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How Good Social Media Communication As a Career Is?

Social Media has changed the way we see the world today, especially for people, with good communication skills. It has not only been a medium for communication but also acted as a platform to generate income. Over the last decade, technology has served us with brilliant and probable software applications like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many more.

Social Media Communication career


People have accepted these applications in a blink of an eye and have made the world over the digital medium an integral part of human lives. These applications have not just connected people. But it has also changed the way we see the future. When social media came into our lives, a lot of questions were in mind. Today, it has all changed. One can now search for jobs, clothing, business, and a lot more. One knows social media and knows who to engage the audience and bring insight to the page. Then social media communication is a bright career option for them. When we say social media communication is a career option, we extend our limit from verbal communication.


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Here is the list of places where Social Media Communication skills can act as a future career:

1. Blogger

By sharing personal views and opinions online can pay one well enough. A Blogger can earn extra income after gaining some ground on social media. To become a Blogger or to pursue a career in blogging is not as easy as it sounds. At present, thousands of Bloggers are working hard to gain some ground. Once the task of establishing as a blogger achieves, one can then make Rs.20,000 to Rs.50,000 per month from blogging.


A Blogger usually shares personal experiences and gives tips about food, travel, education, technology, etc. One has to understand that there are hundreds and thousands of Bloggers online. That makes the understanding of the niche for skilful blogging. IIMSkills provides one of the best online content writing courses in India. Once a person has learned the fundamentals of blogging, they can explore and earn a lot.


A Blogger can work independently as well as for the company. Working as an independent Blogger, one will have to work hard as there is no specific income in the initial stage. But after spending time and generating good engagement for the page, they can get paid well.


2. Social Media Influencer

Social Media influencer is in trend at present. People with good communication skills show their talent on social media. All these people are known as social media influencers. Mostly because they have followers in millions, and their followers get inspired or influenced by them.


The Career as an influencer is very uncertain, but it’s full of vision and popularity. A social media influencer earns per post on a social site after getting recognized. They get paid not only by the application but also by the brands they endorse via post. They help in selling products.


Selling a product online involves the bond between the consumer and the seller. If someone tends to buy a product, then he/she is trusting the influencer and the words on those influencers. The increasing demand for influencers on social networking sites has forced the sites have come with ideas to help the users to connect with the influencers. The sites have classified the type of influencer from a writer, to a painter, to an artist. Social media have too much to offer.


Here is the list of social media websites and steps by which one can start working as a social media influencer:

I. Instagram:

Instagram is growing as one of the largest social media platforms with over 1 Billion active monthly users and 500 million daily active users. Instagram is a treasure for someone who is looking for a career as an influencer. The site allows brands to endorse products online and comes with an online shopping option too. Instagram is a useful site for all kinds of businesses and all kinds of influencers. The site comes with features like Instagram Analytics and Instagram Ads, Multiple Contact options, and Appointment Booking.

Tips to promote a brand product on Instagram:

  1. Create an attractive Instagram post of the product.
  2. Customize your Instagram profile by following a pattern for the post.
  3. Use different hashtags.
  4. Share posts from different social networking sites.
  5. Do Instagram live session and share IGTV.
  6. Create a promising Instagram story poll and theme.
  7. Use SEO tools to see profile insight and learn about your followers.


How to create an Influencer account on Instagram:

  1. Search for the Instagram.com site and create a personal profile.
  2. Click on the Edit Profile option and Click on Switch to Professional account and choose the Business option.
  3. Click the Set up Your Business Page option, update business information and other detail.
  4. At last, Click Done.


II. Facebook:

Facebook is among one of the most used websites in the world today. People of all generations are using Facebook that makes Facebook one of the most promising assets for promoting all kinds of brands. If one starts their page on Facebook as an influencer, then they can do well. As brands move to Facebook for promoting a business, One has to their product that will allow the users to know about the product in one click.

Tips to become an influencer on Facebook:

  1. Use an eye-catching profile photo and cover photo.
  2. Add the influencer type to the bio.
  3. Add personal and professional milestones.
  4. Pin significant posts on your profile.
  5. Post and share now and then, not just personal work also other work.
  6. Use social media strategy SEO to know your customers.


How to create an influencer page on Facebook:

  1. Visit Facebook.com and sign up for a Facebook page.
  2. Then select Business/Brand as the page category option.
  3. Add contact details and describe the influencer type in 2-3 lines.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Add a profile picture and a cover picture.
  6. Create a username by clicking Create Page @username.
  7. Choose the Tell your story option and add information about the page.
  8. Create a post before publishing the page. Publish the page and invite the audience to the page.


Once the page is published, one has to start posting engaging and relevant content almost every day. It will increase the insight of the account and will draw the attention of users. Since there are hundreds of Facebook business pages, one should add CTA, Pinned Post, and Page optimization for engaging the audience. To fly early, Facebook Ads is the other option for promoting a Facebook account. These ads get displayed at different costs for different days. It generates good insight and engagement to the page.


III. Twitter:

Twitter is a microblogging and is one of the most recommended and most used online networking sites. Many of the fortune 500 companies have a Twitter account.


Twitter has a reputation as an official and professional site. Hundreds and thousands of tweets get tweeted every day. Same as other social networking sites, One can run Ads on Twitter to promote the brands. These are the paid Ads. It gives a great insight into Ads and tweets that helps in reaching customers and knowing them.


Tips to promote a brand on Twitter:

  1. Customize the profile page by adding a good quality profile picture.
  2. Select an aesthetic background to personalize the profile.
  3. Create an appealing and engaging Twitter bio.
  4. Use SEO tools like Tweetreach and mention map to know your customer.
  5. Create genuine tweets that describe your talent.
  6. Use as many hashtags as possible.


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How to create an influencer profile on Twitter:

  1. Visit the site twitter.com.
  2. Click on the Join Twitter Today page.
  3. Fill in all the detail.
  4. Then, click the Signup button.
  5. Verify with the phone number and enter country information.
  6. Click on the let’s go button.
  7. Select Business Interest for the influencer account type.
  8. Add pictures to customize personal information.
  9. At last, Click Done.

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3. Vlogger:

The profession is foremost current and requested in recent years, mostly because of technologies, an individual who communicates topic or content audiovisuals and earns money for the publication of these contents is most certainly known as a vlogger or video blogger. Generally, a Vlogger is an equivalent author who record, edit, and upload videos. These digital professionals use the tool provided by YouTube so that, through a channel, many people can view their publications.


Each video is edited on a specific theme or concept. And it displays the personality and professional type of the video vlogger. For instance, it is often a humorist, traveller, comedian, researcher, musician, etc. The assembly of those segments usually has previous planning. Mostly is taken for the sound quality, good lighting, and an aesthetic very almost like a TV program.

Steps to become a successful Vlogger:

  • Be original, don’t attempt to imitate others.
  • Take care of the content you publish. Respect the principles imposed by YouTube.
  • One can use social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to spread your content with more users.
  • Take a while to interact together with your followers. In this manner, you’ll build trust.
  • Work your brand professionally. In this way, you’ll gain the acceptance and credibility of the subscribers.
  • Be consistent within the publications. Remember that what one does not look after is lost. Gradually one will achieve your goals, work to realize them. In the present era we sleep in, we would like to be more immersed within the Internet a day. And YouTube offers us a superb audiovisual tool.


If one would like to understand more about the kinds of vloggers here, is the list of types of vloggers:

Types of Vloggers:

There are many different sorts of content that would easily be shared on YouTube and, often, serve to form money. The audiovisual format is one among the media preferred by the general public. Companies and professionals have said presently during this social network.

List of 7 sorts of vloggers:

i) Tutorial Vloggers: Tutorial vloggers usually teach how to use a product or perform an activity. These sorts of channels are the foremost wanted by users because it allows them to basically and directly learn techniques that are useful for his or her training.

For example, we discover vloggers that perform tutorials on cooking recipes, crafts, DIY, sports, programming, etc.


ii) Gameplays Vloggers: A Gameplay vlogger is the one who does streaming of the game online directly on YouTube. A gameplay vlogger is like a computer game enthusiast. The vlogger is devoted to a recording while playing a computer game. Indirectly they teach users the techniques to pass the amount and therefore the strategies to pass different screens.


iii) Interview Vloggers: In these segments, the author of the channel takes his camera and interviews prominent personalities about a selected topic that will or might not be current.

The purpose of this sort of vlogger is to develop a facet of the interviewee that the audience would like to understand, be it their personal life or their opinion on a specific topic.


iv) Standup Comedy Vloggers: Many YouTubers have leaned into this category. A comedian vlogger is someone who has the work of entertaining an audience and making them laugh. He or she typically develop an overall structure for his or her activity. It consists of manufacturing scenes with great humorous content where they demonstrate their talent.


v) Song Covers Vloggers: YouTube is currently one of the most widely used vlogging social media sites. And a great platform to observe the newest videos of music artists. Therefore, it’s also a good option for brand spanking new musicians to form themselves known through their performances.

Thousands of individuals hook up with this network daily, so it’s a superb opportunity to spice up your talent. you only need to confirm your channel is visible and may be viewed by many users within the world.

Other sites where one can post song cover apart from Youtube are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Using Hashtags plays a significant role in reaching a mass audience.


vi) Travelers Vloggers: Who doesn’t wish to realize new places around the world? Some vloggers are working hard to show some hidden gem corners that the general public wants to understand. They give options for entertainment, food, culture, art, etc.

In this sort of channel, an equivalent author usually prepares his travel itinerary, recording himself. Then edit your videos to share the experience with your users. Travel vloggers are in trend.

Travel vlogging offers a lot of future exposure. Product endorsement, free stays, customized gifts, and a lot more. Instagram reels and Facebook travel pages are a good source for gaining popularity.


vii) Professional Vloggers: In this aspect, we discover all those professionals who, although they are doing not working for a corporation, wish to share their knowledge with psychologists, doctors, artists, nutritionists, trainers, etc.

They are usually people who have great experience in their trade and use YouTube to assist or give useful advice. To draw in followers, you want to choose the channel style that most accurately fits your personality. Only then will you succeed as a vlogger.

Professional vloggers are in trend on Instagram as well. People watch the professionals’ views and opinions via Instagram reels and a short videos to update and motivate themselves.


4. Social Media Journalist:

Since the first social media sites hit the web, the entire world has changed. People have entered into a fast and rapid world. Now there is no time to sit and watch the news in detail. With the change in demand, the way of journalism has also changed. The news channels have shifted their focus to digital media and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube.


One of the advantages of Social Media communication is that one can start one own new portal and work independently. The online News portal is in trend, and there is no way it is going off in the recent future.


The Journalism of this type can exist in two ways as any other medium. One is in Written, and the other is in audio-video form. Both give enough exposure to the one. As one grows as an online journalist, they generate a higher chance of being recognized and acquired by the firm or the big digital platform.


The aspiring journalist can use Instagram reels, Instagram Igtv feature, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Tweets, Snapchat Stories, LinkedIn Post, and more. YouTube is a gift for the individual journalist as it helps to connect with the mass audience. The content over YouTube is trusted by many and gives a greater chance of exposure.


Conclusion on social media communication

Social Media has taken over the world fast. Now it is an integral part of all human lives. And using communication skills on this platform as a career option is challenging but an exciting future scope. As these sites have so much to offer and so many ways, it will be interesting to see people bringing new innovative ways to entertain the world and make way for the future.


As one settles in and gains popularity on social networking sites in communication, they can get endorsement and paid ads from the companies. At times, they can get paid by the social networking site itself. But one has to accept that in social networking sites the success comes with time and quality. Not everyone who has communication skills can earn from social media. Good quality content and spending time and delivering quality content is crucial.


If one has understood the algorithm and the basics of how social media works, then it is a piece of the pie for them. In the initial stage of searching career on social media, one should look for an alternative part-time job to keep the money rolling because the pay on Social sites is uncertain and can vary from video to video and year to year. Overall, Social Media Communication is a good platform for establishing a career but, one has to be clear and specific with one niche and need.

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