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Top 6 Interior Design Courses in Mumbai in 2024

Are you an aspiring interior design looking for credible options for the best interior designer courses in Mumbai? Then, stick to this article and read the complete article to learn about the best options available for you.

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Mumbai is filled with different architectural styles ranging from studio apartments, gated societies, penthouses, stand-alone apartments to futuristic glass and steel structures. As a result, when someone looks up to build their own abode in Mumbai, they have a dream and vision in their mind and when it comes to planning and design their ideal home, they look for an interior designer who can understand them and help them build a place that resonates their vision and stories.


This covid lockdown is a fruitful opportunity for the design lover to brush up on your basics and notion. If you are thinking of taking this love for design further to make a career out of it as an interior designer, nowadays many institutions and colleges have different programs according to the comfort of the person ranging from Diploma programs to short term programs.


First of all, let’s get to know What Interior Design mean?


Interior design is the art of amplifying the inside of the building by using the space to attain not only better space planning but also an aesthetically pleasing environment. In fact, the interior design enhances the surroundings, improving the functionality and use of daily somatic needs by adding aesthetic admiration.


Work of an Interior designer


Interior designer work is to make any type of building’s interior space fully functional, safe, and pleasing by balancing the elements of the design i.e. space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern. Interior designing is creative work. As a designer, you need to understand the needs of the client and create a home with the interior, they not only desire but also feel connected to.


One can work as a:


  •    Exhibition Design

The exhibition designer conveys the message to the customer/client with visual storytelling by understanding and interpreting the correct material and usual work for businesses, museums, libraries, and art galleries.


  •    Installation design

The installation designer designs place with large-scale, mixed-media constructions for a specific period.


  •    3D Design

The 3D designer uses 3D visuals to convey the message effectively


  •    Product Design

The product designer blends the users’ needs with business goals and creates successful brands consistently.


  •    Furniture Design

Furniture designer designs and creates various types of furniture from a basic concept of functionality and fashion.


  •    Landscape Design

The landscape designer designs the backyard and front yard in such a way that it increases the value of the space by making it relaxing and entertaining.


  •    Set Design

The set designer designs and creates the rough sketches into realistic sets for films, telenovela, and theatre.


  •    Lighting design

The lighting designer creates beautiful lighting, atmosphere, concerning the issues of visibility, safety, and cost.


  •    Branding

The brand designer designs creative logos, typography, websites, social media, and more which makes the brand stand out and recognizable worldwide. 


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  •    Design Consultant

The design Consultant evaluates client needs with a strong understanding of the color scheme, themes, texture and creates aesthetically pleasing interior spaces according to the needs of the client.


Interior and Spatial Designer look after the structural alterations, furnishings, fixtures and fittings, lighting, and color schemes of internal space in such a way that they renovate or create an ordinary house into your dream home.


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  •    Interior Stylist

Interior stylists decorate the house by redesigning the look and vibe of the house and creating a new fresh vibe without any structural renovation.


Graphic Designer creates professional visual content to convey the message by showing the visual of the interior space in such as comforting way using a color scheme, typography and add a sense of comfort which puts an end to the ordinary space type of the client.


  •    Art Curator

Art Curator Develop, plan, and executes public displays correspondingly managing cataloging artwork and items in collections and researching the item for authentication. They also write the asset and proposals for public display.


  •    Interior Photographer

Interior Photographer captures the interior designs in such a pleasing and captivating way that capture the attention of the client and make them keen to know more about the design, they capture the real beauty of the design using different angles and trending photography skills.


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Here is the list of the top 6 institutes offering Interior design courses in Mumbai.


1.Basic Interior Design (BID) by New York School of Interior Design


New York School of Interior Design is a privately owned college, which is devoted to the design of the interior abode in a non-profitable way. This is one of the best interior design courses in Mumbai. NYSID provides Basic Interior Design online certification, a kickstart course for anyone who doesn’t have any prior knowledge about interior design. The course could be taken in two ways i.e. self-paced or real-time learning.


In self-paced learning, the student is provided with pre-recorded classes online according to their convenience. On the other hand, in real-time learning learners are accepted to join the instructor’s online classes via video conferencing.


Basic Interior Design (BID) is a one-year course assigned with weekly assignments. At the end of the courses and grading of assignments, the students are provided with Certification. Furthermore, the academic credit earned could be used in future degree programs.


  1. Interior Design: Foundation Level by UCLA


UCLA is one of the renowned institutes offering several online courses throughout the UCLA Extension program. This deserves to be mentioned as one of the best interior design courses in Mumbai. Interior Design: Foundation Level provides basic knowledge regarding interior architecture. It helps in enhancing the skills like freehand drawing and drafting of design concepts together with the use of programs like AutoCAD or Revit.


The course looks into the fundamentals of interior architecture, color theory, and the history of interior designing. The instructors are professionals in interior dashing and are still practicing in this field. The course takes 1.5 years to complete in full-time learning and the online program. You can learn the fundamentals of part-time learning and complete the course at your own pace.


3.Interior Designer courses – Domestika


Domestika, a creative online platform, is a community where the incredible creative veterans share their knowledge and skills professionally via online courses. Moreover, inspired by their flourishing community, Domestika has created broadened horizons by offering online courses for anyone keen to set free their creative potential and draw a parallel with like-minded creatives from around the globe. There are enough reasons to consider it one of the best interior design courses in Mumbai.


Domestika offers a wide range of courses in a variety of fields such as illustration, marketing, Architecture & Spaces, Calligraphy & Typography, and in addition they also provide more than 40+ specialized courses on software.


Check out the AutoCAD courses offered by Domestika as it is one of the most important software in the field of interior design for the creation of blueprints, digital illustrations to convey your creative idea to the client in a visual fashion.


Domestika offers a vast range of interior design courses starting from the introduction to the end, in other words from the beginner level to the advanced level. They do not only offer courses on specific topics such as color applied, floral composition, frame-making but they also offer courses depending on the location, for instance, Interior designing for restaurants and Interior designing for multifunctional spaces.


  • All the Domestika courses are online and self-paced
  • lifetime access to the Courses
  • Certification
  • Additional resources provided


4.D’Cad Interior Designing Institute


D’Cad Institute is a government-recognized institute of Interior Designing providing diploma courses as well as certified courses in addition to online, home, and corporate pieces of training. This is definitely one of the best interior design courses in Mumbai.


The faculty of the institute are experienced Interior Designers as well, so the students will be able to learn from the best in the field. Monthly visits to Industries are done to provide practical knowledge to the students along with the expert industry guest lectures.


Diploma in Interior Designing

  • 1-year duration
  • personal tutor
  • guidance from industrial experts


Master Diploma in Interior Designing

  • 1-year residential


Auto CAD 2D & P.S

  • 2-year commercial


3D’s MAX and V-RAY


Arch Viz Interior

  • self-paced
  • personal tutor
  • Learn AutoCAD 2D,3D’s MAX, Photoshop, and V-RAY

D’Cad Interior Designing Institute also offers certified courses on software such as AutoCAD, 2D’s Max, 3D’s Max, Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop and V-Ray.


5.Le Mark School of Art


Le Mark School of Art is a renowned institution providing both Undergraduate, diploma, and short-term courses along with placement assistance. This offers one of the best interior design courses in Mumbai.


Campus courses


The Undergraduate is a 3-year on-campus course available both full-time and part-time.

The faculty use a holistic approach to impart interior design learning and workshops by renowned industry experts.


In addition, they make learning fun by taking field trips/ industry visits and organizing fashion shows, and help the students boost their confidence to participate in National & International design competitions.


The course covers the philosophy of design, a wide range of design methodologies and principles along with a focus on public and private areas. The diploma program is offered in three different levels ranging from beginner advance and professional level with a time span of 1 year, 2 years and 3 years respectively and is available in full time and part-time. The short-term certification course offers a basic exposure to interior design for the duration of 6 months.


Le Mark School of Art also has online courses such as:


Diploma in Interior Design

This course helps the students to advance their skills in interior designing in such a way that they become the decision-maker and shaper of their career.

  • 1-year duration
  • live online
  • Batch type

weekday (Mon | Wed | Fri)

weekend (Sat | Sun)

  • projects


Australian Accredited Diploma in Interior Design

This course provides the basic knowledge of interior designing as well as the knowledge required to make interior design a full or part-time career.

  • self-paced
  • video content
  • 24/7 support
  • personal tutor
  • Australian Accredited Diploma in Interior Design


6.Pearl Academy


Pearl Academy is one of the best interior design courses in Mumbai. The institution also provides an appealing scholarship “Who’s Next Scholarship’” for the students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Moreover, the institute has started a scholarship “Covid Scholarship” to honor the work of medical staff, civil staff, Police Personnel of all State and Military Forces, etc.


Pearl Academy offers a four years UG course, which helps the student to explore their potential of designing and transforming a space into a unique experience by understanding human needs, behavior, and psychology through project-based learning.


Moreover, they encourage them to adopt sustainable practices and that is why people consider it one of the best interior design courses in Mumbai.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


1.What are the qualifications needed to be an interior designer?

You need proper knowledge in fine arts, furniture design, textile, and 3D design and must have relevant academic degrees and certifications.


2.How long is the interior design course?

You need 1 to 2 years for pursuing this course.


3.Is interior design a good career?

It is in high demand these days. But to be a successful interior designer, you need to be creative and come up with unique designs and also you will need a lot of experience.




To wind up this article, as you can see Interior Designer as a career is not limited but it expands your horizon with various opportunities with a fun-loving, creative and aesthetic career. As you can see institutes are providing both online and campus courses with both long and short-term Interior design courses in Mumbai, one can choose any program according to their comfort. Interior designing has the most appeal nowadays in Mumbai and is also beneficial for the students with creative minds and who want to make a career in this field as it pays off well. Moreover, the demand in Mumbai is rapidly increasing along with the new trends and styles. As a result, creative minds are always appreciated in this field.

Note: Learning how to use 3D and 2D software, such as AutoCAD, photoshop to create renders and images of designs, is also quite a beneficial gain experience by taking part in management projects.

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