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Top 5 IIT Data Science Course With Placements

Indian Institute of Technology is the face of India’s high-quality education in engineering. It’s the dream institute of every science student in India. A total of 23 IITs are functioning in India. Some of these institutions also offer online degrees or IIT data science training programs for certification. Some of the IITs have designed these courses to be offered in collaboration with online education platforms and some of the IITs are providing these online courses to students on their official websites and platforms. IIT data science course can be a great option for individuals seeking to advance in their careers as data professionals.

List of Top 5 IIT Data Science Course

What is Data Science?

Data science is the study of numbers and statistical figures or other types of information generated by some operations or transactions. Data science deals with a large amount of data companies generate from sales records, social media platforms, and other ways.

Data science is used to identify various patterns and trends in raw data sets which can provide valuable information. This information can be used by companies to make more effective plans, avoid risks, and improve their performance by making informed decisions.

Scope of Data Science-

Data science is a career with plenty of opportunities in many different fields. Its multidisciplinary nature allows it to be a more versatile and flexible career. Some of the fields that require data science applications are the following.

1. Finance: In the field of finance, data science is being used for many purposes. Data science can be used by companies to avoid loss due to fluctuations in the Market. It can be done by analyzing the trends in the market. It helps companies to make the right decisions during market crashes.

Financial services providers also use data science applications for managing the finances of their customers. Machine learning algorithms are now being used for profitable trading, by helping stock trading agencies and professionals to generate profits by leveraging the tools of data science.

2. Education: In the sector of education, data science is being used by many institutions like schools, colleges, and coaching centers to manage the finances of institutions and provide personalized education to students.

Data of students which contains their educational, financial, and demographic background, their performance in extra-curricular, test marks, and hobbies.

This helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a student. This way education providers can identify the low-performing students and help them by paying more attention to their studies. It can also help to identify the areas of interest of a student so they get proper help to grow and reach their full potential.

3. Healthcare: Data science has revolutionized the healthcare sector and has saved many lives with its applications. Data science is used by doctors in healthcare facilities to manage patients.

They craft personalized treatment plans for different individuals. These treatments are created by carefully analyzing the past data of patients, like their physical measures, genetic data, medical history, and drug history.

Data science has prevented the outbreak of many diseases by analyzing the collective data of people of a whole region. This has helped healthcare providers to issue necessary guidelines for people and to treat them and save their lives.

4. Production and Manufacturing- Data science is used in production and Manufacturing for more efficient operations. Different tools and techniques of data science like statistical inference are being used for monitoring various operations and procedures in manufacturing facilities to ensure the quality of operations and to reduce the chances of defects.

This way it helps in making more profits by increasing the efficiency of production. Data science is also used for keeping track of different machines being used in a manufacturing facility. It can be used to identify the exact date to get a machine repaired or exchanged before it breaks down.

This can be done by analyzing past data of other machines. It helps to increase the efficiency of manufacturing by saving costs.

5. Scientific Research: In scientific research, data science is probably one of the greatest tools in history. It has completely changed the ways of experiments. It has helped to conduct better research through deep study of data, which has accelerated the innovations.

Statistical inference is used for testing of hypothesis, and ensuring the accuracy of the report. In the world of technology, data science has revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence. Machine learning algorithms are being used to train AI models to work better with more accuracy.

6. Advertising and Marketing: Data science is being used in the marketing and advertising sectors to reach more customers. After the boom in the use of the internet, now almost everyone has some kind of presence in the world of the internet.

Social media platforms, websites, search engines, and email, everyone is using at least one of these platforms. Advertisers can get customer data from these platforms and use it to understand their behaviors, needs, and pain points, which helps them create better ad campaigns.

7. Entertainment: In the world of entertainment, data science has helped many influencers and Media professionals to grow by leveraging the data of their viewers or consumers. By analyzing the data of their customers to identify the age group of their audience, and their likes and dislikes, one can become more successful in this business.

These days most influencers are using data science tools to enhance their engagement with the audience. TV shows and movies can also be analyzed by their performance at the box office or local television and this information can be later used for creating better content and reaching more audience.

8. Energy: In the Department of Energy, data science is being used in many energy generation facilities to operate and manage their day-to-day operations. It is done by analyzing the data of the past, which consists of statistical figures and measures used in the operations.

Energy providers use data science as a tool to identify the usage of electricity in a particular region. It helps them to understand the usage and to distribute electricity efficiently thereby avoiding the peak load.

Weather forecasts can be analyzed to get information about the direction of the wind and the intensity of sunlight. This information can further be used to make electricity by harnessing solar and wind energy.

9. Transportation- Data science has become a very important tool in the field of transportation. Data science tools are now being used to reduce the cost of transportation by making informed decisions by analyzing previous travel records and the available information about the other factors that affect transportation.

By applying data science methods a travel agency or travelers can easily reduce their cost by finding shorter ways to travel or the most efficient ways to travel. Retailers can efficiently manage their inventory which allows them to move fewer products from godowns to inventory which saves transportation costs.

Traffic regulation authorities require data science tools to identify the hotspots of traffic which enables them to manage the traffic by creating diversions.

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Why Choose Data Science as a Career?

High Demand- In the contemporary digital environment, data science is probably one of the most demanded skills to acquire. Companies, organizations, and institutions require data scientists to manage and leverage their data to uncover hidden patterns and trends and provide invaluable insights.

This is the key to the growth of these organizations. This is why there is a huge demand for good data science professionals in almost every field.

Data scientists can expect this demand to rise with time, due to continuous growth in its use. Interested individuals can opt for IIT data science training programs, and expect a bright future in their careers.

High Payment: As the demand for data science is at an all-time high, it’s not very surprising that they also get offered a good salary. Data science is so crucial for companies to this extent that they are ready to pay a considerable amount of money to a highly skilled and experienced data scientist.

Their skills are very crucial for companies and they get highly rewarded for their abilities to help the company improve their performance by pointing out their weaknesses and providing actionable plans.

Flexible Career: Individuals who choose data science as a career by completing data science courses, can expect a career that is not only high-paying but also very flexible.

A career in data science can be very helpful for individuals who seek flexibility in their careers. Data science is a career that can be pursued online as well as offline.

There are plenty of opportunities to work for well-renowned companies from different parts of the world in the comfort of home by working remotely or by freelancing with the use of freelancing platforms.

This helps professionals to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. They can work from anywhere, which means that they can work while traveling the world with their loved ones.

Multidisciplinary Career Paths: Due to its multidisciplinary nature, data science is one of the most versatile fields. Data science tools and techniques are applicable in almost every sector.

Entertainment, technology, science and research, finance, sports, name any field and, you’ll see, how every field requires data science applications to perform at their best.

This means, that data science professionals can choose to work for any of these fields according to their interests and preferences. They can easily switch between these fields to determine what works best for them.

Job Security: Data science as a career is one of the best career options if you’re looking for job security. Skills in data science are highly valued and appreciated in different industries.

One can easily find a job at their locality, or nearby places. If an individual with good data science skills does not want to for a local company due to a low salary, they can easily find a job without shifting by applying for remote work in global companies. They can also go for freelancing and work and collaborate with international clients.

Problem-Solving Skills: Data science training involves hands-on training and case studies, that help students to think outside the box and become sharper at solving problems and making crucial decisions.

Companies are more inclined to hire people who are better at solving complex problems. Individuals also get highly rewarded for that. The ability to solve problems by analyzing available information and making smart decisions not only for individuals in their professional lives but personal lives too.

IIT Data Science Course:

Some of the IIT data science training programs are the following.

1. IIT Madras Bachelor of Science Bs Degree in Data Science and Applications

IIT Madras is India’s top institute of technology. To offer a quality education in data science to a large number of students, who could not make it to IIT, and still want to acquire the best level of education in data science.

IIT Madras is offering a 4-year bachelor’s degree in data science and applications. This IIT data science training program also offers an option to exit earlier with a diploma or BSc degree.

Students can enroll in this IIT data science training program and acquire an undergraduate degree from an IIT without being concerned about their age, location, or academic background.

There are currently more than 20000 students, doing this program along with another degree. 3000+ working professionals are studying in this program.

Features: Students learn from previous recorded sessions. Every week they get online assignments. There is no age limit to enroll in this IIT data science training program.

Learners with an income less than 5 LPA are eligible for a free waiver of up to 75 percent of the original fee. All the essential topics like machine learning, coding, frameworks, and business tools are covered in this IIT data science training program.

Duration: The duration of this IIT data science training program is 4 years for the complete program. Students can leave earlier with a diploma or a BSc degree in data science.


  • ML foundations
  • Machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Computer visions
  • Python
  • Java
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux commands
  • Flask
  • Vue NumPy
  • Scikitlearn
  • Pytorch
  • Business data management
  • Business Analytics
  • Financial forensics

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2. IIT Kanpur E-masters in Data Science and Business Analytics

This e-Masters degree by IIT Kanpur is designed to teach students to make great business decisions by leveraging data and accelerating their career growth.

This data science training program involves industry industry-relevant curriculum that includes all the latest advancements in data science with practical applications.

The student should have 2 years of experience and should have had mathematics in the 12th class. Qualifying GATE is not required.


Participants get to learn the use of data science applications for making smart business decisions. Participants earn an e-Masters degree from IIT Kanpur. Students become a part of IIT Kanpur’s alumni network.

They get to create a meaningful network with professionals from different disciplines and specializations. Students receive mentorship from some of the best data science experts with tremendous knowledge. They received placement support from the placement cell of IIT Kanpur.

Duration: It is a flexible program. Students can complete it in between 1 to 3 years without rushing.


  • Stochastic elements of business
  • Linear and non-linear modeling
  • Data mining tools and techniques
  • Applied machine learning
  • Optimization methods for analytics
  • Temporal and cross-sectional modeling
  • Causal inference models
  • Multivariate data analysis
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Human resource analytics

3. IIT Kanpur Professional Certificate Course in Data Science by Simplilearn

This IIT data science course is designed by the experts of IIT Kanpur and powered by Simplilearn. This IIT data science course is designed to help students learn essential skills and tools like Python, statistics, machine learning, AI, and prompt engineering.

Features: Students get to learn from industry experts and masterclasses by the faculty of IIT Kanpur. Students receive program completion certificates from E&ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur. Simplilearn’s job assistance helps them to get noticed by potential hiring companies. 25+ hands-on projects help students to get practical knowledge by solving real-life problems.


  • Generative, explainable, and conversational AI
  • Natural language processing
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Data visualisation
  • Prompt engineering
  • ChatGPT
  • Ensemble learning
  • Exploratory Data analysis
  • Model building and fine-tuning

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4. IIT Delhi Certification Program in Data Science

This IIT data science course is a certification program offered by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. This IIT data science course is completely industry-oriented, which ensures the relevance of the tools and techniques in industry practices.

Students learn to transform raw data into actionable strategies by studying the trends and patterns in data. It’s a great course for fresh graduates trying to stand out in their careers or working professionals trying to get a salary hike.

Features: Students get to learn from the faculty of IIT Delhi which is one of the best engineering schools in India. Students get high-quality education through case studies and attending live sessions led by data science experts from IIT Delhi.

Students get industry insights by working on real-world data sets, which also increases their practical knowledge. They become a part of a network of peers and professionals which enables them to communicate or collaborate with the people in same field.

And at the end, a degree from IIT Delhi helps them to stand out and get noticed by providing hiring companies.


The duration of this IIT data science course is 6 months (3-hour sessions every Saturday).

Curriculum :

  • Data science essentials
  • Communicating effectively with data
  • Optimization for machine learning
  • Deep learning and generative AI

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5. IIT Guwahati (AlmaBetter) Certified Full-stack Data Science and AI

This AlmaBetter IIT data science course is offered in partnership with IIT Guwahati. The AlmaBetter IIT data science course is designed to cover all the tools and topics that are important in the industry.

Students get prepared to work for tech companies immediately after their graduation. Their curriculum is centered on learning by doing through real-world problem-solving and working with industry projects.

Features: An advanced Certification from E&ICT academy, IIT Guwahati which is a very prestigious advanced data science certification that recruiters also highly regard hence increasing the chances of getting shortlisted, while students have an immersion program at IIT Guwahati campus for 2 days as per the syllabus basics and much more about data science including 100+ classes throughout and lifetime access to all recorded sessions [S] who use them to apply real-world cases as learning aids; capstone projects.

This means that they have up to 50 mock interviews helping them improve their confidence when it comes to career matters.

Duration: 6 months part-time for this IIT data science course.


  • Introduction to Programming
  • Numerical programming in Python
  • Relational databases
  • Data visualisation
  • Applied statistics
  • Machine learning

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1. What Are the Conditions for Joining the IIT Data Science Course?

Answer: Different IIT courses in data science have different prerequisites. For a master’s program, it is important to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant area. As for the certification course, the 12th class and basic knowledge of coding will be sufficient.

Question 2. Are These IIT Data Science Course Available Online?

Answer: Yes, all of the IIT data science course mentioned above can be taken online with occasional campus immersions of 2-3 days.

Question 3. How Do I Apply for the IIT Data Science Course?

Answer: You just need to visit the official website of IIT and submit an application form there to enroll in one of this institution’s data science programs. Or you can go to the platforms that run collaborations with the Indian Institute of Technology and follow their directions.


Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are premier engineering institutes in India. Doing Data Science in various IITs can provide students with an excellent opportunity to receive quality education from some best professionals in this field.

Indian Institute of Technologies offers many types of online training programs such as graduation and certificate levels too. The participants are recognized by these institutions after completion through certification among others which makes them very prestigious names hence people yearn to associate themselves with them, especially during employment searchers.

Students can build a solid foundation by learning the basics of advanced data science concepts and acquiring industry-relevant skills by joining these IIT data science courses.

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