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The 18 Top Bloggers In India – Earning, Age & Lifestyle

Let us begin with the basics of Blogging before we dig right into the topic “Top Bloggers in India”.

Top Bloggers In India

This article will guide you through the very details of blogging and how the top bloggers in India were able to scale online growth through blogging and they’re now earning loads of money. we will try and understand the following:

Table of Contents

  • What is Blogging?
  • What are the benefits of Blogging?
  • Most common ways of making money through a Blog
  • Top bloggers in India 2020-2021
  • Best emerging bloggers in India
  • Is it worth starting a blog in 2021?
  • How long it takes to be successful in Blogging?
  • Bloggers who scaled online growth very quickly
  • Understanding online content
  • Where would you get to learn about online content development?
  • Vital Points to consider in Blogging

What is Blogging?

Blogging is generally referred to as the practice of developing content in journal-like entries, articles, and posts on the internet.

Blogging is not necessarily limited to writing articles on a website, rather blog posts can be in the format of a photo, video, and audio as well. Instagram with 854.5 million active users is a very clear example of how popular photo-blogging has become.

Video blogging or “Vlogging” has also turned out to become a very popular way of producing video content. Browsing through YouTube, you’ll definitely come across some of the very popular Vloggers with tens of millions of subscribers.

Similarly, there is a newly introduced way of blogging in audio format, popularly known as “Podcasting”. This is similar to that of a radio, but a much simpler version. You don’t need a chamber and a radio setup. You can start podcasting right from your home using your mobile phone. Lately, the podcasting culture has grown very strong across every internet platform and Spotify is one of such platforms that gained massive attention because of podcasts and audio-series.

Well, all of this gives a clear insight into the extent to which blogging can generate audience engagement.

What Are the Benefits of Blogging?

Blogging is by far the best way you can bring value to your audience. Internet happens to be the largest marketplace. You can create a physical or a virtual product and people from any corner of the world can be able to buy it through the internet.

It is great that the internet supports an audience as large as 50% of the world’s total population. It is highly opportunistic but at the same time, if you cannot establish your presence in the market and grab attention, you might not be able to scale your business.

Either to drive traffic for other businesses or to build a strong audience reach for your products and services, blogging is the most resourceful practice. Not every piece of content that is published online can be considered as a blog, for example, web pages, product descriptions, landing pages, service details, about pages, and promotional copies are not blog posts.

Blogging has always remained a medium of providing the relevant audience with enough value and insightful information that would help them build trust with a brand, make decisions about purchasing products, and taking services.

Most Common Ways of Making Money Through a Blog:

There are many ways to make money by running a profitable blog. You can place affiliate links on your blog post, you can do paid promotions, sponsored posts, and run advertisements as well. These are some of the most popular ways of making money through blogging.

Affiliate Blog Posts:

This is a very popular way of generating revenue through a profitable blog. You can place affiliate links of products in your blog posts and when people make a purchase through that particular link, you earn a commission. There are several affiliate programs such as the Amazon affiliate program, Flipkart, and ClickBank where you can find advertisers.

Paid Promotions:

Just like the way you want to reach as many people as possible through your blog, several others also aim for the same. So, if your blog drives good traffic, then you can possibly find people who are ready to pay to find some space in your blog. Such posts go under the paid promotions section and you can easily find them in many news blogs.

Sponsored Posts:

Sponsorships are a great way of advertising to people, and having a good audience reach can help you find sponsors for blog posts. All you have to do is develop an engaging blog post on a topic relevant to the sponsor and smartly advertise your sponsor to your audience.


Ads are a great source of income. In fact, they are one of the oldest and most popular ways of generating revenue through advertisements. Well, if you run direct ads, then based on the user activity, Google will suggest them relevant advertisements and thus improving the chances of getting more clicks upon which you can generate revenue.

There are several blogs that have very transparently shown their income reports. Blogs definitely have the potential to generate 6 figure incomes. However, considering the present standards of the blogging and the internet marketing industry, it is suggested that one shouldn’t entirely rely upon just ads or sponsorships, or affiliate revenue.

Blogs with huge audience reach are capable of converting more customers than any other way, and therefore having a product or a service is highly recommended. You can convert a good number of customers from your blog by strategically advertising and pitching offers.

In the last 2 decades, ever since the internet was becoming more easily accessible, India witnessed the rise of several bloggers who made fortunes solely through their blogs. They are the very people who started blogging in India and made it huge. The blogging culture wasn’t very active then, but as the internet space kept evolving and more people joined the online community, people started to read blogs, and engage with online content. Let’s have a look at the best bloggers in India.

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Top Bloggers In India 

1. Shradha Sharma: Founder, YourStory (#1 Top Indian Blogger )

Shradha Sharma started YourStory in the year 2008, and since then the organization has made astounding progress. If you actually see, there is a lot of content around entrepreneurship, but there isn’t much content around entrepreneurs, their start-ups, and their journey. Well, YourStory covers that gap.

At present, YourStory drives traffic of more than 1.3 million visitors to its website. Started as a blog, to make entrepreneurship stories more vocal, today YourStory itself is a start-up people admire a lot.

It’s been 12 years and YourStory continues to inspire people by sharing stories of entrepreneurs. To ensure it covers all sorts of start-up stories, it has several segments dedicated to small businesses, funding alerts, female entrepreneurs, etc.

Start Year: 2008

Source of Revenue- Events, Promotions, and Advertisements

2. Nandini Shenoy: Founder, PinkVilla (#2 Top Indian Blogger )

Nandini Shenoy started PinkVilla in 2007, a blog dedicated to developing content around Bollywood news and gossips. The interesting part is, she designed and created this website while she was working for Microsoft in the US.

In just 3 years of starting PinkVilla, Nandini realized that the website had enough potential to generate good revenue. Later in 2013, PinkVilla sets up their first in-house editorial team in Mumbai. According to a report by YourStory, in 2017 PinkVilla was reaching an audience of 7.5 million visitors every month and their total page views were 45million.

As of now, PinkVilla is a leading portal for Bollywood news and gossips. It has collaborations with several big movie production houses for promotions and it has also produced a number of shows on Hotstar and other platforms.

Start Year: 2007

Source of Revenue- Advertisements, Sponsored Posts, and Collaborations

3. Anand Khanse: Founder, The Windows Club (#3 Top Indian Blogger )

Anand Khanse launched TheWindowsClub in 2009. He has been writing on windows software for years, and before creating TheWindowsClub, Anand started a similar website called WinVistaClub. Anand happens to be a Microsoft MVP (most valuable professional) Awardee and also Windows Insider MVP.

At present, TheWindowsClub generates website traffic of 611,346 monthly visitors and operates on a model that generates income through advertising, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. Overall, this blog has been quite successful at feeding their audience with very relevant “How to” guides and other topics around windows.

This blog is basically dedicated to producing content around windows software like windows 10, windows8, windows Vista User. The consistency of TheWindowsClub in developing content around the windows software has got this outstanding blog to feature in premier publications like Washington post, Fox8 live news TV, PC World, Life Hacker, and many others.

Start Year: 2009

Source of Revenue: Adsense, Ezoic, Sponsored Posts, Affiliate Marketing

4. Amit Agarwal: Founder, Labnol (#4 Top Indian Blogger )

Amit Agarwal is one of the very few people who started tech blogging in India. He is an IIT graduate in computer science. 5 years into his first job in 2004, Amit decided to move to Agra and that’s when he started writing about technology on his blog named Labnol.

Regardless to say, this blog has remained successful at delivering content around technology for more than a decade now and Amit Agarwal is undoubtedly one of the top bloggers in India. The Labnol blog attracts around 524,882 monthly visitors at present and is one of the most popular tech blogs in India. The blog generates its revenue through a number of streams that have kept changing over the years which new and much-advanced ways.

A good part of the website traffic comes from the US and several other countries as well. This helped Amit Agarwal to build a global brand that develops content around technology.

Start Year: 2004

Revenue Source: Adsense, Contextual Advertising, Direct Ads

5. Varun Krishnan: Founder, FoneArena (#5 Top Indian Blogger )

Varun Krishnan, who happens to be a tech geek, started FoneArena in 2005. It is basically a blog that is dedicated to developing content mainly around mobile phones and those that are similar in nature. It has received astounding attention from the audience and is one of the most visited tech blogs in India.

FoneArena makes most of its revenue through advertising networks, third party advertisements, and also through affiliate programs. It finds a good number of people visiting the blog every month and at present, the visitor count is as high as 356,984. The blog is definitely expanding its reach and finds a global audience to deliver value around technology, mobile phones, and more.

Varun is definitely one of the best-known bloggers in India. He has been blogging for over a decade now and through FoneArena, Varun has come a long way with extraordinary learning through his experience.

Start Year: 2005

Revenue Source: Advertising Networks, Third-Party Advertisers, and Affiliate Programs

6. Harsh Agarwal: Founder, ShoutMeLoud (#6 Top Indian Blogger )

If you have the slightest knowledge about the blogging industry, you must know who Harsh Agarwal is. He is one of the most recognized bloggers in India, and his brand ShoutMeLoud is one of the very active sources for bloggers to find interesting and updated information about Blogging.

Harsh has a very interesting story of how he made his way into the blogging industry. His blogging journey started in 2008 and ever since he has been expanding his brand and now ShoutMeLoud finds close to half a million visitors every month.

The blog generates revenue through multiple sources. ShoutMeLoud has also developed direct products like e-books and online courses which also generate decent revenue. Harsh has been quite transparent about the income reports of his blog. According to one of the income reports published by Harsh Agarwal, the revenue generated in July month alone of the year 2017 was more than INR 33 lakhs.

Start Year: 2008

Revenue Source: Sponsored Listings, Advertisement Networks, Affiliate Programs, E-books, and online courses.

7. Prateek Shah: Founder, Digital Defynd (#7 Top Indian Blogger )

Prateek Shah started reviewing online courses on his blog “Digital Defynd” in the year 2015. As of now, his blog has managed to develop its reach to massive audiences. Actively working in the digital marketing industry for over a decade, Prateek holds a good level of expertise in blogging, digital marketing, and developing audience reach.

In just 5 years, his blog has turned quite popular and attracts global audiences. At present, the blog gets more than 220,000 monthly visitors and the numbers keep on increasing. Most of the revenue generated by “Digital Defynd” blog comes through affiliate programs.

Prateek Shah is certainly one of the very recognized bloggers in India who made it big entirely through his blogging. Digital Defynd has now become an active source for reviews of all types of courses.

Start Year: 2015

Revenue Sources: Affiliate programs

8. Piunika Sharma: Founder, Piunikaweb (#8 Top Indian Blogger )

Piunika Sharma is a tech geek who started her blog in 2017. She has been actively engaged in blogging about tech-related topics and has managed to remain consistent in developing content around the tech niche.

It’s been 3 years now, and at present, her blog gets close to 200,000 monthly visitors. The blog constantly keeps up with software updates, phone reviews, and content of a similar nature. This blog has shown major progress in a very short span of time and it continues to feed its audience with relevant content.

Starting as a blog, Piunika web has now expanded their team and are actively working to develop content on a more consistent basis and increase their audience reach on a global level.

Start Year: 2017

Revenue Sources: Advertising Networks and Paid Collaborations

9. Dhvanesh Adhiya: Founder, iGeeksblog (#9 Top Indian Blogger )

Dhvanesh Adhiya, who has always been enthusiastic about apple products, started iGeeksblog in 2012. The blog is dedicated to producing content that is very relevant to the users of Apple products. They cover writing about all sorts of products such as iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, etc.

The blog also features several how-to guides for helping fresh users and beginners in using apple products. In a period of 8 years, this blog has gained good popularity and grabs audience attention on a global level.

iGeeksblog has shown outstanding growth over the years and now, Dhvanesh has started iGeek Media as well. So, it’s not just limited to a blog but has now turned into a legit brand.

Start Year: 2012

Revenue Sources: Advertising Networks

10. Arun Prabhudesai: Founder, Trak.in (#10 Top Indian Blogger )

Trak is a very famous news blog that covers all sorts of interesting stories related to the internet, the start-up world, and more. Arun Prabhudesai started this blog in 2007 and in just a matter of 4 years, Trak.in showed extraordinary growth.

The blog grabs the attention of the masses and currently, the site has monthly traffic of 168,491 visitors. It continues to develop content very consistently and remains one of the very recognized blogs in India. It has been updating audiences about news in the internet space for more than a decade and still remains one of the most visited blogs.

Arun Prabhudesai is among the very recognized bloggers in India who started blogging very early and made it big.

Start Year: 2007

Revenue Source: Advertising Networks

11. Pardeep Goyal: Founder, CashOverflow (#11 Top Indian Blogger )

Pardeep Goyal was a software engineer before he turned a personal finance blogger. He started the blog called “cashoverflow.in” in the year 2015. The journey of earning in dollars as a software engineer to then making less than half of the salary as a content writer is quite inspiring. The hustle was real and it didn’t take very long for the blog to show results.

Within 2 years, the blog went on to win the IB 2017 Awards and in 2 more years, the blog has completed 4 million page views. Developing content around personal finance on a consistent basis has led this blog (cashoverflowin) to become this popular.

At present, the blog attracts close to 100,000 monthly visitors and Cash Overflow has now been accepted as a brand worth way more than just a blog.

Start Year: 2015

Revenue: Affiliate Programs for financial products, website hosting, tools, etc.

12. Malini Agarwal: Founder, MissMalini (#12 Top Indian Blogger )

Malini Agarwal started a blog around Bollywood gossips, fashion, and lifestyle in the year 2008. The blog is called Miss Malini, and clearly, it’s been more than a decade. Miss Malini has now become a media unit that develops content consistently around Bollywood gossips, and fashion.

The blog since then has gained massive success and was featured by several premier media publications like Fortune India, Forbes, and Inc42 as well. The growth of this blog into a fully-fledged media publication has been very evident over the years. According to Fortune India, in the year 2016, MissMalini went on to clock revenue of more than INR 6.7cr.

The blog currently attracts more visitors through social media and as of now, this blog has monthly traffic of around 100,000 visitors.

Start Year: 2008

Revenue: Brand collaborations, Content distribution and consulting, advertising networks, third party advertising

13. Imran Uddin: Founder, AllTechBuzz (#13 Top Indian Blogger )

Imran Uddin started a blog that revolves around helping the audience with How to guides of problems related to computers in 2011. This blog later expanded to cover numerous categories under the tech domain.

Since then the blog has been quite popular for actively helping out the tech audience with relevant content. Imran also offers SEO and other services through his blog and offers to coach around how to make money online.

As of now, AllTechBuzz attracts close to 100,000 monthly visitors every month and now, Imran has expanded this network to start a media unit called “AllTech Media.”.

Start Year: 2011

Revenue Source: Direct Advertising, Adsense, Coaching, Services

14. Raju PP: Founder, TechPP (#14 Top Indian Blogger )

It is very clear that TechPP is a blog that develops content around the tech genre. It was started by Raju PP in the year 2009 and it’s been more than a decade that this blog has remained dedicated to providing the audience with relevant content.

The blog currently attracts close to 100,000 monthly visitors and Raju PP, and the founder has a fascinating story about how he quit his IT job to finally follow his passion for blogging. Raju PP has been listed among the very successful bloggers of India and TechPP has remained one of the very popular tech blogs.

According to an article by Business Insider published in the year 2017, the monthly earning of Raju PP were reportedly more than INR 9 lakh.

Start Year: 2009

Revenue Source: Advertising and Adsense

These were some of the most successful Indian bloggers who took blogging to a whole new level. Indians are the most active internet users, and making a blog popular in India can be very much profitable.

The above-mentioned list of bloggers was ranked according to our analysis of their monthly visitors. There are millions of bloggers in India, and possibly we might have missed someone on the list. We would love to know your recommendations about the top bloggers in India in the comments section.

Go ahead and tell us about your favorite blogger!

Best Emerging Bloggers in India

These bloggers have been actively working in the digital marketing industry for a very long time, but in recent years, their popularity has grown drastically reaching every corner of India where people aspire to learn digital marketing and become professional digital marketers.

15. Digital Pratik: (#15 Top Indian Blogger )

An engineering dropout finds interest in digital marketing and turns to be one of the very recognized digital marketers in India. Isn’t that interesting? Well, that is the story behind one of the very renowned digital marketing professional famously known as Digital Pratik.

Pratik happens to be one of the very few people in India who actively worked to spread awareness about digital marketing in India. He is a good follower of Gary Vaynerchuck, the living legend for digital marketers.

Pratik has been firmly developing a good chunk of content around personal branding and how it can help individuals scale business growth online. His social channels and YouTube is quite more active than his web blog which currently attracts around 2000-3000 monthly visitors.

However, Digital Pratik has a verified Instagram handle with over 200k followers and his Youtube channel has close to 70k subscribers as of now.

16. Sorav Jain: (#16 Top Indian Blogger )

Sorav Jain is a much-known name in the digital marketing industry. He has been actively developing content around branding. He is a speaker, a digital marketing coach and also owns a digital marketing agency called “EchoVME

Sorav Jain’s blog is quite popular and manages to grab good attention. Currently, his blog (soravjain.com) gets traffic of 15k-16k monthly visitors. However, Sorav has a very strong reach on social media especially his Instagram with 169k+ followers.

He is definitely one of the very emerging names which have rapidly turned popular in recent years. Sorav has managed to build a good audience base which follows his content very closely.

17. Digital Deepak: (#17 Top Indian Blogger )

Digital Deepak is a renowned digital marketer, TEDx speaker, and digital marketing coach. In recent years, he has become massively famous for developing digital marketing guides that can help people through learning the core fundamentals of digital marketing.

His blog digitaldeepak.com finds close to 10k monthly visitors as of now, but Deepak is more active on social channels like Instagram with 40k followers and Youtube with around 100k subscribers.

Deepak Kanakaraju, the man behind this famous brand “Digital Deepak”. He has been in the digital marketing industry for years now and currently he is one of the most sought-after digital marketers in India.

He offers a good amount of content around digital marketing fundamentals and that is what led to this massive response he’s getting from many digital marketing enthusiasts and aspiring minds.

18. Anil Agarwal: (#18 Top Indian Blogger )

Anil Agarwal is a professional blogger and the founder of Bloggers Passion. He aims to develop content around “Blogging” itself. Through his blog, he has developed content around the very fundamentals of blogging, and over the years, his blog has grown very popular.

Bloggers Passions gets close to 30k monthly visits and most of the revenue generated is either through promotional content or affiliate programs. This blog has become very popular among young and aspiring bloggers.

It is a good source of information for any beginner who wants to make progress as a professional blogger. There are detailed guides and explained tutorials to help people by starting and run a profitable blog.

These were some of the top bloggers in India who very smartly used the internet recourses and their strategic planning led them to become one of the top bloggers in India.

Is It Worth Starting a Blog?

The answer is yes, it is absolutely worth starting a blog in 2021. You have to understand how blogging has changed over the years and what is it going to look like in the near future and even in the long run.

Making direct income from a blog can be quite difficult a blog can be a great source to channelize your traffic towards a product or a service. It is very much recommended to develop a virtual or even a real product or service for better results.

In fact, the first affiliate network was developed in 1998 by click bank, and prior to that, there were no sources for online affiliate earnings. The bloggers who started in the early 2000s were relying on income through Adsense and other advertising networks for more than a decade.

Now the monetization of blogs has become much diverse and there are multiple streams of generating revenue from a blog. All, you need to ensure is the fact that your blog is generating enough engagement, the CTR rates are good and the website traffic consistently increases.

So, if you’re planning to start a blog in 2021, you can definitely do that as long as you stay committed to consistently developing content and providing your users with value. At this point in time, branding has more value than marketing, and therefore your blog needs to reserve a permanent spot among your audience.

How Long Does It Take to Become Top Bloggers in India?

It really depends on several factors. Some of the parameters which you need to consider are:

  • How competitive the niche is?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What other channels can you use to reach your audience?
  • What all makes a blog rank on Google?
  • How to improve CTR?

If you’re able to understand these parameters well and strategically take your blog ahead then definitely you will find success in scaling the online growth of your blog very soon.

It can take up to a year for your blog to at least grab an audience reach of 50,000-10,000 monthly visitors.

There are very evident examples of bloggers, who started recently but they have managed to scale a commendable growth.

Top Bloggers in India Who Scaled Online Growth Very Quickly:

Pardeep Goyal:

Pardeep goyal started cashoverflow in the year 2015. 5 years down the line, he’s a very successful blogger and an entrepreneur as well. When his blog was getting around 30,000 monthly visitors, he used to make around INR 60,000. Currently, his blog attracts close to 100,000 monthly visitors.

Piunika Sharma:

Piunika Sharma started her blog in the year 2017. Currently, her blog gets 200,000 monthly visitors. She also does pain collaborations, advertising through various ad networks, and direct ads as well.

Prateek Shah:

Another such example of successful bloggers is Prateek Shah, the founder of Digital Defynd. He started this online course review website in the year 2015. Right now, his blog gets more than 220,000 monthly visitors.

If They Can Do It, Why Can’t You?

The key to their success is strategic progress and consistency. You have to understand and analyze what your readers are looking for. You must know about any hot news that your readers want to know about. If you remain consistent at delivering the right value, it will definitely help your blog make decent progress.

These are some of the top bloggers in India. Their efforts to deliver real value to their audience has led to such massive success. Remaining consistent at producing content helps them in making 5-6 figure income.

Understanding Online Content:

If you wish to be a blogger in the year 2021, you have to keep certain things in mind. If writing blog posts could bring you good business, then every blogger would have been rich, Right?

But that isn’t the case, so what makes successful bloggers different from the ones who are struggling to build an audience reach?

Blogging isn’t just mere writing and therefore you have to understand how online content works. Search engines are not going to pick your content randomly and publish. In fact, you have to understand the terminologies on which a search engine decides to rank blog posts.

Another good way of reaching the masses is social media, but then your copies have to attractive like anything. People on social media find tons of such content every day. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need excellent copies that grab attention.

Google news is one more such way for blogs to make it to the eyes of their target audience. Qualifying for getting published in the News section is not an easy thing. In case your blog qualifies, it will certainly bring a good audience.

But all of these depend on the standards of writing online content. It should be compelling, allowing space for readers to think, analyze, and conclude. The format, the keyword density, and even the length of the blog also matter.

Apart from these, there is hundreds of other parameter based on which a blog gains online audience attention. So, in order to make your blog reach huge masses of audiences, you have to understand the base fundamentals of developing online content.

Where Would You Get to Learn About Online Content Development?

It isn’t at all difficult to find content writing guides on the internet. Would you validate the information you got from any random source?

How if you get to learn it from an authentic source that has helped aspiring bloggers find a place at companies like Amazon, American Express, Barclays, Accenture, KPMG, etc?

Well, there are professional industry experts at IIM SKILLS. They are ready to help passionate people like you to understand how online content works. Students and professionals from over 30+ countries have attended this content writing course, and the results are extraordinary.

You can try attending the free live online demo sessions, and then make a decision about going forward with this training.

If You Want to Become One of the Top Bloggers in India, Here Are the Vital Points You Must Consider:

Be Consistent: You have to establish an online presence for your blog, and that is only possible if you publish informative pieces consistently that people can find online.

Allow Engagement: This has been proven to improve user experience on your website when you address the fact that, what you have written is best to your knowledge and you welcome any feedback or suggestion.

Understand Your Audience: In case you target big niches, then you have to find the right set of audiences to target. You cannot go ahead and feed tech-related content to people seeking sports news.

Channelize Traffic: Upon getting huge monthly traffic on your website, you can smartly channelize your traffic to other products and services. You can place affiliate links, or even promotional content to explore multiple streams of income.


A blog is basically a gateway to several other things. It can actually help you build a brand and generate revenue. The top bloggers in India understand how important it is to deliver real value. You might as well try reading their blogs to understand what it takes to gain such massive audience attention.

Having a blog has now become a necessity. If your online presence is not strong, then it will become difficult for you to establish communication with your audience. This can affect your sales, as your reach will be to a much smaller audience.

There are inorganic ways of how people can learn about your products and services. However, blogs are the most resourceful elements that can grab audience attention like anything. You might want to run ads, but the moment you stop running ads, your audience reach decreases.

If you develop content on your blog consistently around your niche, you’ll find a certain number of readers every month. By being a little strategic you can grab the attention of the masses.

There is no right or wrong way of blogging. The strategy that works for one might not work for the other. It is important for any blogger to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their craft.

Constantly learning and evolving is something, bloggers in India should focus on. In the world of the internet, things can change overnight. To stay in business, you have to actively keep up with the trends and recent practices.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q. Is there any age limits to start blogging in India?

Anyone above 10 years can start writing a blog but can’t access the blog it can be done only by above 18 years of age.

Q. What is the minimum salary earned by a blogger?

A blogger in India earns minimum on an avg. 3 lakhs per annum.

Q. What is the decent length of words a blog should have?

A blog should be minimum 1500 to 2000 words depending on the topic.


Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.
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