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5 Best Digital Marketing Courses In Qatar With Live Training

Digital Marketing is growing by leaps and bounds, and Qatar is no exception to the changing rules of the game. The quantum of digital content consumed by people is staggering and keeps increasing daily. Very soon, traditional marketing models will only be a memory confined to history textbooks and museums as their role will meet the similar fate of the morse code. Traditional marketing cannot match its digital counterpart for advantage in terms of customer reach, and affordability is unmatched. So as the intelligent form of marketing keeps unveiling itself, you can choose to ride the digital wave of marketing by looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar.

Top Digital Marketing Courses In Qatar

What is Marketing before you learn to look for Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar?

Good Marketing makes the company look smart, while great Marketing makes the customer feel smart-Joe Chernoy. So Marketing, if successful, has to be a win-win situation for the company advertising itself and the customer who decides to partake of its services. Said Marketing has to be competent in approach and design to achieve the purpose for which gets initiated to sell products or services and at the same time generate tremendous goodwill for the company. It is present in all stages of the business, from scratch to finish. It is a skill one can learn and keep polishing with time.

Now That You Understand Marketing, You Are Well on Grasping Digital Marketing

Digital marketing endorses the buying sensibilities of a chosen audience by engaging them over the Digital Spectrum. It is the same old boy in a modern set of clothing. Think of erstwhile battles where soldiers fought each other with spears and swords. Wars have not ceased, only that the former tools have retired. Likewise, Marketing is here to stay with a changed digital outlook.

Digital marketing, or online marketing, comprises marketing activities targeting consumers using digital channels. The digital marketing objective gets achieved through online marketing tactics implemented through mixed digital media. 

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Beyond Camels and Strange Desert Charms, Look to Explore the Scope of Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar

Qatar clocked 2.95 million social media users in January 2022 alone. The impressive count of such a tiny state was equivalent to 99.8 per cent of the population. Kepios is a globally recognized trustworthy strategy consultancy, and by their analysis, Social media users in Qatar increased by 80 thousand between 2021 and 2022 alone.

The hot social media apps trending in Qatar and their corresponding figures will tell you the level of digital influence wielded over the state.

  • Instagram: 1.20 million users in early 2022
  • Tiktok: 1.54 million users in early 2022
  • Facebook: 1.45 million users in early 2022
  • Linkedin: 1.00 million users in early 2022
  • Snapchat: 735 Thousand users in early 2022
  • Twitter: 618.9 Thousand users in early 2022
  • YouTube: 2.65 million users in early 2022

So if the idea of a digital marketing course is brewing hot in your mind, then the writing is on the wall. Get ready to learn more about Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar. 

Learn How Digitalization is Taking the Gulf State by Storm While You Explore Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar

Qatar has an insatiable hunger to transform itself into a Global and digital hub for International companies. FIFA World Cup has put Qatar in the limelight, and Microsoft Qatar is cashing in on the opportunity to bring a global data centre to Qatar. This move will usher in a new order of sustainability and resiliency for the Gulf state. Citing a study by International Data Corporation ( IDC), the above move alone will impact Qatar massively to the tune of 3.14 billion in economic boons. With such phenomenal business ambitions, Qatar gets poised to beat itself as a digital and data hub for many international companies worldwide.

So are you geared to be future-ready? Take the first step by exploring Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar.

It’s Good to Know About Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar; Please First Read About the Scope of Digital Marketing

In today’s Industry, it is crucial to reach and serve customers in a manner that is both efficient and impactful. Search engines have become increasingly important for businesses to promote themselves, and blogs have exploded on the world wide web in recent years. The availability of 4G/5G high-speed internet has become critical in deciding how different products are placed and sold online. The online marketing landscape only continues to grow at a rapid pace.

The service marketing mix becomes more focused on the digital world, with customers at the centre. The 7Cs–product, customer, price, cost, place, convenience, promotion, communication–take precedence over the 7Ps. 

Digitization Gets Staggering Even While You Explore Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar

Digitalization has been a significant driver of economic growth around the world. Online marketing is growing in popularity across all markets, and in developed economies, digital marketing now accounts for 75-80% of all marketing activity. In developing economies, offline marketing activities (such as below-the-line) are still more prevalent. However, to reach its customers, any company needs to be present where they are, and this is only possible through digitalization.

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Visualize Yourself Towards Becoming an Expert in the Following Facets of Digital Marketing as You Explore Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar

  • Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization process is the one most vouched for by digital professionals to increase your site’s visibility. It is a proven way to attract new customers while retaining the existing ones. The idea here is to bait people to your site; when they search for your products or services, letting your site come up organically.

  • Pay- per- Click

Pay-per-Click is a cash cow for Search engine companies. Each time the ad gets clicked, the search engine company earns a predetermined share of the total ad spend while the advertiser has to part with the same. The modus operandi gets based on money charged to the advertiser merely based on clicks and not any sale. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing exploits the power of social media networks to fulfil your marketing and branding goals. It works around a measurable strategy articulated with quantifiable thresholds that include:

  • Responding to comments, likes, and shares to upkeep your reputation
  • Optimal maintenance of your profiles
  • Keeping up with customers, followers, and influencers to sustain brand loyalty and fan following
  • Posting relevant pictures, live videos, and videos that speak for your brand while attracting a designated audience
  •  Content marketing

Content marketing focuses on consistently developing and dispersing valuable, relevant content to draw and retain a pre-defined audience. The result drives and thrives on profitable customer action through intelligent content interaction.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing informs and interacts with your clients through Direct Digital Marketing. In the process that ensues, the arrival of your products or services gets advertised to your customers. The automated process builds brand awareness, promotes relationships, generates effective leads and keeps your patrons proactively engaged through many emails.

  • Mobile Marketing

The gambit of Mobile Marketing involves a salvo of devices: tablets, mobile devices, and smartphones. The mobile-friendly formats allow the users the powerful viewing of marketing messages through SMS, MMS, social media, websites, emails, and apps. People often resort to mobile devices on the go, so the message drafted must be with a strategic and personal touch.

  • Affiliate Marketing

While surfing for Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar, you might think of having a slice of the lucrative Affiliate Marketing. It is a marketing strategy by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales through its referrals.

The salary scale of digital marketers might interest you to prod further about digital marketing courses in Qatar

Qatar is willing to pay its Digital professionals with what is comparable with the best in the world. After all, Qatar’s ambitions to elevate itself as a digital opinion maker are pretty lofty. So If you are planning to scan for Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar, then, by all means, your decision will reap rich dividends. If you are still skeptical, the following figures will perhaps change your mind

  • Digital marketing specialist: Average Salary Earned QAR 70,000
  • Digital Marketing Manager: Average Salary Earned QAR 96,000
  • Ecommerce Manager: Average Salary Earned QAR 1,10,000
  • Managing Director Digital: Average Salary Earned QAR 3,36,000

What does the career progression for a digital marketer look like? Please read about it before opting for digital marketing courses in Qatar

There are three main types of digital marketers: those who specialize in a particular facet of marketing, those who focus on a specific stage in a customer’s journey, and those who work with a certain type of customer. Every digital marketer has a career path, with different job titles and responsibilities at each level. Senior digital marketers typically have more experience and knowledge than entry-level or mid-level marketers. They may also have more responsibility for overseeing projects or supervising other marketing team members.

Top Institutes for Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar

1. Digital Marketing Course Certification by IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS has the domain wherewithal gathered over 12+ years under their belt. They deliver professional excellence through hands-on experience accumulated through many real-life experiences. Their course certification is world-class, at par with the best in similar profiles.

The IIM SKILLS gets directed by heads who hail from India’s formidable IITs and the IIMs.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation


  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – Qatari Riyal 1599.32

Your Gains

  • Guaranteed 2 months Paid Internship 
  • Letter of Recommendation + Certification
  • Launch Youtube Channel & become popular
  • Go live with Affiliate Marketing.

Course Highlights:

  • An Instructor-led Online Digital marketing course recognized by the govt of India.
  • Tools worth 79000+
  • Get the Master’s certification from IIM SKILLS.
  • Get ready for 13 other certification preparation with Google, Facebook & Hubspot.

More Features

  • Get fully acquainted with 40 Digital Marketing Tools over five months of comprehensive Live Training.
  • Learn while you earn with a two months internship program with a fixed stipend of 6000 Rs. included in the three months program
  • 10+ case studies and 15+ Live projects

Special Points

  • Extensive 300+ Placement Partners With Interview Support.
  • Insights and assistance provided in Launching Your Digital Marketing Agency.
  • Avail Personalized Mentorship For launching careers as well as Businesses.
  • Leapfrog ahead by writing Your First Blog For the Times of India.
  • Launch Your Podcast to fandom with Apple, Google & Spotify.

Media Coverage

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Know About Our Students & Graduates From Across The World

2. Digital Marketing Training by Knowledge Hut

At Knowledge Hut, the complex components of Digital Marketing get broken down to bare basics. The reverse engineering of conceptual understanding helps you to exercise an advanced knowledge of Digital Marketing principles -Fundamentals to progressive. The pedagogy acquaints you like no other, the heights and depths of market analytics, content development, email, search and social media marketing. The practical examples of real-life case scenarios give you the calibre needed to plan, launch, and navigate successful marketing campaigns to glory.

Course Highlights

  • 16 Hours of Live, Instructor-Led Sessions 
  • Coaching by Digital Marketing Experts 
  • Hands-on Learning With Group Exercises 
  • Downloadable Courseware 
  • Master Ideas Through Case Studies and Activities
  • Course Completion Certificate

Who Should Attend this Course

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone interested in Digital Marketing

Your Gains

  • Conceiving and Advancing Marketing Campaigns
  • Analyzing your Target Audience
  • Articulating marketing techniques
  • Formulating marketing strategies

Course Overview

  • Introduction to the Digital Market
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Acquiring and Engaging Users


Highly Experienced Trainers From the Industry

Course Duration and Fees

For information on the exact Course Duration and fees, please get in touch with the institute

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3. Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing by Excellence Qatar

A program designed to help you get reckoned as a Digital Marketing professional in 8 weeks. The short-barrelled course is power packed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Display & Video Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Advertising. The lessons are imbued with practical assignments to season you into a full-blown Digital Professional. As you graduate, you will bear on the competitive digital realities with actionable insights and knowledge of the latest unfolding trends. You will Learn

  • Emerge with all-round experience in varied digital marketing and advertising platforms
  • Shape your professional acumen from lessons drawn out of case studies and success stories from other local and global brands
  •  Intellectually stimulating discussion-oriented sessions
  •  Interactive Group exercises
  •  Video examples
  •  Action planning and Self-assessment
  •  Interact and draw from Experienced Course Directors

Course Outcomes

  • Develop powerful digital instincts inside-out of Digital Platforms encompassing audiences, analytics, best practices, and nuances.
  • Understand and measure the metrics based on other campaign objectives to derive the right ROI. 
  • Develop the ability to create and evaluate practical digital media plans. Bring digital campaigns to materialize that stand out from the clutter to net in astounding results for your organization.

 Who Should do this Course

The course content is tailor-made to help professionals further their passion for driving visibility, engagement, brand awareness, and customer acquisitions at their establishments. The programme can also enrich those eager to learn and practice Digital Marketing. As an opportunity, it extends its invitation to cash in by Marketing professionals, Brand Managers, PR and Communications Specialists, Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers, and Business Owners.

Course Overview

  • Marketing Foundation
  • Digital Marketing Foundation
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google ads ( Google Search Ads)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing & Advertising
  • Instagram Marketing & Advertising
  • Linkedin for Marketing & Advertising
  • Effective Email marketing
  • Analytics Measurement
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing Tools


Highly Experienced Trainers are well-versed in Theory and Practice.

Course Duration

2 Months

For information on Course Fees, please contact at the following.

Course Link: https://excellence.qa/learn-digital-marketing-courses/

Phone: +974 44360225

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4. Digital Marketing Masterclass by Silverfox

The consolidated course will unfold as an intense barrage of intellectual stimulations to turn raw minds into thoroughbreds in multiple Digital scenarios. This encapsulation of an objective is achieved strategically by bringing a heavy dose of hands-on knowledge to the fore.

Course Highlights

  •  Building brand awareness among potential customers
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of SEO
  • Confidently optimize website content for SEO
  • Learn search engine marketing (SEM) and how it aids businesses
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SMS & Mobile Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Growth Hacking
  • Targeting Techniques
  • Defining KPIs
  • Social Media Account Set-up
  • Website Content Management
  • Visuals Lab – how to
  • Simulation and Digital Marketing Presentations 


Michael Stellwag is an international Marketing Trainer who has slotted more than two decades of hardcore experience in Digital Marketing with the world’s most recognized brands.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization: On-Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization: Off-Page Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing and Optimization
  • SEM – PPC Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Funnel Marketing and Growth Hacking
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Entire Workbook, Notes, and Best Practices
  • Certificate of Achievement

Course Duration

2 Days

Course fees

QAR 4,995

5. DMI PRO-Certified Digital Marketing by Morgan

The training opens one to the latest in Digital Marketing techniques, tools, and methods to re-vitalize your organization brand building efforts. As a student, you can progress at your convenience while highly benefitting from an up-to-date structured study plan.

 Course Highlights

  • Instructive Medium is online.
  •  Professional DMI Membership (1 year)
  • Updated byte-sized modules
  • 5 Complementary short modules
  • Access to 100 + resources for your career
  • 130+ Topics
  • DMI Professional Membership (1 year)
  • New bite-sized modules
  • CDMP Access

Course Duration 



Q1. Will traditional marketing roles become extinct?

It cannot be said with absolute certainty that traditional marketing will completely become extinct. A combination of digital and traditional marketing methods might be implemented incorporating best of both worlds. 

Q2. With automation on the rise, will not Digital Marketing also get automated?

No, it cannot, as it is a creative field that also calls for much research.

Q3. Does the state of Qatar need Digital Marketers?

The need for such professionals opting for Digital Marketing Courses in Qatar will go through the roof with more and more of the state’s population becoming net-centric. 


Marketing has always been the art of connecting with your audience in the right place and time. Today, that means being present where they spend most of their time: online. A career in digital marketing awaits you the opportunity to connect with people through the devices they use every day, from laptops and smartphones to connected cars and TVs. If you want to join a company at the forefront of this rapidly growing Industry, you should check out digital marketing courses in Qatar.

  • I am Adil. I have dealership of electronics products and few other. Learning need, to use digital marketing strategies for business growth and success brought me on this place. Digital marketing allows to take the liberty of using different digital channels–such as social media, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and email marketing–to connect with existing customers and individuals interested in your products or services. This in turn helps build a brand, provide a great customer experience, bring in potential customers, and more. So with eagerness to learn, I am looking for a better suitable digital marketing course in Qatar to join in.

  • Hi there. I am Abrar. Your article is really very informative and it grips the audience, and builds quest to know furthermore. Indeed I concur with you, that “Qatar has an insatiable hunger to transform itself into a Global and digital hub for International companies.” Henceforth achieving the marketing goals and objectives through the application of content, digital media channels and technology is beneficial, but with integration of the traditional marketing methods. I am a Senior manager dealing in marketing, to gain knowledge and expertise in the modern form of marketing I want to take up a short duration online digital marketing course in Qatar. I have heard a lot about digital marketing course offered by IIM skills from few of my friends in India, so I would like to engage in its free demo session for further details and information.

  • Hi, I am Khaled. I have a digital print media agency. On learning the flexibility of digital marketing viz, availability of different types of digital marketing strategies, implemented in varied forms like -banners ads, email marketing, content marketing, and social media posts, etc. I am very much keen on opting to study more about digital marketing from a reputed institute,offering digital marketing training in Qatar. This will help me to to learn the methods and devise them, in order to creatively market my brand on various digital media channels.The added advantage is, we can have the flexibility of testing, and to stop the running of the digital marketing campaigns that shows poor performance in real time. So having grasp over this skill I prefer to join a learning program. Since I prefer online learning, I would go with IIM skills, that offers best features,course details, curriculum and course structure along with additional benefits.

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