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SEO Training Courses With 100% Practical Learning (Updated)

In this article today, we are going to look at the top SEO training courses that come with practical training. The recent years have been a roller coaster ride for everyone across the world. For the first time in our lives, the whole world was locked irrespective of the places they were staying. Some were in their comfort zone; some were stuck in a different city from where they don’t belong to.   We all were not allowed to move around, to go to our workplaces, to buy anything. And the worst part was that we were not supposed to meet any person around as it would be dangerous to our own lives.


SEO Training Courses With 100% Practical Learning



Isn’t it funny? And the reason for all this was only a virus that turned the whole world upside down. The worst part of this anti-virus was its symptoms. It was as common as a normal cold and cough. People used to be confused about whether it is a normal disease or a dangerous virus. Nationwide lockdown taught us a variety of new things which one never imagine that our life could be this different. 


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When People join work then it becomes a compulsion to visit offices on regular basis giving them 8 hours of the day attending meetings, going for client visits. Do we believe that how can one work without going to the offices? How can someone study without going to school? How can someone stay without going out for any source of entertainment? How can we stay without meeting our friends or relatives? So many questions aroused in everyone’s mind. But overall, it was a different experience altogether.


Initially, it seemed very difficult in the starting as staying locked in their respective home for almost 5 months is irresistible. But slowly and gradually we got used to it. The strange part was that we started getting ready for “work from home’’. It became a new part of our life. Students all over the world start studying online, people started working online. The great part was everyone all over the world started connecting through video calls, phone calls, zoom meetings, google meets. Therefore because of this virus, our whole life was totally dependent only on the ‘’Internet’’. 


As we know that every coin has its two sides. This lockdown taught us many good things as well. Nowadays everything has become very competitive. We were so busy in our daily lives that we never got enough time for our family, friends, and most importantly to spend time with ourselves.


Till now we were leading a robot life wherein we used to eat, sleep, and work. We never got enough time to develop ourselves, to grow, to learn new things. As time went by everyone started spending more time with themselves and came to know about different hobbies which one can never think of.


For example; reading books, cooking a variety of dishes every day, spending time with grandparents, family, and getting to know each other which we never got time for because of the busy schedule. The impact of lockdown was tremendous on our Indian economy as well as on the global economy. Since everything was closed and no business or sales was there in the market, people stopped coming to the shopping mall, buying luxury products, cars, bikes, etc.


They were only keen on buying necessity food items which were required for survival purpose. The majority of people working worldwide lost their jobs, they were only dependent on their savings. Simultaneously there were many people who along with their existing jobs started learning new courses for their own growth.


Earlier everyone was not keen on learning new courses as they did not have enough time to go and learn in the coaching centers. But since this year everything was digital and online therefore all the existing and new courses shifted to the online platforms which became very convenient for everyone to learn and grow in their own time and comfort zone. Out of which, one is the SEO Training course.


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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It can be briefly explained as a process to improve the website in such a way so that it becomes easy for people to search on different search engine platforms such as Google. It can be also be defined as one of the important tools to increase the presence in all search engine platforms. As we know that content is the key to everything we do, irrespective of the profession we are in but just writing on our website is not sufficient. We need to let know people around the world about our content in just one click. 


Importance of SEO in content writing?

Many people consider SEO and Content as two different strategies but one needs to understand that SEO and content are connected and complement each other in a great manner. We need to understand that writing high-quality content is important after which we can understand the important attributes of SEO. Content writers need to write in such a manner so that the existence of the readers increases for one’s website which also leaves a positive impact on the rankings of our website which equally plays a very important role in the market.


Some of the key benefits of SEO concerning the content are-

  1. High-Quality Content helps to generate a high click-through rate– Any search engine considers CTR (click-through rate) as one of the most important factors to increase the ranking of our website. More number of clicks higher is the ranking of our website and vice versa.
  2. High-Quality Content helps to create backlinks– One of the most important strategies to increase the credibility and trust of our website amongst the users of a search engine like google is to create backlinks. Creating backlinks for our website with high authority backlinks also helps to increase the ranking as well.
  3. High-Quality Content helps to integrate keywords– Good quality content is the only way to use keywords strategically so that it increases the brand image of our website in a continuous manner in the industry.
  4. Content Provides significant and smooth user experience– Having a good user experience is very important. This is because when a user visits our website for the first time, the content should be such that it should urge them to visit again. Writing a few articles for our website isn’t enough, regular updates on our blogs are equally important so that the interests of the users increase with time. 


Let us know about the top 10 SEO training courses in India

Writing just high-quality content isn’t sufficient. Good marketing strategy along with the right keywords equally plays a very important role to attract the right set of customers. But one also needs to keep in mind that just gathering enough audience is not sufficient, we have to keep on increasing the visibility day by day which develops the interest of the customers in a variety of new ways every day.


As we all know that technology is improving and getting advanced day by day. The method or technique used even a month before is not necessary that it will be applicable even now also. Learning SEO is not an easy job to do. It requires creative thinking along with the right attribute to learn.


For any website to be popular and for its success, SEO plays a very important role. SEO stands for search engine optimization which means our content should be such that it should be visible to the users in one click as per the phrases or words they are looking for. There can be many ways to learn SEO but one should segregate between all the courses as per their need and requirements. 


Below is the list of top 10 SEO training courses with certifications which answers some of the important questions like-

  • Who gives the training?
  • Why it is listed on the top list?
  • In-depth training details.
  • To whom does it suit?


  1. Digital Vidya  

Digital Vidya is considered one of the top and leading SEO training courses. This course is based more on self-study. 

It also provides one-month online instructor training. 

  • This institute is the official partner of Microsoft and Google. They also provide training to their agencies. 
  • Since 2009, they have trained more than 30,000 professionals across the world.
  • VSkills’and Digital vidya jointly provide certification. Vskills takes a skill test which is undertaken by the Government of India. 


They also offer two types of certification which are- 

  • Certified Search Engine Optimization Master Certification
  • Certified Search Engine Optimization Professional Certification


Some of the additional features provided with this course are-

  1. Live Sessions
  2. Lifetime access to the recorded videos and sessions
  3. Internship based on in-depth research
  4. Practical projects and assignments
  5. 24*7 instructor support
  6. Certification affiliated by Government of India


Digital vidya teaches us- 

  1. Off-page optimization
  2. On-page optimization
  3. Algorithms (Part-I)
  4. Algorithms (Part-II)

People from various fields can learn this course such as-

  1. Any sales professional
  2. Entrepreneurs/ Businessperson
  3. Professionals in digital marketing
  4. Students pursuing MBA, BBA, Commerce
  5. Professionals from the IT and Human resource department

This institute also provides a facility of a money-back guarantee if someone finds no value in the course after the first live session. They also provide a 10% group discount if three or more registration is done for the course together. The SEO training course is estimated to be approx. Rs 11,900+ GST.


  1. PromozSEO

PromozSEO is listed amongst the top leading institute in Kolkata. They provide extensive SEO training courses which makes people enrolling for this course to be industry-ready. It provides both online and classroom training courses on SEO. This institute has also been rated higher amongst other institutes. They offer 70+ hours of comprehensive SEO training.


Training methods involve

  • Classroom-based training in Kolkata city
  • Online-based training that can be taken anywhere at your own convivence.


They provide an extensive 17 modules course along with the course completion certificate to the users. Starting from the basics to the advanced level SEO techniques everything is been taught in a detailed manner.


A variety of students can join this course from different fields all over the country such as-

  • Freshers who are willing to build their career in digital marketing
  • Anyone willing to work from home as per their schedule
  • Sales professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Graphic designers
  • Mobile application developer
  • Content writer
  • Social Media optimizers
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Bloggers
  • YouTube marketers
  • Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Internet startups. 

They also have a FAQ section wherein any student can go through it in a detailed manner and make the right choice for them. Visit them at www.promozseo.com.



LIPS India is basically an initiative that is taken by IIT professional team, IIM professional teams, and other experts from the industry as well. It is based out of Pune and Mumbai and offers classroom SEO training courses. They also provide advanced level certification in Digital Marketing in association with SEED (Supporting Entrepreneurs for Environment and Development). 


They are also an official partner with Google. It aims to fill the gap between the current education style and the landscape of the growing business. Their trainers are listed amongst the industry experts in the field of SEO. In comparison to other sites like www.trustpilot.com, they have received 5-star reviews across the web engine. 


Specifically, for women who are home-maker for them, SEO course includes-

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO


Advanced level of SEO Course includes

  1. Introduction to the Web
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. On-Page SEO
  4. Tools required for SEO
  5. Blogging


LIPS INDIA provides a complete certification course. Apart from the SEO certification it also provides certification in-

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Facebook Blueprint

To know more details about the course details please visit www.lipsindia.com


  1. The SEO training Institute 

The SEO training institute came into its presence in the year 2007 in Gurgaon (India). They aim to provide training for following things such as-

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Search engine marketing tools
  3. Social media optimization
  4. Click-through rate
  5. Search engine optimization


Their record to place the students succeed in the earlier batches has been very high, especially in branded organizations.


Their main focus is to teach students all the possible proportions of the internet. It also includes a complete package of this course which includes:

  1. Online Branding Training Course
  2. SEO Training Course


It provides two modes of SEO training courses which are

  1. Classroom-based learning
  2. Online-based learning


The different thing about this institute is that they have designed different SEO courses for a different type of profession as well so that every student of them is taught as per their thought process which includes

  1. For students
  2. For real estate agents
  3. Professionals working in hotel and resorts
  4. For content writers
  5. For trainers
  6. For healthcare companies
  7. For chefs and
  8. For Fashion designers as well. 

A completion certificate is given post the training. To know more about the training course please click on to www.SEOtraininginstitute.in.


  1. Expert Training Institute 

Expert training institute gives the facility of education and coaching center for Internet marketing training. The training is given by experts which are certified by Google. They are one of the coveted names for SEO training courses.


They have also been provided good reviews on a famous social media page named Facebook. So far, they have trained at least 5000+ students. 


This curriculum includes-

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Pay per click (PPC)
  3. Social media optimization (SMO)


It aims to provide the teaching of the latest SEO techniques. By the time course ends it provides a clear roadmap as to post which students can have a clear understanding. Their training is divided into two parts which are- 

  1. Off-Page
  2. On-Page


This program consists of a training course of both basic level as well as advanced level too. The basic level comprises of-

  • Basic level of search engine optimization
  • Research and analytics
  • Off-page techniques
  • On-page techniques
  • Basic HTML+ Website designing
  • Overview of SMO and PPC


This training course is designed for-

  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Start-ups. 


After the course completion, it provides industry-affiliated certification. To know more about it in detail please log on to www. expert-SEO-training-institute-in. 


  1. Chandigarh Institute of Internet Management 

Chandigarh Institute of Internet Management professionally teaches web marketing and has SEO training courses. They are located in Mohali, Panchkula, and Chandigarh. They are also the official partner of Google Analytics. 


Their main focus is to provide updated skills required to create your presence in the industry. They also provide personalized classroom training to all their students.


Till now they have trained almost 1300+ students with 100% job placement in Chandigarh. They provide a one-month crash course along with additional 2 months regular course as well.


Their training course comprises of-

  1. SEO Basics. 
  2. Off-page optimization
  3. On-Page optimization


This course is designed for people who are-

  1. Students and new job seekers
  2. Entrepreneurs and business owners
  3. Professionals and freelancers.


Chandigarh Institute of internet management also makes sure that their students make the most of this course and clear all their doubts and requirements that is why they aim to work with trained professionals. 


They also provide on-field live training along with the completion certification. You can also log on to www.ciim.in to learn more about them. 


  1. The SEO Classes

The SEO training courses at SEO classes are designed especially for new website owners and web designers. Their main purpose is to make more visibility and update all the tools and resources required for the website ranking which is considered to be one of the most important criteria to reach out the maximum number of audiences. 

They provide training in-

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2. Search media optimization (SMO)
  3. Search engine marketing (SEM)

To make it easier for their students they provide both online as well as classroom training. Per session is near about fifty to sixty minutes. For some sessions, they provide free classes too. 


This course helps students to learn about

  1. Importance of website ranking and on how to keep a work track for your clients
  2. A clear understanding of the search engine works.
  3. In-depth knowledge of off-page and on-page optimization as well.


After the course completion, it provides certification to matching up to the level of the current industry standards. To read more about this course please click on theseoclasses.com.


  1. Delhi School of Digital Marketing 

Delhi school of Digital Marketing is considered to be one of the leading SEO training courses. They are based out of Delhi. They aim to provide all the necessary tools required to have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and all the web marketing needs. 


Till now they have trained almost 2400+ students along with practical training on the field in a comprehensive manner. Delhi school of digital marketing also provides an advanced level of SEO training. It also provides training regarding all the tools required to promote the services and website.


They teach a two-way process that includes

  1. On-page optimization and
  2. Off-page optimization.


Classroom classes are available in Delhi. It also helps to learn more about the techniques required to rank our existing website at a low advertising cost. 


An overview of advanced SEO training courses provided by them are

  1. Domain and hosting overview
  2. SEO basics
  3. On-Page optimization
  4. Off-page optimization


The total course fee is approximately Rs. 11,999/- They also make sure that students get additional certifications such as-


  • Google Adwords fundamentals
  • Google search marketing
  • Display marketing
  • Facebook Marketing certificate

To know more about the course in detail please log in to www.dsd.in


  1. SEO Training Point 

SEO training point has one of the renowned SEO training courses based out of Bangalore. They also offer periodic training to new learners. 


They also provide training both to the graduates and post-graduates as well in the field of-

  • Search engine optimization
  • Web marketing


This training can be taken by students, entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, and even housewives. Students can learn in either of the ways

  1. Classroom-based training or
  2. Online-based training. 

After course completion, they provide certificates recognized by the industry along with 100% job assistance.


For more details about this course please login to www.seotrainingpoint.com


  1. W3 Web School

W3 Web school is a training institute that was established in the year 2012 in Kolkata. Their training comprises of-

  1. Web designing
  2. Web development
  3. Digital marketing training


They offer many professional courses amongst which SEO training courses are very popular. Also, 100% job assistance is given. To be eligible for this course certain criteria need to be fulfilled by the student’s such as-

  • Basic knowledge of computers.
  • Higher secondary pass out. 


This course is best-suited for-

  1. Professionals
  2. Content writers
  3. Bloggers
  4. Web designers


If in any case if someone finds that course is not suitable for them, they can ask for money payback after the first live session. And before enrolling they can also take a one-hour demo session to get clarity. To know more about it please sign in to W3webschool.com.



This industry includes SEO content writers at a very high rate. Therefore, getting trained at a professional level becomes very necessary so that one is highly trained to increase the ranking of their website and content regularly which plays a very important role. These are the top SEO training courses that provide thorough knowledge of SEO and its advanced concepts.

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