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Online Learning Portals in India: The Need of the Hour

Online Learning Portals is a digital method for learners and teachers to learn and teach online. They help students and teachers gain access to courses, guides, and materials that facilitate learning and teaching digitally.

Online Learning Portals in India The Need of the Hour

Online learning portals also allow you to store your documents and utilize them according to your convenience. It is a website that allows students and teachers to connect and associate on an online platform with the help of digital devices. 

Online Learning Portals  contain effective communication solutions such as Messaging, E-Mails, Discussion mediums, Audio, and Video options for optimum connectivity. As a learner, you will receive assignments reading materials for better understanding and learning. Overall, a portal combines resources of both learning and teaching online.

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Why are Online Learning Portals the need of the hour?

Amidst our fight against the virus, it has become common to lean towards the online learning portals for fulfilling our needs and requirements. Why not utilize the same medium to learn stuff online? Desperate times for the nation expect people to stay positive and active.

Online learning portals can be a great resource for internet users to learn across their fields of interest and stay updated. Our country is witnessing a major transformation in the field of education. Many institutions have set up their training programs on the digital platform to continue the process of learning and imparting knowledge.

Online Learning Portals is the need of the hour as it is a source for internet users to learn new skills during the lockdown period. It helps you to learn different courses on the online platform while being at home. With the need for learning online increasing rapidly this year.

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Here is a list of Online Learning Portals based in India, designed to help you learn and gain new experiences or impart knowledge on the digital platform.


There are five pivotal courses offered by this online portal: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and communication engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, inclusive of 235 additional courses that were developed recently. It is among the leading online learning portals. 

At NPTEL, they follow the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) which involves teaching with the help of pre-recorded video lectures, educational videos, study materials, assignments, and tests for a better understanding and self-assessment during the course. A fixed schedule is pre-determined, based on which lectures are conducted and attended by teachers and students simultaneously. Thus, creating a classroom atmosphere on the internet.

Noteworthy Points:

  1. It is one of the largest online archives of engineering, social science, and home science courses to enrich yourself with knowledge.
  2. NPTEL has established a YouTube channel for you to join the 900 million views and more.
  3. It comprises about 50,000 hours of educational video uploads.

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2. Diksha

Digital Infrastructure of Knowledge Sharing (Diksha) is an initiative of the National Council of Education, Research, and Training (NCERT) to function as an Indian online platform for the school-based education system. Diksha is based on an open-sourced technology that involves learning with the help of the latest internet technologies and digital studying solutions for efficient learning and teaching. It is one of the best online learning portals. 

It is accessible across every state and union territory within the country and can be easily customized by different states using the online platform to suit their education system. Diksha’s user-friendly platform and tools help develop online learning everywhere across India.

Diksha’s Online learning portal enables teachers and students to gain access to CBSE, NCERT, and SCERT education curriculums, available in 18+ Indian languages. Diksha is being developed to enable school education, foundational learning programs, and additional learning solutions for underprivileged and differently-abled teachers and learners.

During the pandemic crisis. Diksha works appropriately by helping teachers and students to interact and learn on the internet without putting education on hold.

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3. IndiaEducation.net

IndiaEducation.net serves as a combination of 45 Online Learning Platforms across the digital world. It aims at providing you access to every information in the field of education in India. This vast network intends to extend its educational services across 28 States, 6 Union Territories, and major cities of India. Serving as an informative site, IndiaEducation.net utilized 45 online portals for dispersing information to the masses, considering the constant need for seeking information in the field of education.

Dedicated searching sections have been made available on the website to disclose segregated information based on school, higher and distant education.

4. Skills Build

Skills Build should be your ‘go-to’ place for enhancing your skills and finding a suitable career. Skills Build allows you to explore different courses in the field of technology and advancements. At Skills Build, they provide you with courses in the fields of Cybersecurity, Data Analysis, and Customer Service.

The learning portal also provides you with a Skills Build badge to establish your accomplishments. You can also acquaint yourselves with work ethics approved by employers, the latest work methods, and upcoming technological advancements with Skills Build.

Skills Build provides you with courses that are designed to assist you in finding a foothold in the career opportunities in technical aspects.

Courses in the offer:

  • Professional course in cybersecurity: A hired cybersecurity professional protects an organization from outside threats. Learn about protecting information and practices to prevent unauthorized utilization of data.
  • Course in Data Analyzing: A data analyst scans through scores of data to identify current trends and information to benefit the organization. In this course, you can learn about analyzing data and pinpointing highlights for the growth of the hiring organization.
  • Course on Designing: The designer is expected to optimize a brand according to the client’s requirements and the user’s satisfaction. Get acquainted with a team that is specialized in customizing a brand for an efficient user experience.
  • Course on Representing Customer Service: A career in customer service is to ensure the customer’s pleasant experience with the brand being represented. Enrolling in this course will get you acquainted with the necessary communication skills, developing an amicable relationship with the customers, listening skills, and problem-solving techniques.

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5. NASSCOM-Future skills

NASSCO is an online portal to learn about skills required in the future. Today ever-changing technological advancements require people employed in the industrial sector to be reskilled for an expected duration of 4 to 5 years. With an increase in job requirements, it has become essential for employees and employers alike to develop their skills based on the current challenges. A NASSCOM-initiated Futureskills takes the responsibility of helping people update their skills following the latest requirements.

Sponsored by the NASSCOM, research was conducted along with the representatives of the industry to analyze the hurdles which emerged due to technological advancements and lagging of skills witnessed in patrons. This led to campaigns conducted to help people keep up with the current digital trends and tackle hurdles based on under-efficiency. Future skills offer 150+ courses across 60+ employment roles based on 10 pivotal technological advancements such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Analysis, Robotic Process Automation, Cyber Security, 3D Printing, Internet, Mobile Tech, and Virtual Reality.

6. Swayam

Initiated by the Government of India, Swayam focuses on fulfilling the key necessities in the field of education such as Equity, Access, and Quality. This effort was made with the hopes of extending teaching and learning materials to the most underprivileged in society. Swayam aims at acquainting students to the digital evolution to gain easy and early access to mainstream education.

Swayam streams lectures and upholds study materials associated with 9th grade till post-graduation for users to access them using their digital devices. All these resources can be utilized free of charge. The courses provided are created by up to 1000 selected, efficient teachers from across the country. Swayam aims at establishing an interactive and purpose-driven experience for learners.

The online portal comprises of:

  1. Pre-recorded video lectures by the best teachers from across the country.
  2. Carefully structured reading and learning materials on the website, which can be downloaded or printed.
  3. Test and quizzes for self-assessment and practice.
  4. A platform for discussion with other learners as well as teachers for better understanding.

Swayam makes a constant effort to improve the learning experience for everyone with the help of video\audio solutions and technological advancements. Educational courses offered at Swayam are available for free of cost. However, signing up for certificate-oriented examinations is inclusive of charges. Such examinations are to be attempted by arriving in person at the designated destination on the assigned dates.

7. E- pathshala (National Council of Educational Research and Training)

The National Council of Educational Research and Training is a Government initiative to supervise and take steps to improvise the educational system at the center and state level. This institution was founded in the year 1961 by our government of India.

NCERT’s motive is to initiate research in the field of the Indian education system and publish study materials for schools and colleges such as Textbooks, Newsletters, Journals, Additional learning materials, and other digital resources. The portal comprises 4000 kinds of study resources and 500+ e-books across different subjects. NCERT also hosts training programs for employed and pre-employed teachers.

This association assists the central and state governments in establishing new methods and practices of learning and makes collaborative efforts with other state education centers, NGOs, and universities. NCERT rules out new ideas and techniques to make education accessible at the central and state level.

It also takes responsibility to promote and popularize the elementary form of education. Alongside conducting research, promoting elementary education, publishing study materials, and hosting training sessions, NCERT also coordinates with foreign educational organizations and visit foreign institutions to provide training to delegates from developed countries.

8. Graduate Guru

Graduate Guru is an online coaching website established to enrich students with educational opportunities through a digital medium. Created by Mr. Vikas Mishra, the online platform was founded with the motive of making education accessible to students across different regions and levels of learning, right to their homes. Graduate Guru makes an effort to enrich students’ learning experience by delivering video content and study materials to their electronic devices. Thus, students can attend college courses right from their homes by paying a minimum fee.

Courses offered in Graduate Guru are simplified and their website offers discussion forums which ensures an interactive experience. Charges of the courses offered fall between 60Rs to 1200Rs. Courses are being provided at meagre prices to make them affordable for people living in less privileged regions. Graduate Guru comprises teachers specialized in the field of commerce to deliver the best learning experience for students thriving in the field of commerce.

Courses offered by Graduate Guru:

  • Courses on auditing
  • Courses on Economics of business
  • Courses on Law of business
  • Courses on Cost Accounting
  • Courses on Accounting Finance
  • Courses on Export Marketing
  • Foundation Course

9. Tutor.com

Tutor.com offers a personalized learning experience for students via colleges, universities, schools, public libraries, and even corporate organizations for their employees to develop the workforce. Tutor’s online learning platform helps students connect with experienced and efficient teachers available online and offers courses for up to 200 academic subjects and test preparations. All this is achieved to build an enthusiastic and enjoyable learning experience.

At Tutor.com, they believe that every student in need of help must be able to interact with experts in that subject who are made available 24\7 through their online portal. Tutor.com wishes to see students realize their maximum potential under expert guidance. This has led to more than 18 million personalized sessions held between students and teachers experts in particular subjects. The tutor works with many educational institutions, universities, and co-operations in order to provide users with one million tutoring, homework solutions, and test preparation programs every year.

10. Coursera

Coursera imagines a world where anybody can bring a change in their livelihood by indulging in learning. At Coursera, they co-ordinate with more than 200+ educational institutions and co-operations for providing a world-class online learning experience that is highly job-oriented to individuals and organizations. Coursera offers a variety of learning opportunities such as courses, hands-on projects, degree courses, and many other certified courses for securing highly paid jobs.

Coursera is a worldwide online learning solution that offers courses to users from anywhere in the world from reputed universities and companies from around the world.

Courses offered by Coursera:

  • Courses on Data Science
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Personal Development
  • Courses on Social Science
  • Language Learning

11. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides exercises for practice, comprises informative videos, and offers an exclusive personalized learning set-up for students to learn and develop according to their pace. At Khan Academy, you can gain expert training and solutions for Maths, Science, History, History of Computing, History of arts, and more. Khan Academy also prepares you for SAT and LSAT tests by conducting training and effective preparation tests. Khan Academy aims at building a strong foundation for their learners with the courses they offer and believe that there are no boundaries to learn new things.

Khan Academy strives to help its coaches better understand their students in terms of educational growth. Accordingly, help is offered to students who are recognized to be lagging behind, and students who are way ahead of their class are also identified and assisted to reach their full potential. Their dashboard displays a combined result of the class as well as a brief analysis of every student’s performance.

12. MPS Interactive Systems

With 28 years of experience in the field of developing e-learning, MPS Interactive Systems is specialized in custom e-learning to suit your requirements based on learning and business. MPS Interactive Systems utilize its design expertise to device learning practices that can help you achieve the necessary outcome for your businesses. You can also acquire assistance in training your team and also identify a suitable model for conducting your training sessions.

Find amazing e-learning opportunities with their analyzing, developing, designing, implementing, and evaluating methods of functioning. You can work with them to attain your desired results in your business as MPS Interactive not only provides learning solutions but also works alongside your company to achieve your goals. Choose from a variety of learning options such as Gaming, Micro-Learning, Blending, animated learning, and many more.

13. Code Academy

Code Academy is one of the uniquelearning portals that intends to prepare its team to learn and extend their knowledge to the world, which makes society ready for what the future holds.

School education is deemed outdated in the contemporary period. Many companies, co-operation, and organizations are taking efforts to revolutionize the learning system by bringing education to the online platform and developing courses for various skills required in modern workplaces.

At Code Academy, the definition of education is reimagined as their team hopes to build an education and learning experience which the world now requires rather than the old formal education other organizations offer.

Code Academy is one of the few online teaching establishments which comprises a syllabus parallel with the current technological advancements. Their team borrows ideas from the latest technological trends to improve and revolutionize the user’s learning experience.

Courses Offered by Code Academy:

  • Python coding courses
  • Java
  • HTML
  • SQL
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Java Script

14. Ask IITians

Ask IITians was the vision of two IIT Delhi students who set out to establish their dream business after resigning from their jobs for American Management. Their dream was to assist students preparing for enrollment in the IIT, Disrupt the perception of IIT JEE being difficult to achieve, and guide aspiring students preparing for IIT JEE for smart and efficient learning.

Ask IITians is your go-to online learning platform for asking and clearing your doubts during your preparation and practice for IIT JEE and other engineering-based entrance exams. Access all your IIT prep materials from your desktop, right at your home, and join millions of other IIT aspirants at a single platform to connect and interact to share and impart knowledge.

The founders of Ask IITians realized the struggles students have to face to fulfill their dreams to join IIT JEE by migrating to educational hubs like Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Kota. Hence, the two IIT Delhi graduates devised a platform to help students conquer their IIT dreams within the comfort of their homes.

Ask IITians hosts several learning solutions such as Online coaching, Preparation tests, class recordings, and discussion forums to help students interact with past IIT aspirants to share their efforts in fulfilling their dreams. The past IITians have got the students covered as they share their experiences on cracking their JEE exams and also provide guidance to the students as a well-wisher and a companion. Ask IITians proves to be the ideal solution for students living in rural areas and especially girls who are prohibited from traveling or preparing for JEE.

15. Apna Course

Apna Course is one of the best online learning portals in India which provides video lessons created by experts across various subjects to help learners across various fields to develop their skills. Apna Course was established in August 2013 and steadily goes on to provide online courses to aspirants across the world and covers a variety of educational fields.

Apna Course received the start-up of the year award from Silicon India during the year 2014 and is listed among the most efficient online learning platforms in India.

Courses offered by Apna Course:

  • IT and Security courses
  • Sales and Marketing courses
  • Law
  • Statistics and Data analysis
  • Languages (French, Japanese, etc)
  • Coaching on indirect taxes

16. Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses is a Yale University initiative that delivers video lectures and reading materials from Yale College courses for students and can be accessed free of charge. They offer a wide range of courses such as Arts, Social, Physical, and Biological Sciences, and Humanities.

The courses at Open Yale Courses are designed for internet users from around the world who are self-learners, life-long learners, teachers, and students studying in schools and colleges. The Open Yale Courses enables users to run through their undergraduate courses on offer and design the method of their learning by downloading or arranging their course materials as per their comfort.

Each course comprises high-quality video recordings, which are paired with online reading materials and test preparation sets for a wholesome online learning experience. The video lectures can be downloaded and text materials of lectures are also created.

Courses offered by Open Yale Courses:

  • Art History
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Religious Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Political Science

Concluding thoughts on online learning portals 

Learning online is revolutionizing the way of learning and modifying the traditional form of education into a wast field of learning opportunities. There are several courses you can learn right from your home. Many courses also give you the liberty to choose the time and date on which you would like to attend classes. After being overlooked for a while, the ongoing pandemic has driven many people to go online and utilize such learning portals which offer a wide range of learning opportunities and value for your time and money.

Hence, online learning portals are considered the need of the hour where people can gain several benefits from upon adherence.


Q. What is future scope of online learning portals?

While everything has become digital soon the learnings will also be done online globally. It will not only save time, but it will also reach the maximum students as location will never be a concern. The infrasture dependability will also reduce and slowly be replaced with flexible learnings with interesting techniques which will engage the learners. Yes, soon E-learning will be future of education.

Q. Is online learning portal expensive?

No. Compared to the online classes offline learning portal is always a significant investment.

Q. Which is more effective online or offline learning?

Online learning portals needs self- discipline and more focus. Offline learning builds a bond between the teacher and the student which helps a better understanding and grasping for the students. Well, both have their own pros and cons. One must choose as per their capabilities.

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