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Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers in 2024

We are going to cover the most important digital marketing interview questions in this article. Digital Marketing is the sale of products and services on a digital platform with the help of digital technologies. It came to prominence during the 1990s and 2000s, transforming the way we buy and sell things and making it easier. Digital Marketing has now become a prominent model for the sale and purchase of commodities.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers

People prefer to use digital platforms for their sales and purchases than visiting a physical shop. Digital marketing goes beyond internet marketing to non-internet marketing mediums such as Television, Mobile phone, and SMS. 

Freshers need to learn digital marketing interview questions to prepare well and face the interviews with confidence. They must be aware of the nature of questions that could probably be asked to them during digital marketing interviews.

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Scope of Digital Marketing as a profession.

As steady growth is recorded in the use of online marketing, many businesses are willing to associate their physically driven businesses with the online mode of business. Companies are also interested in employing digital strategies for the growth of their online business.

Internet users are keen on researching products or make purchases online. Hence, it becomes necessary for businesses to have an online presence and possess digital strategies to appeal to their target audience. Digital Marketing is also used to specifically target potential customers through their mobile phones. Many businesses make guaranteed returns on their investments.

The contemporary trend of ‘Digital Marketing’ has created vacancies for people well-educated about business strategies and trends. Knowledge-laden digital marketing professionals are high in demand.

Digital Marketing is a vast field providing multiple career opportunities.

  • Brand Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Mobile Marketing Specialist
  • Search Expert
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • Professional Blogger
  • Online Content Developer

Skills required for a career in Digital Marketing

To gain a wonderful career in digital marketing you must be skilled in

  • Sales: You need to possess skills and experience based on sales. Being an expert in sales is all about understanding the ever-changing trends in online marketing and adapting accordingly.
  • Flexibility: The ability to transform ineffective methods into working strategies to reach your goals.
  • Branding: The skill required to promote business brands online.
  • Social Media: Ability to create viral social media posts to promote the brand.
  • HTML: Knowing how to use HTML to create eye-catching visuals.
  • SEO: A deeper understanding of how SEO works to gain rankings on the Search Results Page.
  • Knowledge about using advertising platforms to create effective advertisements.


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Seeking a job in any field requires you to attend an interview and answer some questions. Here are some Digital Marketing interview questions to help you score a job in the digital marketing field.

#1. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

What is Digital Marketing and why did you choose to pursue a career in Digital Marketing?

This is one of the common Digital Marketing interview questions asked for recruiting employees. Be honest about your choice for pursuing a career in Digital Marketing. Show your enthusiasm for working for the company that is interviewing you. Mention your interest in looking forward to facing challenges. Here are some of the reasons you can state for pursuing a career in Digital Marketing.

  • Your passion for technology and marketing aspects drives you to pursue a career in Digital Marketing.
  • Digital marketing has a scope not only in the present but also in the future. Which is a practical reason why one would pursue a career in the field of Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing is a field that can be anticipated for evolving frequently. You can state this as a reason for seeking a career in Digital Marketing as you are passionate about keeping track of changing trends and evolving market strategies.

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#2. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

 Categorizing Digital Marketing.

Questions based on categorizing Digital Marketing are another common occurrence in interviews. You will be expected to categorize Digital Marketing as inbound and outbound.

Inbound marketing focuses on sending word about your products and services across various platforms to let users know about your company’s updates.

Outbound marketing involves displaying advertisements on TV, in Magazines, and on Billboards to seem appealing to your potential customers.


#3. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

Efficient Digital Marketing Tools.

Interviewees are questioned based on the tools used for Digital Marketing to test your knowledge and awareness for the same. As a certified digital marketer, you must be aware of digital tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and Keyword Planner. Mention some of the common digital marketing tools used by professionals while answering interview questions.


#4. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

Ways to drive traffic towards your website.

One of the common Digital Marketing interview questions asked is about methods used to drive traffic towards a website. This is to test your knowledge based on attracting customers digitally to a website. Mention the techniques you might have learned in your digital marketing course. Explain the SEO techniques you learned during your Digital Marketing course such as:

  • Content Marketing
  • Content Optimization
  • SEO techniques
  • Identifying Long-Tail keywords
  • Internal Linking
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Writing creative headlines
  • Utilizing LinkedIn

#5. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

Benefits of Digital Marketing for the hiring company compared to offline marketing.

One of the important Digital Marketing interview questions asked to identify what you could do for the growth of the company you are looking forward to being associated with. Based on your interests and expertise in the field of Digital Marketing, emphasize the benefits the company can yield from adopting Digital Marketing over Offline Marketing.

  • Explain the evolution in the field of traditional marketing.
  • Talk about Digital Marketing enabling businesses to reach out to audiences through their portable digital devices.
  • Make the interviewer aware of the business analyzing options available in Digital Marketing for better performance.
  • Make additional points on small businesses using Digital Marketing. Thus, widening the scope of finding customers online.

#6. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

 Explanation on SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) forms a crucial portion of Digital Marketing. Companies recruiting their potential employees will anticipate expertise and creativity in the field of SEO. You are expected to give your basic understanding of this topic as an answer when asked to define SEO. Your explanation must include the abbreviation, what it does, and how it is beneficial.

#7. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

Defining and stating the importance of keywords in SEO.

Keywords are a crucial element of SEO. Internet users utilize these keywords to search for products and services. Keywords are one of the SEO techniques used to grow online businesses. They help your hiring company to gain rankings in Search Results Pages. Hence, you need to choose relevant keywords for your business.

#8. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

Difference between Digital Marketing and Branding.

Questions based on differentiating Digital Marketing from branding are asked to ensure that you have knowledge of both and understand the appropriate use of them.

  • Digital Marketing is about conveying a certain message to your interested customers.
  • Branding popularizes a certain brand with advertisements and other non-internet digital marketing practices to appeal to a wider audience.

#9. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

 Strategizing a plan for the growth of the company you are seeking a job from.

Questions such as this require careful consideration before replying. It will be wise to learn about the business as well as its competitors to draft a perfect strategy. Ask for key points from your interviewers. Utilize the time allocated by them to analyze the key points and create a strategy based on them. Answering such questions will always be a game-changer for the interview you attend.

#10. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

Types of SEO.

There are three types of SEO techniques followed.

  • White Hat SEO: This is the most popular type of SEO which involves using SEO tactics following search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings for your website. White Hat SEO includes SEO practices such as producing high-quality content, acquiring links, optimizing HTML in websites, and restructuring websites for ranking. White Hat SEO is good for the lasting performance of your business rankings.
  • Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO is the opposite of White Hat SEO as it identifies loopholes in a search engine algorithm and takes undue advantage of them to gain rankings for a website. These SEO techniques do not fall following the SEO guidelines provided by search engines. Black Hat SEO includes producing spam links, hidden texts, and links. Utilizing these techniques provides you with immediate short-term benefits for your website.
  • Grey Hat SEO: Grey Hat SEO comprises a bit of both White and Black Hat SEOs. When you wish to transform your White Hat SEO techniques into Black Hat SEO techniques or perform vice-versa operations, it would be known as Grey Hat SEO.

#11. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

 Differentiate between On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

  • On-Page SEO is the modifications you make to your website for attracting more visitors to your business site. On-Page SEO techniques involve writing meta-description, changing the website’s structure, enabling internal linking, optimizing page loading time, and generating title tags.
  • Off-Page SEO is everything done outside your website to ensure its presence in the digital world. Off-Page SEO tactics involve creating backlinks for your website content, sharing your content on social media, indulging in guest blogging, and participating in question and answer websites such as Quora and Reddit to promote your content.

#12. of Digital Marketing Interview Questions  

Define Google Adwords.

Google AdWords is an advertising website powered by Google to help multiple businesses to post advertisements on Google’s website and reach a vast audience in the internet world. It is a famous pay-per-click initiative that allows businesses to post Ads on their site and acquire payment when a user clicks on their posted advertisements. Many businesses utilize this platform to post their ads on Google and its advertising network. Google AdWords relies heavily on keywords for its performance.

Q13. Plans regarding optimizing the hiring company’s website to derive high rankings and traffic.

This is similar to the question regarding the provision of Digital Marketing Solutions for the hiring company. But this involves gaining rankings organically. You can introduce the interviewers to your plan for optimizing the website by assessing the site’s loading time and indulging in SEO activities to increase audience involvement. You can also talk about the common mistakes made during optimizing a website.

Q14. Explaining keyword analysis and your choice of keywords.

This is one of the common questions asked by the interviewers to understand your knowledge about keyword analysis and your choice of keywords based on the analysis. It is an important component of SEO and will often find its way into your work. Here’s what will be expected from your answer to this question.

  • Mention the keyword planner tool to figure out the appropriate keyword for the business and evaluate based on its level of competition.
  • Give your answer based on your understanding of choosing keywords based on relevance and low competition level than choosing a keyword with high search rates. State an example to support your statement. For example, A person running a non-veg restaurant in the north of Chennai might choose the keywords “Restaurants in Chennai” which is indeed relevant and also might have high search rates. But choosing a keyword such as “Non-Veg Restaurants in the North of Chennai” is higher in relevance and might have fewer competition levels. Such keyword analysis and choosing practices will be the first step for higher rankings in the Search Results Pages.

Q15. Questions based on effective PPC campaigns.

Pay-per-click advertisements being an important segment of SEO requires proper execution which the hiring company would want you to know about. Following are some tips to ensure success in PPC marketing.

  • Including multiple keywords in your PPC to extend its reach to the audience.
  • Separation of your PPC advertisements into small portions to achieve higher clicks on your ads.
  • Adding keywords of negativity in nature for added relevance.
  • Analyzing PPC Advertisements with low clicking rates.

Q16. Listing of Keyword analysis tools.

There are a lot of digital tools and extensions available for you to mention while answering such questions. Here’s a list of free and paid keyword tools.

Free Tools

  • Keywordit
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Keyword Generator
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Bulk Keyword Generator
  • Google

Paid Tools

  • Soovle
  • Jaaxy
  • Ahrefs Keywords Planner
  • Moz Keyword Planner
  • SECockpit

Q17. Defining a responsive web design.

A responsive web design is as important for a website as its content. A responsive web design is a user-friendly experience that is accessible by any electronic device. A user must be awarded a delightful experience by visiting your site on any device the visitor chooses to use.

Such as Mobile phones, Desktops, Tablet PCs, and TVs with the expanse of smart TVs made available. A responsive web design is achieved by following certain practices such as creating a flexible design for your website, aligning images in proper order, etc.

Q18. Explaining Quality Score and stating factors that determine a Quality Score.

Quality Score is an advanced analysis of your online advertisements, landing pages of your sites, and keywords of your advertisements. It is utilized to determine the CPC (Cost Per Click), which is multiplied by bidding on Ads to rule out the ranking of an advertisement.

Here are some of the factors responsible for determining the Quality Score of an Ad.

  • The Landing Page user experience
  • The relevance factor of an advertisement
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)

Q19. Stating the limitations of Online Marketing.

Although Digital Marketing has evolved from traditional marketing and made the practice of sales and purchases easier, it has its own limitations which digital marketers know about.

  • Cut-Throat Competition is one of the major disadvantages of this industry as evolution and digitalization have drawn many businesses and organizations to utilize this platform. Thus, making it difficult for a brand to be noticed amidst this vast population.
  • Multiple information and digital tools to be understood and utilized for SEO can sometimes feel overwhelming. Continuous practice will be essential for efficiently performing as a Digital Marketer.

Q20. Differentiating between SEO and SEM.

The difference between SEO and SEM lies in the method used to appear on the SERPs. SEO involves using tactics to appear on the SERPs organically. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the process of purchasing a space in the SERPs to make an appearance.

Q21. Parts of a Text Ad.

An online advertisement comprises 3 portions:

  • Text to be written for a heading
  • The URL of the website
  • A description below the URL of the advertisement

Q22. Importance of social media for businesses and popular social media platforms according to you.

Social media is a wonderful medium for promoting your websites and businesses among people you know and millions of social media users. Recommend some of the most appropriate social media outlets to help your hiring company boost its sales.

Q23. Questions based on the social media campaign you have conducted.

As a specialist in social media, you will be expected to have conducted social media campaigns. You need to talk about your experience of having conducted such a campaign and highlight your approach towards conducting the campaign. You can also talk about the issues you faced during the campaign and how you resolved them. Tell your interviewers about the methods you chose and the goals you framed associated with the social media campaign.

Q24. Utilizing Social Media for marketing.

Hiring companies are aware of the importance of social media for their business growth. Hence they would want to hear from you about the methods one must use for flourishing on social media. Social Media marketing is the posting of content on a social media platform such as images, videos, and links to websites and articles for better user engagement.

Social Media Marketing is used to attract visitors to a website, create awareness about your business online, and communicate easily and efficiently with your customers.

Q25. Questions based on E-mail Marketing.

E-mail marketing is considered an effective digital marketing strategy to reach out with your content and updates to the target consumers. Good E-mail marketing can convert a one-time client to a loyal, long-lasting client.


Q26. Defining Content Marketing.

Content marketing is a Digital Marketing strategy aimed at building a loyal customer base and increasing sales. Content marketing focuses on creating and spreading relevant content. Consistency is also important in terms of delivering content to maintain a loyal customer base and derive considerable profits.

Q27. Explanation on AMP.

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. It is an open-sourced initiative made by Twitter and Google to create immediate loading of mobile pages. One can create light and fast-paced web pages with the help of this open-sourced initiative. Marketers utilize this facility to design mobile-friendly web pages which is suitable for all kinds of platforms and browsers.

Q28. Explain Long-Tail keywords.

Long-Tail keywords set you at the benefit of ranking higher on the SERPs. It is a keyword phrase consisting of four words. Although it suffers lower search rates, it is said to rank higher than the Short-Tail keywords. Hence, it is always advisable to choose a long-tail keyword while establishing a business to secure a unique identity and be identified easily.

Q29. Utilizing YouTube for Digital Marketing.

With YouTube becoming a popular medium for businesses to post their video content, it can be used for sharing business-related videos to widen the scope of sharing your content in the digital world. It can provide you with a great return on investment as it drives traffic towards your content and creates awareness about your content.

Q30. Explaining Conversion Optimization.

Conversion Optimization helps increase the probability of mere visitors turning into loyal clients of your business. A visitor visiting your site must witness an appealing offer or Call-To-Action to be able to convert into a long-lasting customer. This is called a conversion.

Q31. Differentiating between Content and Context in SEO.

Content is anything in the form of images, videos, and written articles that is made visible to the audience. Context is the outline or nature of the content, based on which content is created to appeal to the target audience.

Q32. Methods for staying updated with Digital Marketing trends.

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field that witnesses changing topics of popularity within a short span of time. You need to stay updated with contemporary trends to create relatable content for clients. Keeping track of Digital Marketing trends is made easier with WordStream Blog, Neil Patel Blog, Social Media Examiner, and Mashable.

Q33. Rating yourself from 1 to 10 based on your knowledge of Digital Marketing.

Questions surrounding this subject helps the interviewers understand your understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in terms of Digital Marketing practices. You need not overestimate or underestimate yourself. Honestly analyze your position in terms of your knowledge in this field and rate yourselves accordingly.

Q34. Differentiating between engagements and followers of your content.

Mere followers provide little benefit in digital marketing. There is no action taken that is necessary to grow your business. Engagement is action-oriented, which supports and upholds your content in the digital world. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on increasing engagements on your content than mere followers.


Online marketing has been widely used and popularized which increases the scope of finding a career in this field. Many hiring companies require Digital Marketing professionals to manage their online business and create relevant content for their consumers. Do mention the likable qualities of the hiring company which drove you to work for them in the first place and also offer your ideas and strategies to improve the performance of the company.

All The Best!

  • I recently finished my Digital Marketing course and I am ready to start seeking jobs in this field. As a fresher I had no idea about the kind of questions I will have to answer during an interview. Your article here provided a great insight on the Digital marketing interview questions to be anticipated. The questions mentioned seems very genuine and tests my knowledge on ‘Digital Marketing’. You have answered all the questions and also provided suggestions for how the questions are supposed to be answered. I will definitely put your suggestions to use during my interview.

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