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Top 10 SOP writers in Mumbai in 2024

If you are an aspiring student positively looking forward to studying abroad in any of the reputed universities, then your academic or professional experiences alone won’t help you to reach there. You need a document that explains your personality well before the faculties.

Best SOP Writers in Mumbai

The decision committee that determines your eligibility to get admitted into their university needs a thorough study about your academic background,  life experiences, personal interest in the course, career goals, plans, how you wish to get benefited from the course, why you choose their University, why you want to come to their country, etc from a single document, that is known as an SOP or Statement of Purpose.

The finest statement of services are provided by the SOP writers in Mumbai, hence here in this article, I will be discussing a few of them. Before that, we will just have a fair idea about what is Statement of purpose.

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What is SOP?

A Statement of Purpose or SOP is a research statement or a letter of intent, that is written to the admission panel of any foreign university. SOP normally talks about our career path, interests, goals, professional contributions, and the driving force behind pursuing a particular program. It is the portray of your personality traits that are not mentioned in your academic documents. SOP gives you a chance to express yourself in front of the admission committee.

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Why SOP is Important?

A well-crafted Statement of Purpose is a decision-maker of your application, why they should choose you over other candidates. It possesses the ability to get you through the uncertainties in your application during admission.

SOP plays a critical role in your admission process as it covers up your academic weakness by highlighting your goals and ambitions. Apart from your academic scorecards and transcripts Statement of purpose is a detailed subjective side of your application. SOP is the only document in your application docket that projects your uniqueness and helps you to stand out in the crowd.

Elements to Be Included in the SOP

Few elements are important for your Statement of Purpose. They are:

  • Personal and Financial background
  • Academic details
  • Professional Experience (full time/part-time, voluntary)
  • Long- and short-term goals
  • Extracurricular activities in which you are interested
  • Your self-published works if any
  • Papers submitted if any
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Reasons why you choose the particular institution.
  • Reasons why you choose the particular course.

Dos of Writing Statement of Purpose:

  • Let it be original, honest, clear, and concise.
  • It should have an interesting beginning to attract the people to read over it and an inspiring end to finalize your position.
  • Universities prefer typed SOP than handwritten.
  • Write it in the first person with an active voice that reflects your passion and a positive mindset.
  • Explain interestingly why you want to study at the chosen University.
  • Mention personal life experiences and clarify why you chose the related field.
  • Discuss your strengths and weakness and explain how you can turn them into an advantage.
  • Before submitting make sure that it is grammatically clear.
  • Mention Academic backgrounds, along with your interests and goals.

Don’ts in Writing Statement of Purpose:

  • Do not exceed the word count of 1000 and limit the SOP to 1-2 pages. Follow the recommended format, font size, and template.
  • Do not provide vague information.
  • Do not use an arrogant approach. Your language should carry confidence and positivity.
  • Do not include any personal or family information. It is highly irrelevant.
  • Do not mention any academic scores like IELTS, GMAT, etc, it calls out rejection.
  • Do not copy the SOP of others. Your Statement of Purpose should be unique and should contain original past life experiences making it authentic.
  • Do not lie.

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10 Proactive Tips to write Robust Statement of Purpose

  1. Brainstorm before starting to write. Draft, read and edit multiple times before finalizing one.
  2. Explain well your academic credentials.
  3. Explain clearly why you choose the particular program, especially the country and the university.
  4. Using clear statements demonstrates your academic brilliance and professional competence.
  5. Give a clear picture of your aim and aspiration.
  6. State your career plans.
  7. Stick to the word count, format, font type, and size the University has specified.
  8. Use clear and simple language.
  9. Do not repeat the information.
  10. Do a spell check and grammatical errors.

Writing the SOP

Part 1:

It should be a brief introduction to who you are? Your interests and motivations. In short, what inspired you to get graduated from the specific program. Do thorough research on the program you have chosen and ensure that whatever is explained in the introduction part relates to the details specified in the program description. Explain clearly what is your current goal.

Part 2:

Explain your academic history. Narrate how you got interested in this specific area of study. Explain well if you have any life experiences or real motivations to choose the particular program. And what you want to accomplish through this program for your future career goals.

Part 3:

Establish that you are the right candidate for this program. You can mention the researches, projects, internships, or any work experience you have already done related to the field of study. Write in your language of the discipline, the readers of your SOP are real professors.

Part 4:

Now, this is the closing paragraph. So far you have been talking about the past and present. Here you need to explain your long-term career goal. What you have planned for your future. The admission committee will select the students with long-term vision related to the program.

Even though there are different styles for SOPs for different programs starting from Graduation, MBA, MS, and Ph.D. programs the tips, DO’s, and DON’Ts everything remains the same.

It is fine if you opt to write an SOP on your own. Doing thorough research and detailed study on how to write an SOP would help to make one. But it might take a pretty long time and may out the perfect professional touch which the Universities are looking for. Here plays the role of an SOP writer. Hiring a well-experienced SOP writer would reduce your confusion, save your time, and helps you end up in a perfect Statement of Purpose which would guarantee your position in the University you are looking for.

Who is an SOP writer?

Writing SOP by yourself is your choice. But some so many people write SOPs for students in the most professional manner. The purpose of SOP is met by these professionals as they know how to write well depending on the demands of each University.

The Benefit of Hiring an SOP Writer

Competition is everywhere. So as same in getting admission into foreign Universities. It is not the academic scores alone that put on the roll while applying for abroad Universities. The admission committee studies you as an individual, your talent, your aim, vision, dream everything is counted. The benefit of hiring a professional SOP writer is that they have a clear-cut idea of how to present you well before a foreign university to whom you are a stranger.

Different Styles of SOPs for Different Purposes

SOP for College Admission:

An SOP is also known as a letter of intent or a research statement. For pursuing admissions in colleges, you need to put down your career goals, interesting path, and driving force behind to pursue the particular program. It can be well narrated through a story or your life experience.

SOP for Graduate School:

An SOP for graduate school must be tightly targeted towards academics and professional life and the length of the SOP should be limited between 500-1000 words. It should not exceed a single page limit. In conclusion, we need to mention how we will use the knowledge and experience we gain from this program.

SOP for Master’s Program:

Narrate a beautiful story, knowing the purpose of the program, with a clear knowledge of instructions given by the institute. Explain well why you want to get accepted for the program. It requires a good blend of writing and analytical skills.

SOP for MBA:

It is highly advisable to hire a professional SOP writer to prepare a statement of purpose for MBA studies. It requires deep research and expertise to have a well-written SOP for the MBA program.

SOP for MS:

SOP must contain unique experiences and qualities. Talk about your research interests. Make it stand out from the crowd with a professional touch.

SOP for Ph.D.:

In this SOP you need to focus on your past research experience and plans. The SOP should be limited to a single piece of paper with enough white space in the margins to make it easy to read.

Best SOP Writers in Mumbai:

Best SOP writing services in the country are provided by the SOP Writers in Mumbai.  Mumbai has produced thousands of successful SOPs for students from varied tutorial backgrounds to secure admissions to their dream Universities. Mumbai provides the best SOP services at extremely affordable services. Here I am listing down the top SOP writers in Mumbai.

1. Write Right

Founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi Write Right is India’s one of the most top SOP writing companies in India. Google ranks it no: 1 as the SOP writers in Mumbai. According to them, SOP is a relevant document that contains the mirror image of your personality in the form of words.

They deliver you the exact SOP you are looking for to impress the University you are trying for. They focus on the clarity of words and how smartly they can be put together to make a perfect SOP the Univerity demands. Their experience and effort will help you to build an ideal and flawlessly written unique SOP to impress the faculty and get you admission.

Apart from SOP writing, they also provide Creative Copywriting, Blog Writing, Ghostwriting, Social Media Writing, E-Commerce writing, Resume writing services, Digital Marketing services, and a lot more.

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2. Professional Writing Services

They are a leading team of professionals offering a top class of SOP writing services in India. Their expertise in crafting an explicit statement of purposes will significantly increase your chances of acceptance.

They have worked closely with students from different backgrounds applying for different courses. This experience helps them in delivering winning documents, regardless of the complexity of your case. They have a proven track record of assisting thousands of students across the country by delivering the most reliable SOPs.

To keep themselves on the top-rated the team constantly monitors the trends and techniques of the admission committees of Universities and Visa Officers. These experts also deliver services like Press Release, Business letter writing, Advertising copywriting Services, Case Study Writing, corporate story writing, Landing Page Content Writing, and a lot more.

3. Sophelp

If you are seeking professional SOP writers in Mumbai, then you are in the right place. They promise to be the prominent stop in the industry that is capable of delivering SOPs in all genres. Holding several experiences in the line of work, they claim to provide excellent write-ups for the Statement of Purposes. Their services are reasonable and ethical.

They also provide SOPs for visas to various countries like Canada, the USA, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand, Sweden, and Ireland.

4. Best Content Writer

BCW demands to be one of the most professional and best content writing services in India. The process of finalizing SOPs at their end is preceded by planning, research, feedback, and finally the SOP. They provide services in Delhi, Chandigarh, Pine, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahmedabad.

To plan, the experts in the team spend enough time with the clients to get the proper idea of what you have planned in your mind. After that, thorough research is done to ensure that the team is well-updated with the latest SOP style the University demands.

5. Anjitvs

He is a freelance content writer from Kerala, delivering unique content since 2011. His services are not limited to the clients in Kerala. His services are extended to other major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, etc, and in countries like Bahrain, Sharjah, Riyadh, Qatar, etc.

His services include Academic writing, LOR writing, Online content writing, Advertising Materials, and many more. He is one of the top SOP writers in Mumbai. You can reach out to him through his website to get your work done.

6. Estorytellers

A subsidiary company of Write Right, Estorytellers is a top-class content writing agency. Their services include content writing, academic writing, blog writing, and many more including SOP writing. An expert team headed by Mr.Bhavik Sarkhedi with more than five years of experience, Estorytellers helps students to put down their thoughts and dreams on paper in the most professional manner.

They deliver well-researched, designed, and carefully reviewed unique SOPs as you require.SOPs are generated with utmost care and of international quality by them. They provide personalized services at an affordable rate.

Their services include Ghost Writing, Resume Writing, Small Blog Writing, Email Writing, Social Media Writing, Web Content Writing, and many more.

7. Sopwriters

They are a trusted team of SOP writers in Mumbai who offers affordable, reliable, and same-day SOP writing services in Mumbai and other cities in India. If you want to hire the best Sop writers in Mumbai at an affordable price, then please go for them. SOP Writers are India’s leading SOP writing services with headquarters in Hyderabad.

They provide unique SOP’s that perfectly matches students’ academic and professional backgrounds. They have a group of skilled admission and visa SOP writers who know well how to put things in order and to make a good impression with words that are genuine, unique, and effective.

SOP writers having experience of 11 years and more in this field, with a bunch of creative writers in hand they know what to and what not to put in your statement of purpose. Here each SoP’s are customized as per the unique requirement of the client depending on their unique interest. So there is no definite template, but everything is prepared from scratch.

They stand out among the SOP writers in Mumbai with the usage of formal language, Coherence, Extensive vocabulary, and Error-free final document.

8. Sopconsultants

They are a team of specialized SOP Writers in Mumbai who are experts in writing SoPs for specific countries and programs. An SOP is a powerful piece of writing that determines whether you are an eligible candidate in a university or college. the selection of a candidate for a course.

They Assure the Following Features to Their Clients:

  • The lowest turnaround time in the industry with a hundred percent no compromise on content’s quality
  • Excellent customer support over email, Skype, phone, WhatsApp, and Telegram.
  • For referrals, they offer you special discounts and attractive offers.
  • Meets the promised deadlines.

9. Contentholic

Over a decade they have dedicated themselves to offer the best quality of content writing services in India and across the globe with zero negative reviews and thousands of satisfied clients.

Contentholic claims to provide the best-rated SOP writing services in India. Founded in 2011, they have delivered nearly 10000 reliable and unique SOPs to students across the country. Apart from Academic SOP, they do Visa SOP, Admission essay, LOR and Covering letters, etc.

They Prepare SOPs Considering the Following Criteria:

  • Understanding the profile of the candidate
  • Research on course and universities the candidate is looking for
  • Creating an SOP that is readable and engaging
  • Showcase the relevance of the course and plans

They use paid software services to check plagiarism and grammar. Their valued services are available in major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon. Even though they are located in Delhi their services are so good that they even reflect in your search for SOP writers in Mumbai.

10. Times Resume

They provide SOP writing services in India for the students aiming to apply for Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Universities situated in India, UK, New Zealand, the USA, Poland, Germany, France Canada, Australia, and Singapore. They aim to deliver high-quality documents at a realistic and affordable price.

Even though they are based in Vadodara, their services are available online over the internet all over India. Their services are limited to SOP writing and Resume Writing. They provide Executive Resume Writing Services. Their Professional Resume Writers precisely summarize your capabilities, experience, qualifications, key skills, achievements, and personal details, in your resume that is targeted to the industry and country that you are seeking employment in.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs:

Q1. Is it necessary to put name in my SOP?

No, generally it is not necessary to put your name in SOP. Because, the statement in itself in the part of your application which already has your name.

Q2. What should be the length of SOP?

Its the most common question everyone has. Then SOP should be more than 1 to 1.5 pages. The reason been it helps you pen down the purpose of your letter clearer.


Guys, if you have great plans about your future to study in your dream universities abroad, choose any one of the above-mentioned SOP writers in Mumbai, which offers the best professional services. They all have great teams and deliver unique and engaging SOPs that will help you to grab your opportunity.

Good Luck!


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