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Best 6 Spanish Courses in Mumbai in 2024

Spanish is the primary language spoken in Spain and some other parts of the world as well. It comprises around 586 million total speakers who speak Spanish around the world. Mumbai is the city of dreams and if your dream is to learn Spanish courses in Mumbai, then this city has it all for you. Choosing one institute may be challenging for you, which offers all 6 levels of the Spanish language from A1 (Elemental) to C2 (Mastery) and the certification of exams SIELE and DELE.

List of the best Spanish courses in Mumbai


Do you want to learn Spanish? (Quieres Aprender Español) and if the answer is yes (sí), you must check out the institutes and universities below for your dream perusal language. I will list all the reasons below why Spanish is one of the most important languages to learn from all the foreign languages and why learning Spanish in Mumbai will add feathers to your resume. In the age of modernization and industrialization, learning Spanish is very important. So, many jobs will come in your hand after this feather will swing with you.


There are top universities, colleges, and schools that ace in teaching Spanish courses in Mumbai, which are listed below:-


  1. University of Mumbai
  2. Academia de español
  3. Institute of Spanish studies
  4. Cambridge Institute
  5. Instituto Hispania
  6. Hispanic Horizons


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University of Mumbai

The well-known University of Mumbai widely offers Spanish courses in Mumbai. We know them for their remarkable status in 2001 and exceptional grade status in April 2012 by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The department of French has offered Spanish courses in three levels:-


  • Certificate (level A1-A2)– After completing the Spanish courses in Mumbai, you will communicate using simple but effective structures in your daily life and situations, such as social interactions. It’s like they started with a piece of cake in which they can enjoy the taste of asking and answering basic questions on topics like where they live, their family, and their interests. This course is for one year.
  • Diploma (Level A2-B1):- Upon completion of the Diploma in a Spanish course, students will understand basic expressions about daily activities, be able to produce simple sentences concerning everyday needs and actions, talk, read, and write about the environment, family life and their most common routine life. They will go deeper into the Spanish language and their culture. This course is for one year.
  • Advanced Diploma (Level B1-B2, plus 2 weekly hours of Spanish culture and civilization):- This is the complete cake eaten by the students to gulp all about the Spanish language, which includes their culture, civilization, and the panoramic view of Hispanic cultures such as gastronomy, history, music, arts, economy, education and many more. It will lead their career ahead and start their respective jobs.


The eligibility to join this course is a Senior secondary certificate. After finishing Spanish courses in Mumbai, students can look for jobs in colleges, universities, embassies, language departments, tourism departments, and many more.


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Academia de Espanol (AE)


AE is an award-winning institute for Spanish courses in Mumbai. They are the best in the services related to the Spanish language industry in India. The team consists of highly experienced academicians, native translators, and interpreters who are fully dedicated to bringing the Spanish language to India.


They have a six-story blueprint to teach Spanish, which means learning is like building a house. You can not build a new floor until the one below is finished.


  • Method of Teaching:- They train students of all levels on a one-to-one basis at their schools in Andhra, Bandra, Thane, and Chembur(all locations in Mumbai). The flexibility to drop in for lessons anytime between 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. Each session lasts for 1.5 hours, and there are 6 trainers per school. The students can choose their preferred days and timings. The Spanish course covers listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and culture.


  • Course Duration:- They don’t offer hourly-based courses. It’s a syllabus-oriented course. It does not restrict the students from finishing their course in those hours. They are given a maximum of 6 months to finish from their date of enrollment. Normally, the course duration per level will be 2-3 months if the student attends classes frequently.


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Approximate Time Frames 


One session per week – 4 months per level

Twice per week – 3 months each level

Thrice per week – 2 months each level


  • Textbooks:- The textbooks are specially prepared by the founder Dr. Dinesh Govindani who has extensive knowledge and experience of about 20 years in the Spanish language. He created the textbook called “Español Hecho Fácil” (Spanish made easy). It is a series of textbooks designed for students taking Spanish courses.


  • Certification:- AE is accredited by the F.I.D.E.S.C.U accredited examination center that conducts DIE (International Diploma in Spanish) and the SIELE fundamentals (the online DELE Exam). Their certifications are also accepted internationally by all formal educational institutions, which help students apply for employment nationally and internationally.


To this end, they offer live online courses, conversation classes, and tutoring.


Institute of Spanish Studies


This institute offers all levels of Spanish courses in Mumbai as well. Their passion for teaching Spanish made them one of the best places to learn Spanish in many cities of India. Their love for the language made them stand out from the crowd. Experienced teachers and faculties are their main strengths. The following are the courses, fees, and duration offered for the Spanish language course:-


  • Employment Oriented Spanish course(Level A1-B2):- This course is a complete package of levels up to B2 level, which the employers need to start with any kind of job in the Spanish language. It will add feathers to your skills while looking for a job. The average salary offered after this course is slightly higher than the salaries traditionally offered. The duration of this course is 18 months which is around 420 hours, and the fee is INR 105000/-


  • Level A1+ A2(Beginner + Elementary):- This course is a combination of elementary levels, will train you in basic Spanish vocabulary for everyday situations and understand simple usage of expressions (basic, personal, and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). The training will be given step by step through expressions, grammar, and punctuations. Prepare students for SIELE and DELE A1 and A2 levels. The duration of this course is 160 hours, and the fee is INR 43000/-


The amazing part is you are not digging the hole in your bank with their combined registration of the Spanish courses.


  • A1+ A2.1 – 110 hours – INR 29,000
  • A2 (A2.1 + A2.2) – 100 hours- INR 30,000
  • B1 (B1.1 + B1.2) – 120 hours- INR 30,000
  • B2 (B2.1 + B2.2) – 120 hours – INR 30,000


The centers are located in many cities of India, including Mumbai in Kurla, West. They offer classes on Weekdays and Weekends as well.


Cambridge Institute 


It is a foreign language institute that offers 6 different foreign languages. The expertise in the industry for 13 years made them specialized in the languages. They offer all Spanish language courses in Mumbai  Level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. So you will learn from basic to mastering the language.


Their institute is an eligible entity that can conduct international certifications for students keen on learning Spanish. They are the official testing center for the D.I.E (Diploma Internacional de Español) examination, which means you gain an international diploma of the Spanish language after appearing for this exam. Therefore, if you wish to give an exam, inform the center at least 25 days in advance.


You can book a demo class to get insights into what they are offering. Cambridge Institute has 3 locations in Mumbai, headquartered in Andheri West, and branch offices in Kandivali West and Ghatkopar West.


Instituto Hispania


It is an institute that provides professional Spanish courses in Mumbai. They are the first private institution in India committed to the Spanish language and culture. Now, you can learn Spanish from home as well, as they are teaching online courses with a new way to succeed, learn and progress.


The level of learning Hispania is divided into 8 levels which is Hispania 1 – 8 (levels A1,A2.1, A2,B1.1,B1,B2,C1.1,C1,C2). Each course varies between 70-80 hours per level.


There are more services offered by Instituto Hispania like the International Spanish Exam, which is D.I.E and S.I.E.L.E. Although, they do offer Spanish for younger generations as well designed for ages 6-12 years, it is a syllabus-based study and adapted to the learning needs of children using multimedia and audiovisual materials.


The private Spanish classes are designed to remove constraints of time to follow with the ongoing batches. You can learn the language at your convenience and pace. You can choose a one-to-one class or maximum in a group of 3 students. There are different packages for private tuition.


Instituto Hispania is located in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune.


Hispanic Horizons


Now, you must look for an Institute that offers offline Spanish courses in Mumbai as well. Hispanic Horizons is one of them, and it’s the only institute accredited internationally in India. The exciting part is it is, Spanish nationals run the all-inclusive course.


They offer all levels from A1 to C2, stating A1- beginner, A2- elementary, B1- intermediate, B2- upper intermediate, C1- advanced, and C2- proficiency.


They took each course in group classes, and the duration of each course is 70 hours. They curated all levels based on the curricular plan which comes from Instituto Cervantes. However, they mainly focus on oral so that the verbal Spanish improves after each portion.


Hispanic Horizons even offer dele exam preparatory courses, the duration of the course is 18 hours. You can even go for private tuitions for dele exam preparations apart from the group classes. Almost all the teachers are dele certified.


They teach Spanish to kids, which helps children to follow the curriculum specially designed for them. The bundle is of 2 groups broken into ages 6-9 years old (teach 4 levels, which is of 30 hours each) and 10-12 years old (teach 6 levels, which are of 50 hours each)


They offer private tuitions as per the school curriculum IGCSE, MYP, IB students. It can be taken at Hispanic Horizons or home as well. In addition, they provide private tuitions for adults.

As per the requirements of schools, colleges, and Universities, training is given by trained and certified teachers to teach students Spanish in respective schools.


The customization is done for corporates as well. If they want any specific program for their staff, then Hispanic Horizons arrange certified teachers for that.


Next comes e-learning. The study remains the same but Hispanics made it easy and possible for the students who do not have time or don’t live in the city where their centers are.


The Advantages of The Spanish Online Course:-


  • User-friendly platform
  • 2 native tutors per course
  • Interactive methods
  • Practice all Spanish skills (oral, grammar, written, and vocabulary)
  • Different forums for interaction
  • Course duration is 4 months (open for 6 months)
  • Native teachers
  • A certified course of international prestige


Why Spanish?


Now, you people may wonder why learning Spanish is prime.  Spanish is a language which makes your lives lively. It is high-spirited and indistinguishable, criss-cross with the cheerful Spanish culture. We can learn the language phonetically.


The Spanish language is better for personal growth gives a person the ability to step inside the mind and context of Spanish culture. Also, knowing about other cultures helps build trust and cooperation and the ability to negotiate and compromise.


Learning Spanish also enhances your resume and will help you find better jobs, national and international. Many institutes wish to acquire freshers and experience in the industry. The door is open to many job opportunities after learning Spanish like the translation of Spanish and interpretation, travel, embassies, audio-video transcription, subtitling, import and export business, many more.


The salary offered after learning a foreign language also increases. From BMW to TCS and other companies in India have opened their development centers all across Latin America. Other Spanish companies are setting up businesses here in India, which leads to many job opportunities.


You open prospects of traveling without fear in at least 21 countries in the world where Spanish is the official language. Also, Spanish music is itself a soothing experience to hear. Many singers Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, and many more, have given so many beautiful Spanish songs to the music industry that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What are the best institutions to join for learning Spanish courses in Mumbai?

You can join the Cambridge Institute or the University of Mumbai. Both of them are very popular.


2. What are the benefits of joining Spanish courses in Mumbai?

It can provide you with multiple job opportunities as translators and copywriters.


3. Who can join Spanish courses?


There is no age limit or any other eligibility criteria as such to join Spanish courses. If you are keen to learn a new language, you can join the course.


En Conclusión (To Conclude)


You can achieve your dream job after learning Spanish as a foreign language from the dream city itself with the right choice by completing Spanish courses in Mumbai. You may find it difficult, as it’s a distinct language for a non-Spanish person, but I am sure you will excel with these institutes.


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