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Best Email Writing Certification Courses in India in 2024

Are you searching for the best options for email writing certification courses in India, then you are on the right track. This article will provide you with the course details, fees, duration, syllabus, and more.

Best Email Writing Certification Courses in India

What is Email Writing?  

Electronic mail, aka email, is sent over a computer or mobile network to multiple recipients. It is a source to send and receive information; it includes text and attachments (photos and videos).

Email writing is that form of writing where text is structured and composed in such a manner where it becomes more convenient for the reader or recipient to understand more efficiently. 

Email writing allows us to communicate all of our concerns and questions to the appropriate person and receive a prompt response. Email is the most frequent mode of communication in this internet era. 

Writing an email allows us to receive a response almost immediately. Email is no longer only a means of communication; it has also evolved into an important tool in the business and corporate worlds. As a result, several institutions are offering email writing certification courses to help people improve their email writing abilities.

There are Two Types of Email- 

1. Formal  

2. Informal 

Formal Email

A formal email is used to do business, make a professional question, or converse about a job. The purpose is to send critical and business message, answers to questions, sales meetings, and marketing pitches. 

A formal letter is particularly detailed in its wording. It should be as brief as feasible, as clear as possible, and use only formal language. Invitations, inquiries, complaints, and recommendation letters are examples of formal letters. 

When Writing a Formal Letter, Keep the Following Points in Mind

1. It must follow the specified format. 

2. It should avoid using terms that aren’t essential. 

3. It should be direct and to the point. 

4. It needs to be relevant and objective. 

5. It should be detailed and complicated. 

6. Even if it’s a complaint letter, it should be written kindly. 

7. It should be devoid of any errors, such as grammatical or spelling errors. 

Informal Email

An informal email is sent to any relatives, family members, or friends. A friendly note is what an informal letter is. It may be as long and as ordinary as you choose. It lets you use any writing style and any words. A person can use any language of his or her choice if the goal is simply to communicate, message, or hold an informal gathering. 

There are no specific rules for composing an informal email. Internal communication is the primary purpose of informal letters. So, they don’t have any particular pattern, format, or norms, but there is a common pattern and some rules that must be followed. Such as- 

1. Address 

2. Date 

3. Greeting 

4. Introductory Paragraph 

 5. The letter’s main body 

6. Conclusion 

Benefits and Uses of Email Writing  

1. t is a less expensive mode of communication. A single message may be sent to several persons at the same time; this makes it cost-effective. 

2. Email allows you to communicate with a wide number of individuals or provide information to them. 

3. It keeps a written record of the conversation. 

4. Email writing is a kind of communication that is immediate. Email may be sent at any time of day, ensuring that messages are delivered on time.  

5. It is a safe and secure technique of transmitting our message. 

6. Email isn’t simply for sending text messages. Any type of multimedia may be sent via email. 

7. Electronic mail has no use of paper to send information which makes it environment friendly. 

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 What is the Future of Email Writers? 

The majority of modern initiatives by businesses to capture the attention of their target consumers rely on internet communication. Modern businesses must be online to get the attention of their target audience in this period. 

People are always connected to some form of communication device, even when they are not sleeping or driving. We use the internet for business and socializing, and some of us even use smartphone apps to unwind. 

However, smart marketers recognize the increased necessity to target clients and prospects online. According to a recent survey, marketers have realized that email communication is one of the most successful methods of reaching the appropriate audience at the right time.  

By 2024, more than 4 billion individuals are predicted to have at least one email address, making email one of the most widely used modes of communication in the world. 

With such a big user base, it stands to reason that marketing teams would aim to capitalize on it by sending messages straight to the inboxes of their target demographic. Because of the rising usage of social media platforms, many people assume that email marketing is dead. 

As a result, they believe that alternative channels have supplanted email marketing. However, the email industry is always evolving, and many new trends are supplanting old ones. However, these factors will be important for marketers in the coming years. 

At the same time, marketers confront distinct obstacles such as poor email marketing tactics, inadequate tools, and a lack of data for email creation. 

Nonetheless, after overcoming numerous challenges, email marketing remains the most reliable approach to reach out to customers and to write effective and approachable emails, email writers are required. As mentioned above that in coming years, the market of email marketing and writing will flourish and so will the career of email writers. 

Just like in past years, the demand for content writers has increased despite the assumption of the masses that video content has taken the place of written content and demand for content writers will decrease sooner or later, so the same is the case for email writers and email marketing. 

However, we cannot deny the fact that trends change in a period and trends of the emails will also change but to believe the fact that email marketing will go down in coming years is not an ideal assumption to make. 

Also, as mentioned above, many are turning to email writing and email marketing as career options, which is a perfectly reasonable approach to take in this online environment. As it is said, knowledge is enhanced via sharing. There are a variety of platforms where you may take email writing certification courses and teach them to others.

Salary Scope of Email Writers

Email writing is not a prevalent job in our society just like an engineer or doctor. Trust me if you tell your parents you want to be an email marketer or writer, there’s very little chance that they’ll understand it. People who are in the digital industry will only get to know about this job. 

But before wanting to get hired anywhere you should be passionate enough to be a part of this industry and work as an email writer and marketer. Just like other fields in this field, as a fresher, you have to start with a low salary. 

Gradually when you will start gaining experience, you will have an increase in salary as well. In any career, experience reigns supreme. Experience matters and earns you more money, so get right into each new project that comes your way since experience may be a game-changer if handled properly. 

We must realize that email writing salaries range depending on the work, experience, and talents of the writer. In this profession, one may make up to 50-70k, while freshers get 15-18k per month. You will be chosen on your skills. However, applying to top companies is a major matter. They provide you with experience and respect your effort. 

There is no professional college or degree for email writing. It is something that comes with more practice, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes. There are also freelance email writers in the market. There are, however, both online and offline platforms that provide email writing certification courses.

Freelancers are also paid as per their experience for a beginner it starts from 100-150 per article and for a well-established freelance writer, it goes up to 5000-10000 per article. 

Job Profile of an Email Writer  

The email writers are responsible for planning, creating, proofreading the emails, and sending them to one or multiple recipients. With the rise of digital marketing and business, both online and offline, the function of email writing and marketing has grown in importance for corporate success. 

Responsibilities and Tasks of an Email Writer-

1. Oversee and develop the entire email marketing strategy

2. Make a variety of email lists and campaigns. 

3. Make and develop a variety of email templates. 

4. Establish email marketing KPIs

5. Weekly reports must be created and presented. 

6. Create a lead-generating plan. 

7. Make intelligent email lists. 

8. Boost email subscriptions. 

9. Analyze data to gain valuable insights. 

10. Make suggestions for enhancements. 

Lists may be segmented depending on activities such as previous email engagement and website engagements. 

Top 8 Institutes to Provide Email Writing Certification Courses 


IIM Skills will be at the top of every list, whether it’s for a content writing course, email writing, or a digital marketing course. IIM Skills, which has been in the market for over 6 years, has gained the trust of many people by providing them with the most up-to-date information and facilities for all of these courses. 

This IIM SKILLS course is regarded as one of India’s top five email writing certification courses. The finest thing about IIM Skills is that they emphasize practical knowledge over academic material, allowing applicants to boost their learning capacities.

Benefits of IIM Skills-

1. 16 hours live classes 60 hours practical training assignment.  

2. The study material is provided in pdf format. 

3. Lifetime access to top-notch writing tools provided.  

4. Certification and opportunities for jobs are given. 

More Courses at IIM SKILLS

2.  Udemy 

Another well-known portal for learning email writing certification classes as well as a range of other courses is Udemy. Udemy benefits not just students, but also various corporate and government sectors. Courses are accessible in a range of languages, from which students can choose based on their needs. 

The best thing about Udemy is that it is really inexpensive in comparison to other learning platforms. Furthermore, anyone may learn here, and they can even design and offer their own online courses for a price. From content writing to email writing certification courses to academic to creative, the varieties are vast and knowledge is unlimited.

Benefits of Udemy  

1. Various options for each course; you can select your trainer as per your reference. 

2. Full-time access for all the students. 

3. After finishing the course, a course completion certificate is given to the candidate. 

4. Easy accessibility. Resources that may be downloaded at any time for easy access are always available. 

5. The organization gives a certificate of completion to the candidate. 

3. Unacademy

Unacademy has established itself as one of the most reliable learning systems in recent years. Unacademy provides competence in preparing students for admission examinations such as UPSC, JEE Medical, and others. 

Aside from entrance tests, several additional courses are provided, including an email writing certification course. You may choose any trainer based on the reviews. 

Benefits of Unacademy   

1. Low-cost yet high-quality content. 

2. Discuss and clear doubts with other students and experts. 

3. Class recording provided.

4. At regular intervals, the training crew conducts mock tests. 

4. Coursera 

Coursera is yet another great platform that provides email writing certification courses. In this course, the experts not only teach how to write more professional emails but also gives lessons on how to enhance your overall English writing abilities. 

As a result, you will increase your email writing grammar and vocabulary abilities, making you more effective in any corporate field. Here, the tutors from the Georgia Institute of technology teach you from basics and then polish your skills. This platform also provides you with degrees from leading foreign universities. 

Benefits of Coursera-

  • Your general and writing English abilities will be enhanced. 
  • You will be able to recognize the commonalities and differences across various email formats. 
  • The effectiveness of your taglines and email content will improve. 
  • You will be able to use different key phrases in various kinds of emails. 
  • You will be able to check for typical mistakes like punctuation and spelling and correct them. 
  • Your skills in writing and creating effective business emails for professional purposes will be improved. 

5. Skillshare 

Skillshare is yet another great platform to learn email writing certification courses. In this platform, numerous tutors are present to teach you your respective course. 

Skillshare is an online learning community that feels its members must be able to gather inspiration, interact with one another, and take the next stages in their creative path. 

Benefits of Skillshare-

1. They give you 7 days of free trial classes. 

2. Skillshare’s network includes over 8,000 teachers. 

3. Skillshare has up-to-date teaching materials and teacher advice videos. 

4. You may also ask questions and exchange advice by joining a Skillshare teachers’ group. 

6. Knowledge Academy 

Knowledge Academy is a Pune, Maharashtra-based online platform that provides email writing certification courses online. The training goes over email etiquette in detail, and learners are given specific guidelines on how to write understandable commercial business emails. This course also trains you on how to allocate certain writing tasks. It’s for folks of all skill levels who wish to enhance their email writing abilities. 

Benefits of Knowledge Academy-

1. Learn how important e-mail is and how it affects business. 

2. Learn how to keep track of your email and compose effective messages.  

3. Learn about digital signatures, certifications, and mail bombing.  

4. Learn how to fix typical mistakes like punctuation and capitalization.

7. BM Consultants India

This course will teach you how to write effective business emails in English. The email writing certification course contains tips on how to create more professional emails as well as lessons on how to improve your general English writing skills in each session. 

As a consequence, your email writing grammar and vocabulary, as well as your cross-cultural understanding, improves, making you more productive and successful in business communication. 

Various email formats are used to assess tone, decorum levels, and other organizational approaches. This training will assist you in improving your initial emails, proclamation, requests, and emails. 

Benefits of BM Consultants India

1. Helps in improving your English language abilities. 

2. Helps in recognizing the commonalities and dissimilarities between various emails. 

3. Teach you to make your subject line and email text more eye-catching. 

4. You will learn to examine the tone and formality of emails. 

5. Helps in recognizing how culture influences what is appropriate in business emails. 

6. You will learn how to write a powerful email for expert business requirements.

8. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin Academy is a web-based learning platform that offers a high-quality e-learning experience. With a variety of subjects to pick from. 

The guides and trainers are well-known and have extensive expertise. Henry Harvin has partnerships with over 60 institutions and several corporate businesses, providing work possibilities in a variety of sectors. It elevates the student to the status of alumni, allowing them to return to the course. The email writing certification courses introduced by Henry Harvin is truly recommendable.

Benefits of Henry Harvin 

1. 8 hours training 50 hours + learning access provided to students. 

2. Learning email marketing, strategy, and its importance. 

3. Email writing course certification is given to the students. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I learn to write professional emails? 

Ans– Practice writing as much as you can, make mistakes and learn from them, take help from your teachers’ colleagues if not you can opt for email writing certification courses, platforms like IIM Skills are giving a full-fledged course on email writing where everything is explained in detail and skills are enhanced. 

2. How to write an effective email? 

Ans- Make sure to use formal language, avoid grammatical errors, and practice every day. 

3. Which platform provides the best email writing certification courses? 

Ans- IIM Skills is preferably one of the best platforms in India for email writing certification courses since the professors are highly trained and experienced, and the institute places a greater emphasis on practical knowledge, which sets it apart from other institutes.  


These are some of the best email writing certification courses that can provide you with updated knowledge and insights into the intricacies and art of composing emails.


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