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What Is The Difference Between Content Writing Vs Social Media Writing?

Content writing and social media writing are very much related at least in this era of booming internet where marketing is a very necessary practice and what could be better to reach millions other than social media.

Content Writing Vs Social Media Writing

The graph of content writing vs social media writing is going to be quite balanced. This is because more factors are similar and related than the differences between content writing vs social media writing.

But still, there are some differences that one can use to identify content writing and social media writing.

So before we jump straight into the differences between content writing vs social media writing, let’s first understand content writing and social media writing.

Content Writing

Content writing is a medium to communicate through written content. It is highly practiced and has grown at a tremendous pace ever since the internet was being used at full scale.

It is interesting how beautifully people absorbed the content writing culture, in the beginning, many without even any formal training.

Content writing has developed as just a medium of communication and a process for writing documents and books, to now a medium through which businesses communicate with their clients. The Internet has made the world smaller. This is because through the internet one can get clients globally. This is the reason such the medium of communication was adopted for one would have to make people aware of their brand existence first, then only they’ll receive clients and orders from many parts of the wall.

Content writing, as mentioned a thousand times is a very broad industry itself. It comprises many forms of writing.

Content Writing is Still Not as Crowded as Any Other Industry, This is Because of Two Reasons:

Easy access to the internet in India was possible a little late, which again took a long time for people to understand how the online industry works.

Still how quickly people understood and normalized this culture is remarkably great.

The second reason for this industry not being very crowded is that only people who are passionate about writing can survive such a career.

Both the reasons mentioned above clearly state that there is still enough scope and opportunities for new writers.

Content writing as an industry is very huge and diverse and it wraps many other forms of content writing.

Here Are Some of the Many Forms of Content Writing:


Blogging is the most common and popular type of content writing that people choose as a content writing career. Like everything in the content writing industry, blogging also has changed its terms of how it was being used decades ago.

Now blogging is the primary weapon for any business, to generate content around any business model. Blogging is very necessary to educate new people who do not have much idea about a particular business.

So, blogging is one of the most important forms of content writing.



content writing is not necessarily always web content writing. It includes written content irrespective of the kind of platform they are being published.

Well, copywriting is a very interesting profession to choose from. This is because one has to be creative to generate content for brands

 And their products to increase brand awareness. The interesting taglines we see for almost every brand and their products are written by copywriters only.

Copywriters are paid well but working as a copywriter could b quite tough also. One has to remain creative and generate new ideas of what could be interesting for the audience.

 Content writing is not limited to these two forms only many others would be taken long enough to be described individually. 

However, Some of the Many Other Forms of Content Writing Are:

  • Business writing
  • Creative writing
  • News reporting and journal writing
  • Script and sketch writing

Social Media Writing

As the name suggests, it is very clear that the content purposefully written for social media is called social media writing.

Social media writing is used as a marketing strategy by many content writers. This is because social media is crowded with billions of people which make it easier for content creators to reach more people.

What marketing does after so many strategies, social media can do in a single post. Having a social media presence is quite important for any brand.

A social media writer is someone who optimizes the content on social media handles to reach a larger audience. Writing for social media is one of the most popular content writing careers.

This kind of content writing career demands good writing and research skills. Creative writing and generating appropriate content for the targeted audience is most needed in such a writing-based career. Almost all the companies having social media handles require these kinds of writers, making enough opportunities for writers to pursue a content writing career as social media writers.

A content writing career as a social media writer can be a good choice for one looking for opportunities in content writing but making it a stable career depends on the level of expertise.

As social media platforms are crowded with millions of daily active users, companies find it easier to reach the audience and gain traffic to their websites. Therefore, there is plenty much of scope if one chooses to be a social media writer as his content writing career.

What is the Difference Between Content Writing and Social Media Writing?

The above-mentioned details show that content writing and social media writing is quite similar, this is because social media is also a form of content writing.

Now that we are comparing content writing vs social media, it has to be considered as an individual form, which means content writing has to be understood excluding social media writing.

The graph of content writing vs social media writing is quite balanced. If we closely compare content writing vs social media writing, it has to be judged on some parameters.

The Parameters to Compare the Differences Between Content Writing Vs Social Media Writing Are:

  • Opportunities
  • Professional Career
  • Payouts

These are the basic factors to compare content writing vs social media writing.


Both, content writing and social media writing are equally opportunistic. But content writing itself is a gigantic industry that wraps many writing cultures, definitely offers more variety of jobs increases the number of opportunities.

Well, social media writing is only a single form of writing and has no subdomains to it. But still, the emphasis on social media is so much more because of it being so crowded. There are plenty of opportunities in social media writing.

So, the first point of difference for comparison between content writing vs social media writing is that both are opportunistic while content writing being an industry itself holds a little number of opportunities.

Professional Career:

A career in social media writing is quite tough. This is because one not only has to write social media content but has to optimize that content so that it reaches the maximum number of people.

It is not as easy as it sounds. One has to go through numerous strategies and tactics to generate content optimized according to the standards of social media.

If we compare content writing vs social media, the amount of strategy required from the writer’s end is quite less. The writer may have to use SEO, keyword strategies, and backlinks, which have turned out to be the common practice of almost every professional content writer.

So, the second point of difference for comparing content writing vs social media writing is that both of them could be chosen as a good option for a professional career but one has to be adept at strategies to survive a career in social media writing.


The payouts in social media are relatively more than content writing. Handling social media is a responsibility as one is going to have control over what an organization appears online.

 The payouts in content writing are quite well but depending upon the tasks and responsibility, social media writers are paid relatively well.

 So, the third point of difference for comparing content writing vs social media writing is that the payouts are quite good for both forms of writing but the social media writer is a little ahead.

 The above mentioned were some of the points of difference for comparing the two. The comparison of content writing vs social media writing came out to be very balanced.

The graph of content writing vs social media writing in terms of opportunities is a little more on the side of content writing, but the same graph for content writing vs social media writing is more on social media writing if taken in terms of payouts.

 And the same graph for content writing vs social media writing goes linear in terms of how good they are as an option for a professional career in writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is it necessary to take a content writing course to be a content writer?

Content writing is not just about a good writing skill but it also helps in learning about how to use digital platform to showcase your writing skills. With the right and proper training, you can enhance your writing and digital skills both. Hence its advisable to take a content writing course to build a successful career as a writer.

Q2. How important it is to be digitally educated?

As we all know technology is in trend and expanding. To be digitally educated means you are qualified both academic as well as digitally. In todays world holding a degree is just not sufficient, you need to be digitally skilled too to be efficient and successful.

Q3. Which is the best training program for content writing?

IIM SKILLS is the most prefered choice for most of the people who want to be a certified content writer. Because the course curriculum is timely updated as per the trends and you are also assured with practical learning experiences.

Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.

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