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5 Best Long-Term Courses in Bhopal For You!

Here in this article, we will briefly discuss the best Long-Term courses in Bhopal. These courses are at par with the courses that are available in other Metropolitan Cities. 


The image shows 5 best long-term courses in Bhopal


In today’s competitive world, we constantly think about our Long-Term goals. Long-term planning is always on our minds until we fall asleep. To achieve these prolonged goals, we need to study Long-Term courses. Those Courses will build a strong foundation for our future. So there is a need to invest in informative programs to get abundant knowledge.


Do you have questions like “What next ?” popping in your mind all the time?

A question like what courses should I do after school/College?

Which course should I invest in that will secure my future?


 For many of you, the answer will be a big yes. It is an obvious question that most of the freshers or even experienced people have in mind. If such questions keep you awake all night, then please go through my full article, which will surely help you to select the best long-term courses in Bhopal. 


Generally speaking, Bhopal is known as the city of Lakes. In addition to this, it is a calm and peaceful center for students to have long-term education because of its serene atmosphere. Consequently, it makes easy for aspirants in Bhopal to get the best in life in term of quality education and peace of mind. Bhopal people are fortunate for this purpose.  


So, let us get started.


Why focus on long-term courses in Bhopal?


Like I said above- nothing comes easy. The more time you invest in long-term courses, the brighter your future is going to be. Long-term courses like, Medical, Management, Engineering, IT & advanced computer, Arts, Hospitality courses are the ones that build your career foundation right from the start. Long-term courses comprise of diploma, degree, and master’s degree.


These courses are the best in the market to make you job-ready. It adds weight to your CV. Not to mention they are also internationally approved and accepted. It is undoubtedly the stepping stone in your career.


All these long-term courses in Bhopal, which I will discuss below will open the new path of success. You need not worry about the pandemic situation as you can easily take these courses online for a longer duration.


5 Best long-term courses in Bhopal 


  1. Diploma in Computer Application– PGDCA:  


PGDCA is an advanced computer course. It is a study of various computer applications like Microsoft Office, Operating systems, Internet and its applications, HTML. This course gives applicants in-depth knowledge and usage of computer applications used for office and business purposes. 


 It provides scientific, technical, and practical knowledge about computer tools used daily. You can take this course to get computer-friendly and at the same time attain mastery in these applications. By investing your one year in this course, you save many years, and at the same time, you learn all the aspects of computer application and become a professional in just 1 year. If you compare this course, this course is budget-friendly compared to 2-3 years degree courses. The average fee is INR 50,000.


It is a 1-year full-time course. On completion of the course, you will be awarded a diploma certificate by the SECT College of Professional Education, Bhopal. The minimum qualification for the course is 10 +2.


Other Good Institute where you can apply are: –

  • RKDF University, Bhopal
  • Madhyanchal Professional University
  • BHABHA University
  • Mansarovar Global University


Candidates can earn a starting salary of 1NR 200000 pa. which is a decent package to start your IT career with.


On completion of this course, students get job offers for positions like web designer, software developer, computer operator, and C++ developer.


The course curriculum is as follows:


  • Introduction to computers
  • Programming language database 
  • Word processing and spreadsheet
  • Computer graphics
  • Principles of programming 
  • System analysis and design
  • Financial accounting
  • MIS
  • C++
  • Project management 

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  1. Master’s in Business Administration- Marketing


This course comes under the Commerce and Business education domain. It is a 2years full-time course. It is one of the most prestigious courses among the long-term courses in Bhopal. If you have the drift to be among the top spot in the management cadre of any organization then this is meant for you.


Master’s in Business Administration prepares you to be the leader in the discipline you choose. It imparts all the practical knowledge that you may need as a leader in decision-making and optimizing benefits at the functional level.


Master’s in Business Administration has specialization in Finance, HR, Marketing and sales, and IT. You have a lot of options to select your specialization from! All MBA students earn handsomely. Starting package is approx. 3,00,000 p.a and depending upon the candidate’s experience and expertise- it can go up to 7,20,000 pa. 


If you have the zeal to go global, then specializing in marketing will be rewarding for you. Choosing a good institute is just as important as choosing an MBA specialization.


Best MBA (Marketing) Institute in Bhopal are:

  • SAGE University, Bhopal
  • Jagran Lake City University
  • SAM global University
  • Peoples Institute of Management and research
  • Sant Hirdaram Institute of Management 


The fees range for these institutes is between INR 50,000 to 3,85000. The average salary range for these marketing institutes is INR 4,00,000 pa.


Those candidates who wish to enroll for Jagran Lake City University have to clear JLUET which is an entrance exam for Jagran lake city University and SEE for SAGE University. Other commonly known MBA entrance exams are CAT, MAT, CET, CMAT. Once you crack these exams, followed by a personal interview, you are eligible to claim your seat. These long-term courses in Bhopal will ensure you are getting a quality education for every penny you pay. 


For any marketing field, you need to have excellent communication skills and exceptional convincing power, in addition to these sets of skills having a pleasing and alluring personality will make selling a cakewalk for you. 


Let’s look at the course curriculum. The course comprises 4 semesters:


Semester 1:

  • Management concepts
  • Business environment
  • Managerial communication 
  • Managerial economics


Semester 2:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising 
  • Production and Operation Management
  • Integrated marketing communication


Semester 3:-


Semester 4: –

  • Product and Brand Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • Logistic and Supply chain Management

The third and fourth semesters purely comprise core marketing subjects.


  1. Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media: –


Just to repeat, marketing of any kind is the ultimate winner in terms of shooting up sales. Digital marketing which is also known as internet marketing is reaching places. For instance, the Myntra clothing line collection from where you and I shop is a good example of digital marketing. They have used this platform to increase their sale. If Myntra had not gone digital none of us would even know much about it, unless if it was some departmental store. 


Digital marketing creates your brand’s identity and using media like social media is the crowning accomplishment, what more can the organization ask for? The starting salary that a candidate can expect is between 3-4 lacs in Bhopal.


EMDI Institute of media and communication, Bhopal offers 1-year courses in PG diploma in Digital Marketing and Media. The fee for this course is approx. INR 90,000. 


Bonus Course: If you are enamored with the power of words and have a profound interest in writing, you can also enroll in the Best Content Writing Course


Other institutes like: –

  • TechnoGaze  
  • Guru Diksha Computer Academy 
  • Proideators are the popular Digital Marketing institute you can inquire about. 


You can have a deep understanding of the course training at Digital Marketing Course Training in Bhopal


Course Curriculum: –


  • Marketing and Brand communication 
  • Understanding digital and digital media mix.
  • Introduction to Advertising, Brand, Consumer Behaviour
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing
  • Per pay click Management
  • Creative Designing
  • Developing professional practice- Media buying, being the better manager, customer management, and retention 


If you are looking for a fast-track course that will cover Digital Marketing in depth then IIM SKILLS has the Best Digital Marketing Course in India to offer to you. It is a 3 months smart course. The fee is INR 29,900 +GST. You can enroll for this as it has weekdays and weekend Flexi batches. This is an online course available in Bhopal also. Presently Digital Marketing, Social Media and SEO courses are the most popular long-term courses in Bhopal, it is more popular among the youth. 


You may want to find out about the Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Bhopal 


  1. Diploma in Event Management


Events are something that we all love to attend. Girls and boys dress their best to stand out from the crowd, but how much hard work goes behind organizing the event do we even realize? Most of the work done does not even get credit and goes unnoticed. An Event Management company is the one whose creation we all enjoy, so we all need to be grateful to them because of the hard work they put into each event. 


What we see is the final result, for example, all important functions like Wedding, Annual day celebration of the Company, Birthday parties, award & recognition events are the final result of the hard work and creativity weaved in by the event management company. All services like catering, decoration, and photography are all a part of the package that an event managing company offers. This is an exciting field for those who like to be outdoor and build a career in social events.


PGDM in event management is a 1-year full-time course. There are many reputed institutes in Bhopal that train you to get good projects. 

The average fee for said courses is INR 80,000 + GST.


Job role like below is much in demand: –

  • Event planner
  • Stage decorator
  • Exhibition Organizer
  • Wedding planner


If you go that extra mile in making the event very grand then your client will also go that extra mile and reward you generously for making the event lively.


Subject covered in the course are: –

  • Communication and Presentation skill
  • Technical elements of the event
  • Celebrity and Artist Management
  • Set Design and Venue Construction
  • Music and concert setup
  • Wedding and personal celebration 


Institutes that offer Event Management courses are:

  • EMDI Institute of Media and Communication
  • SAGE Institute
  • Indian Institute of Business Management and Administration 
  • Wizcraft


Now, let us discuss the best part that is the earnings. 

The Average salary that an event manager can get in Bhopal is INR 20,000 per month. So, if you have the knack for this occupation, then go for it.


  1. 3D Animation Course:  


If you have ever been passionate about games, cartoons and wondered how the 3D world works- then you are made for this course. Animation is the heart of cartoon and 3D visual it is something that pops up in front of our eyes when we watch children’s movies.  


During the ’90s this was the rave. In addition to this, Animation and 3D effects are also used for website designing, videos, marketing, and sales presentation, and in a lot more places. The 3D Animation course will not only make you a Pro but also fulfill your long-cherished dream of being around all Walt Disney characters.  


Institutes that offer 3D Animation courses are: –


  • Reliance Animation Infotainment and Media school 
  • Arya Animation Academy
  • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics
  • SAGE University
  • SAM Global University
  • Jagran Lake City University 


Anyone who has completed 10th standard with basic knowledge of multimedia (But may not be compulsory) is eligible for this course. 


The range of fees falls anywhere between INR 60,000 to INR 2,00,000. The starting salary that an animator earn is Rs 20000 pa, and if you are hired by a high-profile animation studio you can earn up to 40,000 per month. As this industry is no doubt filled with creative and innovative minds, your every day on the job matters. Depending on how creative and imaginative you are- it will bring you the desired recognition that you always dreamed about. 


What will be taught to you in the Animation course?


Digital Art, Introduction to Advance modeling, shading, Animation Lighting, and effects, Rendering, Compositing Basics-After effects, Advance 3d: Fur, Fluid, Hair, Adobe Photoshop, etc.


What is the career scope once you complete the Animation course?


You will get the opportunity to work as Texture Artist, 3D VFX Artist Line Producer,3D Modeler, Rigging Artist, Lighting Artist, Production Coordinator, Keyframe Animator, etc. These 3D and Animation long-term courses in Bhopal will let you live your childhood dream for real. Won’t it be a moment of pride when you say I am an Animator, and I do VFX for big media houses and mega studios? Sure you comport now! 


If the above list of courses didn’t excite you to that level, then you can also explore the dimensions of the finance industry with the top GST Course


To Summarize  


These tong-Term Courses in Bhopal will give you mastery over everyday challenges that you may not learn in the Crash courses. When you pursue any Long-term course, you get in-depth knowledge about the subject, which is the Return on Investment (ROI) you get for the long hours you invest in the Study. 


As shown above, all long-term courses will give you an edge over the certificate courses during the interview selection process. All the 5 courses that I have listed above will add value to your CV, impart that extra knowledge and keep you in sync with the growing market demand for talented professionals. Do consider pursuing these long-term courses in Bhopal.


Other courses in Bhopal 

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PGDM- Marketing and Finance from Mumbai having experience in Supply chain - Export Pricing with knowledge of 2 major products- Ocean & Air pricing ,with Level 1 SAP knowledge in Logistics department in EPC Company, I am doing Internship from IIM SKILLS in Content writing , I like Blogging and writing articles through which I sharing my knowledge with others.

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