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SEO Services in 2024: Why Is It Important

SEO has remained one of the most important things in online business growth and that is one of the reasons, the demand for SEO services has increased

The image describes the article on why SEO service are important for your business


SEO Services: Why Is It Necessary For Your Business

In this era, people search for everything on the internet. We know that an online presence is vital for every business to grow properly. However just an online presence is no more enough, businesses always try to make sure that their products and services appear on the first page of the search engine when a relevant keyword has been searched.


And, how do we perform the task? Here comes the importance of SEO services. Few may say that running paid ads can immediately make a website visible at the top of the crawl page but for long-term organic visibility, there is no better option than SEO.


Why do you need SEO services?

The solution term ‘SEO’ is2 a complex marketing strategy and it requires consistent effort to be performed correctly. SEO includes so many factors that business owners can’t conduct SEO by themselves. As a business owner, one needs to focus on their business and their products. It is always advised to hire SEO services for business.


Can I handle my website SEO by myself?

When it comes to making a digital presence, many startup business owners are opening their websites on their own. The WordPress platform has made customizing the website very easy. However, there are thousands of websites for the same product and only a few ranks in the SERPs. Just having a digital presence, not at all enough. If people can’t find your website when they search for a related term then there is no point. Ranking on the 20th page has no value, it will not bring you any kind of business from the digital world.


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There is a basic difference between just having an online presence and performing SEO. And most start-up business owners fail to understand it as a result they don’t invest in SEO services and fail to make any profit from the digital world.


So, coming to the question, can you handle or perform the SEO of your website by yourself- the answer is: if you are not from a digital marketing background you cannot perform SEO. Even if you try you will fail to cover all the parts, some of the major parts too.


But you don’t need to believe me. In this article before jumping into SEO services, I am giving you detailed analytics of all the SEO factors and leaving the decisions upon the readers whether they want to go for the SEO services or they want to perform the SEO by themselves.


What is SEO?

In simple language, SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a practice of optimizing a website or webpage to increase its visibility by making it rank higher in the search engine. SEO is the non-paid option that helps you to get a better ranking organically.


How does SEO work?

Search Engines like Google or Bing always thrive to provide their users the best search results and because of this, they do not suddenly bring any webpage out of the sky in the first page of search engine result, hoping that it will answer all the queries of the person who have searched for the related term.


The search engine never works like this. Rather, it uses a very complex algorithm that determines which page deserves to rank better and which page does not. The pages which will satisfy the algorithm better are going to get a better ranking.



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The Science Of SEO- The Periodic Table Of Success Factors

It is hard to find the exact factors to get success in SEO because some of the SEO factors have remained constant, a few factors are removed and some factors are ever-evolving. That is why every year experts design a periodic table for SEO factors to signify which factors will have the most impact and how a particular factor will behave in connection to the others. Periodic Table of SEO Factors has been launched in 2011 and since then it was a globally recognized tool.


The periodic table of SEO success factors has many columns and different colors. You can tally with an image of the periodic table for better understanding.


What Do The Colors Mean In The SEO Periodic Table?

  • The blue-colored columns stand for the On-Page SEO.
  • The green columns stand for the Off-page SEO.
  • The pink-colored columns stand for the negative factors that will downrank your website.
  • If you notice closely you will also see that all the boxes are in different color tones. This implies the value of any particular factor. The darker the color is the more important the factor is.
  • Also, the chart is broken up into 7 major element groups. On-page SEO factors are categorized in three columns: Content, Architecture, & HTML. On the other hand, Off-page SEO factors are categorized into four columns: Trust, Links, Personal, & Social.


Element Groups Of SEO

1. Content

Content is known as the king of SEO, Content is the main factor of any website it makes a website worthy for the viewers. Good content should have the following qualities:

  • Quality: A content should be so good and high in quality that the audience will visit the website again and again. It should be written in-depth, should be free of grammatical errors and punctuation errors.
  • Research: Before start writing content, make sure to do detailed research so that you can include the appropriate keyword and commonly searched phrases related to your article. Providing accurate information is very important as it will save you from the embarrassment of making any retractions or corrections later on.
  • Keywords: Do detailed keyword research so that you can include effective and relevant keywords.
  • Freshness: Create unique, current, and fresh content as search engine ranks websites based on fresh contents.
  • Multimedia: To get a better ranking, your content should be visually appealing. Including multimedia like images, video, the audio will break up content spacing and increase the visual engagement on your pages. However, you should also include text alternatives to the non-text content.
  • Answer: Users mostly type their queries in the question form and look for solutions and answers for their queries. Write content that can solve the queries of the users in a straight-cut answering way without clicking on any pages.
  • Depth: Shallow content often fails to satisfy the users as well as the search engines. Always create in-depth and informative content so that a user can get answers to all the queries just by reading one article. Usually, content must contain at least 1000 words to get a better ranking on the search engine result page.


2. Architecture 

Site architecture plays an important role in obtaining good rankings in the SERP. The following factors will help you to perform a better site audit next time.

  • Crawl: The search engine uses a crawler program to collect data and rank websites based on it. That is why it is very important to build your website in such a way so that the search engine can easily crawl your website and find the relevant information according to the user’s query.
  • Mobile: Gone are those days when everyone needed to open their computer to search for something on the internet. Nowadays, users do most of their browsing from their smartphones. So, it is crucial to optimize your website mobile and tab friendly to get more rankings from search engines by meeting the needs of audiences.
  • Duplicate: Google sees duplicate content as a big upsetting warning and it can affect your ranking badly. To avoid this, use SEO techniques like redirects and canonical tags wherever there are multiple pages.
  • Speed: No one likes waiting and it is the same when it comes to the website as well. Users don’t like to see a webpage taking a longer time to load. optimize your website with better speed performance and ensure that it loads quickly n any device. It will boost your ranking in SERPs.
  • HTTPS: Enhance the security of your website with a secure connection for visitors with an SSL certificate. Use HTTPS hosting to show the search engine that you are trustworthy.
  • URLs: To increase the rate of visitors try to include the keyword in your URL as it gives a clear indicator to both user and search engine telling them what the page is all about.



HTML which stands for Hypertext Markup Language is an important foundation on which your site is built. Including certain HTML elements are important because search engine ranks websites based on it.

  • Titles: including your important keyword in your title is the first step of your SEO. The title of the webpage should clearly describe what the content is about as it will help HTML signal to reach the search engine and eventually earn ranking for your site.
  • Description: Meta description and meta tags should be included and should describe what the page content is about. it should also include the keyword in them without sounding spam or superficial so that you can grab the attention of the viewers.
  • Structure: Using appropriate schema markup and other tools helps you to give signals to the search engine about what a webpage contains.
  • Heading: H1, H2, and H3 tags must be included to give the search engine proper signals about the concept of the webpage. It will help you to decrease the chance of searches.
  • AMP: Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to decrease the page loading time and bounce rate on mobile devices.



Users must feel safe while visiting your website. Maintaining your website’s trust to rank higher on the search engine is crucial.

  • Authority: Domain authority, one of the most important factors to rank in the SERPS, is based on numerous factors like the number and quality of backlinks, the popularity of content on social media, shares, comments, and more. To get a good ranking, one should gain site authority by creating shareable, authentic content.
  • Engagement: Optimize your website in such a way that visitors get engaged with your content material and do not bounce.
  • Reputation: Maintaining your reputation among audiences is important to get rankings. Whenever you create content, invest quality thought in it as it will add to your reputation.



Including inbound and outbound links will help you to build a website reputation and thus increase your website ranking.

  • Value: Add value to your content by linking your webpage only to popular, high-authority sites.
  • Anchors: Include links to your content from only those websites which include similar keywords like yours.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks have crucial importance in SEO and one must achieve backlinks from high-quality websites.


6. User 

The success of the website depends on the user experience and one should pay attention to the betterment of the user experience while optimizing the website.

  • Country and Locality: While creating content, consider the country and local region of your user. Try to include locally searched keywords in your content.
  • UX: Optimize your site for the best user experience (UX) by ensuring that users find your website a soothing and fruitful one.
  • History: Keeping the history of users who visits your site regularly is important and one can use cookies to supervise user behavior and analyze the duration and nature of their visits.
  • Intent: Follow and consider what a user is searching on your website and what information they can utilize from your website. It will help you to create content related to the user’s query and get a good ranking in SERPs.


7. SEO Toxins

So far, we have discussed what to include to improve your SEO. However, there are a few things that one should avoid while creating content because Google sees those things as huge red flags.

  • Cloaking: Cloaking means the practice of presenting different content to users as well as search engines. It impacts your website in a very negative way as it delivers the users a different result than what they have expected.
  • Schemes: Purchasing links, spamming blogs to improve your rankings are strictly prohibited by Google and if you practice any of them to improve your website ranking Google will mercilessly downrank you.
  • Stuffing: Don’t load your content with excessive use of keywords to manipulate the ranking.
  • Hiding: Tricking the users by hiding keywords and backlinks by writing them in the same color as the background will not spare your website from getting down-ranked by Google.
  • Piracy: Publishing plagiarized content from other websites will come under piracy and it will badly affect your ranking as well as SEO.
  • Intrusive: let the visitors read your content peacefully. avoid excessive ads and pop-ups as these will irritate the visitors.

These are the SEO factors one needs to keep in mind while performing SEO.


Now comes the question what does an SEO services provider do?

What are the SEO services?

SEO services are the services offered by an SEO company or digital marketing agency. The services help you to optimize your search engine effectively so that your site can appear as high as possible in the search engine result pages when a relevant keyword is searched by a user.


What are the benefits of hiring an SEO services provider for your business?

  • SEO agencies provide the best techniques: 

Google updates its algorithm constantly and it is important to keep your website updated as per the algorithms. SEO agencies keep track of these algorithms and they apply the latest and best techniques to improve your visibility in the search engines.


  • Saves time 

As a business person, you already have a lot of responsibilities to perform to run your organization. On the other hand, SEO itself is a task that requires ample effort to be performed properly. One may not have that much time to handle business and SEO at the same time. SEO services providers can help you to get good rankings to meet your business needs. They have experts who are constantly working on the SEO part only, so they easily take care of the SEO part of your business.


  • Cost-Effective: 

As said earlier SEO needs to be kept updated regularly. It is not something like you have performed once and then it is done. It needs constant effort. Hiring an in-house team will cost you a lot more than availing support from an SEO services provider.


When you hire an in-house team, you have to buy SEO tools for them too so that they can perform the task. On the other hand, SEO agencies already have all the tools ready as they are serving many other businesses too. Moreover, in an in-house team, you have to hire separate professionals for different SEO tasks like a content writer, digital marketing expert, etc. Hiring an SEO company immediately solves all these problems cost-effectively.


List of SEO services that you must expect from an SEO agency:

  • SEO: A SEO services provider must be able to perform the organic promotion for your website. That is the foremost responsibility of any SEO agency. and it must provide you the constant support to improve your SEO. With their help, your SERP ranking should increase with time and you should get good traffic.


  • PPC: Pay-Per-Click is a cost-effective paid advertisement to get potential clients and customers via paid search. All good SEO service providers have these services.


  • Brand Building: Nowadays, online reputation matters a lot as it will earn you respect, trust, and popularity first and then eventually bring you, potential customers. Any business with a good online image and loyalty will flourish. Experienced SEO agencies know all the strategies to build a brand.


  • Content Marketing: We know that content is the king. So, a good SEO service provider must know to create unique, rich, informative, and engaging content that people will read, act on, and share with friends.


  • Web Designing: A user-friendly website is always appreciated by users. SEO companies must be able to create clutter-free, attractive, easy-to-use, and easy-to-navigate mobile-friendly web pages.


  • Link Building: An effective “SEO” solution is to bring high-quality external links referring to your website. It helps to drive traffic to your site. Any SEO agency you hire should be able to provide you proper link-building strategy.


  • Competition Analysis: No matter what your niche is, you need to do the competition analysis so that you can get to know about your competitors both online and offline.it will help you to create competitive strategies that will help to stay forward in the business. Your SEO service provider should perform detailed competition analysis quarterly at least as a part of their job.


  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is the latest internet marketing medium through which one can reach a large number of potential customers. It is a very effective way to build a reputation. Any experienced SEO services provider will offer you different social media marketing techniques by using the utilization of services like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


  • Mobile Compatibility: It is indispensable to have mobile-friendly web pages because the maximum percentage of web browsing is done through smartphones. Your service providers must be able to create mobile-compatible pages.


  • Monitoring performance: Once everything is implemented, it is important to keep a track of the performances of web pages so that one can know where to improve. An SEO company needs to monitor the ranking and traffic you are getting, so you can witness the growth of the business yourself.


  • Progress Optimization: SEO is an ongoing task. When you collaborating with an SEO Services provider they must keep on optimizing the search engine even after you meet the desirable SEO rankings. No matter how advanced SEO technologies you are implementing, your SEO agency must work on improving it.


Tips for choosing an SEO service provider

  • Don’t run after the number 1 SEO company: the ranked 1 SEO services provider is undoubtedly good but they can be very expensive and as a small business owner you may find it hard to hire. Moreover, ranks can also be manipulated by many agencies. So, don’t blindly follow the top agency. Many SEO service providers are genuinely awesome at their work.


  • Read the reviews before choosing: all good performing SEO agencies should have their reviews and testimonials. Before choosing any agency, you must go through the reviews. It will help you to choose a good agency.


  • Ask for the educational provider: As a business owner you deserve to be informed and educated about the amendments SEO services provider are doing to your website. It will not only give you peace of mind but can also help you to practice SEO on your own


  • Stick to your budget: As a new business owner, you may not have a high budget to spend. So, set your budget before hiring an SEO services provider and try to stick to it. Always ask about the packages before hiring any agency and then decide whether you can avail of their services or not.


 Bottom line 

Now you know what to keep in mind while approaching any SEO services provider. Hope this article will help you choose an SEO agency as per your budget, goals, and the industry you are in. Feel free to reach us for any further queries related to SEO.


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