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Top 9 Must-Known Creative Writing Classes Free

Do you like writing? Do you want to hone your writing skills and monetize them, but do not want to spend any money? This article will provide you with an understanding of types of creative writing, career options for creative writers, and a list of creative writing classes free on the internet. Tips to work on your skills to improvise them are also mentioned in the article.

List of best creative writing classes free

Types of Writing

Creative writing can be comprehensively classified into two categories, for example, non-fictional and fictional. Here we’ve mentioned different sorts of non-fictional and fictional writings.



A novel is a made-up story that comprises around 60,000 to 1,00,000 words. It may be pretty much as short as 40,000 words or can go up to 1,00,000 words as well. Stories that are too short are known to be brief tales, and not long enough are viewed as novels, called Novellas. They comprise 10,000 to 40,000 words for most parts. A novelette is a term utilized for a write-up that is phrased between 7,500 to 19,000 words.

Short Stories:

They resemble short books that reach between 5,000 to 10,000 words. Like books, they portray a story with characters, clashes, and no less than one subject. If a story is under 1,000 words, it’s named flash fiction.


Poetry as a genre is highly liberal. It doesn’t need a distinct length. Rhyme is likewise not a need. There are various types of sonnets like pieces, clear sections, free refrain, haikus, and so forth. A sonnet doesn’t need to follow a specific arrangement of guidelines except if one is attempting to compose a particular kind. In any case, it should invoke feelings in the reader. A poem when set with music turns into a melody.

Plays, TV Scripts, Screenplays:

Plays are intended for stages, TV Scripts are intended for TV Series, and Screenplays are intended for films. These types of composing share a great deal, practically speaking with books and stories ie. inspiring feelings, and communicating topics. The main exemption is that- plays, television content, and screenplays are performed as opposed to peruse and don’t comprise extensive descriptive sections. They depend substantially more on discourse. Each content required its kind of formatting.


Personal Essays:

A genuine story told through a narrative structure is known as a personal essay. It may be deciphered as a memory of occasions with bits of knowledge about them with storytellers’ very own sentiments enveloped by it.

Literary Journalism:

It tends to be viewed as news-casting upgraded with the use of creative writing. Scholarly news coverage provides details regarding verifiable episodes yet so that they wll seem like individual articles or simply brief stories.


Memoirs resemble a novel of individual expositions. It is a book-length assortment of individual memories. They are revolved around a particular story many times that frequently works into the story as feelings, revelations, and profound experiences.


An autobiography or collection of memoirs is a book expounding on one’s own life or oneself. Frequently, they feature a specific key occasion in their life or any fabulous accomplishment or any significant part of their life. They are really like diaries, yet rather than being centred around a particular arrangement of recollections and occasions, it covers the entire existence of the creator in a direct story.

Humour Writing:

Political cartoons, Stand-up comedy, and humour can be taken as humour writing.

Lyrical Essays:

Under lyrical essays, regular sentence structure and expressive standards are broken to expound on a specific idea, occasion, spot, or feeling. All in all, they can be viewed as paper-length sonnets. They are viewed as essays and not long sonnets as they, for the most part, give a more straightforward examination of a matter than a sonnet does.

Career Options For The Creative Writer

Here are some of the many roles one can proceed with as a creative writer. There are numerous different jobs, however, one of the well-known creative writing roles one can look for as a creative content writer is mentioned below:

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List of Institutes Offering Creative Writing Classes Free

The majority of the courses available in the market require some amount of investment but few platforms provide creative writing classes free for all, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Creative Writing Specialization – Coursera

This Specialization covers components of three significant creative writing classes: Narrative essay, short story, and memoir. You will learn and master the procedures that great writers use to create a supporting story, populated with vital characters in a fascinating setting, written in a new unmistakable style. You will dissect and helpfully assess peer writing. In the Capstone, you will draft, rework, and complete a significant unique story in the class fitting your personal preference.

  • Module 1: The Plot
  • Module 2: The Character
  • Module 3: Setting and Description
  • Module 4: The Craft of Style
  • Module 5: Capstone: Your Story

Course Duration: 6 months

2. Write Your First Novel – Coursera

In their creative writing classes free, you will write your most memorable book. Many individuals say that they frequently ponder composing a novel and are wanting to do it sometime in the future, however, not many of them do at that point. Notwithstanding, in this course, you will make it happen.

You will figure out how to frame essential thoughts and how to convert thoughts into a discipline that will permit you to make, compose, and finish a completely acknowledged novel prepared to submit for distribution.

In Write Your First Novel, you’ll figure out how to separate your imaginative undertaking into parts and you’ll find a cycle that will permit you to do what not many should be done. A guide to completing full-length work of fiction as a 50,000-word novel makes it the best creative writing class free.

  • Module 1: Creating the idea for your novel
  • Module 2: Create your character profiles and outline Chapter One
  • Module 3: Write Chapter One
  • Module 4: Write Chapter Two
  • Module 5: Write Chapter Three
  • Module 6: Write Chapter Four
  • Module 7: Write Chapter Five
  • Module 8: Write Chapter Six
  • Module 9: Write Chapter Seven
  • Module 10: Table Read Chapters One to Seven
  • Module 11: Write Chapter Eight
  • Module 12: Write Chapter Nine
  • Module 13: Write Chapter Ten
  • Module 14: Write Chapter Eleven
  • Module 15: Write Chapter Twelve
  • Module 16: Write Chapter Thirteen
  • Module 17: Write Chapter Fourteen
  • Module 18: Table Read Chapters Eight to Fourteen
  • Module 19: Write Chapter Fifteen
  • Module 20: Write Chapter Sixteen
  • Module 21: Write Chapter Seventeen
  • Module 22: Write Chapter Eighteen
  • Module 23: Write Chapter Nineteen
  • Module 24: Write Chapter Twenty
  • Module 25: Table Read Chapters Fifteen to Twenty
  • Module 26: Submit Your Finished Novel

Course Duration: 127 hours

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3. Write A Feature Length Screenplay For Film Or Television – Coursera

In this course, you will write a total, full-length screenplay for film or TV, be it a drama or rom-com or in the middle between. You’ll figure out how to separate the inventive flow into parts, and you’ll find an organized cycle that permits you to deliver a cleaned and pitch-prepared script toward the course’s end.

Finishing this venture will expand your trust in your thoughts and capacities, and you’ll feel ready to pitch your most memorable content and begin on your next. This is a course intended to take advantage of your imagination and is situated in “Dynamic Learning”. The majority of the genuine learning happens inside your exercises – that is, writing! You will advance by doing.

  • Module 1: Creating The Idea
  • Module 2: Logline and Dramatic Question
  • Module 3: Create your character profile(s)
  • Module 4: The Three Act Story Arc
  • Module 5: Screenplay Formatting and Software
  • Module 6: Begin your screenplay
  • Module 7:  The middle section of Act One
  • Module 8: Write the final section of Act One
  • Module 9: Table read Act One
  • Module 10: Begin Act Two
  • Module 11: Write pages 41-50
  • Module 12: Write pages 51-60
  • Module 13: Write pages 61-70
  • Module 14: Write pages 71-80
  • Module 15: Table read Acts One and Two
  • Module 16: Write pages 81-90
  • Module 17: Write pages 91-100
  • Module 18: Finish Act Three
  • Module 19: Table read your entire script
  • Module 20: Finishing things up

Course Duration: 93 hours

4. Writing for Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest – Coursera

This course is for inquisitive understudies and hopeful writers for composing books for young readers. Take part in a unique web-based community of writers as you try different things with your composition and foster your voice. This course will direct you with a mix of video addresses, online readings, peer surveys, and visitor appearances from incredibly famous kids’ writers. As you work on composing, you will get input from your companions and gain tools and procedures for working on your composition.

  • Module 1: Your Writing Identity
  • Module 2: Genre, Form, and Audience
  • Module 3: Structure
  • Module 4: Editing and Proofreading
  • Module 5: Publishing

Course Duration: 13 hours

5. Good with Words – Writing and Editing Specialization – Coursera

In this course, you will learn creative ways to use syntax, techniques for adding nuance to your sentences and slogans, tips to help you punctuate and paragraph like a professional, and habits needed to complete both short-term and long-term projects. These are the most recommendable creative writing classes free for beginners.

  • Module 1: Word Choice and Word Order
  • Module 2: Structure and Organization
  • Module 3: Drafting
  • Module 4: Revising

Course Duration: 4 months

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6. Memoir and Personal Essay: Write About Yourself Specialization – Coursera

Through 16 writing tasks across the four courses, and from the reading work by others, students will create a toolset to put pen to paper (or screen keys) and compose the tale of their life. You will gather a portfolio of work that you can use as parts of your diary or paper.

  • Module 1: Memoir and Personal Essay
  • Module 2: First Person Point of View
  • Module 3: Writing a Personal Essay
  • Module 4: Writing Stories About Ourselves

Course Duration: 4 months

7. Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop – Coursera

This course is based on the thought that the most interesting writing starts after the principal draft. It is explicitly for people who accept that composing poem is just to articulate one’s thoughts utilizing the Internet only for email. All things considered, the poem can fundamentally have an impact on how you and your readers consider the world and its occupants. It can kick off something new for language; transform a clear piece of paper into an overflowing show of voices and music.

  • Module 1: Introduction and the Poetic Line
  • Module 2: Abstraction and Image
  • Module 3: Metaphor and Other Formulas of Difference
  • Module 4: Rhyme
  • Module 5: Rhythm
  • Module 6: Sharpened Poetry: Revision Strategies

Course Duration: 8 hours

8. Transmedia Storytelling – Narrative worlds, emerging technologies, and global audiences – Coursera

This course will assist you with planning a technique for creating and recounting your own transmedia story. The course gives you extraordinary, authentic, and industry-pertinent learning. You will access current hypotheses, industry models, and exhortation, and attempt learning exercises that will furnish you with the instruments you want to begin fostering your thoughts.

  • Module 1: What is Transmedia Storytelling?
  • Module 2: Creative Ideas Generation – Building a Story world
  • Module 3: Understanding a Transmedia Audience
  • Module 4: The Transmedia User Experience
  • Module 5: Using Creative Technologies
  • Module 6: Stories from Industry – Professionals’ Career Journeys and Advice

Course Duration: 26 hours

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9. Creative Writing: The Craft of Style – Coursera

  • Module 1: Meaning, Sense, and Clarity
  • Module 2: Writing with Nouns and Verbs
  • Module 3: Economy
  • Module 4: “No Ideas But in Things”

Course Duration: 8 hours

Tips to Get Better at Creative Writing

As referenced above, creative writing has no unequivocal set of rules, so only attending creative content writing classes free is not enough. However, here are a few intriguing measures that you can take to improve your creative writing:

Read as Much as Possible:

Writers can be an extraordinary wellspring of motivation for other people. One shell read an assortment of sorts composed by various writers to see which one best suits them. This will assist them with exploring all the more profoundly and gaining new thoughts.

Start Diary Writing:

Diary composing or journal entries can help in letting out one’s imagination. Expounding on anything that has been a significant piece of your day will make you (1) observe more and (2) write more. The more routinely you do this exercise, the surer you’ll become in your composition. It can likewise essentially help in idea generation.

Practice Usage of Literary Devices:

To make the writing more imaginary, descriptive, and lively, one should attempt to add a sufficient measure of artistic devices like similar sounding word usage, comparison, and allegory to their composition. Rehearsing them routinely will assist one with getting better at it. One can utilize arbitrary items to investigate and practice these devices. For eg. depict an article utilizing 5 abstract devices. This exercise can assist one with understanding the utilization of these.

Write as Much as You Can:

Writing is the main initiative to be taken with regard to being creative. Begin composing whatever is at the forefront of your thoughts, be it a person depiction or an arc. When you begin composing these sorts of stuff, you’ll start to foster this expertise. On the off chance that you have no composing thoughts, glance around to track down prompts and motivations. The more you work on releasing your imagination, the simpler it is to write.

Embrace Rewriting:

Nobody gets anything to write in one go. Having adaptability in the content is important. Some of the time one might try and need to take off a part, dispense with what fits right, or start from the very beginning once more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are all the creative writing classes free?

The courses mentioned above can be audited for the creative writing classes for free, only if you want to read and view the course content. For certification, you have to pay the fees. Financial aid is also available if you cannot afford the fees.

2. Are these creative writing classes free 100% online?

Yes, the creative writing classes free mentioned above are completely online. You can access the course content anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.

3. How much a creative writer can earn in India after completing creative writing classes for free?

The average salary in India for a creative content writer is Rs. 46,718 but during the initial days, it might vary between Rs. 8,000-25,000.


As the article comes to an end, I hope it provided you with sufficient information to understand what creative writing is, a list of creative writing classes free, and how to make a successful career in it. Apart from the learning, implementation of those learning will also play an important part in the journey and for that, you can follow the tips mentioned in this article.

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