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How Digital Marketing is Adding Value to Business?

Nowadays your potential customers are busy watching Netflix, reading their favorite magazines online, checking their boss’s mails, and using tons of mobile and web apps every day. Millions of people are using the Internet every day and interacting with numerous digital platforms; bringing numerous opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services to a huge crowd of people. If you are interested in knowing how digital marketing can bring more sales and brand recognition to your business then keep reading. Because in this article, I will share the top 8 ways how digital marketing is adding value to business.

How digital marketing is adding value to business

Well!  Where a group of people is present, there is always a chance to sell something? Marketers have always targeted a mass audience to promote their products. From the times of spreading the word orally; to the times of TV commercials and newspaper advertisements, the sales of a business have always been influenced by more exposure to the people.

In this modern era, a new medium of human interaction has evolved. Today people are hooked on their smart gadgets. They are spending most of their time googling their favorite recipes, watching YouTube videos, socializing with their friends and relatives on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and raising their voices on Twitter.


From education to shopping everything is online today. With such a high dependence of people on digital devices, it has opened doors for businesses to connect with a mass audience without worrying about changing locations. In this article on how digital marketing is adding value to business, we will share how profitable digital marketing can turn out to be for businesses.

They can leverage the power of various digital platforms to increase their brand recognition and can generate more leads. But before getting into how digital marketing is adding value to business, let’s dig a little deeper into the world of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a way of connecting with potential customers and current customers online through digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc. Businesses can promote their brand on these platforms using emails, ads, blogs, videos, and social media posts. In short, it can be said that advertising on any digital device is known as digital marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is not bound to one specific platform, it’s a combined marketing strategy of using various digital platforms and tools to market a product. Here are various ways how a business can market its product online.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a method to attract more traffic to your website. It is a process in which the business modifies the content – both visible and written, of its website to make it more friendly to Google’s algorithm. By using this technique the businesses can rank their website higher on google searches to increase traffic to its website.

  • PPC

Pay Per Click or PPC is the way to show a business’s advertisements on various digital platforms to drive more traffic to its website by paying a small fee when a customer clicks on the advertisement. There are many different ways that PPC works. The most common way is advertising on Google search engine.

When a user searches for something on google then advertisements appear on the top of the Google searches before the organic search. Another example is through digital advertising agencies like Google Ads and Facebook ads.

These are the digital mediators between the businesses who want to promote their services through digital advertisements and the businesses who want to display advertisements to generate revenue from their source. Various websites and apps can display these ads on their platform and can earn revenue accordingly.

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  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a way to advertise a business’s products on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Businesses can advertise on these platforms in various ways.

They can directly promote their products using the digital advertisements feature available on social media sites, or they can pay influencers and content creators of that particular digital platform to market their brand. In addition to that, they can also create their content to connect with more people.

Instead of just advertising their products on platforms or through influencers businesses can create their content to inform or to entertain their customers to create better brand awareness. Businesses can create content in various forms like blogs, videos, social media posts, and emails. With the help of content, they can interact with their potential customers and can build an amiable image among customers.

Email Marketing is sending emails to current or potential clients about the products, services, and content to lead the customers to sales. Many businesses send emails to keep customers up to date with their products. People check emails every day which makes it easier for businesses to promote their brand using emails.

  • Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a way for businesses to promote their products and services on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Marketing on these devices can be done by promoting their products using apps or sending SMS. As smartphones are using location they can serve as important for promoting personalized location-based content.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Businesses can profit from influencers who have a lot of followers on digital platforms. Instead of creating their content, businesses pay these people to promote the brand’s products. Influencers have an active social media presence or blogs with many followers. They can promote the business’s product in return for a commission for every customer they bring to the business.

  • Market Analytics

Market Analytics is the method by which businesses can measure the performance of various marketing campaigns. It will give the statistics on the performance of the campaign. It gives the information of the consumers the campaign has interacted with and how many has been positively influenced by the campaign.

The businesses can measure the performance of their campaign(blogs, videos, social media posts, etc.) and make strategies around them to find out the best way to bring more profit to the businesses.

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Powerful Ways How digital marketing is adding value to business

  • Ease of online marketing

Marketing had always been a hassle not only for big businesses as well as for smaller ones. It doesn’t matter how cool the business’s product or service is unless people don’t come to know about it everything is in vain. Before the rise of the digital world, business owners have to spend a lot of time finding marketing agencies, mediators, and bargaining for the best price, and then wondering.

However, with the rise of digital marketing, they can promote their products without worrying about mediators and bargaining. With only a few clicks anyone can set up their business online and with the help of various online tools they can easily start marketing.

Businesses can easily create an online presence, starting at a very low cost or no cost at all. And from there they can progress into the digital marketing world with proper planning and the right strategy.

  • Easier to find analytics and make strategies

Another way how digital marketing is adding value to business is with the ease of finding analytics and making campaign strategies around them. Gone are the days when businesses worried whether their best marketing pamphlet has reached the right audience or it has been torn off before even making the impression on the potential customer.

It has been never easier to measure the efficiency of marketing campaigns. With digital marketing businesses can easily measure the number of people their brand has reached, how many people engaged with the content, and how many people are showing interest in their product. Statistics are available at their fingertips. They can use these analytics to find the best marketing strategies to improve their business.

  • More product exposure

This is another benefit of how digital marketing is adding value to business. With the help of digital marketing, it has become easier to find people who share the same interests. A person sitting in the north of France can turn out to be a potential customer of a business operating in South Korea.

Digital marketing can help businesses to reach a wide audience base across the globe. Today, services know no boundaries. Digital marketing is offering great opportunities for small as well as large businesses to connect with people all around the world.

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  • Only target specific consumers

When you are business selling products only in Delhi then it seems a waste of money to spend on a commercial that will run all across the country. Don’t you think that it will be a better idea if only people in Delhi come across your advertisement and only the people interested in the products that your business offers?

Digital marketing will solve this problem for you. Digital marketing filters the noise and helps the business only target the right people who can turn out to be potential leads. Digital platforms track the interests and location of a user making it easier for them to recommend more content related to their interest.

If a business has a favorable online reputation then it can be recommended to potential customers by these platforms, hence making it another best way how digital marketing is adding value to business.

  • Helpful for Small businesses

Another profitable way how digital marketing is adding value to business is by providing opportunities to small businesses to excel in their niche. They can build their audience based on digital services and can convert them into future leads. It’s like multiple brands to multiple customers relationship.

Where one customer follows various brands of the same niche and can purchase from any of the brands he follows. Hence, making it profitable for small businesses to be one of the brands where the potential customer makes a purchase.

If a business provides quality products or services then it increases the chances of the business gaining a lead. And a positive presence online can increase the chances.

  • Build Reputation and Loyalty among users

Another way how digital marketing is adding value to business is by increasing the credibility of the business. Users are always influenced by the reputation of a brand, if they find a brand being trusted by other consumers they will feel safe and secure in purchasing with that brand.

The more positive experience users shares about a business online the more it increases the chances of potential customers to get attached to that brand. In addition to that, there is tons of user-generated content uploaded on social media platforms.

If the services provided by the business are top-notch and people are happy with the services provided by that business then it can turn out to be free marketing for brands.

A positive online presence not only increases trust among users but also makes them stick to that brand for a long time. The customers will become loyal to that brand and the higher the loyal customers are, the more reputable the brand in the market will be.

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  • Better customer service

This is another way how digital marketing is adding value to business is by helping businesses to create a better customer experience. Customers can easily interact with the businesses online and can express their disappointment and likings related to their services. Now it’s easier to figure out what users like and dislike so businesses can modify their products around it.

In addition to that, another how digital marketing is adding value to business is by improving the quality of a business’s products. Businesses are not only competing with businesses in their location-based area but with businesses all around the world. Businesses are trying their best to make better products and services than their competitors.

  • Opening new Business Opportunities

With the rise of digital marketing, a new rise in location-free businesses has also emerged. Many small businesses are providing their services entirely online. Instead of selling physical products, they are selling digital products such as digital courses, books, and training.

Another way how digital marketing is adding value to business is by creating a market for freelancers. Today people can offer their services without working on a full-time job. They can earn money by offering services, becoming influencers, or affiliate marketers.


1. Why digital advertising is important?

With more than that many 4.28 billion Internet users, digital marketing brings an amazing opportunity to make your product visible to a huge customer base. Having a business online not only increases the brand’s exposure but also the credibility of the brand. When everything is online, people put more trust in businesses that have an active online presence.

2. How effective is digital marketing?

If done properly, digital marketing can be highly effective in bringing customers and increasing the popularity of the brand. There are so many location-free businesses that have become popular only because of the digital platforms. They are able to gain more leads from all over the world, in addition to that, the customer service is also getting better every day

3. Can you learn digital marketing from home?

Yes, you can easily learn digital marketing from home. There are a lot of educational institutes that are giving online courses in digital marketing. You can find a lot of courses on Udemy, Coursera, and other courses provided by various institutes. You can also learn digital marketing for free, however, the self-learning route will be a lot more difficult than taking a traditional route with the help of a well-recognized institute.

4. Is digital marketing a good career?

With the emergence of businesses going online, there has been an increasing demand for people who are skilled in digital marketing. Businesses want to hire people who can efficiently work with technologies to meet their marketing demands. Digital marketing has even led to vacancies for jobs like a content writer, SEO specialist, Social Media Manager, professional blogger, email marketer, search engine expert, and brand manager.


Digital marketing has entirely changed the map of marketing. Today every digital product has the potential to turn out to be a marketing resource and a lot of new creative ways of marketing are coming forward every day. People are hooked to these platforms and are willingly spending most of their time online. Having an online presence not only adds positive value to your business awareness but also increases its credibility among customers.

With only a few clicks you can set up your business online on various social media platforms and can create your website to make it more accessible for consumers to connect with your business. There has never been a right time to get your business online than today. In this article, I have shared the top 8 ways how digital marketing is helping businesses, keeping these pros in mind choosing the digital marketing route to market your brand can turn out to be profitable for your business.

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