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Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in France

Technical writers documents technology; however, the work does not end there. When technical communication is the career plan, having sound knowledge of technology, a flair for writing, knowing how to find what’s relevant for readers, having organizational skills. Finally, being well-versed with the power of translation is imperative. So let’s glance through a list of technical writing courses in France that can help you acquire the skill set needed to become a technical writer.


List of the top technical writing courses in France


Indeed, you are looking for technical writing courses in France to comprehend the world of technical communication. When aspiring to become a technical writer having the competency to guess the meaning of the technique or aligning your writing with the technique are equally important skills. Technical writing is guidance and not a medium to show your knowledge.


You need to understand that a technical writer must maintain a sense of dignity when the relationship with the audience or readers is concerned. Dignity in the context of technical writing is making the readers feel guided and informed. Along with guidance comes a sense of responsibility towards the readers. Once you understand your role in the readers’ life, simplifying the technology’s complexity can become much easier than it appears to be.


The two primary purposes of technical writing:

  • Simplifying the complexities in technology to instruct the non-experts and
  • Enable the non-experts to use Technology


Can technical writers be creative?


Yes! Creative extrapolation is like a magic wand for technical writers. It is mainly used when there isn’t enough information regarding a topic. Though technical writing must be straightforward, creativity ensures that the document is not dry and unimaginative.


Now that the warm-up is over and you are ready to exercise the spirit of technical writing. Let’s go through some of the best technical writing courses in France so that it becomes easier for you to make a decision.




You’re looking for a course where experts have condensed their experience to form a comprehensive curriculum for those aspiring to be technical writers. The global leader IIM SKILLS wants its learners to surrender to the course. Then it is the institute’s work to inculcate the essence of technical writing in the learners. Furthermore, make them well-versed with tools that can enhance their writing prowess.


This master certification course is tool-driven training. And can be great learning for learning time. Therefore, if you are looking for technical writing courses in France peeping into the syllabus of IIM SKILLS can be a great idea.


Course Name: Master Technical Writing Course

Course Duration: 5-weeks

Course Fees: Rs. 14,900+18% GST


The course structure is as follows-

  • Basics of technical writing
  • The role of a technical writer
  • Researching about the topic
  • Templates for writing documents
  • Target audience analysis
  • Researching a document
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mind mapping the content
  • Schematics
  • Infographics
  • Creating a technical document
  • Learning about styling techniques
  • Writing technical articles, white papers, and scientific reports
  • The versioning of a document
  • Introduction to Git
  • Microcontent
  • Conversational writing
  • Learning about the reviewing stages
  • An introduction to the publishing tools
  • API documentation
  • XML Authoring
  • Grammar rules for effective writing
  • Following the punctuation guidelines
  • Everything about medical writing


The tools covered in the syllabus are as follows-

  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git
  • Scribus
  • Canva
  • PowerPoint
  • Robohelp
  • XML
  • DITA


Reasons to take this course are as follows-

  • One month internship post the masterclasses
  • A lifetime Consulting and technical support to the learners
  • Assistance in portfolio development for a job or freelance work
  • Publishing a white paper
  •  Writing a scholarly article or a book chapter
  • Writing a technical blog for the Times of India blog
  • Learners can access a dedicated placement cell
  • Learners will have lifetime access to the lectures and the course material


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

If you want to connect with IIM Skills for further counseling and support-

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite 

2. Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning 


In a technology-driven world, realizing the need for technical communication is not a mammoth task. Symbiosis was well-versed with the forces responsible for giving birth to technical writing. Therefore the Symbiosis center of distance learning has developed a comprehensive course to make technical communication and writing not a skill set but a habit for learners.


Since you’re looking for technical writing courses in France, always remember four essential skills that a technical writer needs to ace. It is

  • Having organizational skills,
  • Understanding people’s intentions and needs behind reading technology,
  • Being good with words, and
  • Having a decent grasp of technology.


Symbiosis has formulated a comprehensive curriculum for the learners, keeping all these things in mind. Which will transform a novice into an expert and help understand the language of technology for today’s time and age.


Course Name: PG diploma in technical writing in business management

Course Duration: 2 years

Course Fees: Rs. 50,000


The course syllabus is as follows-


  • The idea of Technical communication
  • The cycle of information development
  • The various technical writing styles
  • English grammar and techniques of editing
  • The software tools for technical communication
  • The advanced concepts in technical writing
  • The different practices in management
  • The know-how of business communication
  • The needs of instructional designing in business communication
  • The documentation types
  • The technical writing tools
  • The various research methodologies
  • The final project for technical writing


If you wish to take this course that is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical aspects of technical writing and communication, then,



Tel: +91-20-6621 1000–20

Email:[email protected]


3. Alison 


The world is much more connected today than it was in the past. The reason is communication. Communication has not only transformed lives but even workplaces, for that matter. With this idea, Alison has created a curriculum for technical writers. In the course, you will understand the fundamentals of technical writing.


Furthermore, learn the critical concepts of readability and simplicity to cook a healthy meal (document) in the kitchen of technical communication and serve it to the audience. Keep scrolling down to study the course structure and decide if this is the choicest fit for your search on technical writing courses in France.


Course Name: Technical writing Essentials

Course Duration: 1.5-3 hours

Course Fees: Free


The topics included in the syllabus are as follows-


  • The world of Technical communication
  • Basics of technical writing And communication
  • What is a rhetorical situation in technical communication
  • The process of Technical writing
  • The professional style of technical writing
  • Precision And clarity in communication
  • The art of persuasive writing
  • How to design a document
  • The techniques to enhance the readability of a document
  • Getting acquainted with the research terminologies
  • The various research methods
  •  The scope of any project
  •  Presentation of a research
  • What are the standard document types?
  • The instructions for writing
  • Learning about the technical descriptions
  • Presentation skills ( both visual and oral)
  • Writing proposals and progress reports
  • Authoring long reports
  • Feasibility studies
  • Final course assessment


If you want to research more about this course, please explore the Alison website!


4. Domestika


You can stand out from the crowd of technical writers if you comprehend how words act as tools. When the words take the form of a sentence, they become the solution to the target audience’s queries. When people buy apparel, book a movie ticket, or pay their bills, they first go through the description or instructions to examine the product or service. Therefore, mastering the essence of words can improve UX writing.

So if you are searching for Technical writing courses in France, consider glancing over the course syllabus.


Course Name: Introduction to UX writing

Course Duration: 2 hours 18 minutes

Course Fees: Rs. 519


 The course curriculum is as follows-


  • The impact of a presentation in writing
  •  the idea of UX writing
  •  knowing your audience or readers
  •  reading to write better
  • The conversation is hidden in digital systems
  •  how voice differs from tone?
  •  how to compose a document for a smooth User experience


If you want to create a fantastic User experience with your writing, explore domestika to know more about the course.


5. Udemy


Are you looking for well-planned technical writing courses in France? Then this best-seller course on technical will teach you the principles of technical writing and improve your writing skills. It also will help you in treating your document with deep editing. Many have loved this course and have left some reviews that you can always peep.


Course Name: Professional Technical Writing: Advance your Writing Skills

Course Duration: 6 hours on-demand

Course Fees: Rs. 12,800


The course structure is as follows-


  • Various components of the Technical document
  • What is the documentation plan?
  • Writing techniques for technical communication
  •  Eliminating anthropomorphism
  •  Tools to keep grammar errors at Bay
  •  Writing a procedural task
  •  Methods to write a chapter
  •  The writing formulas
  •  The styling guidelines
  •  Editing techniques for technical writing
  •  How to find the core idea
  •  Identifying relevance
  •  What is a Monster sentence
  •  How can claim language impact a technical document
  • Is avoiding Negative writing in technical communication a must?
  •  What is the agent of action
  •  Creating an MS Word template
  •  The various templates for technical writing
  •  What should be the paper size
  •  The idea of multi-level numbering
  •  The concept of multi-thread numbering
  •  The index indentation levels
  •  The variables in technical writing
  • Graphs and charts used in technical writing
  • Images Incorporated in technical writing
  • Audience analysis
  • Robohelp
  • Adding citations and Bibliography
  • Technical writing jobs
  • Working from home


If you wish to have technical writing principles at your fingertips, explore udemy to learn more about the course!


6. Tech Writer-Certification

Anyone can search for technical writing courses in France but not everyone is aspiring to become a technical writer. Some are already in an existing job and want to either update their knowledge or prepare for higher technical communication positions. This course is for current technical writers who wish to study how the technical writing profession appears today.


Course Name: Certificate in Technical Writing

Course Duration:  90 hours 

Course Fees: $975


This training includes 3 package courses which are as follows-


Course Name: Technical communication and introduction for current technical writers, editors, and designers


The course curriculum is as follows- 

  • Knowing about the field of technical communication
  • The various tasks and job titles in the field of Technical communication
  • The historical forces responsible behind making this profession
  • Key terminologies used in technical communication
  • Audiences’ reaction to the various technical documents
  • How typography and layout of the document affect the audience or readers?
  • The product management process
  • Components of an information plan
  • Audience analysis
  •  task analysis
  • Testing the documentation
  •  Learning the levels of editing
  • Best practices for writing
  •  challenges faced while publishing the content
  • The importance of visual analysis


Course Name: Intermediate technical writing


The course structure is as follows

  • The healthy design practices
  • The common challenges faced in designing
  •  the standard design format
  •  audience and task analysis a form of preparation
  • How to explain actions clearly in a document?


Course Name: Advanced technical writing


The course curriculum is as follows

  • The role of a new technical writer
  • The components of a user-centered design
  • Which are the latest technical writing designing principles?
  • Developing Communications based on User experience
  • Organizing and interpreting data
  • Polishing your documents with deep editing
  •  The impact of visual design


You can excel and be a part of the world of technical communication if you decide to pursue this course. Still in doubt? Then check out the website of tech writer certification.


7. University of Wisconsin Eau Claire:

Course Name: Basic certificate in technical writing

Course Duration: 90 hours

Course Fees: $975


The course structure is as follows-

  • Develop a technical language to ace technical writing
  • Audience analysis
  • Tips for clear and precise technical writing
  • Principles of formatting
  • Production management processes
  • Creating content specifications


If you want to make progress in the field of Technical communication, then connect with the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.


Tel: 7158363636

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite 


8. Henry Harvin


As a technical writer, the primary role is to develop information from the given data. Thus, having a good grip over the language of technology is imperative. This integrated curriculum by Henry Harvin will make you an effective technical communicator and open the gates of job opportunities. Therefore, considering Henry Harvin as a potential result for your search on technical writing courses in France can undoubtedly be a decision that you will not regret.


Course Name: Technical writing course with gold membership

Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Fees: Rs. 13,500


The course curriculum is as follows-


  • The idea and goal of technical writing
  • The difference between technical and business writing
  • What is the role of a technical writer?
  • Audience analysis
  • The collection and Organization of data and information
  • How to curate information verbally and visually?
  • The process of producing information
  • The stages of document development
  • Technical documentation
  • How to plan a document?
  • Selection of tools for technical writing
  • Analysis and audience profiling
  • The difference between technical and editorial reviews
  • The idea of Pagination
  • The process of formatting the document
  • What are document conversions?
  • The process of content publishing
  • English grammar for technical writing
  • The punctuation guidelines
  • Following the MS style guides
  • Proofreading the draft
  • Components of Technical document
  • Documentation plan
  •  Techniques of technical writing
  •  Eliminate variants
  •  Maintaining the balance of active and passive voice
  •  Eliminating anthropomorphism
  •  Dealing with dangling participles
  •  Avoiding noun trains
  •  Steps to create an MS Word template
  •  Attaching the new template to any document
  •  Writing for user manuals
  •  API documentation
  •  SDK documentation
  •  Market requirements document (MRD)
  •  User requirements document (URD)
  •  Everything about DITA tools
  •  Authoring tool- XML
  •  Business communication skills
  •  Interview preparation
  •  Presentation skills for technical communication
  •  Eesume writing


Tools covered in the course are as follows-

  • Microsoft Word
  •  Macromedia Robohelp
  •  Adobe FrameMaker
  •  Snag IT
  •  MS Visio
  •  PowerPoint
  •  Photoshop


Reasons to take this course are as follows-

  • Getting well-versed with the ethics in scientific communication.
  • Learning to prepare thorough research proposals
  • Knowing the meaning and types of literature review.
  • Learn the skills to write a thesis
  • Writing a quality paper in less time
  • Know how to structure a research paper
  • Operating on free software to create citations


If you desire to pursue this course, then-


 Tel:+91 98 919539 53


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Is technical writing a promising career?

Technical writing is a remarkable career if you can melt the challenges by having expertise in technical communication. The field of technical writing is expanding at a fast pace to align with the need of the digital world. Therefore, technical writing is undoubtedly an outstanding career in today’s time and age.


2. What is the average salary of a Technical writer in France?

The basic salary of a technical writer in France is €39,305 per annum.


3. What are the challenges of a technical writer?

The possible challenges faced by the technical writer are as follows-

  • Restructuring the data and information provided by a subject matter expert
  • Researching about a topic that you are not interested
  • Managing time to meet the deadlines
  • Monotony due to working on the same kind of projects
  • Figuring out the main idea behind the subject and then translating it in a simplified form.


4. The difference between content and technical writer?

Content writers aim at reaching a specific audience by writing on various subjects. In contrast, technical writers write about technology and science to reach a vast audience. Content writing is also known as internet writing. It is all about solving the target audience’s queries to finally direct their attention to a specific product, service, or business.

In comparison, technical writing is more about instructing the masses to use a product, book, or knowing about new inventions and techniques.


5. What is the language used in technical writing?

Technical writings cater to a vast audience. When the audience is versatile, the language should be such that most people understand it. By language, it means the way the idea gets arranged into words. Therefore the writing has to be neutral, straightforward, and free of jargon so that readers can find a sense of purpose.




Suppose you explore the various technical writing courses in France to improve your technical writing skills. In that case, one good way to do that is by enrolling in a class. Because other methods for improvement include:

  • Reading.
  • Creating a workflow.
  • Take feedback on what you write.
  • Writing the right way.

All these are either thoroughly or summarily taught in any technical writing course. You are only required to be mindful in selecting a technical writing course. After which, you only have to play along with the institute to master technical writing.


  • I am an influencer with a respectable following, and I’m doing very well. But with every second person turning to Instagram to become an influencer, there is a lot of escalating competition. I want to outperform the competition, and open up bigger prospects for myself. My friend suggested that I look into any Technical writing courses in France that will improve how effectively I use the web to build my business. I perused a number of courses and even went to a sample class for a marketing course I had seen on YouTube, but I wasn’t very fond of it because I didn’t find it particularly helpful. Please help me.

  • Hello, I’m a master’s degree student in France, and I’m seeking certification to help me boost my resume. I worked as a writer and editor for a campus magazine. I’ve always found writing fascinating, and now I’d like to master it with a methodical approach. I’m also curious about the extent of freelancing in this industry; is it long-term viable? Also, which is better: content writing or technical writing?

  • I am a pastry chef in France . I have been here for the past 2 years and I now want to start a business here . I want to join a Technical writing courses in France which will help me curate my ideas and give structure to my content so that it looks professional . I also want to know if the courses suggested in this article are in French or English ? I read the highlights of the course contents and I want to know is there any pre-requisite to sign up for the course ? Thank you .

  • /I am an international student in France and an engineering graduate looking for side hustles that I can manage with my studies. Technical writing is one such job in which I can easily manage my studies along with making money. Your article on the top technical writing courses in France helped me in choosing the right course to horn my skill and build a network in the technical writing industry all without burning a hole into my pocket.

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