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Best Content Writing Course in Noida In 2024

Content writing is the ability to present thoughts and ideas in words is called content writing. Content writing is turning into a very celebrated profession as people are starting to realize how fruitful a career can be in content writing. Content writing is a very diverse industry itself that accommodates a few other industries. Just like digital marketing, few industries rely on content writing to reach their audience. Most of them are media and entertainment agencies, blogs, and similar pages. There are numerous forms of content writing based on the purpose they are being written for, and all the formats have enough potential to generate decent revenue if planned and executed properly. This article will guide you to select the Content Writing Course in Noida

Best Content Writing Courses in Noida

Content writing and digital marketing proceed hand in hand which means content writing and digital marketing is very closely associated with each other and a single change in digital marketing reflects evidently on content writing also. Content writing has become a part of digital marketing or one would say the fundamental part of digital marketing. Content writing is a well-practised strategy to reach people and it is the initial step to reaching the audience.

The base engagement any website has is much more likely to be through written contWrittenitten content is consumed largely around the globe by internet users but the biggest source of such content to date is the search engines. Search engines like Google have millions and even billions of daily active users who make online searches there, therefore it’s quite clear that to reach a part of those millions and billions, one has to make content appear on the search engine results.

Content writing plays a crucial role in making any piece of content appear in the search results. This is because search engines are believed to work on specific algorithms which include parameters like keywords and backlinks to sort which content is most relevant to the user search query and shows results accordingly.


Data Analytics Courses in Noida

Skills Required For Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization:

The strategy used to rank content pieces on Google search results is called Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is the technique to mould or modify the article in ways to rank on search results on specific keywords.

Search Engine Optimization is a very popular form of content writing and is widely used by almost all content writers, as the prime purpose of any article written is to reach millions and billions of people.

It is not at all an easy task to make an article rank on search results and this becomes more clear from the fact that over 2 million articles are uploaded on the internet and even if 1% of them are on the same theme as yours, the competition is still high to make that article rank amongst all of them.

As mentioned, Search Engine Optimization is a very popular form of content writing, it gained tremendous attention from bloggers and writers around the globe. This is the reason Search Engine Optimization has become saturated, which means everyone is trying to rank articles through strategies, and therefore the competition is much higher than what it used to be earlier.

SEO Writer is one of the most responsible positions in the content writing industries because they are the ones responsible for various factors which may define how good a brand, a company, or an organization is performing such as several people reached, organic audience, online appearance, etc. SEO writers are well paid depending upon the kind of tasks they have been assigned. There are many subcategories in SEO and therefore, sometimes organizations require individuals with a good level of expertise in each of them to handle multiple tasks individually.

While we are heading towards a new decade where we are certainly going to experience new and better technologies, strategies, and techniques to put out content, SEO knowledge will be compulsory to learn further principles, and therefore the people who do not know SEO will have to start all over again. This is the reason people who want a serious career in content writing are advised to learn SEO. People in Noida can go for IIM Skills, as it offers the best content writing course in Noida. IIM Skills offers content writing courses in other cities as well.

From the above details, we learn that SEO plays a very important role in content writing and therefore is a major point for having a successful Career in Content Writing.

So, if we summarize SEO, it is the ability to optimize articles so that they could appear in the search results.

SEO is a much required skill in the content writing industry and the next major skill required in the content writing industry is the ability to perform research.


As a writer, one task which has to be constantly and consistently performed is Research. Writers master in expressing views, opinions, and ideas in words, but not necessarily do they master in any topic assigned. Therefore, they have to perform thorough research on the assigned topics to analyze and come up with an article that makes sense to the readers. And when the term Research is used, it doesn’t refer to the topic only but entire research about what elements could make the article perform better is also research. Analyzing competition for that particular article and many other things are all part of Research.

The first and foremost research is about the topic, the writer to understand and write something that makes sense to the reader has to dissect the topic and break it down to the very fundamentals of that specific topic. This helps the writer understand the context of the topic and what exactly do they have to write?

The second phase of the research includes researching keywords. The keywords are very important factors responsible for any piece of content to appear on search results, therefore the competition around that keyword should be analyzed and the use of keywords should be accordingly done. Good researching abilities are the qualities of a good writer. Being able to get to the depths of any assigned topic is a much-appreciated skill in content writing.

A writer should keep in mind that every search is a query made to either learn or to have more clarity on the particular topic and address the readers accordingly to help them understand better about the topic. A lot of content writing courses include keyword research and competition analysis as a major part of their modules. One such content writing course is IIM Skills. 

 Career In Content Writing 

The above mentioned were some of the most necessary skills to have a successful content writing career. Let’s understand what the career roles are, one can perform as a content writer.

Academic Writer

An academic writer is a person who writes around any given theme-based topic to educate the audience. The topics mostly revolve around the core theme of the company or organization, the writer is working for. Not necessarily does an academic writer have to serve a company, but one can be a freelance academic writer as well. 

As a part of the curriculum, many colleges require students to write essays and thesis on certain topics. While the students may be good or bad at the given topics but what also matters is the format of writing. Colleges like Harvard, Knox, and many other colleges follow the same pattern of the requirement for such essays. This is where academic writers are required, to portray the same idea but in ways acceptable by the universities.

Academic writing is more of a very formal kind of writing than any other format. The academic writer must have relevant skills to be able to break down a topic to its very fundamentals to help people understand. Along with this, the academic writer must have a strong vocabulary, to be able to express the idea in the best possible way. Academic writing is being largely used by organizations that offer some kind of training or educational services.

Some Forms of Academic Content Writing Are:

  • Analytical
  • Descriptive
  • Persuasive


In this form of academic writing, the writer has to make an analysis based on research and frame reports and thesis according to that. It is quite difficult sometimes as the topics to write are based on core streams of the student and therefore deep research has to be done to come up with the kind of article required.



In this form of academic writing, the focus is more about describing the matter is required formats. Mostly these are essays and thesis, usually essays. In almost all the formats of academic writing, research is a must. After research, only the writer could be able to breakdown the topic to its base principles and explain each bit of it.


Persuasive writing is not very different from analytical writing. The only difference that makes a persuasive form of content writing different from other forms of academic content writing is that a persuasive form of writing requires the writer to add a viewpoint or a possible perspective that could be considered. Having updated writing standards as required by universities around the world in the writer profile could be quite helpful writers’ categorically freelance content writers.

A career in academic writing is quite good but it may not be as much of a creative experience as it is for other forms of content writing such as Blogging, Copywriting, etc. This is because of consistently having to write the same kind of article, but that is not a concern so far as the writer loves doing it. There is decent money in academic writing and there are evident examples of writers who have made loads of money through academic content writing. People prefer their academic writing tasks to be done by any certified professional, therefore, people who want to build a career in academic content writing are advised to learn from a content writing course. One can learn all of it from IIM Skills. 

 Creative Writer

Creative writing includes various forms of content writing such as Copywriting. This kind of career demands a highly creative mind with a strong vocabulary. The writers are required to stay creative all the time and come up with consistently creative ideas to generate engagement.

This is a really hard task to always stay creative all the time and create posts that generate engagement. The ads, posters, taglines we usually come across are the result of someone putting all their creativity into making those content pieces. Along with creativity, what generates engagement is appearance. The format of writing influences the appearance of the content in various ways and therefore for a copywriter to pursue a successful career in content writing, the format of writing has to be learned. 


Blogging is a very celebrated form of content writing, almost all the writers must have been through a phase of blog writing at least once in their writing career. A blog is a very effective form of content writing which easily reaches the audience. Blogging has been in culture for the past decade or so, and it has never gone out of trend.

Blogs are very effective pieces of content where the writer can convey any idea, thought, views, and opinions. Blogs are the best way to create brand awareness. Almost all the companies, brands, and their websites are seen to have a separate blog section where they put up articles to educate their audience about their products and services.

Blogs are the best methods to provide value to consumers without even asking them to purchase certain products and services. This generates potential leads who may or may not convert into end consumers. Though blogs are effective, and people enjoy reading blogs, but the competition to appear on the search results is very high. As mentioned earlier, more than 2 million blog posts are uploaded on the internet and even 1% of that is the same as your theme, the competition is still very high.

Therefore, blogging along with writing, format, and other requirements, needs a bit of Search Engine Optimization. This is to help the articles or content pieces rank on search engines like Google. Blogs are a great way to reach the audience, and those who want to build a serious career in blogging must have good research skills, some creativity, strong vocabulary and most importantly writing skills. A career as a blogger could be quite profitable but one has to hold patience as initially there could be less or almost no revenue which can grow up to 5-6 figures in just a year or so.

There are plenty of examples of bloggers who started from zero and have achieved 5-6 figure income every month. Some industries like media and entertainment, online news pages, journals, and much more solely depend on blog writingWith this one can estimate the extent to which one can earn through blogging, as there are agencies that are running through all of what comes from their blog ad revenue and sponsorship also.

Those who want to build a career as a blogger should learn the necessary skills required for blogging and therefore, it is suggested to learn those skills from IIM Skills. 

These were only some of the many content writing career roles which one can perform as a content writer.

Noida has some of the best content writing courses in India. Being one of the finest metro cities in India, Noida owns numerous IT companies, start-ups, and internet service-based companies.

The city is crowded with students and professionals. Now that people are becoming aware of content writing and its importance, a lot of students are curious about pursuing a content writing course in Noida. Well, they should be, because a career in content writing could be fruitful. The content writing industry in India expects more than a million vacancies in the next six months only. The city of Noida has become the prime location for internet marketing and content writing institutes to offer content writing courses and other courses as well.

Content writing courses could be helpful for the students and professionals in many ways. Content writing course in Noida has been really helpful for the students and the professionals there as a lot, many of them have boosted their career with the help of these courses. IIM Skill has been there in the content writing industry for the past 5 years and in those 5 years, it has performed exceptionally well in terms of providing students with quality skills training making them ready to build a career as a content writing professional.

IIM SKILLS has successfully trained more than 4300 professionals through its content writing course in over 33 countries. The faculty here ensures there is always a bright learning environment to help students comfortably learn. The curriculum framed consists of 12 modules which include various topics ranging from very fundamental to very professional topics so that one can come out as a professional content writer in 4 weeks are what makes IIM Skills the best content writing course in Noida and other cities of India as well.

One very important fact about IIM SKILLS is that, it is suitable for students, job seekers, aspiring content writers, professionals, local business owners, and entrepreneurs as well. IIM Skills provides 100% placement assistance to the students which mean that the deserving candidates will be provided with interview opportunities that would increase their chances of being hired as a professional content writer. IIM Skills is supported by some of the industry giants such as Google, Flipkart, Amazon, Facebook, American Express, and many others.

IIM SKILLS has helped thousands of students and professionals to build a steady career in the content industry, and also this institute is a highly rated organization that is recommended by several experts and professionals. It has a dedicated placement cell that actively works to help the students find quick and better placement opportunities right after completion of the content writing course making IIM Skills the best content writing course in Noida. As mentioned, the curriculum is framed involving the necessary topics ranging from very fundamentals to the very professional level of content writing. But it has also been ensured that the course modules are all in-demand industry skills so that the students can keep up with the ongoing trends of the industry. 

The certification offered by IIM Skills is globally accepted which means the course is totally authentic and the certification could be used to increase the resume score and also can prove to be important while applying for interview opportunities irrespective of which part of the world it is being used in. The certification offered by IIM Skills holds immense value and therefore can be helpful for students in finding quick and better placement opportunities. IIM SKILLS grants access to more than 30 premium tools worth tens of thousands to the students helping them to learn more about the use and operation of such tools in Content writing.

Course Details

This best content writing course in Noida offers the entire course in 4 weeks in more than 16 hours of classroom lectures. While the duration of this best content writing course in Noida is more than 70 hours, the classroom lectures consist of only 16 hours, and the rest on based on practical lessons. The students here are granted access to premium tools worth more than INR 35,000 for free to help the students understand better about the use and operation of these tools in content writing. IIM Skill has a dedicated placement cell that actively works to help the student, find better placement opportunities. The course curriculum consists of 12 modules which include topics ranging from the very basic to the very professional level.

These Modules Include:

  • Web Development
  • UI UX Interface
  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Start Writing
  • Exploring Tools to write better
  • Plagiarism Detector and how does SEO work
  • Email Automation
  • Google Local Pages setup
  • Setting up social media presence
  • Exploring social media tools
  • Make money with your skills

The course modules are fairly divided based on several hours are taken to teach each of these modules individually. IIM SKILLS is suitable for students, aspiring writers, professionals, and entrepreneurs as well which means that anyone irrespective of how early they are in this career field will be made industry ready within 4 weeks. The average salary for freshers right after passing out of this content writing course by IIM Skill is INR 25,000 to 30,000. The students who enroll in this content writing course in Noida by IIM Skills are provided with lifetime support which means that at any point in their career if they find the need to re-learn some lectures or seek any kind of support or maybe want to learn the latest forms of content writing, they are always welcome.

Content Writing Course in Noida by IIM Skills

As mentioned above, Noida is amongst the busiest cities with students and professionals constituting a larger portion of the population. Being crowded with IT hubs and start-ups, it has become a prime location for content writing institutes to offer the best content writing course in Noida. IIM skills have successfully trained over 4300 professionals in more than 1000 training programs. IIM skills through its best content writing course in Noida have helped many students to find their desired placement opportunities.

The main credit for IIM Skills being rated the best content writing course in Noida goes to the trainers and faculty there who are extremely experienced and have witnessed the ups and downs of the industry is the reason they are the best people to consult about any content writing-related queries and confusions. The next decade is going to be more opportunistic for content writers and digital marketers and therefore certified writers will be considered as a better option. Therefore, the content writing certification course offered by IIM Skill is the best content writing course one could go for being a certified content writer.

The certification offered by IIM Skills holds immense value and therefore increases the resume score and also proves to be very helpful while applying for job interviews. Another major specification of IIM Skills is that it provides lifetime support to the students who have enrolled the content writing certification course which means at any point in their career if they find the need to re-learn any of the modules or learn any new format of content writing they are always welcome to do so for absolutely no cost. IIM Skills precisely takes care of quality and student experience which is why they have a money-back policy. If the student feels that the course isn’t fit for them or they do not want to continue the course, they can inform about the same and they’ll be refunded any amount they have paid.

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

Other Courses to Check Out


Therefore, the students and professionals who are looking for a serious career in content writing or want to boost their existing profession in a similar industry can opt for this course. IIM Skills is suitable for students, job seekers, aspiring content writers, local business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs as well which means there are no certain eligibility criteria for one to learn this best content writing course in Noida. People with absolutely no knowledge about content writing can also learn and become professional content writers. Therefore, from the above points and key specifications, we conclude that IIM Skills offer the best content writing course in Noida.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Can I take content writing course along with my job?

Yes, anyone can enroll for this course irrespective of studying, homemaker or working professional.

Q2. Is it necessary to be good in English to take this course?

English been international language, you need to know decent communication skills in English.

Q3. Will I get an authorized certificate after completing the course?

Yes, a government authorized certificate will be given after you finish the course successfully.


Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.
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