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8 Most Reliable SOP Services Online

With Statement of Purpose (SOP) garnering more and more importance in the admission process, SOP services online are now selling like hotcakes.

8 Best Sop Services Online

How many people you know are studying abroad or are planning to go abroad for their further studies? The answer is a quick MANY! Or maybe almost every fourth person we know. So, is studying abroad so easy? If you ask an experienced person, he or she may say even though the whole process is quite tasking, being prepared is the key. Being prepared in terms of all the documents that the university demands.


It’s not only by providing the documents that will benefit but by creating a lasting impression on the college/ university admission committee. Universities receive numerous applications every year for their different courses. How can your application stand out amongst hundreds or thousands of these applications? The answer is the Statement of Purpose (SOP). It is that one document that can make or break your dream of getting through a particular university or course.


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What is SOP?

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is not an unfamiliar word any longer. Especially for students applying for foreign universities, SOP is an important aspect of your application. Statement of Purpose (SOP) is sometimes also called a Personal Statement or Letter of Intent. It is written by the applicant to the admission committee of the institute/ university. The SOP is usually written in a form of an essay.


It mainly focuses on the applicant’s career path, his interest, his goals, professional contributions, and the reason behind pursuing a particular program in that particular university. It also emphasizes the reason as to why the university or course should admit you.


Importance of SOP

To make your application stand out amongst thousands of other applications, a good SOP is very vital. A good SOP can hide your weakness and can showcase your strengths and achievement. A well-drafted SOP can give you a chance to shine even if your competitive scores are less. It can be a great way to express yourself through thoughtful writing. A lot of importance is given to sharing your experiences and passion for SOP.


The positive impact it can have on your academic career. In fact, SOP does not merely focus on you. It shows how can you as a student be an asset to the university. Thus, writing a well-structured yet engrossing SOP is very essential. As the SOP is all about your story, make sure you make it worth reading.


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Things to remember while writing SOP

SOP being one of the most important elements for applying to your dream university/ program, care should be taken while you write one. Since we are now aware of the importance of Statement of Purpose (SOP). The next question on your mind should be how to write an impressive SOP. Whether you take professional help or do it yourself, the following pointers are very important.

  • Plan the SOP well. Let there be a proper flow to the entire essay. SOP is not just giving out the data. It is more about the way you present it. In short, it is how you present yourself. Structuring it well will help in better readability.
  • Have a positive approach throughout the SOP. Don’t lose the battle before the fight. If you wish to be in a particular university, give it your best and stay positive throughout.
  • Highlight your qualities and achievements. It’s important to highlight your achievements, but don’t brag about them. Let it come generically.
  • Share your experiences. Your experience is never forgotten. Share it with zeal. Let the admission authorities know how your experience not only helped you in growing but also positively impacted others.
  • Mention your interests and goals. Describe your long-term and short-term goals. Having term-based goals shows the clarity of thoughts you possess.
  • Tell them things and reasons that motivated you to choose the particular program and the university.
  • Showcase them how your interest, experience, and talent can contribute to the university.
  • Proofread for grammar, spellings, and voice (active/ passive). Coming across a grammatical or syntax error would be the last thing you want in your SOP. So, make sure that you read and re-read your SOP carefully and a couple of times.


Avoid the following common mistakes while writing SOP

It is to be understood that SOP will not merely mention your experience, interest, and achievements. It instead also shows your writing skills. However, a few common mistakes are made which may result in losing out to your desired university.

  • Using informal language: It is of utmost importance that you choose your words and tone correctly while writing an SOP. A formal language is what you are expected to write in.
  • Introduction and conclusion are weak: When you start writing your SOP, the introduction part is the first thing that the admission committee would read. A weak introduction would lead to a loss of interest in reading further paragraphs. Similarly, have a crisp and clear conclusion. This can help in taking a positive call on your application.
  • Not following the required pattern: If the university/ college has asked for a particular pattern or format for SOP, make sure you provide them with the same. Your document should not exceed the maximum word count mentioned.
  • Filling your SOP with jargon. Showing off your writing skills is good, but remember not to lose the natural flow. Being too flashy with words might downplay. Choose simple yet impactful words to express yourself.


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Reasons to hire a professional SOP writer

In today’s times with excessive competition, it is getting difficult to stand out from the crowd. Hiring a professional SOP writer can be a better idea. It can help if you are finding it difficult to formulate your SOP, have doubts about your final product, or if you are facing a time crunch. A professional SOP writer can get on the table, a well-structured SOP for you. Some reasons why you should hire a professional SOP are mentioned below.

  • Experienced in writing: If you are going for a professional SOP writer, make sure that he or she has a couple of years of experience in professional writing. Since most of the top SOP writers are well experienced and skillful, it will ultimately reflect in your SOP. They draft an SOP that is formal yet worth reading.
  • Timely delivery of service: All your documents including SOP must be ready well in advance with your application. Professional SOP writers ensure that they complete their tasks on time. Many of them give the draft for review to the client in case any change is required. The feedback or changes are then incorporated into the final document.
  • Plagiarism-free: Professional SOP writers take care that SOP is 100% plagiarism-free. When as an applicant if you are writing your own SOP, you tend to look up ideas on the internet. It sometimes results in a copied version and repetitiveness. Plagiarized versions are not encouraged in any admission process.
  • Flawless writing trend: It is a common mistake that the writing pattern doesn’t stay the same throughout the document. As we start building up the essay, we sometimes get lost on the usage of tonality, the voice, and the format. Professional SOP writers with their experience and skill maintain the correct writing trend throughout the document.


Best SOP services online

These days it is not really a task to find someone who can write SOP. It is however difficult to rely on someone for such an important task. A lot of SOP services online have garnered attention due to their professionalism, experience, and on-time delivery. Now since you have already decided on hiring a professional SOP writer, let us look at a few of the SOP services online that are available.


1. Write Right

With over 10 years of experience in content writing, Write Right is definitely considered the preferred choice for SOP services. Write Right is recognized as the top content writing company globally. It has been recognized by Clutch, Sortlist, Good firms, and SoftwareSuggest.com. for its work. Write Right provide content writing services which include creative writing, ghostwriting, blog writing, resume writing, and Statement of Purpose (SOP) writing amongst others.

For SOP writing they undergo thorough research and draft the document based on the university’s requirement and the client’s interest and approach. With all the experience and skills, they are one of the best in their field. Going by the reviews they are one of the best SOP services online in India.

Why choose Write Right?

  • Quality: They provide high-quality SOP services with proper research and review. Their impeccable writing trend throughout the document leaves no doubt. They deliver clear, crisp, and as per required SOP.
  • Deadline: Apart from quality, delivery is the second most important aspect while choosing SOP services online. Write Right claims to be efficient in their work. They stick by the timeline and try to complete their task well in advance.
  • Necessity: Working as per the requirement is very essential. Write Right follows the guidelines and delivers as per requirement.


2. Estorytellers

Estorytellers is a subsidiary company of Write Right. They have highly experienced content writers. The team is young, dynamic, and generates high-quality work. Estorytellers provide services that include copywriting, blog writing, brand writing, social media writing, SOP services online, and many more. It is considered one of the best SOP services online.

Estorytellers draft SOP which you may find excruciatingly time-consuming and difficult to design. They design your SOP in a compelling manner that highlights your skills and experience. They help you create an SOP that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Why choose Estorytellers?

  • Skilled writers: With experienced writers, the final product will surpass your expectations. The team of extraordinary editors supervises the content thoroughly.
  • Free correction: Estorytellers provide free correction in form of spelling, grammatical errors, typos, etc. Vigorous proofreading is done before the draft is sent to the client. However, if the client feels any changes or errors, the same is done without charging any additional fee.
  • Plagiarism-free: They provide 100% original content. Thus, your SOP is unique in every manner.
  • Flawless Writing Style: They write SOP which embraces your interest, skills, experience, and strengths in such a way that creates a proper flow and generates interest in your document.
  • On-time Delivery: They are committed to providing on-time delivery with the best output.


3. Taletel

Taletel is a content writing company that offers all content writing services. Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the services that they provide. They claim to be one of the best SOP services online. They have a proven track record of helping students attain admission to their desired university. They are a team of skilled, professional, and experienced writers working hard to deliver beyond expectations.

Why choose Taletel?

  • Professional writing: Taletel helps you attain a professional and clean SOP that strikes a chord with the admission committee. They write formal yet interesting, crisp yet moving SOP which can surely become a highlight.
  • Well-structured SOPs: The SOPs are well structured with the required formatting. SOPs are documented keeping in mind the readability aspect.
  • Reasonable pricing: Taletel charges reasonably for their services. They claim to provide the best services at highly effective prices.
  • Free edits: They provide free edits, grammar and spelling checks. Their main motive is to deliver the desired high-quality product.
  • Transparent work culture: The best way to create an impactful SOP is to be in constant touch with the writers who are given this task. Taletel writers work closely with the student. They analyze all the aspects and facts required to be a part of your SOP. Thus, leaving no communication gap between the writer and the students.


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4. Writopedia

Going by its name, Writopedia is a hub for all the aspects of content writing. From business writing to creative writing and from educational writing to personal writing you can avail of all their services under one roof. They even provide services for website development, graphic design, and logo apart from content writing. Writopedia boasts about its clientele list which includes ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Bharti Axa General Insurance, Mobikwik, and Shopclues.com amongst others. Being an experienced team, they also offer SOP services online.

Why choose Writopedia?

  • Skilled personnel: At Writopedia, quality content is the highlight. They ensure the professional approach in the SOP that will enable you to secure admission to your desired institute.
  • Quality content: Writopedia has SOP writers who deliver quality subject matter. Content that does not compromise on quality and is essential for any write-up. They also ensure that the document is checked for plagiarism.
  • Proofreading: Writers at Writopedia make sure that the document is free from any grammar, spelling, or syntax errors. Multiple proofreading is conducted. They have a qualified and dedicated team that proofreads the document.
  • A long list of happy clients: Writopedia showcases a long list of happy clients in their portfolio. Some really big names in the industry form a part of their satisfied customer list.


5. Italics

Italics is a marketing communications agency providing services in content writing, digital marketing, web, and print/ design. It was founded in 2005. It has some big brands as its clients which include Airtel, Dabur, Maruti Suzuki, Canon, Samsung amongst others. Italics provides a comprehensive procedure for writing an SOP. This can improve your chance to secure admission to your desired institute. Their SOP services online are to look out for.

Why choose Italics?

  • Understanding the student: SOP is a personal task; it is of utmost importance that the individual’s preferences and interests are best understood. The writers make sure they spend a good amount of time understanding their students to create an impressive SOP.
  • In-depth research: Apart from understanding the student, it is also important that the university and the course that the student wishes to apply for is understood well. This will help in streamlining the ideas of the students with the vision of the university. Putting things across in a creative manner is what they commit to doing.


6. Anjit VS

Anjit VS is a freelance content writer writing for businesses, professionals, and students. For starters, he has written 5000+ SOPs for 100+ universities worldwide. He offers custom-made professional SOP for all levels of education. From SOPs for high school and undergraduate courses to masters and Ph.D. programs. He provides a few SOP sample formats and templates before taking up his services. This is thus, an important aspect while choosing SOP services online.

Why choose Anjith VS?

  • Experience: With over 5000+ SOPs for 100+ universities, he has hands-on experience with the content.
  • Sample formats and templates: Even though many universities ask for some particular specifications from the SOPs, having a broad idea about the document is always helpful. Anjith VS provides a few sample formats and templates of SOP for students before hiring his services. It thus makes it clear to the students to avail of his service.
  • SOP editing services: Apart from SOP drafting, Anjith VS also editing services. This makes him a sort after name in providing SOP services online. In case you have already created your SOP, it may still be some good deal of editing. This can be done only by an expert. Anjits VS offers SOP editing services with thorough professionalism and affordable rates. Any small mistake can rob you of your dream admission. SOP editing is thus a very useful service if you already have an SOP draft.


7. Whizstorm

Whizstorm is a global education group. It assists international students to pursue an education in their desired field of interest and university. It also assists educators/ institution to achieve their desired goals of securing a global presence and outlook. Whizstorm provides a proper process-based SOP writing service. They have a professional approach wherein, both the writer and student work cohesively. They provide SOP services online apart from other education-related services.

Why choose Whizstorm?

  • Systematic and professional approach: From students having access to the student dashboard to the drafting of SOP and later finalization of SOP, everything is very systematic.
  • Student dashboard: After you buy their SOP service, students will get access to the student dashboard. You need to fill in the complete detail including career goals, academic details, achievements, etc. This dashboard will thus help in providing the complete information required to build up an SOP.
  • Dedicated advisor for each student: Every student will then have a dedicated advisor who will guide them and inform you about the documentation requirement and other requirements if any.
  • Proper assessment: Whizstorm helps in carefully assessing your profile and course requirements. It helps in highlighting your strength in SOP and emphasizing why should you be considered for the particular course and university.


8. SOP Services

SOP services provide professional services in not only SOP but also prepare all types of the application document. They can write a completely fresh SOP document for you or edit your ordinary SOP. This will transform it into an impressive document. They cover SOP that is required for a college or a doctorate level; and also, for major in Data sciences or English literature.

Why choose SOP Services?

  • Team of experienced writers from various fields: Their complete team is classified into Authors Squad, Editors Squad, and Support Squad. All the members are highly diligent, professional, and possess a good deal of experience. This helps in the overall admission procedure and requirements. They are high degree holders and have successful admission writing experience.
  • 14 days of free revisions: SOP services provide 14 days of free revision of the document for their clients.
  • Direct communication with the writer: A student can directly communicate with the writer. This helps the writer to formulate the document better and has no communication gaps.
  • Timely delivery: SOP services emphasize fast turnaround and timely delivery of their services.
  • Money-back guarantee: They have the money-back guarantee mentioned on their website.



SOP writing is all about how you communicate about your interest, eagerness, commitment, and curiosity. It is about effectively communicating about your real self. The driving factor and the inspiration that made you lookup for a particular university or course. How can you prove to be an asset to the university? It is ok to look out for some ideas on the internet to sharpen your writing skills. Also, it is a good idea to take a piece of advice or two from your friends and family, but relying only on these aspects may not really be a good idea. For such detailed, important, and skillful work a professional help is very effective. Thus, relying on good SOP services online from the above-mentioned list is a good idea.

Take your pick! Good luck!

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