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5 Best Professional Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai

The world is going digital day by day, the technology is advancing, but the need for communication remains unchanged. It has become more complex and extensive in scope. Communication Skills are the set of activities for conveying or exchanging information from one individual to another. Communication skills play a very important role in everyday life – from professional to personal. Taking a Communication skills course helps us to enhance self-awareness, to know and understand ourselves better as well as to empathize with others. Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai are offered by several institutions, which will be discussed in this article.


List of the best communication skills courses in Mumbai


Why Should You Take a Communication Skills Course?


1. Improved Self-confidence:


Many of us feel shy and nervous about Public Speaking. We often lack confidence because we can’t express ourselves well in front of others. Taking a Communication Skills Course helps in boosting up self-confidence. It helps to overcome uneasiness and boosts your overall confidence. You will be able to determine where to react or respond in which way, you will be able to communicate through gestures and body language, you will learn to sound neutral and confident.


2. Improved Writing Skills:


Communication Skills courses also cover Writing Skills sessions that are important in the field of business and marketing sector. If you can think and speak quickly, you can most likely write as well. It is specifically beneficial for Content Writing. Besides this, the Communication skills course trains you for writing emails, reports, organizational information, focus statements, etc.


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3. Improved Listening Skills:


Listening skill is one of the major factors of Communication skills. Communication does not always mean speaking or talking, it is not always done verbally. Listening skills, first of all, reduce restlessness. When you listen to somebody with ears and eyes open, you can focus on what the other person is saying and gather more important information which is almost impossible during a normal conversation.


Active listening enables you to think more deeply than usual. Listening skills often help to resolve discordance and get to a solid conclusion. Besides all these, if somebody notices you are listening to him or her actively, the relationship between you becomes stronger.


4. Improved Convincing Power:


In Communication courses, you are taught how to increase your persuasion power and attract clients to your organization. How eye contact, positivity and confidence in voice, and effective body language help one to convince others is also taught. In business and corporate sectors, it is very important to retain a good relationship with existing clients and attract new clients. Communication courses provide you with tricks and strategies to improve your convincing power and attract more and more clients.


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5. Certification and Career Opportunities:


Nowadays, in almost every corporate sector, it is mandatory to have a good command of communication skills and to prove that you need a certificate. Career opportunity is vast in this field. All reputed institutions provide participants with certificates.


Find suitable career options for having good Communication Skills.


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Here is the list of the top 5 Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai:


1. Harish Sairaman:


Harish Sairaman is one of the most recognized inspirational public speakers in India, and his organization offers one of the best Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai and India. The sessions aim to develop the communications skills and personalities of the participants with tried and tested methodologies. Their course modules are designed after corporate sector or business-friendly communication requirements and personality development. Their skills development course offers training for-


  • Getting over with hesitation and fear of public speaking
  • Building up effective presentation skill
  • Developing effective communication skills
  • Developing effective business writing skills
  • Learning to produce influential presentations and giving structure and meaning and adding value to them.
  • Learning business protocols
  • Developing presence of mind and the power of extemporizing.
  • Fundamentals for rapport building


Workshop Contents:


a) A Brief Knowledge of Effective Communication

  • Probing deep to reach the core of the matter
  • Developing contemplative and introspective listening skills
  • Learning to communicate in an eloquent, epigrammatic, terse, and logical manner with the correct form of words or terms
  • Taking queries and giving feedbacks


b) NLP (Neuro-Listening Programming) Session

NLP is a method that helps in understanding how people think, speak, act, and it helps in self-realization as well. With NLP, people become less dependent on others’ points of view and more focused on their perception of understanding things. HSR’s Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai and all over India focus on NLP development in individuals that are typically required in Public Speaking Programs where one can put into action his or her unique point of view.


c) Rapport Building Session

Rapport building means developing a trusty, meaningful, long-term, formal, or informal relationship with others. HSR communication courses cover Rapport Building sessions by guiding participants on how to

  • Distinguish the mutual ground so that everyone can agree to a certain point of view
  • Increase listening skills to acknowledge what others say and gaining knowledge
  • Empathize with others to share their feelings, experiences, and point of view.


d) Presentation Skills session

HSR organization offers Presentation Skills Session to the participants so that they can excel in the field of marketing and business. They teach the below-listed strategies in this session

  • Giving proper structure to the presentations
  • Understanding the target audience
  • Practice sessions of preparing different kinds of presentations


Why HSR?


  1. Practical learning
  2. Video sessions
  3. Conceptual and detailed classroom sessions
  4. Presentation skills workshops
  5. Role-plays
  6. Live interaction with trainers and feedbacks
  7. 1-2 days communication training session for junior management
  8. 1-2 days advanced communication skills session for senior management
  9. Certification


2. Bodhih:


Ranked amongst the top Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai and India, Bodhih Believes in self-transformation by developing skills, knowledge, and self-confidence. They aim to transform an individual into a more skilled and confident self through their Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai and other places. Founded in 2008 by two friends in a small rented room, Bodhih today stands among the top 7 International Training Companies as reported by Technavio- a London-based technology research and advisory firm.


Bodhih’s Communication Skills program focuses on all types of business communication skills- verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written communication.


What You Will Learn:


  • All types of Business Communication Skills
  • Verbal Communication factors
  • Impactful Communication
  • Language proficiency enhancement
  • Accent, tone, and voice neutralization
  • Effective client interaction
  • Written Communication factors
  • Email etiquette
  • Advanced presentation dynamics
  • Body language, eye contact, emotional states
  • Public speaking skills
  • NLP communication skills
  • Preemptive communication skills


Why Take Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai from Bodhih:


  • E-Learning Content
  • Out-Bound Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Effective Classroom Training Content
  • Live Online Classes
  • Access to LMS
  • Assessments and Case Studies
  • Blended Learning
  • Effective Coaching and Mentoring
  • Certification


3. Training Incorporate:


Founded in 2005, Training Incorporate today has become one of the well-known learning and development institutes offering top-level Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai. They focus mainly on four categories in an individual- skills, knowledge, habit, and attitude; and with proper evaluation and assessment, they train participants to achieve their desired goal.


Their ‘Guided-Discovery Method’ helps the participants in developing the habits of listening, thinking and questioning, comparing, cooperating, competing, determining facts, gathering knowledge, inventing, respecting, and empathizing with others.


Things to Learn with Training Incorporate:


  1. Accent Neutralization
  • Paying attention to diverse global accents
  • Vowels and Consonants
  • Schwa
  • Syllables stress
  • Process of breathing and relaxing
  • Caching rhythm and linking
  1. Communication through Calls- Virtual and Conference:
  • Ethical greetings
  • Customer handling
  • Listening Vs Hearing
  • Putting confidence, smile, and positivity invoice
  • Delivering “NO”
  1. Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills:
  • Voice modulation
  • Accent and tone
  • Fluency and clarity in speech
  • Short and long talks
  • Gesture, eye- contact, facial expression
  • Powerful first impression
  • Creating long-lasting Impressions
  1. Assertiveness:
  • Style of communication
  • Responding Vs reacting
  • Respond to stress
  • Mapping conflict
  1. Crucial Communication:
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Choice of words and sentence construction
  • Clarity of thought
  • Ability of paraphrasing
  • Key statements and Highlighting them
  • Conversational ideas
  • Fluency and coherence of speech
  1. Listening Skills:
  • Active listening Vs passive listening
  • Listening for key information
  • Identifying non-verbal cues through active listening
  • Listening Vs acknowledgment
  1. Writing Skills:
  1. Corporate Communication Skills:
  • Understanding corporate culture
  • Business etiquette
  • Impactful small talks
  • Meeting expectations
  • Self-impression management skills
  1. Industry-Specific Language:
  • Professional greetings and introduction speech
  • Thanksgiving and taking
  • Apologizing and accepting apologies
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Feedbacks- giving and taking
  • Compliments- giving and taking
  • Suggestions- giving and taking


Key Highlights:


  • Course Session Designing- pre Training, Training, Post Training
  • E-Learning Materials
  • Practice Tasks
  • Momentum based Interventions
  • Active Help-desk
  • Guided Discovery Method
  • Activity-Based Learning System
  • Expert Trainers and Training Actors
  • Theatre-based Learning Process
  • Pre Training Assessment Kit
  • Pre-reads
  • Contextualized Contents
  • Quiz Sessions
  • Active Feedbacks


4. Coursera:


With Coursera’s Communication Skills Course, you will learn to communicate more effectively whether with friends or in your workplace. Coursera offers one of the finest Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai and all over the world that is designed in such a way that you are able to upgrade your communication skills by attending the training session taken by award-winning professor Maurice Schweitzer and also with the help of the e-learning tools with which you can practice on your own. By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate better by understanding what others want, their gestures, how to respond strategically to others, and much more.


Course Module:

The course module is divided into 4 parts-


     I.         Cooperate- Compare- compete:


In this session, you will be taught about how to understand others’ attitudes towards you, when and how to cooperate with others, and when to compare and compete to achieve your goal. With the key principles of teamwork and self-work – scarcity, affability, and insubstantiality, you will learn to determine situations and the right approach to cope with them.


You will be taught about how to compare and compete and motivate oneself, and also about when and how to ignore unethical approaches and resentful situations. By the end of this session, you will be able to make a balance between a competitive and cooperative attitude to excel in your field.


  II.         Trust Building:


In this session, you will be taught about how to build trust factors – to gain trust and to develop trust in others for you. You will learn about why trust factors are so important in any field and how it works – the principles that are essential to building trusty relationships, e.g. determining susceptibility, building rapport, showing compassion, etc.


You will learn how to increase trustability by identifying mutual goals, common enemies, and interdependence. By the end of the trust-building session, you will know how to develop trustful relationships with friends, unknown people, team members, colleagues, and opponents to acquire mutual respect, satisfaction, cooperation, and empathy.


III.         Concept of Deception:


In this module, they teach you about the concept of deception in workplaces and how it affects an individual, how to detect it, what steps to take if someone tends to deceive you, and how to tackle the situation if you are already deceived. You will learn about the common hints of deception by noticing gestures, body language, and attitude.


You will get the opportunity to exercise practically how to deal with deception in this module. With deception comes the scope of apology. You will learn to apologize and to take apologies from others. In a nutshell, from this session, you will learn to classify deception that will help you to be prepared or to tackle any kind of negative situation in your workplace.


IV.         Effective Communication Skills:


In this module, they teach you how to communicate effectively. This session covers these topics:

  • Knowledge about the vast array of Communication
  • Engaging in active and passive listening
  • Presentation skill
  • Business Communication
  • Persuasive messages
  • Active thinking
  • Face-to-face conversation
  • Communication through different mediums- attending phone calls, video conferences, email writing, etc
  • Official greetings, Thanksgiving
  • Public Speaking
  • Leaving a long-lasting impression
  • Communication through eyes, gestures
  • Small talks and long talks, etc


Why Coursera:


  • Self-paced learning option
  • Course material
  • Video recordings of each session
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Feedbacks on the Quiz session
  • Practical assignments
  • Peer feedback on assignments
  • Expert trainers
  • Certification


5. The Knowledge Academy:


The largest and globally recognized online and classroom training provider, The Knowledge Academy offers the best Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai. Their Communication Course aims to help participants to determine their own communication skills and improve upon them with modern methodologies.


Course Curriculum:


  • Brief understanding of Communication Skills
  • Individual personality assessment
  • Evaluation of individual communication skills
  • Case Study: Interaction with known and unknown people
  • Asking good questions and replying effectively
  • Listening Skills development
  • Case Study: facing different types of situations
  • Vocabulary
  • Body language, gesture, eye contact
  • Thinking assessment skills
  • Sharing emotion and feeling- empathizing
  • Personal action plan
  • Quick quizzes
  • One word and brief answering
  • Epigrammatic speeches


Why choose The Knowledge Academy:


  • TKA Communication manual
  • Experienced instructors
  • Case Studies
  • Individual attention
  • Various delivery methods- online, offline, on-site
  • Interactive and highly engaging sessions
  • High-quality resources
  • Globally recognized certification


So, these are the top 5 Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai in 2021. There are few other good Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai by Udemy, Mentora, TCSION, Let’s Talk, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. Which is the best institute to provide Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai?

The best Institutes for Communication Skills Courses in Mumbai are Bodhih and Harish Sairaman’s Institute.


Q2. Why is Communication Skills training important?

Communication Skills training is important because it helps in improving self-confidence, writing skills, listening skills, public speaking skills, presentation skills, and business and corporate-friendly skills.


Q3. Do all corporate jobs require excellent communication skills?

Good communication skill is required everywhere – be it a private job or a government job. Every field requires human interaction. In corporate world, there is always a need for attracting clients, and it is not possible if you don’t have good verbal skills and convincing capability.


Q4. Do good communication skills improve the personality of an individual?

If you are a good communicator, you definitely have the ability to impress, motivate, influence, and attract people; and this is possible only when you sound smart, confident, relaxed, and comfortable in any situation. So, a good communicator is definitely an impressive personality as well.


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