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Top 9 Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh With Placements

India’s first planned city post-independence, Chandigarh is the epitome of architecture with the vision of urban design. With technology expanding its roots in every walk of life and every part of the country, this city has not been left untouched in this arena either. Just as digitization is making its way in our lives, business, and every other avenue known to humans, so is the requirement of content writers increasing with each passing day.Technical writing may be just another type of content writing category but it carries a blind myth with it, which states that one cannot become an expert in this field unless one holds a technical degree. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to understand that with the right knowledge, skills, and experience, acquired through enrolling in some of the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh, one can become an expert technical writer. 

Technical writing courses in Chandigarh


Basic Questions Aimed at Understanding the Concept of Technical Writing


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing, in short, refers to the style of regenerating highly technical content into a more reader-friendly format, which is aimed at both technical and non-technical audiences. All organizations falling under the verticals such as computers, robotics, space, medical, engineering, and, automotive, etc. utilize the content writing skills of a technical writer.


As a thumb rule of content writing, any writer needs to assess their target audience, their understanding capacity and deliver the content accordingly. The main aim is to give people a solution to their problem; therefore, a technical writer needs to ensure that the target audience’s corresponding demographic is addressed properly.


As a technical writer is aware of the technicalities of the product or service being referred to in the documentation, therefore, proofreading and fact-checking on a repeated basis is mandatory, before the final copy is rolled out to the target audience. Getting a second opinion on your content from a new pair of eyes is always better to ensure all mistakes are rectified.


Why is Technical Writing Required?


Technical writing is primarily used as a tool by an organization to enhance the brand image and up the communications part to reflect on the motives set in the market. For any technical document to speak volume and connect on a higher level with its target audience, usage of graphics, charts, tables, and even images is a very interesting way to put things forth. The best part of being in such a role could be that one day you are presenting a project, while the next day you are making a video.


Working as a technical writer helps people to have first-hand experience on new technologies and/or devices, which are going to be launched in the market as you will be learning and writing about them for others to understand and implement. Who should take up technical writing as a career?


Technical writing is no longer looked at as a difficult, boring, and dull activity performed by weirdos or computer geeks sitting behind a desk and writing down sleep-inducing data for others to read and follow. Over the years, all this has been replaced and turned around to make it more fun and creative.


A degree in engineering or any other technical degree certification is not a prerequisite to start the career of a technical writer; however, having prior experience in the IT and software industry, a journalism background, a degree in the English language, or even Mass Communication gives you an additional advantage.


Below are some pointers for people interested in taking up technical writing as a career and being successful at it as well.


  • Research Skills: The key quality that you must possess is the ability to perform detailed research for a successful career in the field of technical writing. Certain technical documents may require the writer to engage in some detailed or extensive research on a topic beforehand. One has to be on the lookout for those specific pointers during the research, which will act as icing on the cake in your content documentation.
  • Interactive personality: The ability to be able to interact with engineers, scientists, illustrators, and many other stakeholders, involved in the product, service, or even technology launch, plays a key role to identify you as a suitable candidate.
  • Efficient Planning: Since no content documentation comes with an indefinite timeline for submission, therefore, a writer needs to learn the basics of time management to achieve timely content delivery. You need to ensure how to plan ahead of time and manage your outlines, research, content writing and, content distribution strategy.
  • Observation Skills: Most technical data that is given to a writer is lengthy and full of technical jargon. Missing out on the important points is easy if the writer is not paying proper attention while going through the document. Developing a keen sense of observation will prove very useful when the right data needs to be picked up from a vast pool of information.
  • Being tech-savvy: With technology spreading its wings in all walks of life, every technical writer needs to have hands-on expertise in operating and being aware of various content writing tools. Not knowing any of these tools cannot be considered as an excuse in the current times. Therefore, people are suggested to undertake a course to get familiarized with them.


What are the Future Job Prospects of Being a Technical Writer?


Some of the most sought after career opportunities for a technical writer are:


  • Documentation specialists
  • Manual writers
  • Technical illustrators / trainers / communicators
  • Policy writers
  • Information designers / developers
  • Web writers
  • Content developers / writers


What are the Types of Documentation to Work on in Technical Writing?


There are times when pursuing candidates find themselves raising questions on what kind of documentation they might be preparing or working on, once they have entered this field of work. Some of the document types include the following:


  • Assembly manuals
  • Instruction or How-to and/or assistance guides
  • Technical books/reports
  • Feasibility Studies / Corporate reports
  • API documentation
  • Software Development Kit Documentation
  • Test schedules
  • White papers / Journals / Case studies
  • RFPs and Proposals


What salaries should you expect in this career?


Based on the increased influx of technological advancement to Artificial Intelligence and even Machine Learning, the requirement for technical writing is also undergoing a huge rise in demand. Alongside, people in this field of technical writing can look for similar job roles in varied industrial segments such as advertising, marketing, academics, etc. with the list being endless.


With the technology developing into new realms every day and human dependency increasing on it, technical writing has entered a new phase within the industry, where all organizations consider it an important and never-ending part of the work routine. Many organizations are known to spend ample amounts of time, money, and resources to obtain that premium quality content to extend the best communication and experience to their target audience.


In terms of the annual payout in India, according to a recent survey carried out by Glassdoor dated 10 Dec 2021, the national average payout for a Level 2, a technical writer is approx. Rs.6 lakhs, keeping in mind the average experience to be between 2-4yrs. The payout in the Indian job market has also been seen to go as high as Rs.14 lakh annually but so has the industry experience been seen tagging alongside this payout.


With all the above information in place, we need to learn about various institutions or platforms offering the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh, through which, one can get the education, guidance, and hands-on experience to become a good technical writer.


Summarized below are some of the top institutes and major online platforms that offer you the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh.

1.     Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh by IIM SKILLS


IIM SKILLS is a stand-alone educational institute offering technical writing along with many other courses under the same umbrella. The technical writing course structure is aligned with Google standards and helps candidates to gain hands-on experience in the technical writing area.


The dedicated placement team works and supports all its students to secure jobs, freelancing, and even internship opportunities. One of the best things it offers is lifetime free access to course material, session recordings, and all the premium tools as well.


The certificate given to students is accepted globally and can be utilized to secure jobs across all industries. Their alumni have been placed with market-leading brands such as KPMG, BMW, IBM, Dell, etc. to name a few.

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2.     Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh by Techedo Technologies


Equipped with a state-of-the-art lab, industry experts, and knowledgeable professors, Techedo, a Chandigarh-based training institute, offers both offline/online classes to all candidates enrolled in its various courses. They offer both digital marketing and technical writing courses in Chandigarh encapsulated with paid internships.

The course helps the students to be equipped with the necessary skills required for the field of technical writing. The certificates handed over to candidates post successful completion of the course are company-owned and certified. Their in-house placement cell supports and helps all candidates to grab jobs with leading brands in the Indian job market such as L&T, HCL, Microsoft, etc.


3.     Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh by Webtech Learning


Offering ISO certified learning experience to all candidates; Webtech Learning Institute offers digital marketing and technical writing courses in Chandigarh, along with various others in both online/offline modes. The institute provides multiple certificates to all candidates, which includes Webtech’s self-certified course completion certificate, Google and Bing certifications, and Facebook Ad certificate (paid).


The institute also offers internships to candidates to provide them with opportunities to work on live digital marketing projects as well. The placement team at Webtech Learning has placed their candidates at renowned corporations such as Infosys, Lovely Professional Institute, Chandigarh University, and Tech Mahindra to name a few.

Also, Check,

4.     Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh by ECT


Education & Career Times Institute is a government-recognized institute offering technical writing courses in Chandigarh and many parts of the country. They also offer various other courses such as content writing, digital marketing, and personality development.


As part of a startup strategy led by Digitalimpulse Online Pvt. Ltd, this institute has gained recognition with the government because the outstanding knowledge and industry expertise are held by the trainers working here.


All their courses are accepted globally, which acts as a bridge for students to apply for jobs even in multinational organizations for a suitable fit. The certificates issued to its students on course completion bear the mark of the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, under the Government of India. Their alumni have been known to be working with Samsung, TCS, HCL, etc.


5.     Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh by Winprotech IT Solutions


Winprotech is a Bengaluru-based training solutions provider involved in delivering customized learning solutions to its clientele in the fields of IT, Finance & Accounting, and Softskills development avenues.


They offer technical writing training courses in online mode, which entails live sessions, group discussions, and even regular assessments to check the understanding of the students. The teams at Winprotech are industry experts with a vast knowledge base and rich working experience, which, in turn, acts as a good forefront for all students to learn from.


The certificate received at the end of the course is self-certified by the company founder and the students are also entitled to work in conjunction with their placement cell to secure a job at some of the finest brands in the industry.


6.     Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh by Linkedin Learning


Linkedin Learning is considered to be a part of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) provider network, which offers multiple courses falling under the buckets of business, creative and technology across the globe.


This American subsidiary of the professional networking site, Linkedin, offers a technical writing course enriched with videos from leading industry gurus, along with quizzes, assessments and discussion forums. The course completion certificates can be added to your Linkedin profile and they work well with potential recruiters for shortlisting candidates on the platform as well.


7.     Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh by Udemy


Udemy is yet another self-induced learning platform, which offers a technical writing course. This platform offers a variety of courses to suit the specific needs of each person. The courses offered range from business field to marketing, advertising to digital marketing, etc.


Each course being offered is delivered to students based on pre-recorded videos sharing insights on the tools to be used, how-what-why, etc. answered, articles to read, etc. The certifications received, may be put to use by showing them on one’s CV.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


8.     Technical Writing Courses in Chandigarh by Technical Writer HQ


A subsidiary of the production company offers a one-week technical writing course to students, giving them an insight into the core fundamentals of technical writing, the required skill set to get a job in the field of technical writing.


The course involves going through the latest technologies and concepts in the form of videos and articles, with the knowledge gained being evaluated through quizzes, assessments, and assignments.


The certification received on completion of the course is in the form of a digital badge, which can be downloaded and printed by a student. Additionally, this digital badge can also be showcased on professional networking sites or even personal websites by the students. The potential recruiters can validate the authenticity of your badge through a unique URL that can be shared with them if required.


9.     Henry Harvin Education


Ranked among the top 5 in India by India Today in the year 2021, Henry Harvin continues to be a globally recognized educational institute with multiple centers across the country, offering both online and offline classes to its students.


The technical writing course offered by them has scored a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and has already garnered over 19000+ learners so far. The course has been recognized and is affiliated with multiple organizations such as the American Association of EFL, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, and many more.


This course involves live sessions delivered by industry experts with vast background knowledge and vast industry experience. Apart from these, the candidates are engaged through regular assignments, video lectures, assessments, and live projects as well. The placement cell also helps the students in finding jobs during a period of 1-year post successful completion of the course.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the best way to get started with technical writing?


For you to get started with technical writing, a simple 5 step guide can be followed.


  1. Enroll in a technical writing course.
  2. Undertake some basic computer courses to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of the IT industry.
  3. Try reading some technical journals or research articles to have an idea of the content writing format.
  4. Learn about and gain expertise in working on the various tools used in technical writing.
  5. Offer your content writing skills on various open-source applications like WordPress, Facebook Technical Writing groups, etc. even if you have to write it for free.
  6. You may choose to rewrite or add information in the WordPress codex.
  7. You could create an instruction manual on how to use a product, such as a mobile or camera.


2. Is technical writing a profession that is on its way out?


Technical writing is an ever-evolving discipline, much like software development, testing, or any other. You risk becoming obsolete if you do not adapt to the changing time. You may also think that technical writing could be a boring job profile going by its name.


But, on the other hand, it is as interesting as it gets since your creativity is put to use, which, is not only limited to your writing, but also encapsulates time spent in identifying the right images to illustrate your words, layout, and design finalization, finding solutions to problems, and in thinking of every possible way, which would excite people to use your product/service.


3. What distinguishes technical writing from other types of writing?


Technical writing is purely functional. Its goal is to deliver facts rather than to amuse, excite, or elicit strong emotions. As a consequence, rather than appealing to the emotions of the audience, it appeals to their rationality. Simple, direct, brief, clear, objective, controlled, and painstakingly precise technical writing should be used.


4. I don’t have the funds to purchase the tools, yet it appears that all technical writing positions demand knowledge of them.


The best way forward would be to download and install the trial versions of the tools, so that you can practice your skills and implement the knowledge gained through the technical writing course. There are other options of using open source tools as well, but they will not be useful if they don’t fall under the industry scope.


This is one of the major points to keep in mind while choosing which technical writing course to enroll for since these paid tools will always be required for use, each time you are to deliver the content.




With technology spreading like a wildfire in the world, human dependency on it is eminent to increase with time, and with new technologies, products, and/or services being launched in the ever-growing world market, the need for technical writers will never be on the dying end.


Technical writing is a field of work that will be a promising and rewarding career option for you if you have the flair for writing, an eye for detail, a strong sense of observation, an interest in technology, and the natural ability to interact and adapt. This skill set combined with the appropriate knowledge gained through the right technical writing course will take you to new heights in the industry.


Base your decision on selecting the right technical course keeping in mind some of the important factors such as course duration, curriculum, certification, internship, placement, trainers and their experience, tools covered, etc. With this detailed analysis laid down for you. I hope this article proves useful for you to choose wisely from some of the best technical writing courses in Chandigarh.

I am Kunal Garg residing in Delhi, India. I have discovered my passion for writing only recently, as a means to convert unspoken feelings and emotions into a beautiful string of words. I am fond of traveling. I love interacting with people and turning the lessons learned from their mistakes into words of my soul. Currently working as a Guest Blogger at IIM Skills.
  • I am a Part-time contributor to a media website. I offer the content and the design the material for internet distribution. I’d like to do more than just creating articles, and I’d like to start editing the final product. When I first heard the term “technical writing,” I felt this course would be right for me. It appears to be a worthwhile course to enrol in. In your article, you included a few academies, which saves me the trouble of looking up Technical writing courses in Chandigarh. Which of the listed academies offers the best courses at an nominal fees?

  • I am a crockery painting artist and I have been in this business for about a year now. I paint different kinds of crockery and glassware and also take classes on the side. During the pandemic I got a very good response for my online training workshop. My goal is to produce excellent training videos and content for my clients . I read your article and it is everything that I am in need of in a course . The Technical writing courses in Chandigarh looks quite interesting actually and I want to register immediately . Are all the institutes mentioned in your article the only best ones or are there local classes that I can look for as well ?

  • I am a housewife looking to restart my career as a technical writer. I wanted to take a course from one of the reputed learning platforms in Chandigarh. but there are many technical writing courses available in Chandigarh and it’s really hard to choose the one that will be worthy of my time. This article about the top technical content writing courses in Chandigarh helped me in narrowing down the number of choices from infinite to few. This article is detailed and has the answer to most of my queries. thank you, Kunal for your help.

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