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A Guide To The Best Graphic Design Tool- Canva

Good graphics are a must in this glamorous world. Things that don’t look good and don’t make you feel good are rejected at the first sight. With such high design standards, you can’t afford to overlook the beauty of your designed products. If you are looking for design solutions for your brand products then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will share 10 compelling arts you can design for free using the graphic design tool Canva to make your brand look stylish and authentic. 


A guide to the best graphic design tool


Graphic design has been a part of all industries for a long time. People have practiced and mastered the craft of using text and pictures to make eye-pleasing designs that leaves positive impressions on people. The old method of getting good design work is to hire a designer and pay them a hefty amount of money, or you have to learn photo editing software that doesn’t have an easy learning curve.


Getting familiar with their environment is very difficult, and for an average person, it is nearly impossible to create a good design by himself. In addition to that, the software licenses are costly, and people have to pay extra charges to tutors to learn these tools. Canva is designed to solve all of these difficulties.


Canva is an online graphic design tool launched in 2013. It is one of the best design tools available online that can be used by any inexperienced person. With its easy-to-use functionality and fabulous website, it ranks as one of the best photo editing apps in the industry. It is available in more than 100 languages, making it easier for natives to get along with the functionality of the website.


As its mission says, any normal human being with zero to limited knowledge of designing can use this platform to create designs. Canva is an easy-to-use and handy graphic design tool that will help you achieve your design goals with fewer efforts and more success. 


10 Compelling Ideas You Can Design Using Canva


1. Social Media Posts


Social Media is the new future of advertising. There is not a single business that is not competing to create a positive brand impression on social media platforms. Social media platforms are diluted with content, and it’s challenging to get people hooked on your brand. To create a positive impression, the brand has to stand out from the crowd, and to do that well designed and attractive social media posts are a must.


Canva has hundreds of templates available on their site that can help you create impressive posts. There are various templates available for different social media platforms. You can create Facebook posts, Facebook stories, Instagram posts and stories, LinkedIn banners, YouTube art channels, and YouTube intro videos. These templates are easy to use, and the tools available on the website are very intuitive. 


2. Infographics


Infographics are another best way to showcase a lot of information on a single page using images, graphics, and text. Infographics are the best way to represent a large amount of data into a single page with the help of digital art.


If your business is teaching something or you have a product that has to be simplified for the audience, then infographics are the go-to design option for your problem. With the help of Canva, you can easily design infographics and use them in projects like e-books, presentations, blogs, or emails.


3. Resumes


Resumes are the first impression of a candidate to its future employers. A well-designed resume can make or break things. Gone are the days when the resumes were in the boring black and white format with no essence of creativity but only plain text. Today everything is digital.


We no longer need to send resumes to your employers, all we need is to share a PDF format, and the rest of your job process is taken care of. In addition to the grammatical free writing and the qualities of the candidate, the design and look of the resume also play a crucial role.


There must be a perfect balance of creativity and text on your resume; too much design and too much text can negatively impact your chances of getting hired. You can design your ideal resume using the stylish to classic templates available on Canva, or you can also use this graphic design tool to create custom resume templates.


Here is a guide on How to Use Canva 


4. Magazine and Book Covers


People do judge books by their covers. If the book cover is not catchy or doesn’t match with the theme of the content inside, people find it off-putting and boring. A poor-looking book cover often makes them feel pessimistic about the book. Therefore, a good book cover always adds an extra point to the author’s basket.


Finding the right book cover and creating one for your books and magazine service can be exhausting. If you are someone who is providing digital books and magazines to your subscribers and want to create a catchy book cover, then Canva will assist you in finding the perfect design for your e-books and magazines.  


5. Flyers


It doesn’t matter whether you are designing your flyers for printing or to promote your brand online using social media platforms. Flyers always come in handy for your marketing purposes. Flyers are often printed on one side and boast the catchy offer that your business is offering.


You should catch the attention of your customer in the first look, otherwise, the chances of your flyers ending up torn in the garbage are very likely. So, the first impression of a flyer is super important, and the boring and outdated design of your flyer is a major turn-off for your potential customers.


You have to make your flyers attractive to catch your customer’s attention, and using an online graphic design tool is the easiest way to achieve it. With the help of Canva, you can easily create flyers for your brands. You can choose templates from the unlimited options available. With these templates, you can add pictures, brand logos, and vector graphics to make it more attractive and stand out from your competitors.


6. Mobile and Desktop Wallpapers


Are you someone who is never satisfied with the wallpapers on their digital device? If you are one of those people who always prefer a wallpaper that resonates with their personality and makes them feel optimistic and motivated then using an online graphic design tool is a superb idea.


 This is the irony of every art lover that you never find your perfect wallpaper. Sometimes you even spend hours searching for a wallpaper that resonates with your soul and often feel disappointed with what you have. You have to make compromises with what you get and wish you could have added all the colors that you wanted to it.


Well, if you are one of those art lovers then Canva can come to your rescue. With its easy-to-use features, you can design your favorite and customized wallpaper only with a few clicks.


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7. Logos


Logos are the identity of a brand. Anyone seeing a bitten apple logo can quickly identify the brand. Logos help people not only to identify a brand but also create the connection of familiarity and trust. Logos are status symbols, and people would love to wear or show off the logs of a brand that they trust and appreciate.


Many big brands often hire costly designers to create their brand logos; however, going that route turns out to be a really expensive option. If you are low on budget or you are not looking to spend hundreds of hours thinking about your logo design, then you can efficiently create a cool and good-looking logo with Canva without putting too much effort into it. 


8. Clothing Designs


A brand’s merchandise is another trend in digital culture. People like to boast about the clothing they wear of their favorite influencers and brands. Brand T-Shirts help consumers to feel connected with the brands and influencers they are following. Similarly, wearing the company’s clothing make employees feel connected to the team and they have a sense of collectivity.


If you are an influencer or an entrepreneur running a company, you can design your clothing for your audience as well as team members. You can easily use Canva to design your clothing for your business as well as your team. Or if you own a clothing line and want to print cool designs on T-Shirts then use Canva to create designs without any licensing issues.


9. Newsletters and Calendars


Newsletters are an important link between businesses and their customers. Businesses share newsletters with their customers to make them familiar with the latest news that the business is sharing. It can be of a particular topic that is in the interest of the customer or about the new updates that the business has to offer to its clients.


It’s really important to get their attention whether the newsletter is in print or sent by Email. With the help of this graphic design tool, you can design a customized newsletter that meets all the demands of your work. In addition to that, you can create customized calendar designs using Canva.


You can distribute calendars inside as well as outside the company. Many people spend money on buying tabletop calendars, you can use this as an opportunity to market your brand. 


10. Business Cards


Business cards are a professional’s first impression on its future clients. If someone holds an outdated and cheap business card, people will automatically assume that his services are also outdated and cheap. Business cards build the image of your brand in your potential client’s minds. Cheap-looking business cards are often found in the trash, whereas, good-looking and stylish cards often end up in wallets even if the person doesn’t need your services.  


Hence, designing your professional business card will always come in handy. And don’t worry with Canva you don’t have to pay any fancy amount of money to get your desired result.


Benefits of Using Canva


Canva is an online graphic design tool that will help you to create designs as per your business needs. It has an easy-to-use interface that means you don’t have to be a pro designer or master in other graphic design software. The learning curve of Canva is super easy, you can just log in to the platform and start designing right away with a few clicks.


Additionally, you don’t have to be a designer to create amazing designs for your products and services. The content on templates is very far self-explanatory and easy to understand. There are thousands of templates available on the platform as per your design needs. Using templates on Canva will save a lot of your time in designing your target product.


And if you are a graphic designer then you can join their contributors’ team to make some extra side income for yourself. In addition to that, you can use designs created using Canva for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Canva is an amazing graphic design tool that can help you to solve all of your design problems.


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Making the Most of Canva


In addition to the design tools, Canva has a huge database of blog posts for learning purposes. It has thousands of research-based articles that will help you improve your designing skills using the platform. These articles are very helpful when you are looking forward to solving particular problems related to design.


They also have various video courses on logo designing, typography, building your brands, and much more. These courses are taught by various industry leaders and are short and to-the-point courses. If you are not a designer or looking for becoming one then these free courses are your go-to to learn graphic design.


In addition to the design learning, Canva has an in-depth series of tutorials on efficiently using the platform. If you are still wondering and unable to understand the working of the platform then you can watch respective tutorials to learn how to use it. 


What’s in a Premium Subscription?


By paying for the premium subscription you will get ultimate access to stock images, and features like removing background from images and resizing your design according to different layouts. With the premium subscription, you can create your templates and get permission to upload custom images and logos. In the free version of Canva, you will get a Canva watermark on all your designed products.


If you are designing for commercial purposes then it’s a better idea to buy a premium subscription to remove the watermark. Additionally, the premium subscription offers you 100 GB of cloud storage with the pro subscription and unlimited cloud storage with an enterprise subscription. With the premium feature, you will get 24/7 support from the Canva team and you can use their feature of publishing content directly to 7 social media platforms.




1. How do you become a Canva designer?

To become a Canva contributor, you have to be over the legal age in your country, which is over 18 in most cases. After that check out their contributor policies, quality guidelines, and license agreements and once you have read all these essential documents, then go to Canva Contributors landing page and sign up with your email or google account. 


2. Can I sell Canva templates?

No, it is illegal to sell Canva templates. But, you can design the templates according to the brand’s needs and print them on book covers, magazines, t-shirts, and other items, which will be your creation and can sell them.


3. Is Canva free?

Many templates and features on Canva are free for use, however, the free designs will contain a Canva watermark on them. If you want to remove watermarks then you have either to buy the template individually or to take a premium subscription to this graphic design tool. There are many pros to taking the premium subscription. You will get unlimited access to the pro templates and get access features like removing background from images, access to hundreds of free stock photos, 24/7 customer support, and cloud storage of more than 100GB for your designs.


4. Is Canva hard to learn?

No, Canva is not hard to learn. It is the easiest graphic design tool available at the right moment. It is far easier than learning any other professional designing tools like Photoshop and After Effects. You don’t have to learn anything before starting with creating your designs. The layout of this graphic design tool is so easy that you can jump right into creating a design without any prior training. However, if you find yourself struggling with site navigation and using tools then you can enroll in their free course on how to use Canva for creating various designs.



Canva is a wonderful graphic design tool that can help you to solve your design problems. You don’t have to be a designer to understand the know-how of this software, its layout is very intuitive and easy to learn. You can use Canva for your design products like magazine and book covers, Instagram posts, and printing designs like clothing designs and business cards. If you are an entrepreneur, a student, or some hobbyist who is looking for a design solution at a cheaper rate then Canva is your solution to all of your design problems. You can also enhance the full power of this product by buying its premium subscription. Canva has helped millions of people to create wonderful designs for their apps, products, and business marketing and is still empowering people to design things anywhere and with ease around the globe. 

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