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Content Writing for Housewives: An Opportunity to build Own Career

Nowadays, a plethora of options has been generated due to things going digital and work happening over the internet. We are blessed to be in a world that has been entirely changed for good due to the wide variety of career options that have been generated for everyone irrespective of their education, background, or various other factors. Content writing for housewives is one such praiseworthy opportunity. 

Content Writing for Housewives

All you need is a good internet connection and either a smartphone or a laptop to start afresh even you are a housewife. All you need is willpower and the belief that will help you sail through your journey to be independent and have an income of your own.

In this article, we will see the benefits of pursuing a course for content writing for housewives. How important is content writing for housewives? How is content writing one of the most flexible yet well-paying jobs for any housewife willing to restart their career?

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Benefits of Taking up A Course in Content Writing for Housewives:

The Rising Demand:

Earlier, when there was no internet for businesses or shops selling a new product, marketing happened by word of mouth, door to door, pamphlets, etc. This was a significant step that decided the future of your business because if your product is not marketed well or you could not reach out to the consumers clearly about your product, your sales would not be as expected.

In today’s current world, the whole past situation has been translated online, which is why there is a surge in demand for content writers. Content writers are expected to establish a connection with the consumers about the product through the correct use of wordplay, thorough research, and creative advertising. Since every company understands the need to have the right digital presence, expert content writers are being hired in significant numbers. That is why opting for a course in content writing for housewives is beneficial.

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Flexible Job Hours: 

As a housewife, you are supposed to take care of the household chores alongside your profession. If you opt for a career that has a demanding, stressful working schedule, it becomes a challenging situation to manage both the household and professional work together. In content writing, you can have the option to work in timings that suit you the best.

Since it is different from a regular 9-5 job and does not ask for rigid timings, you can work at any time of the day when you feel the most productive. You also get the relaxation to either opt for a part-time or a full-time writing job. This flexibility in job hours allows you to maximize your creative output and maintain a work-life balance. Considering the current situation pursuing a course in content writing for housewives is going to be very helpful.


Every person has their forte of writing. If you have a storytelling writing style, you can write short stories or publish your book. You can also go for being a ghostwriter, one who helps the original writer of a book in writing a particular section of a book. E.g., the books in the Star Wars universe are written by multiple ghostwriters.

If you have more profound technical knowledge in any particular field, you can go for technical writing, which includes writing journals and research papers. You can even be academic experts or subject matter experts and help in proofreading and editing important documents. You can even start your own blog on any and every topic out there. All of these opportunities are available in this field. Pursuing a course in content writing for housewives is important.

Develops Leadership Qualities:

Content writing will help you restart your career and will also help you in starting on your own. You will gain more experience as you begin writing regularly. With this experience, you can begin working with clients and tailoring your content according to their ideas and needs. You will understand how much effort hours you need to put in to achieve the desired result or, in this case, quality content.

You will have enough confidence and knowledge to start writing a specific type of content, thereby creating a brand image of your new venture. You can then begin your venture, and with the help of networking, you can take on multiple big clients with a team of your own. This explains why pursuing a career in content writing for housewives is going to provide them with benefits.

Freelancing Opportunities:

People who need content to be developed for their purpose and do not want to spend a few extra shillings put it out as an assignment on different websites such as Upwork, Truelancer, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. These prove out to be excellent sources of income and as a way to build up your portfolio. There are many internship opportunities available through sites like Internshala, Indian Internship, etc.

It Requires No Specific Degree:

In many of the much-recognized professions that we see, a specific educational background is required to pursue a particular job. Unlike the above domains, the best and most versatile thing about making a career in this industry is that you do not need to belong from one specific background to stand out in this field. While a degree in journalism or literature will be preferred, it is not a compulsion. Pursuing a course in content writing for housewives is necessary.

Great Income Opportunity:

The best part about being a content writer is that you can take up multiple projects. This increases your income multifold. Since there is no fixed rate for completing a particular assignment, you can charge according to your expertise and experience. Being a freelancer, you do not have to answer to anyone, and this stress-free environment makes quality content flow. You handle the reigns of your career, thereby learning to organize and build leadership skills.

Builds Confidence:

As a homemaker, your life majorly revolves around your family and house. Working constantly in the same environment for those sets of people gives you a sense of security, comfort, and relaxation. Though these are an indication of a sound mind and body, somewhere amidst this feeling of being at home or being comfortable among our people makes us less susceptible to challenges.

When we take up such career choices after years of staying in our comfort zone, we not only build an income and gain independence, but with that independence, we attain a sense of confidence as well. The confidence that comes from doing things independently is a feeling that words cannot do justice to.

When we work for years in building our careers, we subconsciously work on ourselves and our personality by getting over the pity inhibitions that push us one step down from chasing our dreams. It is during situations like these an inner shift happens within you, and you come out as a newly confident, vibrant, and radiant self.

Networking and Building Relations:

In a job like this, where everything happens via the internet, be it landing your clients to meets, discussions, research, advertisements, and various further activities, building a network and making yourself known to people of your writing community becomes very crucial as these relations and networking help you in landing your future clients, assignment, or even a well-paying job. Following are some examples of resources that will help you professionally.

Quora has various communities which you can be a part of. This writing helps you stay with the trends and build your reach by interacting with people or answering the questions of your interests.

As for LinkedIn, you can search for jobs, interact with the industry leaders and fellow professionals who are the best in your field. Following and building relations with people in your domain helps you understand what they do differently that sets them apart from the rest.

Easy Access to Multiple Online Courses:

Learning content writing has now become so accessible and convenient with various platforms, especially curating Online courses for mastering the art. People with experience of up to 10 years are teaching these courses either for free or for a very minimal amount.

The courses are designed in such a way that not only do you get to learn from the modules but also engage in live tasks that enhance your skills. With such vast exposure to the knowledge, it’s not difficult to master the art of writing quality content.

Jobs in The Industry of Content Writing for Housewives

One does not have to look very far to start their career with content writing. Let us see the various content writing jobs for homemakers.

Article Writing and Editing: 

You will be usually given a headline around which you have to pen down your thoughts and opinions. Every industry needs someone to write its articles. Newspapers and magazines cover more of the creative side of this industry, wherein you have the liberty to be more of a profound writer, a writer who can tell stories because newspapers and similar mediums run on stories.

There are more than 9000+ job opportunities with single or multiple vacancies and 800+ freelancing opportunities with pay depending on the number of effort hours to the number of words per article.

Technical Content Writer:

As opposed to an article writer working for a newspaper or a magazine, there is also the technology industry to cater to. There are facts, numbers, pie charts, and bar graphs that the company or even a group of individuals need for their technical paper.

The challenges faced here are a limited number of words, technical jargon, and the visual representations that a writer has to decipher and present to the masses. Currently, it offers over 10000+ jobs in this category, and more than 500 freelancing offers with remarkable compensation.

If you want to become a technical writer, then you may want to check out the Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in India


In today’s date, we see that a lot of written content is pumped out, which is in the form of books, scripts, blogs, magazines, etc. A ghostwriter is a person who writes any kind of text under the name of another author. Ghostwriting jobs though few in India, have a high demand overseas, and in this modern era of working over the internet, one can easily bag those opportunities.

SEO Writer:

SEO writing is the only job that will require some training before you venture into that field. Search Engine Optimization writing comprises writing your content so that it improves the ranking of your article, thereby enhancing the reach of your content. Most digital marketing ventures need SEO writers to rank up their content and are ready to pay hefty amounts to those who have a hang of that skill.

Few Things to Keep in Mind When It Comes to Content Writing for Housewives

Below is a List of Few Simple Yet Effective Things to Keep in Mind When Beginning as a Content Writer:

Reading is a Must:

Even before starting to write, it’s essential to first inculcate a habit of reading every day. It seems complicated to keep track of what you are reading as a housewife, but minor changes in our routine can make this possible. Maybe a portion of the time utilized for our social media can be used to read an article, blog, or short story. This way, you’re just contributing a few minutes of your life that would help shape your writing style.

Actively Staying on Social Media Platforms:

If used productively, apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. can help us in building relations as well as in understanding the ongoing market, customers responses and thought process, what your competitors are posting and what is the trend that people are keeping up with.

Writing Consistently:

Once we are thorough with our research and reading part, it is crucial to constantly keep writing on various platforms about exciting things. Even if the first drafts of your write-ups seem absurd, you should not stop at them because you can’t perfect any skill without making mistakes in it.


While initially, writing or creating content may seem like a heavy task and challenge your creative conscience. With some regular efforts and hard work, which as a housewife you all are used to, just by taking few steps every day, you will see how flawlessly you will be able to write within a few weeks.

We hope that as a housewife, you can push behind all your hesitations and doubts and come across as nothing but an excellent woman capable of achieving milestones in any appropriate career that you thrive for. Most importantly, the only thing you need to do is believe in yourself and remind that as a woman, we are in a true sense powerful and making our dreams our reality.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs:

Q1. Is this course online?

Yes, IIM SKILLS is the most well-rated ED-tech company that offers best online content writing programs. They also provide 100% job placements.

Q2.  Does IIM SKILLS provide authorised certification which is also government approved?





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