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How to Start Content Writing Business in India (Expert Guide)

We have lived through an era of economic growth through growing online businesses, such as the content writing business. Especially here in India, the growth of online businesses after the internet boom is remarkable. It’s been a decade only, ever since the Indian population started using the internet at a larger scale, and that number has only grown at an exponential rate.

How to Start Content Writing Business in India


In the early years of this decade, despite being a country with the second largest population in the world, out of which over 40% were internet users, India still lagged behind countries like the USA and France in terms of having online-based companies and businesses.

These stats have changed significantly in the last 4 years when the internet was at full scale and the users were aware as well. Online businesses like content writing businesses had maintained a unique and stable spot in the online market as an option for people who want to start online businesses.

With such a huge number of growing online businesses, the requirement for content for these businesses is also immense. The number of content writing agencies concerning the demand for content by these businesses is quite less.

This is the reason, starting a content writing business especially at this point when the internet is at full scale and the resources are so easily available. Content writing businesses are one of the most developing forms of online business.

Here Are the Steps One Should Follow to Start a Content Writing Business Smoothly

Understand Your Service:

To start a content writing business, one needs to be sure about the kind of service they are going to provide.

Content writing itself is a very diverse industry. There is a variety in the requirement for written content around the globe. This is the reason one should precisely understand what the services they can provide are.

A few types of content are relatively greater in demand than others, but that doesn’t mean offering those services will be a loss. There is an abundance of clients looking for effective content writing services in every genre at good prices.

There are many content writing services that one can offer to run a profitable content writing business.

Here Are Some of the Many Content Writing Services That One Can Consider as an Option for Their Content Writing Business:

These were only some of the many content writing services one can offer. The above list gives an idea about how big is the content writing industry making enough possibilities and opportunities for content writers.

So, before starting a content writing business, one should be very clear about which particular service they are going to offer. This will also be helpful to give a direction to the type of content writing business one is going to start.

So, the first and single most important suggestion to people who want to learn how to start a content writing business is that they should understand what are content writing services they can provide.


Handling a business is not easy, especially the ones like the content writing business. One needs to thoroughly research the management systems.

Research should focus on getting clients and managing the flow of assignments and tasks through a sequence of processes that are to be carried out.

Good research on the entire content writing business can help one to find clarity on long term plans. Good research can also help one find ways to get new clients.

Therefore research is the second most important step after understanding the nature of your business is researching properly on your content writing business.

Create a Website:

Having a website is one of the most important elements required to start a content writing business.

It is predicted by business analysts and marketing experts that in the next 3-4 years, there will be barely any small businesses without a website which means over 90% of the business owners will be communicating to their customers through a website.

Whether or not the website is interactive, having a website increases the audience reach exponentially. Thus in a world where even the stationery and grocery stores will use websites and applications to take orders, having a legit business without a website is absolute of no worth.

In this internet-driven world, it is very clear that people are not going to visit physically to place an order, so a website acts as an interface between the company and the client. Having a website makes it easier for clients to communicate with the company and assign tasks.

Having a website immensely increases the chances of getting clients regularly being the reason why a website is one of the most necessary elements to start a content writing business.


Hire Writers: 

If you think from the perspective of a normal business or a client, one would only need a content writing agency to write content for them only and only when they need bulk supplies.

When one thinks to run a content writing business that offers multiple content writing services, it’s really difficult for one to have expertise in different types of content writing and it’s even more difficult to handle tasks and assignments.

Therefore, writers from every genre who can write and deliver quality content should be hired. In these kinds of business, teamwork matters a lot.

Hiring content writers from different genres can help one add more categories to their service.

Now that the structure of such a business is entirely based on content writing, hiring content writers to keep up with the pace of incoming assignments are highly recommended.

Revenue Structure of Your Business:

The content writing business is not as simple as buying or selling any other service.

Mostly the clients are businesses with requirements of written content in huge quantities. The transactions are based on mandates, deals, and many other ways. So it is important to create a revenue structure around the business to make transactions happen. It is very important for those who are planning to start a content writing business.

Make People Aware of Your Services:

As long as people are not aware of the services one offers through their content writing business, it’s really difficult to get new clients regularly.

There are many already established content writing organizations that offer quality service, so without making people aware of the services, one will not get clients easily.

It is a very commonly known fact of how closely marketing is associated with any business, especially when it comes to a business that provides service instead of any product. It is quite necessary to market your product to grab audience’s attention.

Before one gets audience attention, they have to market their services in a way that makes them outshine other content writing businesses. One can also make people aware of having social media accounts. Social media presence can boost the audience to reach a tremendous rate.

People go after profitable deals, and therefore fluctuating prices depending upon the demand and urgency of written content can help one find customers regularly.

Therefore, the next step after framing the revenue structure of a content writing business is to make your audience aware of the services you offer.


The above-mentioned points are the very basic requirements for starting a content writing business. These kinds of businesses require a lot of planning and planning to be executed very precisely. For a content writing enterprise to be profitable, there is some amount of investment required for the marketing purpose. Having a team of writers from different genres can help one offer variety in content writing services and hence increase the customer base.

These Marketing Practices Include:

  • Having a website/ application.
  • Advertising your content writing agency.
  • Having a social media presence.

Along with the above-mentioned points, it is equally important to plan the financial structure of a business. The pricing should be wisely decided, especially while starting a content writing business because the initial customers frame the feedback and ratings.

Therefore keeping the prices low in the beginning and allowing as many new customers can help one set a standard.

The above-mentioned points should be taken care of while starting a content writing business. Considering these points, one also has to provide the best possible service to maintain momentum.

No amount of marketing and advertising can ever beat the good service provided. Therefore, it is very important to provide satisfactory content writing services.

These could be helpful for those who want to start a writing business online and also for those who are curious about how this content writing industry works. Want to Start it by Learning from Content Writing Course?

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What is the scope of content writing in India?

Content writer has a very scope not just in India but across the world. After completing the course in content writing, there are many dignified posts that you can apply for.  There is a very good scope of growth for the aspiring writers who can opt to be news writers, bloggers, podcasters etc.  All you need is a strong vocabulary and good writing skills professionally.

Q2. How much can a certified content writer earn in India?

The basic salary for a certified writer can range between 1 lakhs to 6 lakhs annually.

Q3. What is the basic qualification required to be a content writer?

12th pass or any graduate who has good communication skills can enroll for the content writing course to be a professional content writer.


Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.
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