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6 Best Computer Courses after BA in Mumbai

 Confused about what computer course to perceive in Mumbai after completing the BA?  In that case, this article might give you a great insight about which one to learn and why you should learn it. This article enlists the top choices of computer courses after BA in Mumbai.


List of the best computer courses after BA in Mumbai


The city of Mumbai is known as a city that never sleeps. As the commercial capital of India, Mumbai acts as a beacon to entrepreneurs, business leaders, dreamers, towering concrete structures, vibrant nightlife, cricket, colorful glitz, fashion shows, Bollywood, and much more. It has a perfect blend of culture, customs, and lifestyles.


Mumbai holds the place in India as the most cosmopolitan city, it is also a financial powerhouse and heart of the Indian fashion industry. So there are a lot of job opportunities but to shine among your competitors you required skills. Being proficient in computers and using them to your benefit will always put you ahead of the competition when you’re recruiting. So, what kind of computer courses after BA will help you to thrive in Mumbai.


6 Best Computer Courses after BA in Mumbai




Animation is a technique that simulates the feeling of movement by creating pictures that seem to move. The animation industry in India & internationally has a huge following and is growing very rapidly.


Visual effects are composed of a combination of live-action shooting and computer-generated images. For example, VFX is used to create a movie where the hero jumps off the ground and flies into the air. The majority of movies today use visual effects.


A large percentage of feature films utilize Visual Effects (VFX). The innovative work carried out by India’s studios has catapulted India onto the international VFX scene, and the Bollywood world is witnessing certain projects that are pushing VFX to the forefront of moviemaking. Furthermore, the advent of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technologies has been predicted to trigger even greater animation and VFX industry growth than previously predicted.


The VFX and animation industries are highly interconnected. To excel at VFX, you need extensive training, time, and patience, as well as a powerful computer. So start with animation instead. To gain a basic understanding of both niches, you can take advantage of various valuable resources. For example, you can use a blender, a free and powerful tool to learn animation.


Top institutes that offer VFX/Animation courses in Mumbai are:

  • Amity university
  • ITM Institute of design and media
  • FX School
  • MAAC-Maya academy of advanced cinematics


VFX/Animation is one of the best computer courses after BA in Mumbai, and these courses only require basic knowledge. But courses like these need patience, dedication and you must spend time to improve. These computer courses after BA in Mumbai have plenty of advantages for seeking jobs or freelancing.


Here find out the best courses on the following:


Digital Marketing


Connecting advertisers with their audiences through multiple digital channels is called digital marketing. Advertisements are pieces of creative content shared via digital inventory or the space that a publisher makes available for advertisers on its platform. There are several methods for addressing various conversion funnel goals and unique ways to engage audiences in digital.


Display, search, mobile, social, and video are among the digital channels. Digital marketing, formerly known as interactive marketing, lets consumers interact with ads and contact brands. Through the use of targeting technology and the capture of data in digital marketing, advertisers can reach large audiences and finer-grained segments without sacrificing scale. In addition, targeting by specific attributes is possible, such as demographics, behavioral characteristics, and psychographics.


Besides targeting groups of people, marketers can also target specific devices, including individual users, irrespective of what device they are using.


Digital marketers are also very particular about measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns. Users can be tracked in various ways, such as by viewing impressions, clicking on links, viewing websites, obtaining leads, and making purchases. Since digital media makes tracking Return on Investment (ROI) easier than traditional media, it helps marketers evaluate campaign effectiveness and make better decisions about optimization going forward.


Television, radio, print, and out-of-home ads (often called billboard advertising) are considered traditional advertising. These media differ from each other in that the messaging is a one-way conversation. By this definition, traditional advertising is “broadcast advertising.”


It reaches out to consumers without receiving a response from them. In addition, traditional’s targeting is broader since it is typically based on an estimate of viewership rather than hard numbers. However, traditional media doesn’t offer advertisers the opportunity to target more granularity by coupling demographic and behavioral characteristics. As a result, publishers are defined more loosely and do not necessarily have the same audiences as traditional media.


One of the most inclusive aspects of digital marketing is that individuals from every background can join this industry with the appropriate training and experience. The ability to succeed as a digital marketer does not require a college degree in any particular field. Whatever your undergraduate degree might have been, you can obtain a certification in digital marketing and build a portfolio of diverse projects after graduating.


Become a certified digital marketer with the upgraded skills and tactics required to carry forward integrated digital marketing strategies with the Best Digital Marketing Course


Top institutes that offer computer courses after BA in Mumbai are:


  • IIM Skills
  • IIDE- Indian institute of digital education
  • School of digital marketing
  • DMTI -Digital marketing training institute


Many institutes provide different computer courses after BA in Mumbai. As digital marketing generates higher income to enhance business growth, companies or organizations should employ successful strategies to increase conversion rates—a capability of interacting with prospective customers and understanding their preferences for products or services. Digital marketing is one of the best computer courses after BA in Mumbai.


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Graphic Designing


The craft of graphic design is the creation of visual content to communicate ideas. According to hierarchical and page layout principles, typography and pictures are used to make interactive designs more logical. It helps designers meet users’ specific needs and optimize their experience in interactive materials.


Compared to the rest of India, Mumbai remains the top spot for graphic design and illustration, but Goa to the south is also attracting more creatives. The cities of Delhi and Calcutta are more focused on the arts than on design; these are the places where we can find the best photographers and artists. For designers and artists looking for an Indian community that understands and shares the plight of being a young creative in India today, Mumbai is the ideal place that can be found.


Throughout Mumbai’s history, Bollywood has remained at the top of the city’s creative output; however, it has grown much more design-centric in recent years, as big agencies have set up satellite offices alongside local studios and freelancers.


Due to the city’s strategic location on the Arabian Sea, it is a center of commercial activity, a major port, and a center of finance and banking. Mumbai is today the headquarters of 40% of all the country’s ten largest corporations.  As a result of Bollywood’s direct influence on other creative sectors, such as music, fashion, digital media, and of course, design, we can say that Bollywood has been a tireless advocate for tolerance of religions, sexual orientations, and other forms of diversity.


Top institutes that offer Graphic design courses in Mumbai are:

  • NICA- Nation Institute of Computer Arts
  • FX School
  • Zica- Zee Institute of Creative Arts


Graphic designing is one of the best computer courses after BA in Mumbai. The field of graphic design constantly changes in terms of technology and aesthetics. The upcoming years are likely to bring revolutionary forces for change even within transition and shifting techniques. As 3D printing and augmented reality are combined, graphic design will reach new heights. Learning such computer courses after BA in Mumbai will help with your jobs.


Cyber Security


In short, the term cyber security refers to a group of practices, technologies, and processes used to help ensure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer networks and data are protected from cyber-attacks or unauthorized access.


Due to the rapidly evolving technological landscape and the rapidly growing adoption of software across various industries such as health care, government, retail, and education, to name a few, more and more information is becoming digital and accessible through wireless and wired networks, as well as the ubiquitous internet. Due to the highly sensitive nature of this data, criminals and evil-doers have a great interest in protecting it, which means strong cyber security measures must be employed.


Even though many entry-level cyber security roles don’t require programming skills as a mid-level and upper-level cyber security specialist, you will need programming skills. With a working knowledge of at least one programming language, you can succeed in your profession and move forward toward long-term success.

Overall, cybersecurity is an industry that offers a bright career outlook. In addition, a low unemployment rate and many countries have a shortage of workers make it a good place to reside. Therefore, if you qualify for a cybersecurity job, you can expect to never be unemployed for an extended period.


Top institutes that offer Cyber Security courses in Mumbai are:


  • Jigsaw Academy
  • Institute of information security


Check out the Top Cyber Security Courses in India


In a survey conducted by KPMG, cyber security heads receive annual compensation ranging from 2 Cr to 4 Cr. According to the industry, 68% of workers are satisfied with their career, making it both mentally and financially rewarding for most. Learning such computer courses after BA in Mumbai will more job opportunities. And cyber security is one of the finest computer courses after BA in Mumbai.


CAD-Computer Aided Design


In many industries today, computers are being used to assist the design process using computer-aided technologies (CAD). In CAD software, you can create a fully realized model in an imaginary space, which you can then view in various dimensions, such as height, width, distance, materials, and colors before the model is used. This software can be described as either computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided drawing (CADD). For example, you can create curves, surfaces, and solids for three-dimensional (3D) objects in two-dimensional (2D) space.


It is used in various industries like manufacturing companies, interior designing, automotive, and fashion. The majority of designers sketch designs by hand. However, an increasing number translate them to the computer as well. CAD lets designers visualize designs and colors on models in different patterns, colors, and shapes, so they will not have to spend too much time later on making adjustments.


In most fashion design schools, however, traditional design methods are still taught, such as constructing flat patterns and draping. It is undoubtedly important to learn about these methods if one wishes to learn about fashion design. However, cutting-edge education also involves learning how to use computer aids for fashion design. Introducing this technological aspect will enable students to make better sense of their designs and experiment with various combinations.


Additionally, using CAD methods has the benefit of shortening students’ learning time, as they can master more software in less time, but fashion design is not an easy field. The importance of working smart is greater than working hard. Additionally, designers can view virtual versions of finished products without purchasing materials, saving time and reducing errors.


It means that designers can also view the entire history of their product designs. Consequently, they will figure out where they made mistakes or create new products based on what they originally had in mind. Therefore, fashion designers can work more efficiently and turn around between design concept and finished product using CAD tools.


Top institutes that offer CAD courses in Mumbai are:

  • DSIFD Mumbai
  • Computer field
  • Softpro Animation Academy


Learning these types of computer courses after BA in Mumbai will be useful for many reasons. The fashion industry has already been affected by CAD, but many exciting developments will occur further down the line. Computer-Aided Design is one of the best computer courses after BA in Mumbai.


Tally software


There are many powerful accounting programs, but Tally is among the most powerful and features a technology called concurrent multi-lingual accelerated technology engine. The software simplifies the complex day-to-day operations of enterprises by making them easier to use. Tally has several features that help businesses keep track of inventory, data integrity, and accounting principles. Also, Tally offers features for international businesses. The user interface of Tally software makes it easy to operate and simple to use.


With Tally accounting software, it is possible to manage inventory, stock, invoicing, purchase order management, discounts, and methods of valuing stock. Besides drill-down options, Tally accounting software can also provide detailed transaction tracking.


This tool facilitates the management of simple account classifications, general ledgers, accounts receivable and payable, and bank reconciliations, among others. In addition, tally’s technology ensures data security and reliability. File transfer protocols of all major types are supported by Tally software. Using this approach, multiple office locations can share files.


In addition to performing financial analysis, Tally accounting software can also manage financial transactions. The software offers information about receivables turnover, cash flow statements, activity consolidation, and branch accounting. It’s easy to install and easy to use the Tally accounting software. Multiple users can share a single connection. The system can be easily integrated with the Internet, enabling the publication of global financial reports. In addition, many  Microsoft applications can be integrated with Tally accounting software.


Accounting is an important part of running a company, as any business owner knows. A good financial system ensures the company is always in order and that its finances are accurate at all times. Companies need to be aware of their financial position at any time. In the past, most businesses maintained their books of accounts manually.


Today, accounting software can accomplish this task thanks to modern information technology. Accounting software such as Tally fits the bill. There is a solution for every problem a business faces with Tally accounting software. Enterprise management can be done using a single software application. Using Tally, you can handle accounting tasks like record keeping, accounts receivables and payables management, and bank reconciliation.


Tally software simplifies financial management as well. Multi-location finances can be managed using the software, which allows managing multiple currency transactions, cash flow, and interest payments. Thus, Tally software offers all these attributes: flexibility, reliability, security, easy use, and affordability. Tally course often has GST as an add-on course with it.


Top institutes that offer Tally courses in Mumbai are


  • Softpro academy
  • Laqshya Institute of skills training
  • Keerthi computer institute


There are different tally computer courses after BA in Mumbai. So choose the best one. Accounting software such as Tally makes it possible to track money, invoice customers, generate reports, and manage sales. Many firms around the world use tally accounting software as a part of their financial management system. Learning a Tally-related course, therefore, helps candidates make a bright future for themselves. Tally is one of the best computer courses after BA in Mumbai.


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Frequently Asked Question


Are graphic designers’ futures bright?


Ans: As augmented reality and 3D printing combine, graphic design will reach a new level of sophistication. Availability of this technology will enable people to expect quality designs sooner, but they will also expect them to be faster.


Is it possible to learn VFX at home?


Ans: In terms of learning visual effects, there are two main approaches. Educate yourself at home or in school.  Second, you should just start learning VFX, regardless of how you choose to do it.


What job do I get after the completion of the Tally course?


Ans: Accounts executive, Junior accountant, data entry operator, accounts assistant, Tally operator, accountant trainee.


How is CAD used in fashion designing?


Ans: CAD/CAM software is now widely used by textile and fashion designers. Initially, designs might be drawn by hand to get an idea of how the garment will look. The images are then scanned into a computer, and CAD is used. Finally, design drafts are modified with this software, and changes are made to the garment.




Regardless of what course you choose, you must be willing to learn and develop the skills. Only then can you succeed in the field. The above-listed courses only required basic computer knowledge. If you want to improve your skills and standards, you might have to learn some programming language. It might not entirely be necessary, but it can certainly be beneficial. Mumbai is a diverse place with a profitable opportunity. Having or learning one of these skills is like having an ace in your game. So one should take these computer courses after BA in Mumbai.

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