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Hemingway Vs Grammarly-Which One Is Beneficial?

Professional content writers aim to deliver grammatically correct, error-free, concise, and engaging writeups to their clients. This high-quality output matters in creating an impact on each reader whether it’s a webpage, email, blog post, social media post, press release, etc. The various components of good writing include a balance of grammar, punctuation, sentence formation, spelling, and narration to create an engaging written piece. Otherwise, you end up writing a resume full of typing errors and spelling mistakes or a project report written in a lousy informal way, both creating a bad impression on your reader. Let’s examine through this article which tool to go for Hemingway Vs Grammarly.

Hemingway Vs Grammarly

How to decide between Hemingway Vs Grammarly

Nowadays, content writers mostly write in word processing software with a built-in dictionary and spell check feature. But they are not very reliable all the time. To deliver in a professional environment you have the privilege of using third-party application software like Hemingway, Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid, Sapling, White Smoke, Reverso, Sentence Checkup, etc. to polish your writing with a click.

These document application tools have special features to take care of your specific requirements while writing. Some can check grammar and punctuation while others can help you in creating better narration through proper sentence formation.

It also validates for plagiarism, clarity, and conciseness. We would like to mention Hemingway Vs Grammarly for you as options, which are widely popular and readily available for content writers to rely on them for specific tasks.

What is Hemingway?

Hemingway is a copy-editing software used to increase the readability of writing. It provides suggestions on any written piece of content to make it more clear, concise, and to the point. It works like a teacher suggesting to you how to improve your content by providing specific indicators from your written piece of work.

It provides a readability score to your document and also suggests sentence structure and repetition of words in a sentence. It indicates your “Hard to read” sections, flags were to “Simplify a bit”, add adverbs or forceful words. It makes suggestions that you need to accept or disallow as per your voice or style of writing.

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Benefits of Hemingway Vs Grammarly

It is very cheap as compared to other writing tools available. It is available in a free version with limited features while its one-time paid version is about 20$ only to work with all its features life-long. It helps in writing good quality content and enhances its readability.

The core of this software is to point out the appropriate use of Adverbs, identifying difficult readability portions of your content to make it simple to read. It provides the required tinge of professional writing and helps in standing out from the crowd. It should be used regularly in your writing journey to write more lucid and impactful stories.

  • Impactful Editor

It improves your sentence formation by suggesting parameters related to passive voice, usage of adverbs, and simplicity of reading. It enables you to add Headings, hyperlinks, bold and italicizing your text, bullet points, lists, quotes for making your documents more engaging.

  • Free Writing Mode

A writer needs a blank page to put their thought in the lines written, while doing so any distractions can break the flow. This tool allows a feature of turning off, to enable free writing mode. Once the writing work is done, this mode can be turned on to make recommended corrections.

  • Offline mode working possible

It allows you to work with the features of this tool even when your internet connection is not available. It’s beneficial to work in poor connectivity zones.

  • Export and Import Files

It enables you to upload your files on the portal in place of doing copy paste making a simpler execution of tasks while editing your documents.

Limitations of Hemingway Vs Grammarly

It’s always not possible to accept whatever the tool suggests because in that way you will lose your style and voice of writing. It misses out on the typical grammatical errors, so you must be good in grammar if you are only relying on Hammington as your writing tool.

What is Grammarly?

It is one of the most popular writing tools for checking Grammar, Spelling, and Plagiarism. It helps to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, passive voice, and sentence formation. It refers to 16 billion web pages and 150 grammatical factors to show you correct results by comparing your write-up.

It is available in both free and paid versions for beginners as well as professionals to work with it as an inbuilt feature while you write any content. The plug-in for Grammarly is compatible with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Crime, Desktop version to check grammar in your day-to-day writing requirements.

Once installed with your document editor it is very easy to use as it flags errors and provides suggestions to rectify them word by word from the beginning till the end of any writeup whether it’s an email, report, article, social media post, or even a novel.

The free version offers a basic spell check, grammar check, and plagiarism tool while the premium version is loaded with excellent features to improvise your writing skills at different levels. It’s easy to use and make sure you write correctly grammatically.

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Benefits of Grammarly

Grammarly is an extremely popular editing tool among English writers hence widely available. Its free version is also well suited to match the requirement of beginners. It not only helps in proofreading and checking spelling errors but is a reliable tool for finding plagiarism. It helps in fixing up the grammar, spelling, and sentence structure of any document.

The premium version provides an overall score to a document based on its Correctness, Clarity, and Engagement. It also provides plagiarism tools to show extensive report on which sections of your document is plagiarised. It also shows unintentional plagiarism where you can accidentally write a phrase that becomes a source of plagiarism.

  • Plagiarism Tool

It gives information about intentional plagiarism and cites the sources of unintentional plagiarism as well. It’s ranked best for accuracy in checking plagiarism. The paid version even provides Human Roof Reader facility for novelists and professional content writers to get their work edited by experienced resources. It enables you to build your dictionary in addition to the pre-existing dictionary of the software.

  • Building Your Dictionary

We all normally have a vocabulary of about 250 to 500 words when we speak a language. So, our dictionary is built around these words and it flows obviously wherever we write. Grammarly allows you to build your dictionary with preferred words and include them naturally while you write.

  • Goal Setting for Improvising Documents

You can set goals in Grammarly for checking the audience, emotion, style, domain, and intent of your documents. You need to upload your documents and set your goals based on any of the above parameters to make a better version of your documents.

  • Compatibility of Grammarly

Grammarly allows you to work on various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. You can also use it as an extension for Google Docs or Microsoft Word which are the most popularly used document editors.

  • Mobile Friendly

Grammarly is also available as a mobile app to work on your mobiles. It works on both Android and IOS platforms for mobiles

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Limitations of Grammarly

Its free version is very limited in features and the paid version is an expensive tool as compared to other writing tools available. The individual monthly plan is about 30$ while the business plan with three-person access is of 12$ per person.

It does not provide input on the readability of your write-up nor does it suggest how to make your writing simple. It has a word limit of 1000 words in the free version which makes it’s difficult to use for normal documents of 5 to 10 pages at a time.

When you are writing in a specific mood, the suggestions are shown by Grammarly on typing anything and everything which can be annoying and break your normalcy while writing. An unintentional Plagiarism checker is available only on the premium version of the tool.

  • Only English Language Checker

It works only for the English language and it’s a limiting factor in front of other tools which are available for working with multiple languages.

  • Grammarly is Costly Product

The premium version of Grammarly is very costly and thus limits beginners from using or trying its best features while developing their writing skills.

What should you choose Hemingway Vs Grammarly?

The need of a writer and their personal preferences will be the answer to the above question. If the writer is having sound knowledge of grammar and good vocabulary, they might not need Grammarly and would prefer to use Hemingway for getting suggestions to make their writing simpler and more impactful.

On contrary, when a writer is good at telling a story, they might not like to disturb their tone of writing and would depend upon Grammarly just to correct obvious grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. So, both these tools have their benefits and limitations and it depends upon the requirement of a writer using the tool.

They are used for different purposes to improve the overall content creation journey of a writer. It always depends upon what you are writing because if it’s an email written to your teammates for conveying an official order it doesn’t need to be well narrated or impactful, you just need to write grammatically correct English and communicate simply by writing an email.

In such situations, Grammarly is best suited to seal the deal. But if someone is writing a novel then the need is all about setting a good plot for your story, making the storyline appealing to tell an impactful story. In that case, Hemingway is certainly the tool to depend upon for polishing your writing.

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Pros & Cons: Hemingway Vs Grammarly

It is available in both free and paid versions with its pros and cons.

Document ApplicationProsCons


Affordable Pricing

Direct publishing possible to WordPress and Medium

Can’t check Plagiarism

Can’t check spelling or emotion of writing



User-friendly design

Plagiarism Check

Compatible with multiple devices

Costly tool

Supports only English

 The free version of both Hemingway vs Grammarly suits beginners, as new bees can learn the skills needed in the beginning while if you want to be a professional then the paid and premium version of both Hemingway and Grammarly must be opted to refine your writing.

Buying a paid version by the professionals is also advisable as it can be booked as a business expense and be deducted from your tax liability giving you two benefits, one using its features for polishing your work and second getting tax benefits.

However, the software is loaded with predefined features, you always have to beware of its checks and balances. There is no replacement of human editors and proofreaders. So, it’s always good to depend on the available tools for checking a few aspects of your writing while sticking to your style, tone, and experience in refining your writeups.


1. Which tool is better Hemmingway Vs Grammarly?

Both Hemingway and Grammarly are used for different features while editing any document. Grammarly is used to check grammar and plagiarism while Hemingway is used for improving writing and para-phrasing.

2. Is Grammarly free?

Grammarly’s free version has limited features while paid version gives advanced tools to check grammar and plagiarism. It costs about 30$ monthly to about 135$ annually to get its premium version.

3. Is Hemingway free?

Hemingway is available in both free and paid modes but the paid version is cheap. It’s available at an affordable cost of about 20$ for a lifetime.

4. Does Hemingway check grammar or plagiarism?

No Hemingway does not check either spelling mistakes or plagiarism.

5. What are alternatives to Hemingway Vs Grammarly?

There are many tools like ProWriting Aid, Sapling, White Smoke, Reverso, Sentence Checkup also used in place of Hemingway or Grammarly.


The use of one application or choosing one over the other won’t be a wise choice for any writer. The tools are complementary in features rather than being similar. It would be always good to have the benefits of both available tools for making your content better rather than selecting one over another. It will help you to improvise your articles, blog posts, polish your social media campaigns, write flawless e-books, create engaging web content, and a lot more. So, try using both of them as per need to keep improvising your writing skills.


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