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Top 7 Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore

Are you aware of Instagram Marketing Courses in Bangalore and why is it important to start earning from our social media platforms? The percentage of Instagram Marketing or any other social media marketing has increased at a significant rate after the pandemic as there was a remarkable growth seen in the usage and engagement on these social media platforms. This attracted new businesses to enter into online marketing at a very fast pace after 2019. People especially youngsters are looking at Instagram marketing courses in Bangalore as it is widely used by the youth in any country.


List of the best Instagram marketing courses in Bangalore


If you want to know all about Instagram marketing then first let’s understand what social media platforms such as Instagram use marketing for. Instagram is a very popular visual inclined platform with over one billion monthly users.


These users include a variety of traffic such as influencers, personal users, small businesses and multi-million company’s.  Having said this, the majority of users are constantly taking advantage of such traffic by using digital marketing for their business and also earning from such platforms by brand endorsement. Social Media Marketing has been extensively used thus making it a necessity in today’s business growth strategy.



Also, here are some other interesting courses that this city has to offer :


What is Instagram Marketing?


In simple words, if you have a business idea and want to make it work, platforms like Instagram help you interact with potential customers. They have their algorithm and also ways to help you reach these customers as quickly as possible.


Instagram like others, allows you to post advertisements, make reels, images, and videos of your product to promote it. If you have a product whose sales are visually inclined, meaning the products that appeal better when they are perceived by the customer visually then voila! Instagram is your platform.


Your product or brand could be anything, for instance even “you”. Your art, comedy, or your desire to be a fashion icon. As long as you have something to provide that is being consumed by the majority, you are a hit!


This is where Marketing comes into the picture- how to reach and what to do for better reach are the problems handled by the social media marketing strategist/team. Your job is to take advantage of this billion-user market and sell your product smartly and authentically.


How effective is Instagram Marketing?


Instagram has over one billion users active monthly. It is connecting countries and people by allowing a global space for them to sell and buy products. Instagram is second after Facebook for having the most active users. 45% of Instagram users are between 18 to 44 years old.


The users are engaging apart from being just active. They interact, follow brands along with their friends and family. This builds a strong base market for all the brands promoting their goods. Having an authentic Instagram profile is also considered goodwill in today’s market even for an offline business.


If you consider the pandemic situation, all other businesses were affected but social media engagement had increased. People started making engaging content to sell their products and make a profit. Did you know? Instagram engagement can help you create a brand value for your product by reaching out to a targeted audience only.


The reviews and stories shared by your customer attract organic traffic. Demand for such Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore has seen a hike since the pandemic. Individuals are looking for options that will help them earn from online sources.


Interesting concept, right?


Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing course training. It falls under online marketing has proven to be a successful option over traditional marketing practices. Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore are very much in demand these days.


As you know social media marketing (SMM) is a very important module in any digital Marketing course, institutes have now started training students for SMM separately and intensively considering the growth in this industry. Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore are very well structured to educate students and make them market-ready.


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Top 7 Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore

  1. IIDE- Indian Institue of Digital Education


This institute was established in the year 2016 and aims in training its students for courses online and offline with the help of practical training sessions and industry-driven, experienced coaches.

It is one of India’s most trusted institutes for digital learning. Their online social media marketing course is designed to perfection.


Salient features

  • Learn to create a targeted organic and paid audience and also all the technical knowledge to run a social media business and campaigns.
  • Live training sessions.
  • Practical knowledge.
  • Certification from IIDE.

Let’s check out the course syllabus and other details


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Marketing on all social media platforms
  • Use correct hashtags for your accounts.
  • All about Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Audience Targeting Options
  • Landing pages and remarketing
  • Learn how to create a Customer base



  • 16+ Hours of Live Class
  • 4+ Hours of Video Lectures


Course Fee: Rs.10,169 + Taxes.


Contact Details

Phone: +91 9619958615

Email: [email protected]


  1. Simplilearn


If you are looking for a boot camp learning technique then this institute is for you. They have trained students who are currently working with multinational companies. This institute also provides Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore is worth your time and money.

Their advanced Social Media Marketing course has helped student widen their horizon and gain opportunities in this field.


Salient features

  • Become market-ready if the tools they provide and sessions from the Facebook team.
  • Co-created with Facebook
  • Job Assistance
  • Top Digital Marketing Certifications


Let’s check out the course syllabus and other details


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to social media platforms
  • Youtube marketing
  • Advertising
  • Advanced social media Marketing
  • Tools and strategy to run a social media account
  • Facebook marketing



  • Lifetime access to self-paced learning
  • 25+ real-life industry-based projects
  • Online reputation management
  • Influencer marketing


Course Fee: Rs.15,999.


Contact Details

Phone: 1800-212-7688 (toll-free)


  1. NIDM-Bangalore


National Institute of Digital Marketing has a variety of courses to provide for the students willing to learn. There are Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore such as NIDM that offer student training in theory and practical aspects.

This institute had been in this industry for 12 years, with training a majority of students who are well established in this sector and have gained success.


Salient features

  • Online and offline training.
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Advanced and beginner level training
  • Free Demo Session


Let’s check out the course syllabus and other details


Course Syllabus

  • Facebook and social media usage for business purposes.
  • Business promotions
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Understanding Google+
  • LinkedIn, Twitter Marketing, Paid, and organic likes and ads, etc


Course duration: 1 month.  (Online and Offline training)

Course Fee: Rs.15,000.


Contact Details

Phone: +91 96113 61147

Email[email protected]


  1. OMIT


Online Marketing Institute and Training- Premium Social Media Marketing courses that help you gain the knowledge and experience required to grab a job or help you build a career. Trainers and coaches at this institute have 6+ years of experience in SMM.


This institute is considered to be a top-rated digital marketing training institute in Bangalore. This course provides everything you need to become a social media marketing expert.


Let’s see the details of this course:

Duration: They provide 1 month-long course with interactive sessions.

Course Fee: Contact the institute at the given address


Contact Details

Phone: +91 81239 48648

Email: [email protected]


  1. Institute of Marketing -Bangalore


This institute provides premium digital marketing and SMM courses that help you gain a better perspective about this field. Their Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore helps you gain perspective about the various aspects involved in SMM. The coaches here are well trained and this course provides you with real-time experience in Social Media Marketing.


Let’s check out the course syllabus and other details

Course Syllabus

  • Social Media- Intro and Overview
  • Social networks and their Management
  • Branding and Engagement
  • Disaster management practices for Brands
  • Online Reputation Management


Course Fee: Contact the institute at the given address


Contact Details

Phone: 8095155559, 8919297237

Email: [email protected]


  1. Digital Monk


This course is designed for students from all professional and educational backgrounds. This institute has successfully managed to train 5000+ students and helped students with job assistance. t is one of the renowned institutes that provide training for Digital Marketing and all similar courses.


Let’s check out the course syllabus and other details

  • Social media introduction
  • Marketing on all social media platforms
  • Graphic designing
  • Website designing and landing pages
  • Advertisements on Facebook, Instagram etc
  • Youtube marketing
  • Guidance for Freelancing and job


Duration: 2-4 months.

Course Fee: Contact the institute at the given address


Contact Details

Phone: +91 8310657401

Email: [email protected]


  1. Learn digital


This institute is India’s only awarded agency-based. They are a team of experts helping you train to become job-ready in your choice of expertise. They have online/classroom training available in Bangalore. They give you a job placement guarantee.


Their social media marketing course has helped many students grab jobs in this highly competitive market. This course provides you with every possible training required to be market-ready and to face real problems in this industry. Trainers and coaches at this institute make it a point to help you achieve your required goal.

Let’s check out the course syllabus and other details.


Course Syllabus

  • Hands-on experience in SMM projects
  • Social media introduction
  • Marketing on all social media platforms
  • Case studies and material
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc)


Course Fee: Contact the institute at the given address


Contact Details

Phone: +91 6366370046

Email: [email protected]


This concludes our list of the top 7 Social Media Marketing courses that are available in Bangalore. It gives you a piece of information about the courses that are specifically designed for SMM(Social Media Marketing), they are specially designed for people looking for a specific career in social media


FAQ- Frequently asked questions


  1. Why is learning social media marketing recommended?

For starters, it can also be considered as a second source of income if you don’t wish to completely switch your field. There is no need for prior experience or eligibility for an individual to start this course.


2. Is Social Media Marketing a good career choice?

Yes, If you are passionate about this field and you love what you do. Technically this field has emerged since the decade. The demand is increasing as the usage percentage is increasing day by day.


3. Is Social Media Marketing(SMM) come under Digital Marketing Course?

Yes, this is a module in the Digital Marketing course. But there are special training courses that provide only Social Media Marketing training that is mentioned in this article.  They are effective and designed for individuals wanting to learn about this domain.


4. What is my job profile after studying SMM ( Social Media Marketing )?

Here are some interesting job profiles: SMM Analyst, Expert, Manager, Copywriter, Associate, Designer, also you can run your own company and handle social media accounts for companies, etc.


5. How much does a fresher earn after completing the SMM ( Social Media Marketing Course?

The salary of SMM freshers ranges from 1.5lac to 4lac depending on your profile, skill set, city and company.




If you like scrolling through your social media accounts and are interested in the working and technicality of learning how all these social media works, then yes you can start your career in social media marketing. The mentioned list of institutes that offer Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore is quite the pick. You can choose according to your understanding and need.

With the growth in the user, the consumption has increased as a result many businesses have entered into this platform with a plan of growth making online business and social media marketing the fastest growing sectors.

If you want to make it work as a social media marketer then take up courses that give you real-time experiences, demo classes, study material, internship opportunities, mentors that are well-read, have a working knowledge of the market. Choosing the course is as important as improving on your skillset required to become better at your job.

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