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Top 10 Must-Known Sites That Pay To Write Articles

From a guest blogger to an established writer, everyone today is either promoting their brands or trying to attract maximum traffic to their written piece of work. In this social media marketing era, there are many sites that pay to write articles and contribute content, while letting you have your separate existence online. However, limited are the ones that pay you well as per market standards.

List of best sites that pay to write articles

Reading and writing are two important aspects of our societal upbringing. From the beginning of the life cycle of a human being, we are pushed to learn both of them religiously. Some enthusiasts like to read while some are passionate to pursue writing. Still, thriving to turn passion into a regular earning source is not everyone’s cup of tea. Article writing is one such class that can’t be achieved by anyone and everyone. Before diving into the list of the sites that pay to write articles, let us understand the basics of article writing.

What is Article Writing?

Article Writing is an exclusive scoop that conveys the writer’s perspective, opinions, recommendations, and beliefs in a published form. It can be circulated via print or online medium. An article is a powerful tool to wrap the information and communicate it to the mass audience. It is a non-fiction piece of content that is either influencing, instructive, informational, or merely explanatory.

Article Writing has become an influential channel in content marketing, typically for small and medium-level businesses. Thus, it creates the need and opportunities for quality content writers. A polished and well-written article gets conveniently recognized by search engines. It also helps in establishing an impactful engagement and information channel with the readers.

Types of Article Writing

The type of Article writing is generally determined by its purpose. The direction of the type of writing influences the style and tone of an article. An article, depending on its aspiration is much more likely to fall under one of the four types which are mentioned below:

Expository Writing as the name defines is all about sharing information based on facts and figures. It is used to expose factual information to the target readers. Expository Writing is commonly used everywhere in our day-to-day lives. From academic to research articles, a column in a newspaper to a business report, it is all forms of expository writing. It describes, informs, and explains.

The prime objective behind expository writing is to specify information about a subject, issue, plans and procedures, and methods using evidential facts. There is no involvement of the writer’s perspective or opinions. The information provided should be clear and concise and strictly based on statistics.

  • Narrative

Narrative Writing can also be termed Storytelling. It can be both fiction and non-fiction. As the name suggests in narrative writing, the written piece is all about portraying a strong narration with the help of an introduction following action, climax, and conclusion. The prime objective of narrative writing is to connect with the audience and create a long-lasting influence.

The readers are persuaded by offering experiences in the form of written art. It connects the writer with the reader’s mind and provides them with a new perspective of understanding with every new experience shared with the community. Narrative writing is a perfect way for businesses to build a community by connecting with the mass audience, promoting to share their stories, and creating a sense of closeness.

  • Descriptive

Descriptive writing as the name suggests describes the details in any written piece. Descriptive writing can be used for describing the details and specifications of the product. It can be used to elaborate features, pros, cons, benefits, and all sorts of information to the reader. Descriptive Writing is all about creating an environment by giving minute details and letting the reader ponder through the imagination. It creates a setting such that the reader can live the atmosphere just by reading the piece of writing.

  • Persuasive

Persuasive Writing as the name suggests is a form of writing that aims to evoke emotions and influence the readers’ minds. It is an action-oriented piece of writing that persuades the readers to take a specific call based on the information offered. The writer connects with the readers based on their kind of experiences with a problem. A generic informational solution influences them to understand and feel motivated to resolve those issues and benefit in terms of clarity.

Basic Format of Article Writing

Article Writing is not a child’s play. Although it is not as difficult as moving a mountain, it still takes some skill and understanding of the technicalities to offer an eye-catching article. After all, what is an article without its readers? To get the reader’s and search engine’s attention, an article must be written in the below-mentioned format.

  • Heading

The heading of any article should be clear, concise, and with a definite description of what the article will communicate. Always try to include the keyword in the heading so it gets the consideration of the search engine. Also, it should always be tagged under the H1 tag. A noticeable heading needs to synchronize with the content to get proper attention. With a witty heading and not impressionable content, will not generate interest from the readers. In article writing, the reader needs to stay on that page, as the search engine keeps track of the time a reader spends on the page.

  • Introduction

The introduction is a critical element in any piece of writing. An introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention within a few lines and also ensure the reader that they are at the right spot to find the required knowledge or information. The Introduction needs to be tagged under the H2 tag. Also, it would be beneficial for the writer to include the keyword between the first 60- 80 words of the introduction for the search engines to recognize and consider the article.

  • Body

Once the topic is introduced to the readers, then the prime content of the subject is revealed. The length of the article can be determined by either the writers’ or employer-specific targeted word count. The content included in the body such as headings should be tagged under the H3 tag that helps the reader identify different headings and subheadings. The writer should focus on keeping the paragraphs short, with simple understanding language and easy-to-scan headings. This will keep the reader glued to the article for a longer duration and will not lead to boredom.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is the final paragraph that finishes the article with either an appeal, perspective, food for thought, closing opinion or a recommended action to be taken. It should be portrayed with a proper heading of Conclusion and should be tagged under the tag of H4.

  • FAQs If Needed

FAQs are Frequently Asked Questions. If needed, the writer can also create FAQs, with specific answers to the questions. The FAQs in an article should be tagged under the H4 tag.

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Steps in Article Writing

Article Writing includes different steps that ought to be followed to get a well-written piece of work.

Different steps in article writing are mentioned below:

  • Picking a noticeable topic or heading
  • Having clarity about the target audience
  • Collecting proper facts and figures
  • Writing the outline with subheadings
  • Putting up the rough draft
  • Editing
  • Putting up the final draft
  • Editing again and proofreading
  • Checking for plagiarism

Mistakes in Article Writing

General mistakes that a writer makes while writing articles are mentioned below:

  • Misusing facts and figures
  • Using too formal language
  • Using complicated words
  • Not using frequent paragraphs
  • Not using a catchy Heading
  • Using Plagiarized content

How to Write a Catchy Article

Now that we have learned the types, formats, and mistakes in article writing, let’s understand what elements are important to make an article worth a reader’s attention.

  • Using Eye-catching Headlines
  • The content should be written as per the target audience
  • Usage of Clear and understandable language
  • Easily readable subheadings
  • Providing a logical conclusion
  • Sticking to the goal of writing
  • Using proper tags
  • Avoiding repetition of points
  • Avoiding unnecessary length

Article Writing as a Profession

Article writing as a profession can lead the writer to two options:

  • Freelancing

Freelancing lets the writer work without any boundaries. There is no restriction or any sort of constraint in writing. A writer gets to work for herself/himself with her/his control over working hours, delivering the final work, location of the work and cost to be charged per project. Every specification such as time duration of the project, cost per word, etc is discussed prior with the client. Although freelancing gives the writer a sense of freedom, it also comes with the fear of instability in income.

  • Employment

With Employment, the writer has to work in a specific environment provided by the employer, for specific working hours and specific content. There is a sense of external accountability that comes hand to hand in with employment. Although it also guarantees a stable income with the work pressure.

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10 Sites That Pay to Write Articles

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the biggest sites that pay to write articles. It is a global marketplace that lets freelancers from around the world easily sell their work beginning from $5 per project. Any writer can become a seller at Fiverr by creating Gigs. Every 4 seconds a gig is purchased, and an expert can easily earn up to $10,000 per project.

Freelancers at the beginning of their writing career can start with low prices, and with experience and excellent work can increase the prices of the projects at any time. The top writers at Fiverr charge $100 per article. So, if you are determined enough to have a career as a freelancer, Fiverr is a great place to begin your writing career.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the largest freelancing and crowdsourcing sites that pay to write articles, which connects more than 60 million employers and freelancers covering 247 countries, regions, and territories. Any employer can hire freelancers through this market for work projects based on software development, writing, designing, engineering, sales and marketing, legal services, and much more.

The employers generally post a request on the websites. The writers working as a freelancer bid for the projects showcasing their experience and work and the price of the project. The cost per project depends on the experience of the freelancer as well as on the competition. For every request posted by the employer, hundreds of freelancers bid for it, leading to high competition within one segment. The one that suffices to the specifications of the employer is hired.

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3. Make a Living Writing

Make a Living Writing aims at providing a platform for writers that fulfill their dream to become a freelancer. It is one of the few sites that pay to write articles. Established in 2008, this channel has helped thousands of writers to:

  • Find their first client
  • Find paying market
  • Get better writing jobs
  • Make a living from blogging and content writing
  • Learn self- publishing
  • Learn how to increase writing productivity
  • Persuade flaky clients to pay
  • Discover different tools for success
  • Learn how to avoid scams
  • And much more…

At Make a Living Writing, an updated list of paying markets is created every month, where the writer can pitch the idea or the topic, create a draft and submit it. Once your draft is approved, you get paid for your work.

4. Truelancer

Truelancer is a channel that offers professionals to employers, to get their work done, and is one of the sites that pay to write articles. It additionally offers a platform for freelancers, where they can look for opportunities as per their experience and get paid for them. The primary aim of Truelancer is to provide interest-based jobs to freelancers and to help clients find hassle-free freelancers, to get their job done.

To Get Work Opportunities, the Following Steps Are to Be Followed by the Freelancer:

  • Employer posts a job requirement
  • The freelancer’s bid for the project
  • Employers find and hire the freelancer
  • The employer makes the advance payment to Truelancer
  • Truelancer holds the payment
  • Once the freelancer completes the project and gets it approved by the employer
  • The payment is released by the Truelancer
  • The freelancer received the payment for the project
  • In case of discrepancy, Truelancer’s dedicated support team is available for both parties.

5. Freelance Writing

Brought into existence in 1997, Freelance Writing has been offering resources and services to freelancers to mark their careers as successful writers. The aim is to provide a platform where any sort of writer is welcomed with an open heart, may it be a beginner or an expert.

Freelance Writing also offers writers to businesses who seek for freelancers to complete their written jobs. It is a one-stop hub for both freelancers and employers and one of the most trustworthy sites that pay to write articles.

6. Guru.com

Guru.com is a medium that enables employers and freelancers to work together. It offers a platform for employers to collaborate with freelancers to get their required work done. It is recommended as one of the legitimate sites that pay to write articles. The channel aims at bringing the two parties into a safe and secure environment keeping aside the geographical locations, religion, caste, etc, and communicating purely based on work.

The channel works almost on the same principles as the other websites apart from the payment option. Guru.com offers different forms of payment options to the employers to enter into a consensus agreement:

  • Fixed Price
  • Hourly based
  • Tasked Based
  • Recurring Payment

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7. Bitch Media

At Bitch Media, the aim is to encourage and engage, considerate feminist responses to so-called paparazzi and popular culture. The channel seeks a fresh voice in feminism, one that can honor complicated arguments and deny ignoring the discomforting realities of life in an unapologetic gendered world.

It is a media organization that openly declares itself to be a feminist. Articles based on feminism and activism can be discovered on this platform. It not only plays an important role in probing these topics, instead it offers a toolkit to engage in such analysis and also promotes activism through social change.

If you are one such writer who likes to take charge of feminism and bring societal changes, you can surely join your hands with such sites that pay to write articles.

8. UX Booth

The UX Booth is a publication platform created by and for the user experience community. The channel welcomes anyone and everyone interested in discussing trending topics, sharing their experience, or discussing the best practices. Any passionate writer can write for the UX booth by simply logging in to their website and dropping the details of the topic backed up with the thesis and research that the writer wants to write. It is one of the reputed sites that pay to write articles, in the online marketplace

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9. Cracked

Cracked is a channel that proudly publishes humorous and witty articles. The main aim of this marketplace is to entertain its readers with knowledge and information on the entertainment industry. They also publish general topics but it might be their prime focus. The website pays somewhere between $50-$200 per article to a writer, based on experience and the topic of the write-up. This is again one of the best sites that pay to write articles.

10. Metro Parent

At Metro Parent, parenting and strengthening communities-related content are published. The channel strongly believes that healthy families build a strong environment for better upbringing of kids and also build strong communities. It is a company serving its people with creative and fresh content for more than 35 years.

From raising toddlers to teens, selecting schools to things kids can do around, developing healthy habits to how to calm kids’ curious minds, Metro parent covers it all. Parenting information through articles, newsletters, bi-monthly magazines, etc offered to the subscribers and their reader base. If you are a pro in such topics, you can submit your work to this website that pays to write articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is content writing course certification necessary for writing articles?

Anyone can be a writer, however, knowing the technicalities of writing and offering the same is always beneficial. It is not necessary to do any sort of certification for writing articles but enhancing your knowledge through certifications will give you deep insight into the standard market practices in this field. It will be advantageous for you to be updated with markets’ ongoing trends and you will be able to cater to the clients with the same.

2. Can article writing help me pay off my bills?

Yes, surely article writing can make you earn more than just paying off your bills. There are different sites that pay to write articles. But it depends on your writing skills, dedication towards your work, experience, and published work. It may be difficult at the beginning of your career as a writer, but with time, experience, and professional touch, you can work wonders in this industry.

3. I know how to write but I don’t know how to sell my work. How can I be helped?

If you know how to write but don’t know how to sell, then all you have to do is to visit the sites that pay to write articles, which are also mentioned above. All you have to do is follow their instructions to publish your work. You need not sell yourself, instead, your work will sell itself on these websites without any hassle.

4. How will I get to know what price to charge to any client I get from the above-mentioned websites?

You may charge, beginning from $5 per hour or $1 per word or even less for sites that pay to write articles. It entirely depends on your experience and the stage of your writing career you are in. The experts charge $100-10000 per article or project. You can decide by yourself depending on what suits you.


Articles play a vital role in social media marketing these days. From small businesses to big industries, people pay a hefty amount to be in the good books in every source of information. As a professional freelancer writer, earnings increase with experience. There are many sites that pay to write articles, but as a beginner, you will have to settle on lesser earnings. Once you become an expert and create your impressive portfolio, you can convince the client to pay you as per your mark. If you are one of the freelancer writers struggling to find work, pay a visit to the valuable list of websites mentioned above.

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