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5 Best English Courses in Mumbai in 2024

English is one of the most commanding languages of the world, which impacts every sector. So this language plays a crucial role in our life that it is next to impossible to avoid altogether. If you want to become more confident with English, enroll in one of the best English Courses in Mumbai listed in this article.


list of the best English courses in Mumbai


But when English became an inseparable part of our life?


Well, it came from British Empire; during this time, English was spoken by nearly 25% of people in the world. People were forced by Britishers to communicate in English rather than their mother tongue. Although English is a world language that got a complex past, it is now making its place in trade, business, social media, etc.


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Before I swim into the topic of best English courses in Mumbai, let me explain why it is essential to learn English?


1.It is a ritualistic language of 53 countries

There are nearly 983 billion people on the globe who speak English, or we can say 13 % of earth’s population. Approximately 372 million people speak English as their first language, whereas 611 million people speak English as their second language.

2. Dominating language in international business –


With leading brands having the main headquarter based in the USA, UK English is used as the first language. Hence English is dominating the business language, and it has become the need of the hour for people dealing across the border to speak in English. You can not ignore English; learning English will open many paths for you.


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3.Most feature films are in English-


Hollywood is a package of entertainment; naturally, English would turn into the fundamental language for filmmaking. Indeed, the motion pictures are frequently dubbed over or captioned – however, they’re best enjoyed in the language they were made.


4.You can make statements in 100 diverse ways- 


Probably the best part is it’s resilient. You can regularly discover various ways to clarify the same thing because of its wide range of vocabulary. It’s said to have above and beyond 7,50,000 words and is adding new ones every year.


5. It’s genuinely adaptable –


Non-native English speakers who learn it as a substitute language remark on the number of ways o talk. That is because English doesn’t separate – you can utilize it any way you like. Nations like Singapore have acknowledged this idea, developing a new kind of English called ‘Singlish’ that has absorbed different dialects like Chinese and Malay.


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6. It’s the language of the web-


A large portion of the substance delivered on the web (half) is in English. So, knowing English will permit you a magnificent amount of data that may not be generally accessible.


7. It keeps on changing –


Selfie, Hashtagging, Blogging, and so on. This load of words is new to the English language yet has effectively become esteemed individuals from the vocabulary. More than some other language, English develops and assimilates new observations that branch out – regularly untranslated. Consistently roughly more than 1.000 new and endorsed words are added to the Oxford Dictionary. This enormous improvement is the outcome because of innovation, social media, and how individuals unexpectedly coin new dishes during their day-by-day life.


8. It Makes It Easier to Travel –


As I discussed previously, English is the world’s most spoken language. This implies that learning English makes it a lot convenient to travel anyplace you want. For instance, plane iteration, train schedules, crisis data, and road signs are regularly converted into English, especially in nations that use alternate letters in order. Additionally, regardless of whether you don’t discover different voyagers or neighborhood individuals that talk in English, you are ensured to find somebody who knows some English.


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9. Job opportunity:


Organizations are becoming more worldwide, and English is recorded as a fundamental ability for occupations increasing by leaps and bounds. A few associations currently lead all their business in English, regardless of where they are based. Assuming you need the best-paid opportunities, learning English is a good thought.


10. It’s The Language of the Media –


A massive part of the content on the web is mentioned in English. An enormous number of the world’s most influential media platforms, including TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio, are conversed in English. Your favorite sci-fi movies, TV shows, and popular music are presumably English-language. Go to any worldwide film jollification on the planet, and you will see that all movies are either in English or have English subtitles.


English is the worldwide language of media and expressions; thus, assuming you need to access however much as could be expected for yourself, without depending on interpretations, it’s the most remarkable language you can adopt today!


Let us hop on the topic best English courses in Mumbai.


5 Best English Courses in Mumbai


  1. edX-


 Each individual can make a change, regardless of whether in their life, their local area, or the world. The extraordinary force of training is the thing that opens that potential. However, admittance to excellent schooling has been an advantage of the trivial few.


Back in 2012, edX understood it was a period for a seismic change in learning. From the proven to the leading From “for a few” to “for all.” By opening the study hall through web-based learning, edX engages many students to open their latent capacity and become changemakers. edX deserves a special mention as one of the best English courses in Mumbai.


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edX Mission: – 


There are three responsibilities we’ve made to the world. These have grounded us since the very first moment:


  • providing improved education to everybody, all over the place
  • Upgrade educating and learning nearby and on the web.
  • Advance educating and learning through research.


English for Beginners Course Overview – 


Get familiar with the basics of English discussions, articulations, expressions, and considerably more with online courses from a portion of the world’s top colleges. For example, the United Arab Emirates University provides an English course for beginners that includes essential English composition, sentence structure, and skills. The course likewise shows test techniques for composing and language structure. Students can anticipate that this course should require around 2-3 hours of the week for about a month and a half to finish.


English Grammar and Writing Skills 


Figuring out how to compose expertly with unique English sentence structure and style can fundamentally help you to open career opportunities. Adequate and error-free composition is an expertise that can support your presentation in practically any work job.


In addition, legitimate word use alongside great composing style, sentence and passage design, and punctuation will support both your composition and verbal communication abilities. It will put you aside from the group while making and conveying strategic agreements, deals introductions, email correspondence, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Extra Online English Classes 


Take English talking classes on the web and begin further developing your communicational abilities today. Tsinghua University offers courses in perusing, composing, and communicating in English designed for individuals learning English as a second language that incorporates English talking practice. Furthermore, discover free English capability test arrangement courses for both the TOEFL  and IELTS tests.


Local and non-local English students will track down the online language and structure courses helpful. Arizona State University offers credit-qualified English courses in English structure and research. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has a fantastic course for individuals applying in English for work positions in Asia. Berkeley offers assistance for understudies getting ready for the AP English Literature and Composition test.


Their vision is to empower individuals to accomplish more for themselves and their networks by raising the degree of English for all. edX is one of the known institutes for the best English courses in Mumbai.


  1. Coursera- 


Coursera ranks at the top when it comes to the best English courses in Mumbai. This Specialization assists you with working on your expert correspondence in English for practical business cooperation. Each course centers around a specific space of equality in English: composing messages, talking at gatherings and meetings, giving introductions, and systems administration on the web.


Regardless of whether you need to convey to expected businesses, representatives, accomplices, or customers, better English content can assist you with accomplishing your language and expert objectives. The Capstone course will focus mainly on making those significant associations with taking your vocation or business to a higher level. Also, it helps to improve Your English Communication Skills.


  1. British council –


 One of the prominent institutes for English courses in Mumbai is British Council. Their motto is to spread awareness about English across the globe by providing students education and giving them the power to change the world through their skills.


Working across the general population and state areas, corporate social obligation establishments, and non-government associations, we plan to increase the expectation of English to help youthful and hopeful individuals access schooling and professional openings. They design and convey different methods affecting head instructors, managers, instructor teachers, educators, and students to accomplish this effect. The reasons to consider it one of the top English courses in Mumbai are mentioned below.


Our projects are intended to help nearby drives in educator schooling and the board, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), educational plan and course reading change, building neighborhood research limit, and teacher networks. We give access to free computerized assets (counting the Teaching English site) and available media assets (counting our radio program series Teaching English Radio India and Technology for Teachers guides). We incorporate creative innovations to upgrade, adapting at every possible opportunity.


  1. Let’s talk- 


Let’s talk has made its position in best English courses in Mumbai in the top five. It teaches progressed English talking course to communicate in English fluidly in reality. Our Advanced Spoken English course is intended to help your English talking abilities to a higher level. This Advanced English talking course includes sensible exchanges by clarifying English sentence structure that goes beyond the traditional and old learning methods.


This Advanced English talking course segment includes the most normally colloquial English articulations that you would run over your everyday English discussion.


This Advanced Spoken English course at Let’s Talk Institute has many intelligent activities to assist you with working on your English, become conversant in English, and achieve your genuine objective to communicate in English fluidly and unhesitatingly.


Besides, this Advanced English talking course shows you English, how you hear in the city, in eateries, at the cinema, and at parties – It will show you the English of your companions and associates.



This Advanced Spoken English course is packaged with voice and emphasize preparing, character improvement preparing, and public talking abilities through bunch conversations, so you procure every one of the communicative English abilities needed to discuss adequately with certainty.


5.Cambridge Institute – 


It is a renowned institute in Mumbai which ranks in the best English courses in Mumbai. Potentially the most preferred technique for learning English is the very close learning at outstanding amongst other Spoken English Coaching Center in Mumbai – Cambridge Institute, one of the known institutes for best English courses in Mumbai.


In this mode, the student selects for preparing at Cambridge Institute, Mumbai. At the center, they have arranged staff who will assess your current level of English language capacity, and a short time later, ward on your current level, the counselor will direct you on the best course decision. You can discuss your supported timings.


Features of Cambridge Institute are –


  • Prepared Faculty: 


At the Cambridge Institute, Mumbai, you will get a top-level English language employee who will get ready you and tutor you to get the English language.


  • Modified methodology: 


At the Cambridge Institute, Mumbai, you will get a lot of courseware which you will use to get comfortable with the subject.


You will stand sufficiently apart to be seen, and the staff will help you in hard subjects for specific models given unequivocally for you. If you track down a particular topic irksome, the representative will give you unmistakable tips on the most capable strategy to get that point. The representative may similarly give you an extra ideal opportunity for such practice.


  • Correspondence among various students: 


In the study hall, the best advantage is that you can connect with your partners and experience speaking in English. Furthermore, since all of your peers are learning English language correspondence, you can submit your blunders and not inconvenience that they will deride you. In addition, you won’t have a fear of talking inside the class.


  • Small steps with direction: 


In the classroom, they follow a Step by step system by which you can, bit by bit, and logically acquire capability with the English language under the guidance of an expert.


  • Discussion practice: 


In class, they endeavor language structure class and conversation class simultaneously. In addition, they give their students a lot of conversation practice, so the student gets the advantage of having penetrated what was acknowledged in the class.


Frequently Asked Questions: 


1.Which English courses are best?

Courses offered by British Council and Cambridge Institute are the best English courses in Mumbai.


2. Where to learn English for free?

You can opt for BBC learning or Duolingo to learn English for free. Duolingo offers you the best learning experience at no cost.


3. How can I learn English quickly?

You need to read a lot. Try to get your hands on multiple English books, practice speaking with others, listen to BBC news channels, and write a paragraph daily in English.




We should perceive how we can conquer the fear of talking in English.


  • Confront your fear– If we need to beat any fear, the initial step is confronting it with boldness. Unfortunately, a great many people run away from their dread or stay away from it. However, this might help us feel better briefly the issue remains. The better choice is to acknowledge the issue and face it bravely.


  • Consistently make little effort– Learning English is simple, yet it is impossible short-term. Therefore, one requirement is to make little effort each day. For example, you could get a book in English and start understanding it or turned on your TV and watch the English Channel. You might even join a Spoken English class where you will be prepared by experts and collaborate with different students who need to learn English very much like you. Similarly, as we have our meals daily, we need to make little basic steps towards learning English consistently.


  • Try speaking– This is the main advance. The following stage is to begin talking whenever you have invested some energy perusing, tuning in, and learning English jargon. You don’t need to hold back to begin talking till you become awesome. You can begin by straightforward good tidings like wishing individuals greetings, Good evening, How are you? When you begin talking, pick companions or individuals who will empower you regardless of whether you commit errors. It will motivate you to attempt instead of surrender.


  • Repeat right sentences– In your process of learning Spoken English, you might commit a few errors. Advise individuals to address their mistakes and repeat the right sentence. When we rehash a sentence, it turns out to be clear in our mind, which will help us utilize it accurately sometime later.


  • Recollecting the abbreviation Fear– Face your fear, each day make little strides, endeavor to talk, and repeating the right sentences, you can conquer your anxiety toward talking in English. Following these straightforward advances will empower you to open your record in the Spoken English Bank. Then, you need to continue setting aside regular installments by learning new words and utilizing them. With time and practice, you will become perfect in your Spoken English abilities.


The above institutes are well known for English courses in Mumbai. If you to kick-start your journey in this field, you should enroll yourself in one of the institutes mentioned above; then, the sky is the start for you all.

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