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Digital Marketing For Students Complete Guide

Are you a student? Do you want to earn money part-time from home? Find out why digital marketing for students is the best career option. Digital marketing is a perfect opportunity for students to work from home and earn a decent income part-time. Digital marketing is one of the trending professions and the nature of work is also dynamic. If you are a student looking to earn extra income to support your studies, digital marketing can do it for you. You can learn various skills and easily earn enough to cover your tuition and other expenses. There is no infrastructure required. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Digital Marketing For Students Guide

Why digital marketing for students?

Digital marketing is simply marketing done on digital platforms through the internet. The major channels of digital marketing are search engines, social media, and e-mail.

It is the major way of marketing for many businesses. This is because of the major benefits that digital marketing provides to businesses.

Through digital marketing, only those consumers can be targeted who are interested in products or services like that. This is done by making buyer profiles of all users on the internet.

By doing this, businesses can save a lot of money on their marketing budget.

There is another benefit of vast reach. The internet has made its way into every house. This makes the internet a great marketing tool.

In times before the internet, people used to ask their friends or family members for solutions to their problems. There were fewer choices in those days and people just assumed that whatever they are getting is good enough for them.

Today, when someone requires a product or a service, they first search for it on Google. This way, they get a large variety and can also be sure that they are getting the best of the available.

But there is a high demand for skilled digital marketing professionals. This is why school and college students can fulfill this demand by working part-time.

They can also develop their writing as well as other skills in the process, in addition to earning enough pocket money to cover their expenses.

Digital marketing today has replaced a big portion of the traditional marketing budget. This is due to its cost-effectiveness and effective targeting. It is currently the best way to get leads and convert them into sales.

The conversion rate in digital marketing is much higher than any traditional marketing technique.

The advantage of this for students is that most of the digital marketing work can be done online, from home itself. Students only need to give 3-4 hours every day which is easy for anyone.

Students today have innumerable opportunities to excel in a career in digital marketing. IIM SKILLS will offer you with the requisite skill development and guidance to get a job in this superbly lucrative discipline.

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There are various skills in digital marketing for students to learn. Let us discuss them one by one. 

  • Blogging

Blogging is a great way to work from home for college students who have good writing skills and can identify the needs of the client. The content must be promotional so that it helps generate leads for the business.

Blogs are informative in nature. The blog that provides the best information that is relevant and properly organized, is favored by the search engine. A post that is favored by the search engine gets listed as one of the top results.

If a blog post is present on the first page of the search engine results, especially in the first 3 results, it will generate huge traffic for that website. If the website sells a product, this will lead to a vast number of leads and conversions without any advertising.

Students who are in high school and college, who have good writing skills should try writing content for websites. All they have to do is follow the instructions given to them by the employer.

This way, students can earn extra income without harming their studies. Also, they develop a skill that will be useful to them throughout their life.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a basic digital marketing skill that students can learn without leaving home. SEO can be learned online.

There are many ways of SEO including keywords in the content found at various places on a website like articles, HTML tags, meta tags, website copy, etc.

The purpose of doing SEO is that search engines like Google and Bing can have information about your website so they can show your website in the search results when a relevant search query is made by any user.

For example, if a website that sells jewelry online does not mention anywhere that they sell jewelry online, there is no way search engines would know. Then if any user wants to buy jewelry online, that website will not show up in the search results.

Good SEO can help the website rank among the top results in the search engine. This will many page views for the website and many leads for their products.

  • Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a paid form of marketing. Through SEM, the website listing appears at the top of the search results page on the search engine, if the search query is related to the website.

SEM is a way to rank high without doing proper SEO. This is because, in a competitive niche, it sometimes becomes hard to rank among the top results.

However, doing SEM also requires skill. There are many factors like the bidding strategy, keywords in the ads, ad relevance, etc.

The advantage of SEM is that a webpage can be shown only to a limited audience on the basis of their language, region, their device, etc.

As a student, you can learn various skills related to Search Engine Marketing along with various digital marketing tools like Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, and more.

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Everybody uses social media these days. If you are a student, you most likely do too. You most likely have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. You can use your knowledge of social media to promote brands and earn by working at home.

You can post regular interesting content on a brand’s social media page on their behalf. The purpose of this would be to generate engagement with the target market.

Social Media can be used by brands to connect directly with their consumers and engage in 2-way communication. This way they can directly learn more about their product and services.

You will need to handle this communication on the part of the brand according to their guidelines. You can earn 5k-10k easily from your first social media marketing job per month, just by posting regular content.

If you are good at communication skills and know social media etiquette, you would be perfect for this job.

Another part of Social media is paid ads. This requires more skills than just posting content. There are many factors and many metrics involved.

Through Social Media Marketing or SMM, it is possible to a particular section or demographic of the audience on the basis of age, sex, location, interests, likes, language, buying behavior, etc. The target market can be made highly specific.

Since social media has users from every section of society, it is possible to reach the market for almost every kind of product through social media channels, especially Facebook that has about 2.5 billion users worldwide.

Some social media ad tools are Facebook ads, Tweetdeck, and buffer. Facebook ads work for Facebook, Instagram as well as messenger.

In social media marketing, you do not need to produce long material like in blogging. You only need to understand the way of communication with the target market.

Students are perfect for handling social media accounts of brands that focus on youth like fast food, clothing, entertainment, etc.

  • E-mail marketing

Many people consider e-mail marketing to be a waste of time. But it is a fact that e-mail marketing has one of the highest returns on investment compared to any other form of marketing. A great thing about e-mail marketing is that it can be done online, so you don’t need to leave your home.

The e-mails are not sent randomly. Brands pay a lot of money to marketers to create e-mail lists based on people’s buyer profiles. This is done by getting user data about their behavior on the internet, what products do they look at and buy, their app usage stats, subscriptions, etc. This data is collected voluntarily as the user always has the option to opt-out of the tracking.

Students only need to write the content of the promotional e-mail and send it to the people on the mailing list. This e-mail may contain engaging material that encourages people to visit the website. Once users are on the website, they can be shown the products or services they can buy.

E-mail marketing has the advantage that e-mails reach the inbox. This is because users have opted for e-mails.

You just have to write a copy of the e-mail that brings customers to the website. Once they are on the website, they can be persuaded to make the sale. They can also read the article if that was the purpose.

The advantage of e-mail marketing is that the advertising material reaches directly on their mail. If they have subscribed to a newsletter, the message goes to the inbox, not the spam. They are sure to read it.

As a student, you can work from home and create e-mail marketing templates for business mailing lists.

  • Web design

Web design refers to arranging various elements of a website with the help of various web designing tools and languages. It may include buying a domain, hosting, and designing it with the help of tools like WordPress, Wix, etc. The domain name must be appropriate and suitable as per the purpose of the website.

These are a few indications of good website design.

  • A new visitor instantly knows what is the subject of the website
  • Easy navigation
  • Contact information
  • Content that the user desires are readily visible
  • The website must be visually pleasing

and many more.

Web design can be easily learned online. As a student, you can also learn web design by closely analyzing different websites you visit and finding what features you like and which ones annoy you. This will build a great foundation for a career in digital marketing for students.

Graphic design is one of the hottest jobs and the best part is that it is very creative and you can work from home. You can earn a good income even when beginning your career. This job is great for students who have a good sense of aesthetics and visuals. You will also require basic photography and photo-editing skills.

Graphic design work involves designing logos, selecting typography, picking color schemes for websites, product packages, social media content, and various points of brand interaction. Graphics help in creating a distinct brand image. Although content gives information and is a fundamental part of any marketing strategy, graphics are what make the content visually appealing and captivating.

This is a great job in digital marketing for students if they have a talent for designing and can make a difference between good design and bad design.

So these were the different roles of digital marketing for students. You can either start by learning all of them or learning them one by one until you master each one of them.

You can also learn all of these skills from a digital marketing course like the one at IIM SKILLS. You can learn all these skills from instructor-led live online sessions. These are the benefits of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course.

  • 16-hour theory and 60-hour practice sessions
  • Online classes can be done at home
  • Lessons from expert trainers
  • Certification of digital marketing that will help you get digital marketing work from home
  • Skills for digital marketing certification from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot.
  • Assistance for finding freelance work
  • Internship

By doing this course you can have complete knowledge of digital marketing. You get internships and help to find freelance work so that you can start earning from home as soon as you complete the course.

Why digital marketing is great for students?

Digital marketing is one of the hottest trends in all industries. It is going to become the first choice of a marketing channel for almost all businesses sooner or later.

This huge task of creating an online presence requires many skilled professionals. But as of now, there is a huge demand for these skilled professionals. Students can easily fill this demand since digital marketing work does not need them to sacrifice any of their usual activities and also gets them enough money to sustain their education and other expenses.

Hiring Partners


IIM SKILLS ensures that students get placed in the best organization. Here are some companies students of IIM SKILLS work at.  

Let us learn why a career in digital marketing for students is great, whether done full-time or part-time.

The future of marketing

Digital marketing is clearly becoming the chief mode of marketing for many brands. These brands especially include brands that target youth like food, restaurants, fashion, automobile, electronics, etc. This is because people aged 15-26 hardly read newspapers or watch TV. Most of their time is spent on their mobile phone.

There is smart technology everywhere. Smartphones, Smart TVs, tablets, laptops, etc that are connected to the internet. All kinds of people have started spending a big portion of their daily time connected to the internet. We are more likely to watch web series than TV serials, read news on phone rather than in a newspaper.

This is why digital marketing is going to be the way for all kinds of businesses and organizations to target customers. Learning and experience in digital marketing can guarantee you a high-paying job after graduation.

Huge demand

Most businesses, big and small, have realized the importance of having a digital presence. It could be in the form of a blog, website, social media content, or others. And to create this digital presence they need skilled professionals. All industries have acknowledged the importance of online channels, like fashion, food, electronics, travel, hospitality, etc.

There are lots of jobs available under digital marketing on job portals like Naukri.com. timesjobs.com, and others. Many of them are internships or part-time jobs that can be done from home.

Work from home

As a student, you would not prefer to sacrifice your studies or other activities while selecting jobs. You’d prefer to do a job where you do not have to report to an office every day and you can work according to your convenience, whenever you are free.

There are many digital marketing jobs that can be done from home, or hostel. They do not care whether you are at the home, hostel, or traveling, as long as you complete the work perfectly.

You do not need to leave your house and waste time on transportation. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

More pay for less work

Digital marketing s one of the highest paying jobs compared to the work you do. As a student with no experience and someone who is just starting out, you can easily earn 5k-10k per month right from your first job, even more. You can start from an internship and gain experience and in a year, you can easily earn 15k-20k monthly. All this while only working a few hours a day.

While working, you also get the opportunity to improve your skills so you can ask for more payment from every next client. You can work as a freelancer and make a team of digital marketers with different skills and co-ordinate.

Learn about marketing

This is a great advantage of digital marketing for students who are studying for a marketing degree. You can learn more by working with real brands than you will ever learn in a classroom. More internships make a stronger CV.

A strong CV will get you better-paying jobs than your peers in the college placement. Working on jobs while in college will be great for your career.

Become an influencer

With social media, if you do not want to work for someone else and earn a name for yourself, you can Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform to build a huge following.

Once you have enough followers, you will start getting approached by brands for the promotion of their products. You can do brand promotion in exchange for money or free goods. You can earn a lot depending upon the size of your follower base.

Unleash creativity

Digital marketing for students is a great way to unleash your creativity.

If you think you are good at writing or want to be, you can start a blog and post regular content and promote it through various channels. You can publish anything from fiction and non-fiction material. You can then use Twitter to promote your blog.

If you are good at producing visual art, you can use Instagram to publish and promote your work. This way people can see and appreciate your work which will encourage you to work harder.

If you manage to get a huge following, this will open many avenues for you. You would get to do things you never thought you would.

Start a business

Once you have enough experience and a respectable portfolio, you may start your very own digital marketing agency. You can work with local brands and earn a name.

Having their own business is a dream for many people because you are your own boss and you get to create something of your own. A business is a legacy that you produce in your name.

Easy to learn

The fundamentals of digital marketing for students can be learned in one month. Since this is a skill, you will learn more as you keep working.

Also, to start working as a digital marketer, you don’t need to make any huge investment. The amount you spend on a digital marketing course can be recovered in 2 months. The only thing you need to work is a laptop and an internet connection.

Becoming a digital marketer does not require any particular degree. As long as you have a portfolio that shows good work you have done, you can easily get jobs from home.

This article was about digital marketing for students. For more such articles, visit our blog.


Q. What is the career scope of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is growing fast and due to the growth in digital world now every industry uses digital marketing. In years to come the demand for digital marketing is only expected to grow which means there is good scope of digital marketing.

Q. Is it important to know coding in digital marketing?

No. Though coding is an additional benefit in digital marketing career, it is not compulsory to know coding knowledge in digital marketing.

Q. Can anyone be eligible to take digital marketing course?

Yes. There is no eligibility criteria as such but a basic knowledge about digital marketing will help learning easier and faster.



Gaurav is a Content Writer at IIM Skills. He has a B.Tech. degree but then he switched to the creative side by doing his master's in advertising and public relations. Gaurav is also a part-time blogger and graphic designer currently living in Mumbai
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