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How To Create A Content Resume – A Master Advice

A content resume is one of the most important parameters which employers use to have an idea about the one who seeks a content writing job. For any job, the interviewer barely gets 20minutes to ask questions based on which the candidate is either selected or rejected. 20 minutes are not enough to learn completely about any person, in terms of how good or bad employees they could be.


How To Create A Content Resume

A resume helps the employer build a perspective around the candidate based on the details showcased. Therefore, making it easier for the employer to cast a decision.

Content Resume 

The content writing industry is much like the other industries, at least the recruitment procedure is the same as any other industry. In the entire recruitment process, the resume plays a vital role.

The resume has to be descriptive enough to give the employer a clear understanding of the qualities of the job applicant.

The resume should showcase the abilities of the candidate and put forward their vision on how dedicated they are towards the tasks assigned and what are the points of benefits they could bring to the organization.

The content writer’s resume should also convey the idea of what makes the candidate fit for a content writing job, and what is the reason behind choosing a job that is quite off the stream.

These are the non-technical questions and queries often asked during the interview, now that a content writer resume could be made descriptive enough to answer this kind of question, the interviewer can jump straight into the technical aspects of content writing.

A content writing resume makes it easier for both, the employer and the job applicant. While the employer finds it quite easier to make a judgment on the candidate because of the content writer’s resume.

On the other hand, the job applicant, having a strong and well, organized content writer resume is more likely to get the job.

Though it has been mentioned that content writing is one of such jobs which could be done at the office as well as at home depending upon the requirement of the organization.

The resume is the pre-interview formality that usually employer needs to learn about the candidate. Whether it is a one on one interview or a virtual selection, a resume is a very necessary element of the recruitment procedure.

The importance of a content writer’s resume can be extracted from the fact that people have reportedly spent thousands on creating a content writer resume.

A content writer’s resume has to be framed very carefully with the features and skills mentioned in it. There have been cases when candidates have been selected based on their resumes. While these are rare cases, a resume remains a very fundamental element in the recruitment process. Even the companies that hire content writers on a work from home basis demand a content writer resume. A content writer resume is very important and it should be descriptive enough to answer the basic level queries of the employer. A content writer’s resume should be very detailed and it should reflect the skills and abilities of the candidate very precisely.

 Here Are Some Important Tips and Tricks to Create an Amazing Content Writing Resume

Before we jump into the tips and tricks to create a nice content writer resume, we first need to understand what a content writer’s resume consists of.

The Following Are the Important Descriptions About the Job Applicant That Must Appear on a Content Writer Resume:


       Qualification Details

∙        Skills

∙        Experience

∙        Hobbies

∙        Achievements / Awards

∙        Personal Qualities

∙        References and Letters of Recommendations

∙        Contact Details

These are the elements that must appear on a content writer resume.


This is a very obvious element for not just a content writer resume but a resume of job applicants looking for opportunities in any industry should have. This makes the employer aware of the personal details of the job applicant, such as the candidate’s name and age. While this is the very obvious element to have in a content writer resume, not having this could be possibly considered as a very unprofessional approach. This is the reason a content writer’s resume must have a bio.

Qualification Details:

Though it has always been mentioned that content writing as a profession doesn’t need any particular educational qualification, employers, especially in the content writing industry still, look for the educational background to understand the extent up to which one has educated themselves. Having an educational background in journalism or literature could help one grab content writing opportunities quick.

This is because content writing has a lot to do with, grammatical correctness, vocabulary, presence of mind, use of words, creativity and a lot more and these are part of the syllabus of such qualification degrees. This is important because one without qualifications in journalism and literature can still be a potential candidate for content writing jobs. This is also as important as having a bio.


This is one of the most important elements of the content writer’s resume. This is the most focused area which employers look for to understand what are the skills that the job applicant possesses, for it decides whether or not a person is fit for the job. A content writer’s resume should reflect all the skills that the job applicant has ever learned or has developed over the years through their experience in the content writing industry. Having skills that are usually demanded by the content writing jobs such as SEO, strong vocabulary, and good use of words, creative writing and a lot more could help one easily get a content writing job.

In some cases, having additional skills is always a plus. Now that everyone is aware of how closely content writing is associated with marketing, it is highly recommended to have a few marketing skills that work well for written content. Marketing skills such as Social media marketing and Search engine marketing could prove to be very crucial while trying to grab greater and better content writing opportunities.

Therefore it is important to include skills in the content writer resume, to make the employer understand the level of output the job applicant can produce.


Experience is always helpful. A candidate with prior experience in any of the content writing genres is more likely to be hired. Having experience, working as a content writer with any organization could be helpful for employers. This is because when students or aspiring writers who apply for the first time have to go through a process where they are taught what and how to do their assigned job along with what the organization expects from them.

In the content writing industry, any professional writer or even the amateur ones would require a detailed description of the assigned tasks to perform up to the expectations. Therefore the experienced candidates, who have already gone through their training and working phases, make it easier for the organizations and employers to assist them through their work. These candidates could be trusted and as an employer, one can highly rely on them for generating written content for important clients. Having experience as an element in the content writer’s resume could help one grab crucial content writing opportunities.

For fresh candidates who do not have any prior experience in content writing jobs, they should voluntarily start content writing. This means, a candidate without prior experience as a content writer in any organization could still start a blog or a journal, and the statistical growth of that certain blog or journal could be used instead of experience. This helps the employer to understand how adept the candidate is at content writing. So, therefore, adding experience or past work samples to the content writer’s resume can be very crucial as it speaks a lot about how comfortable the candidate is working as a content writer.


Hobbies describe a lot about the qualities of the aspiring candidate. Mentioning hobbies in the content writer’s resume could convey the employer about the abilities other than just content writing that the job applicant has. A lot of people especially those who are going to create a resume for content writing jobs or any job, confuse hobbies with interests. Interests and hobbies are very different things, while interests are more of what you find interesting, hobbies are usually those activities which one likes to practice during their leisure time.

Though this is not as important as other abilities, still it helps the employer build a perspective around the candidate’s personality. For example, a candidate who likes to read books during leisure time is normally considered more productive and hard-working than one who likes to play video games. Therefore adding hobbies in the content writer’s resume could be a good approach that one could be portraying to the employer.


Achievements and awards are as important as adding experience to the content writer resume. Achievements and awards won could highly increase the chances of being hired. Just like experience the achievements also give an idea about how good one is at a particular job. While experience is just the number of organizations one has worked for, achievements describe how adept one is at carrying out the responsibilities of the task or the assigned job. Having achievements and awards earned in the content writer resume could help the employer learn the extent up to which the candidate is comfortable performing that particular job.

Therefore it is important to add all the relevant achievements and awards earned by the candidate, for they make it easier for employees to hire a candidate and for the job applicant as well to grab good content writing opportunities.

Personal Qualities:

Personal qualities could be a very different and interesting thing for the employer. While the rest of the abilities and elements mentioned are very common and are a must-add for the content writer resume, the personal abilities of each matter. This is the reason employers pay a lot of attention to personal abilities. Now, these personal abilities to be mentioned on the content writer resume is way different from hobbies or interests.

The personal abilities mentioned in the content writer’s resume should be very much relevant to the job one is seeking. Everyone has at least some abilities in almost every kind of work, so it is necessary to showcase the abilities which are highly relevant to the content writing job and could help one get hired. The abilities mentioned in the content writer resume should have one’s opinions and abilities to mould the assigned tasks and jobs in ways to offer more value and profit to the consumer, ultimately gaining profits and increasing brand awareness for the organization. These personal abilities in the content writer resume should be the special skills and observations one has made so far and believes that these skills and observations could be profitable for the organization.

For example, in personal abilities, one can write the way they can turn a very formal topic into a very interactive article, hence engaging a lot of audiences. These personal abilities if written well in a content writer resume could help one get hired into an organization very easily. This is therefore important to add personal abilities as an element in addition to the above mentioned in the content writer resume to grab good opportunities.

References and Letters of Recommendations:

References and letters of recommendation are quite useful for candidates seeking a job. References and letters of recommendation are forwarded by the previous organizations and companies one has ever worked for, otherwise, the institutions that a candidate has taken training from. These references and letters of recommendation in a content writer resume help the candidate a lot to easily grab the opportunity. These letters of recommendation and references usually consist of remarks by the seniors of previous organizations or from the content writing institutes one has taken training from.

These letters describe how well as an employee or student the job applicant was at the previous institution and they could be trusted as good and hard-working employees. Having recommendation letters and references from good and reputed organizations or content writing institutes could immensely help one easily grab good opportunities in content writing.

Therefore it is advised to add letters of recommendation from the previous organizations or the institutions, one has taken content writing training.

Contact Details:

Contact details again are the very basic formalities of a content writer resume. It is the medium to communicate with the candidate to inform whether or not they have been hired. This is a basic requirement of the content writer resume as a bio. Being such a basic yet important formality, one still has to mention it. Not having these details on a content writer resume could be a very unprofessional approach one could convey to the employers.

The above-mentioned points are the reason why it is important to mention contact details in the content writer resume.


Institutes are also something one could mention. This plays a crucial role in the content writer’s resume. Mentioned institute from where the candidate has taken content writing training could act the same as a reference. This is because in reference, the more reputed organization one has worked with the more likely they are to get the job, similarly, there are few content writing institutions that have gained immense reputation over the years based on the quality of training and service they have been providing for so long.

Therefore these institutes have been producing some very talented content writers through their training programs and content writing courses they provide. Having such institutes in the content writer resume could help one ease through the recruitment process. Because digital content generation through text is not very old, there are relatively fewer content writing institutes.

Therefore a few from these institutions are highly reputed and have been very consistent in providing content writing courses which have proved to be extraordinarily important and profitable for the students, helping them to find content writing jobs easily. Content writing institutes like IIM skills have maintained a unique spot in this industry and have interview assistance over 30 countries. These institutes are recognized at global levels and therefore increase the chances of candidates who enrolled in their content writing courses and training programs to be hired by organizations.

Therefore the above-mentioned points and key features are the reason including institutes in the content writing resume could immensely help one to get content writing opportunities easily.


The content writer resume is a very essential element for those who are applying for a content writer job. Whether or not it is a one on one interview, a resume always performs effectively in conveying to the employer about the candidate. Even for the virtual interviews for content writing jobs, the employers demand a content writer resume that helps them clearly understand the abilities and skills of a content writer. Along with the idea of how adept is the candidate as a content writer, the content writer’s resume also speaks a lot about the potential of the candidate. The elements like experience, awards, and achievements and personal abilities in a content writer resume help in building a strong profile making the approach more professional and therefore increasing the chances of the candidate to be hired.

While these above-mentioned features and key points along with their description could be really helpful for students, aspiring content writers and for those who want to upgrade to a better organization. A content writer’s resume always helps. There are also a few additional elements that one may or may not add to the content writer’s resume. Such elements are institutes where one might have completed any content writing courses or have undergone any training programs by a reputed content writing institute.

This data is the content writer’s resume that could be very useful for the employer to make a judgment.


Aspiring content writers and those seeking content writing jobs should maintain a strong and well-organized content writer resume to increase their chances of getting hired. A content writer resume is a very professional approach while applying for a content writing job. Whether or not the organization one is applying to work for, offers a big opportunity, one should still have a well-organized content writer resume. Students who want to become content writers, aspiring writers and also for those who are engaged as content writers are highly recommended to frame a strong content writer resume, keeping the above-mentioned points in mind.

Considering the above points, which are very necessary and important for any content writing job, the candidates may also add relevant information that they think could help them ease through the process of recruitment. While the employers hold the prime responsibility of hiring the best candidates who can bring benefit to their organization through their work, the candidates applying for the job should take care of the amount of information they are going to provide through the content writer resume.

This information could clarify the queries of the employer making them easier to cast judgment or a decision. The content writer’s resume also helps the employer build a perspective around the candidate in terms of how good or bad they are at particular skills and areas of content writing. The better is the resume in terms of describing the skill sets and abilities of the content writer, the less effort any employer has to make in asking questions, clarifying confusion to decide if the candidate is fit for the content writing job or not.

The above points should be taken care of while creating a content writer resume to build a strong and well-organized profile that helps one easily get through the entire interview process.

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