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Physiotherapy Courses in India- Eligibility, Fees, And Career

Due to a poor lifestyle, hectic work schedule everyone is catering with muscular problems. To cure the recurring issues resulting from this, people rush to physiotherapists these days, resulting in their high demand. Today, every field corporate, IT, sports, etc. are hiring and looking for well-trained physiotherapists.


The image portrays the eligibility, fees, and career of physiotherapy courses in India


Post completion of 10+2, students interested need to apply to respective colleges and universities to get qualifications in this field. Pursuing physiotherapy courses enables students to advance in their careers as physiotherapists in varied fields that open up the doors for ample opportunities and professional growth.


Academic Levels for Physiotherapy courses


In India, Physiotherapy courses are available at different academic levels. Below listed are the academic levels that one must comply and opt-out to get a streamlined career in physiotherapy:

  • Diploma (UG/PG)
  • Undergraduate (UG)
  • Post-graduate (PG)
  • Doctoral


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About Top Physiotherapy courses in India


  1. Diploma in Physiotherapy (DPT)


One can enroll for diploma courses, post completing 12th (Sciences). D.P.T courses are designed to produce skilled and professional physiotherapists who will have core knowledge of therapeutic sciences.


During D.P.T, one learns the skill to treat patients with physical disabilities and injuries through physical therapy, physical movement, massages, exercises to cure injuries, diseases, and deformities.  One can land a job profile of professor, therapy manager, research assistant, etc post completion of this course.


  1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)


A four-year program that offers an intensive study of the science of physical movement. After completion, of the course, enrolled students must undergo months of compulsory clinical internship to acquire hands-on practice under a professional physiotherapist.


The emphasis of the BPT curriculum is to provide training to students to acquire the skill of manual therapy, exercises, and electro-physical mode of treatment. Students also get hands-on practice to cure disabilities and diseases related to the spine, back, neck, etc. Also, BPT students get preference to get hired in medical institutes of BSc.


  1. BSc in Physiotherapy


A three-year program aims to enable students to acquire the diagnostic, technical, analytical, and creative skills, familiarity with new researches in the field, understanding of critical approach towards body system. One can land a job profile of physiotherapist, researcher, lecturer, Homecare therapist, etc. on completion of this course.


  1. Master of Physiotherapy (MPT)

A two-year, professional course, focuses on training students to cure issues related to joints and deformities, improving muscle and bone strength, operations. MPT also offers specialization in cardio-pulmonary sciences, orthopedics, neurosciences, musculoskeletal sciences, sports, geriatrics, etc.


Students get knowledge of joints and muscle relaxation techniques giving them exposure to modern techniques of physiotherapy. After completion of the MPT physiotherapy course, one can land up in highly paid jobs offered by both private and government sectors. One can work as a skilled Physiotherapist, Lecturer, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, etc.


  1. Ph.D. in Physiotherapy

A doctorate program, 3 years, that can be pursued as full-time or part-time is an integration of practical fieldwork alongside academics. During the course, students can work to obtain hands-on experience. Students are taught basic psychology so as to develop the skillset required to understand the mental state of patients.


During the course, students also develop problem-solving skills, acquire expertise in the area of study. Post completion of a Ph.D., one can work as a researcher, lecturer, physiotherapist and also opt for leadership roles in reputed organizations (government or private).


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Eligibility Criteria & Duration of Top physiotherapy courses in India


One must fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility criteria for enrolment in top physiotherapy courses offered in India at a different academic level. The admission process may vary depending on the requirement of the university or college the student is applying for.


  • UG Diploma
  • The student must have completed 10+2 with 50% marks
  • The entrance exam will depend upon college


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)
    • The student must have completed 10+2 with 50% marks
    • Physics, Chemistry, Biology as compulsory subjects
    • The student must clear Entrance Exam: Common Entrance Test (CET)


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)
    • Admission based on merit in 10+2
    • No entrance exam required for admission


  • Master in Physiotherapy (MPT)
  • The student must have completed Bachelors with 50% marks
  • The student must clear anyone Entrance Exam: All India Post Graduate Physiotherapy Entrance Test, CET for the master course, JIPMER All India Entrance Exam, NEET PG
  • The student must have completed 6 months internship during Bachelors


  • Master in Physiotherapy (MPT)
  • Admission on the basis of score secured during bachelors
  • The student must clear the entrance exam conducted by the respective university


  • PG Diploma
  • The student must have completed Bachelor’s degree with min % required by the respective college
  • The student must have completed 6 months internship during Bachelors


  • Doctoral
  • The student must have scored excellent marks in post-graduation
  • The student must clear the entrance exam and interview for a fellowship


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Duration & Fee Structure of top Physiotherapy Courses in India


Below mentioned information below regarding the fee structure of top physiotherapy courses in India may vary as per the college or university norms or regulations.


  • UG Diploma
  • The duration of the undergraduate diploma course is 2-3 years
  • The fee Structure of INR 10,000 – 5 Lac may vary
  • PG Diploma
  • The duration of the postgraduate diploma course is 2-3 years
  • Fee Structure of INR 1 Lac– 15 Lacmay vary


  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy
  • Duration of Bachelor of physiotherapy course is 4 years
  • 6 months internship is mandatory to post completion of the course
  • Fee Structure of INR 1 Lac – 5 Lacmay vary


  • Sc. in Physiotherapy
  • Duration of B.Sc. in physiotherapy course is 3 years
  • Fee Structure of INR 1 Lac – 5 Lacmay vary


  • Masters in Physiotherapy
  • Duration of Masters in physiotherapy course is 2years
  • Fee Structure of INR 2 Lac – 7 Lacmay vary


  • Sc. in Physiotherapy
  • Duration of M.Sc. in physiotherapy course is 2 years
  • Fee Structure of INR 35,000 – 2.5 Lacmay vary


  • PhD
  • The duration of the undergraduate diploma course is 2-5 years
  • The fee Structure of INR 5000 – 25 Lac may vary


  • D in physiotherapy
  • Duration of undergraduate diploma course is3 years
  • Fee Structure of INR 10 Lac – 25 Lacmay vary


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Why choose Physiotherapy as a profession?


Physiotherapy is a promising and independent field for individuals who are willing to opt is a career and are keen to cure and help physically disabled people. In physiotherapy, physical treatment is intensively used to cure injuries, deformities, and diseases. Physical treatment includes physical therapy, massages, physical movements, and exercises that take place under supervision or keen observation of a trained physiotherapist.


Physiotherapy is a non-surgical treatment that emphasis restoring the functionality of the human body, locomotor, and movement sciences.


Post completion of any of the top Physiotherapy courses offered in India, one can opt to work in the below specialization:


  1. Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Also known as musculoskeletal physiotherapy is related to disorders of the muscles, bones, joints, nerves, tendons, spine, etc.

  1. Post-Operative Physiotherapy

It helps to restore optimal mobility and overall functionality of the body that helps to build muscle strength improves posture and maintains the balance of the body.

  1. Cardiovascular Physiotherapy

This field helps in the prevention and cure of injuries and diseases in the heart and lungs.

  1. Pediatrics Physiotherapy

To help the growing children in their physical development and to cater movement difficulties in them post identification and diagnosis.

  1. Obstetrics Physiotherapy

It helps in the prevention of physical and emotional stress of pregnancy and labor of an expecting mother by improving her physical fitness and enhancing her understanding of bodily changes.

  1. Neurology Physiotherapy

To treat patients suffering from neurological disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

  1. Sports Physiotherapy

Its help in the diagnosis and cure of sports injuries helps injured sportsperson with the recovery process.

  1. Geriatrics Physiotherapy

To assist aged or older people to cater with physical problems that may also result in emotional distress due to growing age resulting in health issues related to movement, posture, etc.


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Work Sectors


Below listed are work fields where one can work post completing physiotherapy course.


  • Orthopedic Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centre’s
  • Gyms and Fitness Centre’s
  • Schools for Disabled and Mentally Retarded students
  • Sports and Fitness Centre’s
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Private & Government Centre’s
  • DefenseMedical Organizations
  • Health Institutes
  • Pharma Industry
  • Training facilities for sports
  • Private Clinic (One can opt to set up their private clinic wherein services can be offered to patients and physiotherapists can do private practice.)


Job Roles


A physiotherapist post acquiring a professional degree after completion of a physiotherapy course can take up various job roles in the above-mentioned sectors. Below listed are job profiles that an individual works at post completion of physiotherapy course offered in India.


  1. Physiotherapist

The role of physiotherapists is dependent on their qualifications. They heal and cure patients suffering from deformities, illness using physical therapies, electro-pathy and sometimes concoction of both depending on the condition of the patient

  1. Osteopath

Uses techniques to increase the blood flow to different parts of the body by massages, stretching, etc.

  1. Acupuncturist

Diagnose the problems of patients and treat them using acupuncture needles and other methods like pressing pressure points in the body etc.

  1. Lecturer/Professor

Teach in school and colleges imparting education related to the field of their expertise to the aspirants

  1. Researchers

Analysis and administration of data collated works on projects, testing, and implementation on advancements in the field.

  1. Sports Rehabilitators

Help people dealing with injury, pain, or illness related to the musculoskeletal system. They guide people of varied age groups to maintain their health, recovery from injury, etc.




Physiotherapy is an ever booming field offering vast career growth today. After completion of physiotherapy courses offered in India from a reputed college or university, one can expect an initial package up to INR 5.5 Lakh per annum.


One can have a hike in their respective package as they earn experience working in the respective field or sector. The salary offered to individuals is depended on their skill set and work experience. Also, its dependent on the organization and designation that one is hired to work on.


Top Colleges offering Physiotherapy courses in India


Numerous colleges are offering good physiotherapy courses in India. As per the need of an individual one must wisely choose the college under which they wish to pursue a physiotherapy course.


Below listed are the top 10 colleges that one can refer to for admissions:


  1. Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
  2. Madras Medical College, Chennai
  3. Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Wardha
  4. Armed Force Medical College, Pune
  5. Jawaharlal Inst. of PG Medical Edu. and Research, Puducherry
  6. Government Medical College, Nagpur
  7. Sri Ramchandra Medical College & Research Inst., Chennai
  8. J Medical College, Ahmedabad
  9. Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore
  10. Kerala University of Medical Sciences, Kerala


Online Education/Distance learning physiotherapy courses in India


These days online or distance learning is at boom. Students who can’t manage to opt for a full-time program can most certainly enroll in online or distance learning. There are colleges and universities offering distance learning physiotherapy courses in India.


  • BSc. in physiotherapy

Offered by Vinayaka Mission

  • PG Diploma

Offered by Annamalai University and MP Bhoj Open University

  • Certificate Course

Offered by Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University


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