , I’m confident that this course will help me enhance my writing skills and create better material. Please recommend an institute that you believe will be the most beneficial to me. Thank you for your time and consideration; I look forward to hearing from you.

  • hi, I m Ashish, Can you tell me what is the average salary of a technical writer? I have completed my graduation and I will soon join my family business. but I also wanna try something of my own, is technical writing suitable as a part-time job? which of the above institute offers offline technical writing courses in Hyderabad?

  • I am interested in content writing but I am currently working at a call centre and do night shifts which leave me little time for myself . Can you direct me a Technical writing courses in Hyderabad . please don’t refer the usual online courses from reputed academies that provide recorded videos as there is no way I can ask my doubts and self study is a bit of a challenge for me. The academy I am looking to register at should be genuine and provide quality training for a nominal fee and also support me with placements . Thank you

  • hey Ashish, your article is really helpful in choosing a technical writing course in Hyderabad. I am currently in the 3rd year of my BCA course and was extremely confused about what career to choose after graduation. as I like writing, technical writing is one of the jobs in my mind, but wasn’t sure about it, as I don’t know the job opportunities. it quite assuring to know that some institutes do provide placement assistance.

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