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5 Steps to Help You Find out How to Become a Better Writer 

The world is changing continuously and the competition has become so intense. At each step, writers have to upgrade themselves, their work, knowledge, and skills. Everyone is striving for better. So, in this article, we will be discussing how to become a better writer. 

How To Become A Writer

Why a Better writer?

“How to become a better writer”- every writer asks themselves this question. But the solution is found by those who are ready to work hard for it. To become a better writer, one has to leave their comfort zone and think outside the regular. You cannot achieve better by sitting on the same post as you are now. 

The following steps are the guidance on becoming a better writer. These steps will help you in achieving success and completing your goals. But it will accomplish only and only when you will be consistent and drive yourself to the path of growth and development.

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How to Become a Better Writer in 5 Easy Steps to follow – 

When you develop your vision and aim to become a better writer, with little effort and some hard work, you will find your way and achieve it. These steps are the answers for how to become a better writer, and by following them, you will succeed.

1. Read a Lot – 

Reading is the most effective method for becoming a better writer. It will expand your vocabulary, and you will be able to learn plus develop new things. For effective results, whether you read magazines, novels, stories, articles, fiction, non-fiction, it should be related to your niche. “Reading” is the most important point to consider when answering the question of how to become a better writer.

While reading, try to make notes (it will help you in generating new ideas in the future), observe the formation of sentences, vocabulary (write it down somewhere with meaning), and style of writing. Now, try to form sentences using those vocabulary words.

Now the question arises what to read. Different writing styles have different points to observe and note down while reading. Noting down the points will help you in improving your writing skills, broadening the vision, and enlightening you with a lot of material for innovation and development.


When you are reading novels, observe the chapters, how the writer has divided the story, the structure of the novel from contents to the end, how many twists, and how they have been set up in the story. 

You should also focus on how the writer has expressed his thoughts, build effective communication of understanding between him and the reader, and write down the first thing or idea that comes to your mind while reading it. All this will help you in the improvement of your writing skills.

Short Stories

These are shorter than novels. Short stories are considered artwork because they require a lot of hard work and execution of the whole story in short and limited words.

That’s why when you read short stories, whether it’s fiction, fantasy, thriller, horror, action, comedy, note down the execution, sentence formation, opening and ending detailed format, and set up of content.

Poems – 

These are the creative and well-structured forms of writing. By reading poems, you will learn new words every day, develop some inspirational ideas, how to draft your emotions in words. It will help you in designing innovation in words. Some poems contain a story also; they have their own style of execution. 

Advertising –

It is the method of spreading information or promoting a particular product. Whether the advertising is offline or online, it requires a set of content.

When you see an advertisement on television, there is a set of stories behind it, the idea that is executed with each scene. And when you see an advertisement in a newspaper or social media, it follows the formal structure. This will help you in expanding the range of ideas and innovation.

Articles –

Articles help in gaining traffic, promoting the products, providing the information, developing trust among the audience. But all this requires well-structured content. 

By reading articles, you will not only learn the format or designing, but you will also gain knowledge about the field, how to write the content, beginning or ending, drawing conclusion, new words, execution of information and thus, you will gradually have an idea of how to become a better writer.

2. Develop Your Niche – 

Niches are the deep understanding of a particular field. And as a writer, you have to find out for which field you have to write. Explore the different subject areas, find your passion, work on it, master them.

It is because when you develop your focus in a particular area, work hard, and become an expert in it, it is the solution for how to become a better writer plus your demand will increase and you will be working according to your interests and passion

You can Decide the Genre or Niches by Asking Yourself the Following Questions: 

● What are your interests while reading or writing?

● Do you read romance stories, thrillers, or horrors?

● What do you like more, fiction or non-fiction?

● What ideas pop up in your head when it comes to writing something?

● What motivates/inspires you to write?

Some Factors that Play an Important Role When It Comes to Deciding the Niches:

● Scope and development

● Money

● Your interests and passion

● Chances of being successful

● The demand of the field

Deciding Niches is Important Because

Developing an Audience –

Knowing your niche will help you in identifying your audience and reaching them. You will be easily reaching your targets. 

You will also get to know the likes, dislikes, and preferences of the customers. You will be promoting, networking, developing your site as well as marketing the products. 

Successful –

To be successful, you have to specify your goals and when you decide your niche, you will be working on a particular segment. It will help you in gaining knowledge and opportunities; it will lead to self-development also. 

Expertise – 

By working on a particular subject, you will become an expert in it. You will gain a reputation and the demand for expertise is always high in the market. 

3. Just Write – 

It is quite simple, just write whatever you feel, your daily routine, about your day, your things. Take pen and paper, whatever comes to your mind first, start writing.

To be good at writing, you have to start the process in your head. And to start the process in your head, think, brainstorm the ideas and express them on paper. 

The Following Points are the Steps How to do it –

Make a Notebook

You have to make a separate notebook for writing and keep it with you. Whenever you find new words written in it, try to make sentences using it. You can also create journals and write every day. You can also try writing quotes, poems, articles, and stories. 

Consistency –

You have to develop the routine of writing, at least write for 1 hour every day, fix your timetable and make it a habit. 

When you make “writing” your habit, then only you will be able to know about your mistakes, your writing style, and your area of improvement. That’s how your writing skills will be improved.

Work for Projects – 

Take a project based on writing, this will help you in getting the professional experience and you will also be able to track down the record of your performance. With each step, you will learn new things every day.  

Practice –

You have to practice daily to become a better writer. You should also practice some different writing styles like articles, short stories, novels, product descriptions, many more. When you practice regularly, you will become an expert in it. Regular practice is the answer to how to become a better writer.

Niches –

Generally, you can practice writing on any topic. But when you know your niche, try writing according to it. This will help you in becoming better and prepare you for jobs also. While writing as per your niche, you will gain knowledge and become an expert in it. 

4. Edit Your Writing – 

Editing is the most important factor in writing. It helps with the inaccuracy of information, dealing with grammar, and correction of mistakes plus spellings in the data. 

Firstly, you have to focus on the writing part and then the editing part, check for mistakes, and right vocabulary. When you edit your writing, make sure your message is visible. 

Different Tools Help in Editing the Writing – 

Grammarly – 

It is the best editing tool used for checking grammar mistakes and proofreading. This tool is so beneficial, it not only recognizes grammatical errors plus corrects them by explaining but also provides a score based on correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. 

These four elements are so important for sending a clear and visible message. It has both a paid as well as a free version. The alternative for Grammarly can be ginger, language tool, Hemingway editor. 

Plagiarism Checker

This tool will help you in checking plagiarism against millions of websites. Within seconds, it will scan your data against different websites, and show you the result in a percentage of uniqueness and plagiarism. 

It also provides you the option to check plagiarism using a specific URL. It shows you sentence-wise results and whenever there is plagiarism, you can compare your data with the website mentioned. You can also check for grammar mistakes and it also has the feature of rewriting the sentences plagiarism-free. 

Hemmingway – 

It is the editing tool that points out the wrong formation of sentences and errors or complexity in the communication of sentences. It also provides grades based on the writing. It also clears your adverb and passive errors. 

This tool is free to use. It focuses on the readability of the writing and the visibility of the message. The yellow color highlights the complexity of sentences, and the red color highlights that the visibility of the message is not clear.

Ginger – 

This is the most effective tool for the editing of writing. It not only checks the grammatical errors but also points out punctuation and spelling mistakes. 

It also highlights the wrong formation of sentences and passive voices and rectifies it plus rephrases it in a readable manner. It is the remedy for how to become a better writer because you are finding solutions and removing the errors from your writing. 

5. Upload it/ Review it– 

You have done writing, editing it by using tools, now it’s time to upload it. Uploading your writing somewhere will help you in getting the feedback and feedback will highlight the area of improvement.

You can also review it from your fellow writers, but sometimes it is better to evaluate your writing from the writer who has a different writing style than you because it will broaden your views and suggestions, you will be having different pieces of advice, and here your point of view will be different.

Why Uploading Your Writing is Important – 

● Knowing your audience

● Knowing your competition

● For feedback

● Scope of improvement

● Developing your presence

● To know the next step

There are many platforms where you can upload your writings. All these platforms will help you in reaching your target audience. As a writer, you must know your audience, and there must be recognition of your account

Let’s Discuss the Platforms – 

Quora –

Quora is a site full of questions and answers. Their engagement level is so high, they have built the community whether the people who are visiting it or uploading answers on the sites. You can also upload your answers on this site, and your answers will be ranked and reviewed by the readers. 

There are suggestions, recommendations, stories, poems, different ideas uploaded as an answer. The best thing about uploading answers on Quora is you can easily receive feedback from a lot of people, plus you can approach a large number of audiences. 

Instagram –

Instagram has 500+ million users, and it is the most effective platform for the execution of ideas and creativity as a writer. Firstly, you have to create your account on Instagram and make it professional, then you have to choose your profession as a writer, make a writer bio also, then you can upload your writing in the form of photos, videos, and reels. 

With the right hashtags and execution of ideas, you will be able to reach your desired audience as Instagram will automatically spread your account in the area of the same segment. 

There are tools on Instagram that will provide you insights on each post you have uploaded. You can also track the record of each post, plus you can review yourself from the other writers and have suggestions on improvement. You will be easily marketing your ideas and posts; hence, it is the best option for developing as a writer. 


The medium is an effective platform for uploading articles. It will help you in making your own identity. It is free and easy to use, their features are also easy to understand. The starting process is creating your account and getting started. 

Through the medium, you can reach a large number of audiences. There are different heads under which you can share your content like marketing, self-development, romance, lifestyle, food, travel, and many more. You can also share images with your article. 

Kindle – 

Kindle is an e-platform by amazon where you can read and buy novels, magazines, short stories, and many other contents of your own choice. It is a kind of e-library where you can freely download the content for reading only the book cost has to be paid.  

Here you can also upload your book or novels0- whether it is fiction, non-fiction, romance, horror, mystery, thrill, of any kind, and add cost to it. But before that, you have to create your kindle account and link your bank account to it. The seventy percent profit by the sale of the book will be transferred to your account.  

Publish Your Articles on LinkedIn – 

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to build networks, diversify opportunities, and explore recruitment options. It is the best option to upload the articles in a formal environment. 

It will help you in transforming and seeking advice from professionals. You just have to create an account and build a profile. There is a special feature “write an article” on LinkedIn, use it and paste your article with proper headings and images, and publish it. It will be shown to your followers or will be public as per your privacy and added to the section of articles in your profile.  

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Frequently Asked Questions – 

1. What type of writing style is the best?

As a writer, the message in your writing should be visible. The words should not be difficult to understand. The sentences should be rightly formed. The passive voice in sentences should not be used. Avoid repetition, long sentences, and unnecessary words. Whether it is an article, short story, poem, it should be effectively presented. 

2. What defines a good writer?

A good writer knows how to connect with the audience. They know what their audience wants to read and create content based on it. They always aim to spread the rightful message to the people. 

3. How to decide your niches?

Niches are the particular segments you will be studying deeply. You can decide your niche by knowing your interest areas, what type of topics you like to read and write about, what type of ideas you follow the most, in which field you want to grow, which subject excites you. Find your answers and you will easily decide the niches.

Conclusion – 

When you aim for the question “how to become a better writer”, you decide to develop as a writer. Everyone strives for better, to achieve personal goals, beat competition, and show ability and creativity in an organized manner. So, the above are the easiest steps to upgrade your writing skills and become better. 

Read, decide your segment, write & write, edit your writings, share content and upload it, receive feedback and rectify your mistakes. To achieve these steps, one has to be consistent, like making a routine of writing every day and a routine of reading too. 

When you want to increase your level in writing, you must know your niche or genre you like working on and as per your interests, become an expert in it. When you grow your level in a niche, you require your audience, for that, you have to share your content publicly, and get feedback to improve in writing. Following all or most of these easy-peasy steps consistenly, you will become a better writer. 


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